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DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

New massive Update (Nr.2) for the 20-21 season.

By Updated on Oct 03, 2020   224 comments
Football Manager 2020 Facepacks - DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

About us

This DF11 Megapack covers all playable leagues in FM2020 with the original player portraits.

DF11 Faces provides the large authentic player portraits for Football Manager since 2010.
The large faces, quality and style of DF11 faces do contribute to a even more realistic experience of the game.

All DF11 downloads, such as the Megapack and Updates, are completely free - for personal use - in Football Manager.

Receive all the 147.000 DF11 faces for free via the DF11 faces website.

Megapack download

DF11 faces is a fanmade facepack project from

The DF11 Megapack download is only available on the official DF11 website.

+ New update pack(s) available
+ Several download options available
+ New skins (DF11 compatible) available



How to use the DF11 Megapack + Updates
in Football Manager 2020?

More detailed install help available via the official DF11 Install guides.


Associated post - DF11 Panels

Pick up the DF11 panels to view DF11 faces in original large size in game.



<< The DF11 graphics team >>
Rebo, Spurs12345, Asket, Herthos, Explodingsheep, Tobias, Caioba,
Haas67, Mickey, Roderu, Scout55, Parloq, Nikolay, Nuno, Necjeff.

Respect and special thanks to these guys for providing the images to DF11 Megapack and Scope Megapack.


Terms of use

Please contact necjeff if you like to share DF11 faces in any way.

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Discussion: DF11 Faces Megapack FM2020

224 comments have been posted so far.

  • richbell82's avatar
    Outstanding work always!!
    could I make a little request if possible please?
    A lot of the MUFC top youngster are without faces. Any chance of an update of the United younglings please?

    Kindest regards
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author11 months ago
    Manutd4ever >> Why do you ask the milkman if he sells weed?
  • ManUtd4Ever's avatar
    Please can I still get a copy of Scope Facepack? maybe a quick link sent to my message inbox.

    thank you.
    Secrets lol
  • dafo83_sweden's avatar

    Starting a new save today ManU but the players pic of the players in ManU doesen´t exists. All other teams still in. DF11 on flut skin
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author11 months ago

  • dddean's avatar
    hey, followed the instructions to a T in the guides but still i get no faces when i play the game...
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author11 months ago
    @pilotoco > Sorry never heard about this issue before.
    I think you have installed something lately in the wrong directory.

    @ ashleyp208 > The issue as you describe comes often when people do not install the update packs correctly.

    Please have a look at the DF11 update guide.
  • pilotoco's avatar
    I played for the last time last week and all right, today I played and the faces do not appear. Why?
  • ashleyp208's avatar
    I've downloaded the facepack but I have players like Toni Kroos that doesn't have a face despite the fact that he's in the pack, any suggestions?
  • honourus's avatar
    @necjeff thanks :)
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author11 months ago
    @z.king1986 >> Already send you an email. :)

    Scottsc84 >> I can't help you as long you didn't search for the DF11 website. :)

    @billkill >> I can't help you if as long you haven't used the DF11 guides :)

    @honorous >> I can't help you as long you haven't read the post properly. :)
  • honourus's avatar
    where is the download link?
  • billkill's avatar
    not working any more faces......
  • scottsc84's avatar
    will this work for flut skin?
  •'s avatar
    My faces have been working fine but since yesterday have stopped working. I've reloaded skin etc but nothing...anyone else having this problem, any suggestions?
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author11 months ago
    @WillBYCFC >> No config file? It means you did something wrong.
    Follow the DF11 guides precisely and all will work fine. :)
  • WillBYCFC's avatar
    I've downloaded the megabuck however there doesn't seem to be a config file in the folder. does anyone know why this is or how I can fix it? thanks.
  • Szczekoscisk689's avatar
    Thanks a lot necjeff!
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author12 months ago
    Szcekos > All explained on DF11 website at 'megapack' page.
  • Szczekoscisk689's avatar

    Where can I download the facepack from August from last FM edition?
    I missed it and I would like to avoid downloading whole package
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author12 months ago
    @blackmamba9203 >> Have a look at the comments below to find the answers you need :)
  • blackmamba9203's avatar
    Is there a known issue that logos dont work when interface is at 150%? anybody else have same issue? works at 125% and 170%...

    tested more - looks like its the 'football manager dark' skin that has the bug
  • blackmamba9203's avatar
    still no image for Mejbri on united? he is the best youth player at the club and shows up as the top prospect in club details each time
  • Benoit19921's avatar
    Bonjour est il possible avoir l equipe reserve et u 19 de om sinon merci pour votre travail
  • necjeff's avatar
    necjeff Page Author1 year ago
    @GMCG178 > Yes we have new faces for Rangers and Celtic in the new update pack on December 1 :)

    Also brand new faces for full Italian Serie B And English League One.

    Thanks for your support!

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