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DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

141.000 large sized portrait faces / 118 playable leagues covered with faces / Monthly updates since 2010 / June update pack (Nr.9) available including 2361 new faces / The infinite facepack just for free (!)

By Updated on Jul 02, 2020   186 comments
Football Manager 2020 Facepacks - DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

About us

This DF11 Megapack covers all playable leagues in FM2020 with the original player portraits.

DF11 Faces provides the large authentic player portraits for Football Manager since 2010.
The large faces, quality and style of DF11 faces do contribute to a even more realistic experience of the game.

All DF11 downloads, such as the Megapack and Updates, are completely free - for personal use - in Football Manager.

Receive all the 141.000 DF11 faces for free via the DF11 faces website.


Megapack download

DF11 faces is a fanmade facepack project from

The DF11 Megapack download is only available on the official DF11 website.

+ New update pack(s) available
+ Several download options available
+ New skins (DF11 compatible) available



How to use the DF11 Megapack + Updates
in Football Manager 2020?

More detailed install help available via the official DF11 Install guides.


Associated post - DF11 Panels

Pick up the DF11 panels to view DF11 faces in original large size in game.



<< The DF11 graphics team >>
Rebo, Spurs12345, Asket, Herthos, Explodingsheep, Tobias, Caioba,
Haas67, Mickey, Roderu, Scout55, Parloq, Nikolay, Nuno, Necjeff.

Respect and special thanks to these guys for providing the images to DF11 Megapack and Scope Megapack.


Terms of use

Please contact necjeff if you like to share DF11 faces in any way.

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Discussion: DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

186 comments have been posted so far.

  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @aimeri>> All graphics (faces, kits, logos, backgrounds etc) do affect the start-up time only.

    Once loaded the game will run as normal :)
  • aimeri's avatar
    aimeri Staff 3 months ago
    hello, i don't have a very powerful computer. Do you think this pack of faces ( 11 GB ) will impact the fluency of the game or not ? Thank's !!!
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @azzarazza> What you say is not correct ;)
    All 135.200 DF11 faces work in FM.

    The problem you have is a FM issue.

    You mean the Holland National team players don't work.
    That would make sense because the National team players for Holland, France, Germany and Japan are always blocked in FM due to missing licenses.

    There is a trick to make the faces work for these nations.
    Check this:
  • azzarazza's avatar
    Hi @necjeff that pack is awesome but for some reason since update 6 all of my dutch players in the game (and I mean every dutch player) portraits have disappeared can you please help me??
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @Ger7 > Si
  • Ger7's avatar
    Ger7 Staff 3 months ago
    sirve para fm 2019? gracias
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @Si Supertronic >> Unfortunately that is not possible because of the ban that Manchester United has imposed on the Football Manager community.
    All Man Utd faces, logos and kits are blocked at the moment.
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    As always fantastic work!! On the next update could you include a photo of Hannibal Mejbri with Man United please :)
  • tatyel27pTV's avatar
    A mim desapareceu as outras faces que tinha quando coloquei esta nova actualizaçao, ja fiz varias coisas e nada. Resoluçao?
  • Copywriter's avatar
    @necjeff a second folder with special regens for staff would be great. Any idea wenn it wil be available?
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @Copywriter >> Good to see you mate.
    The regenspack will give all persons a face that are generated by the game itself. (the fictive persons)

    With bad luck it is possible that a fictive female will get a regen man-face.

    In the future we will include a 2nd folder with special regens for staff and females to replace these faces if you like. :)
  • Copywriter's avatar
    @necjeff thanks for the good work. A question is it correct that the regenspack also change the female assistent in to male and staff gives a regen face?
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    Our new update pack (Nr.6) is available now.
    Next update will be released on May 1.

  • id777's avatar
    id777 Staff 3 months ago
    Thanks! You are the best!
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @id777 >
    We are still working on it.
  • id777's avatar
    id777 Staff 3 months ago
    Hello necjeff. Why didn't you add faces for Kolos Kovalivka ? Ukraine Premier Liga.
  • right_winger's avatar
    Thanks necjeff.
    Tried it, didn't work but not to worry as losing some faces but getting a lot more others. If I find time I might try and add this guy myself.
    Keep up the good work!
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    right_winger >> Hi mate, good to hear you enjoy the DF11 facepack!

    The DF11 faces are mainly created to view in large size.
    However, the FMT version does not have the ability to view the faces in large size.

    This means FMT will decrease the size of the large DF11 faces into a small format.

    This may effect the quality especially if your graphics settings are not set correclty.

    Please also check your FMT graphics settings (Preferences - Graphics) because it may be set as 'low' by default in FMT.
    I have tested the pack today in FMT and it looks okay once i had set the graphics settings to 'high'.

    Good luck and be safe! :)
  • right_winger's avatar
    Great work this megapack, adds faces to most of my players! However I noticed something not quite right for Arijan Ademi (ID: 24004381):
    his face is visible in the original FM without any face packs, then it still was after installing the base megapack but after updates there is only his small face so in the game his pic is blurred... Obviously still prefer to have all the other with faces but just wondered if I've done everything correctly.
    Is it normal that many players have only a small face pic and it will be blurred in normal size on their info screen?
    (I play FMT with dark version of the original skin so can't see any use for those small ones).
  • id777's avatar
    id777 Staff 3 months ago
    @necjeff, really. I didn't pay attention. It's great regens pack. Thank you. Now waiting for something more for Ukraine :)
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @LeeClarkeNo1 > Please upload the pack (zip) and send the link via the DF11 request page.

    Thanks for your help! Appreciate it :)
  • LeeClarkeNo1's avatar
    Hi, where do I need to send them too?
  • Blastojs's avatar
    nvm solved
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author Staff 3 months ago
    @Blastojs > I have no idea what you mean.
    Ofcourse the facepack works with all skins and versions of Football Manager.

    Perhaps you are new to FM and need to invest time in how it all works?
  • Blastojs's avatar
    Megapack doesnt work only on Dark default skin with 85% zoom out, any idea why?

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