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FM Editor Live 2015

FMEL15 is a real time editor for use with Football Manager 2015 that enables you to edit essential club and person information on the fly (such as finances, kits, injuries or stadium capacity). Compatible with the latest 15.3.2 patch.

By Updated on Apr 21, 2015   805575 views   460 comments
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Downloads: 200749 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2014-12-23
FM 2015 Tools - FM Editor Live 2015
FM Editor Live 2015 is a simple real time editor for Football Manager 2015 that allows you to edit data of your loaded FM15 save-game on the fly. FMEL is the only real-time editor that works with the FMC mode.
The only FREE real-time editor for FM15.

FMEL is exclusively available from

Redistribution Policy:

People who want to put FM Editor Live 2015 on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!

This tool is released for FREE, as we feel you shouldn't be forced to pay for 3rd party tools of a game.

Released: 23 December 2014 - v3.0
Updated: 21 April 2015 - v3.1.1


.NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 (standalone offline installer) or higher
To find out if you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed, you can use Framework Detector (free tool).

Patch 15.3.2 or Patch 15.2.1 or Patch 15.2.0 (International)
To use this version of FMEL, you must have your game updated with 15.2.1 or 15.2.0.

Microsoft Windows
Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8.
If you're looking for a similar tool for Mac, please check out MacAssistant RT for FM15 (another exclusive tool we release).


FMEL allows you to search for the club, person or stadium of your choice and edit:

  • Reputation
  • Chairman Status
  • Training Facilities
  • Youth Facilities
  • Junior Coaching
  • Youth Recruitment Network
  • Transfer Budgets (Season and Remaining)
  • Wage Budget
  • Maximum Wage
  • Overall Balance
  • Kit Colors (icon, shorts, socks, text, shirt)
  • Heal Team * / Destroy Team * / Inspire (happiness)

Persons (Players,Staff,Player Staff)
  • Heal * / Destroy * (condition, jadedness)
  • Birthday
  • Nationality
  • Height / Weight
  • Foot
  • CA / PA
  • Fitness / Match Fitness / Jadedness / Condition / Happiness
  • Reputation (Current, Home, World)
  • Positions
  • Contracts (wage and end date)
  • Relations
  • Attributes (view only)

  • Name
  • Capacity
  • Seating Capacity
  • Expansion Capacity
  • Build Date
  • Pitch Condition

* Heal not only heals injuries but also changes the player's condition to 100% and clears his jadedness. Destroy is the exact opposite.

FMEL is a simple editor that allows you to quickly adjust information of clubs, persons and stadiums. It should be safe to use it, but at any case make sure to keep a backup of your savegame before using.

How to use

1. Extract the downloaded in a folder of your choice.

2. Run Football Manager 2015, and load your save game (or start a new one).

3. Run FMEditorLive.exe (ALT+TAB to desktop first if you're running FM full screen).

4. Click the "Load Game" button.

5. Enter club's name in the Search input box and hit Enter.

6. Double-click on the club's row. Edit what you wish in the 4 tabs available (Information, Finances, Kits, Teams) and click Save.

Double-click on the person's row. Edit what you like and click Save.

Double-click on the stadium's row. Edit what you like and click Save.

Known Issues

  • If you close FM15 before FMEL15, the app will crash and trigger error popups. To avoid this, please close FMEL15 before closing FM15. Otherwise, you'll have to terminate the FMEL process using Windows Task Manager.
  • In Classic mode (FMC), if the player is under 19 they have no stored weight but they get one as soon as they turn 19.


This tool is an and association.

FMEL is created by Stelios.

Coding contributors:

  • Thanos (creator of MacAssistant RT) who ported FMEL to work with FM14 and helped with information and research over the years.
  • Jay (creator of iScout FMH, Save Editor and Pre Game Editor for FMH) who has been a major help since the last version of FMEL 2013.

Many thanks to: Eugene (Information & Research), Panos (super-tester), Ariel (super-tester), Stam (super-tester), Messy (Russian version tester) and Ronald (tester)!

Logo by Stam.


- Added support for the 15.3.2 patch

- Tweaked UI Lists to have more information
- Updated UI to include Staff/Player Staff in separate lists
- Updated UI to include Nations
- Updated UI so search results are sortable
- Added Club Loans/Debts editable
- Added Inspire team. (Removes unhappiness* and boosts morale)
- Added remove team bans
- Fixed sort ordering in team list view
- Added Remove Bans to players
- Added Remove unhappiness to players.(Removes unhappiness* and boosts morale)
- Added Basic Staff information
- Added Staff PA/CA editable
- Added Staff Rep editable
- Added Staff personality editable.
- Added Basic Nation information
- Added Nation attendance
- Added Nation Stadiums
- Added Nation Kits
- Added National Teams
- Added Heal/Destroy National Teams
Unhappiness can come back if the cause is still their. For example if the player is unhappy due to be transfer listed, you clear his unhappiness but leave him transfer listed, they will stay/become unhappy again.

- Fix PA Crash Bug
- Removed Inspire Team as causing issues
- Player Happiness read only
- Fix Classic Mode Under 19 year old players without a weight
- Fixed Setting Club Reputation
- Fixed Club Stadium link where sometimes it would crash/unable to find
- Fixed attributes randomly changing when editing a player
- Added Hidden attributes editable
- Added Phyiscal attributes editable

- Initial release, support for 15.2.0 and 15.2.1
- Updated UI
- Added Inspire Team
- Added Club Start Embargo Date
- Added Club End Embargo Date
- Fixed Pitch Position Functionality

Download Now
Downloads: 200749 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2014-12-23
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Discussion: FM Editor Live 2015

460 comments have been posted so far.

  • gareth_soens's avatar
    Hi Marvel people are only pushing you for new release because your work is so good. If in anyway I can help you plz ask. Many thanks
  • alberts94's avatar
    Good work, guys! I'm still waiting news about the new version, thanks for the good work, your editor is the best and it's free! :D
  • Haychee's avatar
    Stam and marvel, what an excellent work you guys have done so far, I have nothing but gratitude towards your work to make this game a more enjoyable one. I know every one is looking for an update, though I must stress that it is a bonus for us. We can't be pressing them to release the update for us, and let's face it, they are not charging us a penny.

    Keep you the good work and thank you so much both.
  • Keroll17$'s avatar
    Is there a version for 15.1.3 ?? Somehow i can't update my fm2015.
  • sado_wolf's avatar
    new version plss
  • Kalemlyco's avatar
    Keep up the good work here guys. Top quality! I only have one save or two that I use this on to adjust a couple of things and it's not injuries! Most the time it's CA/PA on players from obscure countries (Cook Islands etc). Can't wait until the update is complete! In your own time Marvals, would hate to see a rushed product!
  • benda8's avatar
    I got rid of the injuries in the pre-game editor, I'm using this tool to modify training and formation rate of clubs i'm affiliated with, very useful tool :)
  • Zarmael's avatar
    What I see is 90% of people using FMEL for injuries. Maybe before final version is over give us only as a pass by till FMEL is over something that only heal injuries.

    By the way thanks for great free work. Much respect from me.
  • kevj1977's avatar
    I personally can't wait for the update, however I fully understand the need to balance fm and family.
    All I will say is keep up the good work, a don't listen to the haters.
    The work you have done to get the editor up and running is immense and does not go unappreciated.
  • DANDY's avatar
    @marvels @Stam
    Ignoring disrespectful and unnecessary misplaced comments.
    Most people understand and appreciate the effort you make selflessly.
    Thanks for your work.
  • marvels's avatar
    I play FM just as much as the next guy (mid season with Roma at the moment) so I am in the same boat as wanting this sorted out as soon as possible.

    Just got to understand that this FM update isn't a small one and more than usual has changed.

    I need to balance work and personal family issues as well.
  • Stam's avatar
    I've done a little clean up by removing some useless comments as glenbino suggested. But no, we won't go dark and we will eventually release the new FMEL version. It's up to marvels, whenever he's ready we'll publish it. He just informed me he's got a little more left to do.

    Everyone else who isn't complaining about the delay: Thanks for your understanding and support.

    @seb388144: If you read my previous comment again, you will notice that I didn't make any promise. What I said was that I've got my hands on the offsets marvels needed and passed them to him, hoping he could finish the work by the end of last week. And if he had enough spare time, he would have.
  • turtleiow's avatar
    Why cant people back off and wait like the majority of people on here it is FREE after and as mentioned these people have real lives, to be honest if you cant play the game without it then maybe you need another franchise to play. If im honest i would'nt blame them if they said f*ck it and didnt release a update, How did you'll play the game before FMEL.
  • Vibe's avatar
    Instead of crying for updates every day,maybe I should try to motivate you.

    Employment and family are not a man's dream,
    it is playing Football Manager on Steam.

    Instead of running to work like fools,
    quit your jobs and make us editing tools.

    Why are you surprised that we are bitcin',
    your wives don't need attention in the kitchen.

    We're in a fragile mental state,
    neglect your kids and finish the update.
  • kralik's avatar
    Hello everyone, i'm from brazil and came here just to thank'u guys for the work, it's amazing when i see people helping/sharing things(free) whit other peoples, *especialmente vendo daqui do Brasil*, so as the other guys saing here, forget the haters, don't pay attention to his comments(especially the "update please" comments), and again, thank's for the great work!
  • charliewu's avatar
    Love your work. Haters will be haters, don't pay attention to them. Good luck and keep up the great work
  • Finchbox's avatar
    Stam is a good guy and FMEL is a great tool. The update will be ready when it's ready leaving comments demanding things isn't going to provide motivation for someone to give up their free time to help everyone else.
  • fatty1234's avatar
    Actually this is a freeware with high standards, thats why people are impatient.... :)

    But stop wining about it, these are family people with real life, lets just be happy they spend time and effort on this for us.
  • Fickledmycelium's avatar
    People who are STILL demanding the update are blind kids who cannot read the posts below.

  • glenbino's avatar
    If I read these people whining about how long this is taking, I'd go dark and just make the editor for myself.

    Stam should just start wiping these comments and blocking people from commenting things like "update please" or complaints that add nothing to these section.

    These comments should be used for bugs to help marvels et al. with their FREE application, and nothing else.
  • fsquid's avatar
    The amount of bitching for a free utility that someone is volunteering to code amazes me everytime. It will be out when it comes out asshats.
  • rasky's avatar
    thanks for the reply marvels...
    since it's a free program we all accept that there is a delay...
    but we will appreciate it if evey once a week you can inform us about your predictions of when it will published...

  • marvels's avatar
    I'm working on updating FMEL for the latest version of FM.

    There are quite a few changes needed as more than just base offsets have changed (for example encryption).

    I have work and family commitments so you'll need to be patient!

  • seb388144's avatar
    Sam had promised an update to the end of the past week. We lie to us. I do not think we will have an update. It is not their priority and that is unfortunate.
  • adict's avatar
    Yeah, will it be finished till the end of the day or we need to wait more? Anyway that you guys for providing this to community.

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