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FM 2021 FLUT skin dark - Version 14.0

A "dark" skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2021 - Version 14.0, released on 16 may 2021. To be used in 1920x1080 and 4k (windows display settings 200%; game 100%)

By Updated on May 16, 2021   242317 views   700 comments
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Downloads: 64549 / Size: 127.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-30
Football Manager 2021 Skins - FM 2021 FLUT skin dark - Version 14.0

FM 2021 FLUT skin dark - Version 14.0

NOW THE SKIN IS TOTALLY COMPATIBLE WITH 1920x1080 SCREEN RESOLUTION AND 4k (windows display settings 200%; game 100%).

Dear all
I’m proud to introduce you the FLUTSKIN (dark version) for FM21.

I would like to thank you all the fans who contacted me in order to know if FLUTSKIN would be released this year and gave me additional motivation to hard work on the skin.
I hope you like and appreciate the work done.

As usual, the FLUTSKIN is completely full of changes when you compare with the default skin.

The Skin pack also includes:
1. “Round country flags”, “round continents logos” and default logos specially made in metallic style by BRIAN-Q from sourtitoutsi. Those graphics will be displayed in the title bar.
2. Background maps for confederations, also made by brian-q. Thank you brian by your great work and for your collaboration!!!

You can download the 2D packs prepared for Flutskin (titlebar and player overview panel). For that you should search for that kits pack elsewhere since the download link in FMScout is down due copyright issues.
However, if you prefer edit your own kits, I also included in the pack a .pdf file explaining how you can edit the kits for Flutskin.

You also can download the stadiums megapack and the citypics released by DAZS8 (thank you, my friend)

Main changes in 14.0
• “New” club general overview (new place for key players and manager boxes; history club background information included)
• “New” manager home panel (new information in the drop down arrows included; new default boxes)
• “New” team report summary panel (much more stats information included in multiple tabs)
• Club overview panel tweaked (reputation league included; manager box changed and info popup included; info popup in key players included; new information in the main drop down arrow)
• Player overview panel tweaked (last club and last proposal included)
• Player attributes panel tweaked (two tabs tweaked)
• Analyst report tweaked
• Opposition tactic instructions panel tweaked (pitch increased; players pictures included; information added in the players list; bug which is in the default skin regarding the analysis button is now fixed)
• Next opponent tweaked (individual match analysis tweaked)
• Tactics panel (now the familiarity graph is not over the other information)
• Human manager profile tweaked (included new information and new tabs; other tweaks)


Main changes in 13.0
  • “New” Player overview panel (nation flag included in titlebar; new hidden information, namely in ability panel; new player position comparison panel – now we can compare by each player position, clicking on the dots in the pitch; new tab with player statistics).
  • “New” tactics overview panel (now it includes the front and back kits in the pitch – rotating animation; physical conditions included in the extra information view)
  • “New” nation overview panel (much more information in three panels including 13 different tabs (examples: board confidence, last starting eleven with front and back kits, season summary, team injuries, etc)
  • Club overview panel tweaked (many information boxes in the drop-down arrow, including club vision, club knowledge map, pending transfers, team injuries, etc).
  • Large kit numbers re-edited (now they present a better resolution)
  • Some other tweaks here and there

Here are some screenshots with some changes

Main changes in 12.0 -As you can see above the Flutskin's player overview panel for FM18 has returned (with updates).
- New player overview panel (now the player overview panel from FlutsKin FM18 returns but, of course, updated; and you have six options to choose in the drop down arrow; at least one of the options works well with DF pictures)
- Club overview panel tweaked, namely regarding the key players panel.
- Some bugs fixed
- That's it. I had doubts about releasing this version now, but given the requests related to the new Player overview panel, I decided not to make you wait any longer. Thus...I hope you enjoy it!!

Main changes in 11.0
• “New” game processing panel (top panel changed)
• “New” Team selection advice popup (width/height increased and player pictures and nation flags included)
• “New” inbox team selection advice panel (pitch increased, player pictures and nation flags included)
• New option to choose a huge database when we start a new game
• “New” Match tactics panel (now includes, flags, player pictures and duty role pie graphics)
• “New” inbox content team report scout report panel (the pitch was changed, and player pictures were included)
• Fixtures details tweaked (stadium picture included)
• kits highlight in tactics panel tweaked (the outline is now much more visible)
• player overview tweaked
• Other tweaks in Inbox panel:
- Inbox content with season summary panel (the left column was increased in order to make visible all the league table, without the need to scroll down)
- Inbox content with team dynamics panel (the boxes for the players names were tweaked regarding the width)
- Inbox content with competition preview panel.xml (right column increased and the information now are centred)
- Inbox content with competition review panel (right panel increased; left panel with larger logos)
- Inbox content with best youth production (table height increased)

Main changes in 10.0
• Best eleven panel now includes new information of each player. Also nation flags in players on the pitch were included
• Option to choose a personal picture when we start a new game is included
• Player/availability/youth development team tactics inbox changed (pictures and kit back/front rotation on pitch included and pictures also included in substitutes)
• Team report panel tweaked (nation flags of each player included)
• Club overview panel tweaked (last eleven panel tweaked) pitch length increased; nation flags and global condition of each player included - also when we click on
the heart icon the condition popup is displayed)
• Director of Football panel tweaked (larger picture and some information included)
• Unwanted list tweaked (larger picture and some information included)
• Development list tweaked (larger picture and some information included)
• Team award overall tweaked (some additional information added)
• All solid buttons in inbox panel are now in blue colour
• The blur effect was removed
• Board vision panels are tweaked (now we don’t have the pink colour and the icons are coloured according primary and secondary team colours) (this is an apport based on the work of Rosek)
• Player search dialog box was tweaked (pink colour removed)
• New alt folder for those who prefer playing with black sidebar and with black titlebar was included in the alts pack.
• New weather icons (this is an apport of Qvordrup)
• Stadium/city pictures “none” tweaked (that picture displayed with "coming soon) (also made by Qvordrup)
• Country locators updated (also by Qvordrup)

Main changes in 9.0
- Face pictures included in team squad, team squad tactics, search panel, scouting list panel, staff teams and so on..
- Player overview tweaked (a new physical condition included as default box)
- Small tweaks here and there
- TV Logos included (following the work of Rosek, I included the TV Logos in match panel, line ups panel, league table in match preview and in the match caption displaying when a team score a goal)

Important note regarding TV LOGOS:
Although the default tv logo is the one I use, of course you can easily change it; for that you just have to go to skin/graphics/icons/tv logos. In that folder there is a alt folder with many TV logos. You just have to replace the tv logo.png and the tv [email protected] for that one you want. Of course you should rename the new logos as tv logo and tv [email protected] You also can use other logos made by you. The procedure to use them is exactly the same. However, I should remember that yo should use logos with the right height. For tv logo you should use 25px and for the @2x you should use 50px.

Main changes in 8.0
- Most of the pink/violet colours removed (thank you Rosek and Evil for your help regarding the skin settings.xml)
- Introdution panel tweaked
- Non player profile tweaked (attributes boxes included)
- Match team talk tweaked (beyond colours changed, big players box/pictures were included)
- Tactics Squad tweaked (conditions/match preparation included and also popup changed)
- Player Popup tweaked
- World panel tweaked
- Assignment tasks panel tweaked
- Some other tweaks here and there

Main changes in 7.0
- New embedded and subtle buttons
- Tactics overview panel tweaked (flags for players nationality on pitch and recent matches analysis button included)
- Player popup panel tweaked (fitness/sharpness in FM20 style and player morale included)
- Players match bar tweaked (colours changed amd fitness/sharpness included)
- Tactics/substitutions panel in match tweaked (fitness/sharpness included as default)
- Team squad panel tweaked (default general information default view with much more information)
- Next opponent overview tweaked (players faces and kits included in opponent line up; player faces included in line ups comparison)
- Next opponent stats pack tweaked
- other tweaks here and there

Main changes in 6.0 version
- New Match Full Review panel
- Match Intro panel tweaked (player faces of substitutes and managers included; team frormation included)
- Match tactics tweaked (player faces included)
- Titlebar tweaked
- Best eleven bug fixed
- Continue button fixed
- New alt for unlock japanese clubs overview (now you have 6 different alt folders)
- Other minor tweaks and bugs fixed

Main changes in 5.0 version
- New match team panel news
- New match mid/halftime panel
- "New" match scoreboard (following the amazing idea of OPZ, now team names are coloured according the secondary club colour)
- New pre season report team preview panel (in news item panel)
- Player attrbutes profile panel tweaked
- Match inbetween highlights tweaked (notable events option included)
- New alt for those who experiment problems with a team logo between the kits displayed in player panel (now you have 5 alts available)
- Other tweaks and fixes here and there

Main changes in 4.0 version
- New Match inbetween highlights panel (with much more information panels in drop down arrow, including facilities, heat map, player pictures in team formation and many match player statistics)
- New leagues in focus panel (including 5 tabs for avoid to always have to change the league displayed)
- "New" match scoreboard, including team kits and with background boxes changed)
- Match team talk tweaked and including players pictures
- Tactical meeting tweaked
- Four different alt. files for playing 1. without backgrounds, 2. with scoreboard without team managers, 3. with the player picture on the left of the Player Attributes Panel and 4. with the sidebar coloured according each team colour
- Other small tweaks here and there

Main changes in 3.0 version
- New player attributes panel
- New personal information panel
- New competition roundup panel
- “New” Team overview staff
- New board room panel
- Player comparison panel tweaked
- Player tactics panel tweaked
- Competition fixtures panel tweaked
- Individual Training tweaked
- Medical department overview tweaked
- Team risk assessment panel tweaked
- Titlebar font changed
- Sidebar coloured according clubs colours (as an alt)
Other tweaks here and there

Main changes in 2.2 version
- "New" match scorebaord (now with primary team colours as background colour)
- Player popup tweaked
- Some inbox panels tweaked
- Instant result bug fixed (the information in popup now is okay)
- Match titlebar tweaked

Main changes in 2.1 version
- Compatibility with 1920x1080
- Home manager tweaked
- Some inbox panels tweaked and transparency included
- Bugs reported fixed

Main changes in 2.0 version
  • New player popup panel
  • New competition preview panel
  • New human profile panel
  • New non player profile
  • Match scoreboard tweaked (now with the complete team names)
  • Scout card tweaked (colour changed)
  • Game processing tweaked (colour of days changed)
  • Player overview panel tweaked (player pictures box changed and right/left foot included in all three options in the drop down arrow
  • Manager Home tweaked (top information regrading next game/managers adjusted)
  • Bugs reported fixed

Main changes in 1.0 version
  • New club overview
  • New club general
  • New nation overview
  • New nation general overview
  • New player overview panel (option for attributes with or without background boxes was included; also you have three view options of the player in the drop down arrow)
  • New news panel
  • New Team report panel (also various related panels were tweaked, including horizontal view in squad depth)
  • New training panel
  • New match titlebar scoreboard (team managers included and also included some new information),
  • New home manager panel
  • New Stadium panel
  • Team tactics tweaked (Player pictures and role/duty icon included)
  • Match commentary tweaked (the font size was increased)
  • Match bottom bar tweaked (player pictures included),
  • Instant result on tactics and also during the match included (the button in the match screen is in the menus on the top right of the screen with an icon IR),
  • Background/oppacity selector included
  • Team of the week in inbox panel tweaked (faces and also front and back kit included)
  • Game processing panel (stadium, fixtures and other information included)
  • Competition overview panel tweaked (team badges in the fixtures included and showing more players in the stats panel)

Once again I would like to thank you to all FM Fans who support my work and also to all skin makers. A special thank you to PATRES10 from fmslovakia for the 2D default kits (especially tailor-made for FlutSkin).

Also a special thank you to Michael Murray since I started editing the match inbetween highlights panel based on his amazing work!!

Also a special thank you for Rosek and Evil-Muffin from sourtitoutsi and other FM fans (I just highlighted Rosek and Evil since they are all the time available to help the people who like to play with FlutSkin and they are keeping the answers of questions and requests updated; however I thank you all!!!)

One last "thing": some of the screenshots of the skin are not updated (are from previous versions of the skin). Sorry for that but I have not time yet to update the screenshots.

As always FlutSkin is completely free to download and I hope you enjoy it. However, if you want, you can reward my work donating whatever amount you wish. Any small amount is really appreciated.

You can do so by clicking the button down below:

Resolution requirements:
This skin was made to work properly in 3840x2160 (4K with windows display settings 200%) and also 1920x1080 (1080p) full screen mode, sidebar icons only. As a result, some panels won’t work properly in other resolutions..

Flut Skin Dark - FM21 Preview

How to add Flut Skin in FM21

Download and extract the .rar file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "fm2021flutskin_dark" folder here:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins

  1. Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
  2. Start FM21 and go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab.
  3. You should see FM 2021 Flut Skin dark - Version 14.0 as an option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
  4. Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Download Now
Downloads: 64549 / Size: 127.9 MB / Added: 2020-11-30
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Discussion: FM 2021 FLUT skin dark - Version 14.0

700 comments have been posted so far.

  • Flut's avatar
    Hi sokkia: I really didn't understand. Could you please put a screenshot explaining a little bit more?
  • sokkia's avatar
    Hey Flut,

    The pre match screens started working after I started a new save, no idea why but it did so thanks for that!
    Trying to tweak the Fitness tab on the player Overview screen, not necessarily your skin but thought you may know why its not working. Want to add the Match Load and Injury Susceptibility widgets form the Medical report screen, but doesnt seem to work.
    Heres the code for one of teh widgets, assume same reason for both so any ideas? added this code to the Player Physical Stats Panel.?

    <widget class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" file="player/player risk assessment injury proneness widget" id="IPrw" auto_size="vertical"/>
  • Jaxx400's avatar
    i tried but it doesn't work and the number on kit it was the same. So i changed the line:
    <!-- player number -->
    <widget class="picture" id="bNUM" image_alignment="centre" scale_picture="true">

    <!-- player number -->
    <widget class="picture" id="bNUM" image_alignment="centre" scale_picture="false">

    and now it works
    Thank you very much and gratz for the skin!
  • GMM's avatar
    Amazing FLUT. Obrigado
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi jaxx: try the following

    1. open player overview panel.xml and in line 1894 change
    <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="-6,-4,-7" offset="0" />


    <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="-6,-4,-8" offset="0" />

    (this will increase the space for the kits)

    2. go to panels/generic/kit icon14 and change (by try and error mode) the values of the following code related to the number place and size, starting by increasing the 75 value in <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="75" />

    <!-- player number -->
    <widget class="picture" id="bNUM" image_alignment="centre" scale_picture="true">
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="4"/>
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" inset="75"/>
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" />
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="75" />

    Now, you have the number with a smaller size and you need to adjust it in the shirt. For that change the left value and the top value (for centre the number in the kit)

    Don't forget you have to reload the skin, using, for example shift+r
  • Jaxx400's avatar
    Hi Flut, great skin!
    I have this problem with my screen resolution that is 3440x1440, zoom 125%, full screen
    The problem was also with the previous version of the skin.
    Any chance to resolve this?
    Thank you
  • Flut's avatar
    richbell82: :) :) :)
  • richbell82's avatar
    sorry my mistake. i was looking in match not widget file
  • richbell82's avatar

    i cant see what you mentioned below in that file.
    is this the right panel?
  • richbell82's avatar
    Amazing Flut thank you so so much. I’ll dm you my screen size and what I’m playing at. Soon as I get indoors
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi richbell82: you can remove it in match players bar widget.xml

    deleting the following code

    <widget class="client_object_property_panel" property="PRCF" navigation_focus_target="false" id="PRCF" alignment="centre" height="70" width="70">

    <record id="object_property" get_property="objt" set_property="objt" />
    <record id="widget_properties">
    <boolean id="label_disabled" value="true" />
    <boolean id="show_hover_popup" value="false" />

    <flags id="icon_alignment" value="centre"/>

  • richbell82's avatar
    does anybody know how to remove the condition and match fitness % showing in game on the 11 and subs bar at the bottom of the screen.
    see image attached.
    thanks in advance
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi sokkia: you should edit it in tactics icon info panel with reserve playing time.xml
  • sokkia's avatar
    Afternoon Flut,

    Which panel controls the reserve team or U18's selection item for the news inbox? Trying to fix the alignment of the text in the subs section
  • Keejteej's avatar
    @Flut - and that's why you make the skins and not me hehe :) thx again
  • Flut's avatar
    Keejteej: you're welcome. :) Regarding your find, I know it works better with the values you use.I left a space on purpose because the budget panel is a panel that contracts and expands according the information. Thus I left that space for be sure that if that panel expand more than you have it now, not covers the second panel (as it was happens with your game in the screenshot you showed).
  • Keejteej's avatar
    @Flut - wow, thanks for such a quick response mate :) now am so very happy with the skin, has all the right things :) Oh, and I found that -17,-22,-22 works better as it fits the space better :)

    Great stuff :) thx
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Keejteej: go to board room panel.xml (located in the club folder of the skin) and change the code

    <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" offset="0" layout="-14,-23,-21," gap="1" />


    <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" offset="0" layout="-17,-20,-20," gap="1" />
  • Keejteej's avatar
    @Flut - wow, cheers mate :) very kind of you ;)

    Just a side point, cos have an easy way round it - but if you see on this SS the Board request option covers the wage/transfer confirm button ;) that's on 100% on 1920px


    Thanks again :)
  • Keejteej's avatar
    @Flut - wow, cheers mate :) very kind of you ;)

    Just a side point, cos have an easy way round it - but if you see on this SS the Board request option covers the wage/transfer confirm button ;) that's on 100% on 1920px

    Thanks again :)
  • Flut's avatar
    @Keejteej: only now I saw your second post. Thus this is related to your first post (but I believe it is also helpful for the second post). I did a folder for you, adding an outside view of the stadium. You just have to place this folder in grpahics/pictures of your game. Rename the folder for aabath in order to assure that the folder will be read before the others.

  • Keejteej's avatar
    Update from post below. After downloading mini stadium pack, I found the unique ID for bath stadium and got a picture from youtube of Bath's new stadium plans and added it in, but for some reason it swaps between the 'coming soon' picture and mine. Any ideas how to stop that?

    Also, I got a Bath background as seen below (using my picture as the default picture), but cannot work out how to get it in the City Panel...I tried using your config.xml from 2020 city pack, but it failed :(

    Any help would be great, but np's if not as know you must be busy...2/3 isn;t bad for now haha


    Bath Background

    Enter text for the link here...
  • Keejteej's avatar
    Hi there, just moved to this skin and loving it mate :) Am taking Bath City all the way to the Premier from Vanarama South, but I have no ground or town picture in the skin. Is there any way to add these 2 pics to make the game feel right?

    Twerton Park


    Have no idea where to edit or how to add, thanks for any help :)
  • sokkia's avatar
    Yeah I thought it maybe related to the competition so tried a couple of saves so games on UEFA Cup, Eredivisie League and French Cup game but no joy!

    Will see how it goes so thanks for the help.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi Sokkia: is working ok in my game (of course, as in default skin, there are some matches where the intro match is not displayed but is not related to the skin; the game goose some matches without the intro match). I believe the inbetween highlight mods are not related with this panel.

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