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FM 2015 FLUT DARK skin v2.7

A dark skin with classic mode style for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2015. Version 2.7 released on 25 July 2015.

By Updated on Jul 25, 2015   269076 views   227 comments
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Downloads: 61249 / Size: 56.4 MB / Added: 2014-11-26
FM 2015 Skins - FM 2015 FLUT DARK skin v2.7
FM 2015 FLUT skin DARK VERSION v.2.7 [Released 25.07.2015]

Skin for FM 2015 (1920x1080).

I'm pleased to present you the version 2.7 of FM FLUTSkin - Dark Version for FM 15.

A special thanks to all of FM fans and FM skinners that made possible to make the FLUTSkin since FM 2013.

This skin was made to work properly in 1920x1080 Full Window. So, some panels don’t work properly in other resolutions (and also in 1920x1080 windowed mode).

In this version I included a version for DF11 player pics style

This skin includes lots of small changes and a NEW PLAYER OVERVIEW PANEL

In this pack I included a TUTORIAL with the instructions for structure your Graphics folder of the game in order to view the citypics, the country locator, the kits and the competition logos in player details and in titlebar

I also included a folder named “Flags” with the country locators (read the tutorial in order to know where you should put that folder)

You can download the citypics MEGAPACK 2.0 HERE and/or lots of country packs HERE


Installation Instructions

Step 1

Download the skin and extract the files (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Step 2

Move the folders “fm2015flutskindark" and “fm2015flutskindark_df11" into your skins folder:

Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins

Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.

Step 3

Start the game and go to Preferences screen and Interface tab.
You should see "FM 2015 FLUT skin – Dark Version 2.6” and "FM 2015 FLUT skin – Dark Version DF11 2.6” as options in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
Choose the skin.
Hit the Confirm button.


This skin was created by flut.

Download Now
Downloads: 61249 / Size: 56.4 MB / Added: 2014-11-26
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Discussion: FM 2015 FLUT DARK skin v2.7

227 comments have been posted so far.

  • columbusbobby23's avatar
    I guess I could live without the city pics. But thanks for your help and thank you for the great skin. Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi columbusbobby

    Sorry but I didn't understand. If you edit that code the citypics will not be shown because that code is precisely for citypics...
  • columbusbobby23's avatar
    @Flut, thanks for your response. I was hoping to have the default blue FLUT background for just the club page where the cities pics are. Then the DNK backgrounds for all the other screens.

    I was thinking it might be done by editing this section of code in the club overview panel.xml:

    <container class="bordered_box" appearance="boxes/bordered/match/paper3" >
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" scale_picture="true" layout_children="true" />
    <widget class="background" file="backgrounds" id="bgnd">
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="0" />
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" />
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" offset="0" gap="0" />
    <record id="object_property">
    <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" />
    <integer id="set_property" value="file" />

    But I don't have the expertise to know what to change.
  • Flut's avatar
    hi columbusbobby

    First of all, thanks for your kind words ;-)
    In fact, as the citypics are made as backgrounds, unfortunately when you use the client object browser with backgrounds the citypics are shown (and not the DNK backgrounds). The backgrounds only are shown in some panels (I don't remember but I suppose in panels like players panel, stadium panel).

  • columbusbobby23's avatar
    Hey FLUT, I registered to say thanks and to ask you a question. I'm using DAZS8's DNK backgrounds with my other skins. But the FLUT skin is the best one IMO. I would love to have DNK backgrounds work for this skin too. I renamed client object browser_WITHBACKGROUNDS.xml like you said several comments back, but that makes the city pics as the background on the club page. Is there any way I could use the DNK backgrounds with the cities pack?
  • tglitch's avatar
    Hi Flut, thanks very much, i'm sorted now- I downloaded it from here but was using the wrong version of the game!
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi tglitch

    I didn't put the skin in steam workshop (I don't know who put there and what is the version of it). Try to download it here. And don't forget that you have to play with the 15.3 version of the game.
  • tglitch's avatar
    I have tried to download this skin on to FM15 on steam on OS, and it simply wont appear in the preferences section of the game. Can anyone please explain why?
  • johnwhik's avatar
    hi flut you made a genius work ! I FM 2015 FLUT DARK skin v2.4 but the problem is that I do not photos stage .. What should I do there is there a download that I must do ? or if you can send me the link thank you .
    by cons I citypics and it works very well .
    great great job you did! thank you for helping me for the photo of the stages and how ..
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi az

    Yes, I did the skin for that resolution. However the version is not the same - the citypics aren't there, for example.
    You can find it here in FMScout.
    Here is the link
    Dark Version 1366x768 Flutskin

    HI JordvnKN
    As I said before, and I think you can imagine by the stuff that doesn't work properly in your resolution, there are lots of xml to edit. I'm really sorry but I can't help you in all the skjn. If you want, I can try to help you in some panels, But you have to put screenshots and tell me what you want adjust....
  • az's avatar
    Hi flut,

    I didn't know you made this skin for 1366x768, if you don't mind can you give me the link to download it?
  • JordvnKN's avatar
    I've tried zooming out but like the attributes don't show & a lot of other stuff... Please help ): I really love the skin!
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi butleriain

    You only have to delte the file "match team logo picture.xml" from the panels folder of the skin.
  • butleriain's avatar
    Hi Flut

    In the match screen between highlights which shows the match overview, i.e. the scores and scorers on the left side. How can I change it so I see the logos rather than the shirts?

    Thanks very much
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi jordvnKN
    In order to fix for 1600x900 you have to edit lots of xml...So, I can't help you. Try to zoom 75% the skin...
    Unfortunately I will not make the skin for other resolutions (I did it for 1366x768 but I concluded, by the amount of downloads, that not worth the work). Sorry.

    Hi Toman
    You can find the pictures of stadium hereand also here

  • JordvnKN's avatar
    Can you please let me know how I can fix this skin to be used on 1600x900 60hz? I really love this skin & the light one! Please help me fix it so the skin runs & work smoothly!
  • Toman's avatar
    Hi Flut!
    Your skin is PERFECT and picture of cities are wow...!!!Thanks for YOUR work!
    But,please..where i can find picture of stadium to your skin?
    Sorry for my english(i´m from czech)
    Thanks for your answer
  • Flut's avatar
    hi dsabano

    If you want to use citypics and also see the background pictures you just have to go to panels folder of the skin and search for "client object browser_WITHBACKGROUNDS.xml". Change the name to client object browser and overwrite the original client object browser (or rename it).

    The stadium picture rotates between the FMC stadium picture and background stadium picture. If there is no background picture of a certain club, then the default background picture are shown.

    in the player details, the second rotation should show the club kit (in the right) and the competition logo (in the left). In order to work properly, for club kit you have to read the "important note 1"; for competition logos you should use it as background right logos (duplicate the "normal" competition logos and change the config; the config lines should be similar to the following example:

    <record from="39" to="graphics/pictures/comp/39/logo/background/right"/>
  • dsabano1's avatar
    Hi me again.
    To be more precise it isn't match preview, but analysis page
  • dsabano1's avatar
    The skin is awesome, thank you.
    I have a couple of questions.
    How can, can I have working background pictures and city pictures?
    On the player page in personal details, there is a rotation of four pictures around the player face, my second one is empty, is that normal or is something missing?
    And on the match preview page the stadium picture rotates between the stadium and background picture, is that noraml or shoud there be something else instead of the background pictures?
    Thanks in advance
  • Flut's avatar
    Go to tactics opposition instructions panel and find the code:

    <widget class="opposition_pitch_tactics_component_panel" id="teip" file="opposition pitch tactics component" width="300">
    <record id="help" help_translation_id="opPi" alignment="centre_x, top"/>
    <translation id="title" translation_id="230056" type="use" value="Tactics" />

    change the value 300 by a smaller value.
  • Spanish Red's avatar
    My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which I believe is the same as the resolution for the panel. Is there any way I can reduce the size of the mini pitch on the left? This would allow all of the panel to fit.
  • Flut's avatar
    The problem is related to your screen resolution.
    In order to adjust it, go to the opposition tactic person list.xml (in the panels folder of the skin) and search for the following code:

    <record id="play">
    <!--<translation id="text" translation_id="247410" type="use" value="General Info" />-->
    <boolean id="tick" value="false" />
    <boolean id="sort_disabled" value="true" />
    <record id="view">
    <flags id="POsL" /><!-- picked info -->
    <flags id="Pcar" /><!-- status info -->
    <record id="Pers" person_is_player="true" /><!-- person name -->
    <flags id="Pacc" auto_hide_priority="100" colour="match text" />
    <flags id="Ppac" auto_hide_priority="100" colour="match text" />
    <flags id="Pagi" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Pbal" auto_hide_priority="106" />
    <flags id="Pdri" auto_hide_priority="99" />
    <flags id="Potb" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="OPtm" auto_hide_priority="100" /> <!-- opposition player: tight marking -->
    <flags id="Pcro" auto_hide_priority="99" colour="match text" />

    <flags id="Pcmp" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Pdec" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Pcre" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Ppas" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Pfla" auto_hide_priority="110" colour="match text" />

    <flags id="OPcd" auto_hide_priority="101" /> <!-- opposition player: closing down -->
    <flags id="Plsh" auto_hide_priority="99" colour="match text" />
    <flags id="Pfin" auto_hide_priority="99" colour="match text" />
    <flags id="Pstr" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="Pbra" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="OPtk" auto_hide_priority="102" /> <!-- opposition player: tackling -->
    <flags id="Pfot" auto_hide_priority="100" />
    <flags id="OPsf" auto_hide_priority="103" /> <!-- opposition player: show onto foot -->
    <flags id="Poas" auto_hide_priority="104" />
    <flags id="Pogl" auto_hide_priority="105" /> <!-- opposition player: tackling -->
    <flags id="Podr" auto_hide_priority="106" />
    <flags id="Popa" auto_hide_priority="107" /> <!-- opposition player: show onto foot -->

    the lines in bold are those you want to show. So, delete some of the other and keep those lines.

    If you want, alternatively, the original panel of the game, you just have to delete the xml.
  • Spanish Red's avatar
    Hi Flut,
    The opposition instructions panel is being cut off on the right side for some reason. (it's not showing the "show onto right/left/weaker foot" column). How can I make this panel slightly smaller?
  • yeboah11's avatar
    hi guys, what am i doing wrong here...i have followed the instructions and still the only skin i have available to select is the football manager one
    . help.
    hulk smash.

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