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FM Genie Scout 15 - Exclusive

Extend the possibilities of finding, sorting and shortlisting players and staff on Football Manager 2015. World's most popular scouting tool returns for FM15. Works with the 15.3.2 patch.

By Updated on Apr 09, 2015   930006 views   196 comments
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Downloads: 395096 / Size: 7.0 MB / Added: 2014-11-30
FM 2015 Tools - FM Genie Scout 15 - Exclusive
Welcome to the official download page of FM Genie Scout 15! Arguably the best real-time scout tool for Football Manager 2015. Exclusively available from since 2009.

FM Genie Scout (or Genie Scout in short) is world's most popular scouting tool for Football Manager, created to extend the possibilities of finding, sorting and shortlisting players and staff, controlling their progress, making "first 11" and tactics choice easier and observing attributes invisible in FM.

Released: 30 November 2014 - beta 6 build 507
Updated: 9 April 2015 - beta 13 build 514 (no offers)

Redistribution Policy

We don't allow sharing Genie Scout 15 directly on other sites. Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself.

What's new in GS15

The biggest change in Genie Scout 15 is the update of roles and duties (91 available in total) and the update of the rating system according to the important attributes for each role which have changed for FM15.
In addition, the "g" edition now features a new search tab which allows you to search by specific role/duty, as well as the sortable columns for each of them in search results. See the screenshots below.

Click on the thumbnails above for larger version


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
FM15: 15.3.2, 15.3.1, 15.3.0, 15.2.0, 15.1.4

Does it work for Mac or Linux?
No. However, we exclusively release another scouting tool for Mac OS X users:
MacAssistant RT for FM15

How to run GS15

  1. Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the setup .exe file.

  2. Depending on your country, you might get an offer screen to install a free-trial program or a browser toolbar during installation. You can choose to Accept/Next or Decline/Skip the offer.
    IMPORTANT: If you don't want the offer, you need to hit the Decline or the Skip button! Unticking possible checkboxes on the offer screen is only for disabling an offer's extra options.

  3. Follow instructions until installation is finished.

  4. Run Football Manager 2015 and load your savegame.

  5. Launch Genie Scout 15 and from main menu click "Load Game".

We have a detailed instructional guide to Genie Scout. Make sure to read it.

Donate to Eugene to get the "g" edition

As usual, Genie Scout 15 comes in two editions:
The public edition comes with 2 banner ads and an offer screen during installation.
The "g" edition has no ads nor offers during installation.

In order to get the "g" edition, you need to donate to Eugene. Refer to Genie Scout 15g FAQ if you have further questions.

Apart from no ads, the "g" edition has 5 extra features:
  • Search by role/duty: New tab in advanced search popup that allows searching by role and duty - plus sortable columns of each of them in search results
  • Probability of Development: A statistically based model that will show the probability of reaching theoretical maximum of players ability
  • Progress Rate: Shows the predicted speed of player's development, depending on his ambition, determination, professionalism etc
  • Support for Graphics: If you have custom facepacks and/or kitpacks added to your FM, it should show on player and team profiles on GS
  • Top Players Lists: Automatically generated lists for best players, most promising and top bargains in the world, by position

Please note that during the first run of "g" edition it may take a few minutes to create the graphic packs cache. Next time it will be loaded much faster.

Eugene has automatized the process of distribution for the "g" edition, so you will have to wait just a few minutes before you receive a download link and a key file. But only if they have sent correct contact email, correct Unique ID alongside your donation.

Make sure you check your Spam folder too.
It might take up to 24 hours though. In case of problem with your donation, please contact Eugene using the email address you'll see in the message after donation.

FM Scout (the site) is not involved in the donations towards Eugene, neither has any responsibility delivering the ad-free version to you after donation. This is a process handled solely by Eugene himself.

Bug Reports

During closed beta stage for supporters, Eugene fixed all bugs that came to surface. As a result, the public edition should be quite stable from its very first version.

Should you find a bug, please report it to the Genie Scout forum.
Read this before submitting any bugs!

Known issue: Sale value for players is not accurate and sadly we have no way of making it work as it used to be before GS13.

Any comment including bug report posted on this page will be removed on sight!

Please understand it is forbidden by the EULA from SI and SEGA to export all the data from the results. You should be able to export only basic information such as player name, club, age, etc.


Genie Scout 15 is created by Eugene Tarabanovsky.
He has been developing this amazing scout utility for the past 9 years!

Genie Scout logo made by Stam.


April 9: beta 13 build 514
  • Compatible with 15.3.2
  • Other minor fixes

March 20: beta 12 build 513
  • Compatible with 15.3.1
  • Shortlist issue resolved
  • All injuries are available now
  • Player second nationalities added
  • Player preferred moves added
  • Club training facilities fixed
  • Competition reputation added
  • Other minor fixes

December 18: beta 9 build 510
  • Compatible with 15.2.1
  • Fee release clause added
  • Injury issue resolved

December 14: beta 8 build 509
  • Shortlists issue resolved (experimental)

December 11: beta 7 build 508
  • Compatible with 15.2.0
  • Added injury information
  • Added competition reputation

November 30: First release - beta 6 build 507
  • Compatible with 15.1.4
  • Wrong game date issue resolved
  • Added club stadium capacity
  • Both shortlists formats are available now (fmf & slf)

Download Now
Downloads: 395096 / Size: 7.0 MB / Added: 2014-11-30
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Discussion: FM Genie Scout 15 - Exclusive

196 comments have been posted so far.

  • phL's avatar
    When will the Genie update?)
  • mrjordan's avatar
    FM 15.3.2 came out today and Genie longer works!
    can you please update?
  • mastraccio's avatar
    Ok tanks
  • Stam's avatar
    @mastraccio: Eugene is currently on a trip abroad and has some trouble with internet access, so there will be a delay of 1-2 days for 'g' keys delivery.
  • mastraccio's avatar
    I made a donation to have the G version of genie scout but still I get nothing , why?
  • Stam's avatar
    Quick update: Offers have just been removed from the public edition. There is no new version released yet, just removed offers from the latest one available (build 513). So you can now install GS without having to worry about skipping anything you don't like getting installed alongside your favorite program.
  • fatty1234's avatar
    I`m a casual fm player and started really off with fm 14 (thou i started with cm back in the days (?)) - and I will just say I love and respect all the time and effort you guys put in these tools for us so we can tweek and enjoy the game even more.

    Just a thumbs up and love from a fan thats have had an even better gaming experience thanks to you guys.
  • Stam's avatar
    In all honesty, I've had enough.
    What do I think about these offers shown during public edition setup?
    I don't like them, they're annoying and most of them appear to be crapware.
    So why did I allow it?
    Because I wanted to support Eugene financially and keep him motivated to keep producing this brilliant tool. Having the option to skip them seemed pretty fair to me. But some people don't read and then they come here raging about the shit they've gotten from an offer they blindly accepted to install.
    What about the donations towards the 'g' edition? Do I get a share?
    No. All goes to the GS author because I believe that's the right thing to do as it's his program.
    So what the heck is my gain?
    Well, make the release of Genie Scout public edition worthwhile for Eugene.

    BUT I keep getting the stick and this is affecting the site's reputation as well. So I had a word with Eugene about it and I'm pleased to announce that the next (and probably final) version of public edition will come with NO OFFERS. That will be the end of this nightmare for you and for myself.

    @ljs1992: I believe it should be country related. For some countries there is no offer to show I guess.

    @zJordan: No, I won't delete your comment, I never do that. You can still go back and find all the angry comments alongside my always polite replies.
    "I tend to avoid reading crap that I have done a thousand times before"
    So you didn't skip the offer. The situation with offers on GS has been the same since release (and in fact since GS12), so I can't understand why act as if it's happening now for the first time. I mean if you've installed GS before (over the past 3 years), you would have gotten a screen with an offer at the beginning of installation with Skip / Cancel / Next.

    @vigorios: We talked about this in private.
  • ljs1992's avatar
    Came here to post that I installed the new Genie Scout for FM 15.3.1 and there were absolutely ZERO ads or offers during the process. Zero.

    I'm pretty surprised actually. Not sure if this is because I chose a custom installation but.. like I said, nothing.

  • zJordan's avatar
    I appreciate the work you put into this.. I really do but quit with putting malware in the fucking installer. I tend to avoid reading crap that I have done a thousand times before, this Startpoint shit is basically malware.

    I'm fairly certain you will delete this - but guys DO NOT agree to install additional software, it's complete shit. Avast, etc detect this as malware because that's exactly what it has become.

    I wonder how much he gets paid to include it? Perhaps it's per time it tricks you into installing it or a one time standing fee. Either way it's just criminal.

    I'm sorry I continue to rant on but it's true, we don't want that crap on our computer.
  • vigorios's avatar
    Can't highlight this enough, read very carefully when installing, there is more than one extra program trying to get installed when you are clicking through the installer and the one called istartsurf is extremly hard to get rid of, most antiviruses can not get rid of it. If you however get it it will block all your browsers, put tracefiles etc in so many places that you can't manually do anything about it, the only program i've seen that works for some people is adwcleaner. hope it helps those affected! peace :)
  • Stam's avatar
    Download link always works fine for me (no matter how many times I try it).

    Some users reported that Avast will delete the .exe file of this new version. You can check the virus report here (apparently Avast seems OK with it there). Disable it for a couple of minutes until setup is finished, and make sure to skip the offer during installation if you don't want it.

    I have repeatedly explained that the public edition will show 1 offer at the beginning of setup process which YOU CAN SKIP with the 'Skip' button. These offers are either free trial programs or browser addons (that most people won't like). It's still a mystery to me how you can complain for this now when everything works exactly the same way since initial release (30 November).

    At any case, I'll speak with Eugene about the possibility of removing these offers with the next version (there should be a 'final' one, as this is still in beta).
  • BossKilla7's avatar
  • Elbonf's avatar
    After extracting on winrar, I get a Windows cannot access files message when I run setup.exe.
  • Vibe's avatar
    Download is working now,but unfortunately with this program comes quite a bit of adware that has taken over my computer now.
  • Xso's avatar
    Sorry guyz but the .exe is seen as a Virus by Avast.
    Why ?
  • Vasilis's avatar
    not working guys, thanks for the support
  • Vibe's avatar
    Download not working I'm afraid.
  • vava069's avatar
    thx very much
  • Stam's avatar
    New version is now available (as promised it would be this week). Everyone can finally enjoy GS15 with the latest 15.3.1 patch. It's still in beta as Eugene wasn't able to fix all reported issues, but it should work fine without crashing. Should you find a bug, please report it to the Genie Scout forum.
  • Stam's avatar
    Quick Update: Eugene informed me he will prepare new public version (compatible with latest patch) for release tomorrow night. If anything changes, I'll post a new comment.
  • Stam's avatar
    Like last year, Eugene is delaying the release of the public version for January's transfer window patch to reward his direct supporters. I believe the delay is for 3 weeks, so most likely we'll release new public version during this week. For all previous patches you had a working version within 24 hours, but some of you don't seem to appreciate that.

    The site itself has NO profit from the donations towards Eugene, so blaming me or for this delay is pointless.

    @cloud97: FMSCOUT is not Genie Scout. This tool is one of our exclusive releases and just one part of what this fansite has to offer. Yes, the GS author is trying to make money from his work with this tool one way or another. Maybe you would understand if you were living in Ukraine like him. Personally, I'm fine with it as long as there's a free-for-all version and there's a choice to skip any annoying offer at the beginning of installation. The alternative would be either no public version or no GS at all. If someone makes a free tool like GS, we will support it too.

    @bornnslippy @Kaervek: Are you 100% sure you declined/skipped the offer at the beginning of installation? You need to press the button, not check-boxes.

    @Lucas Schifini: A working 15.3.1 version is already available. If you haven't received an email from Eugene about it, go to Help and Support > Check for New Version to find the download link.

    @itchyfishstick: I'd wait for public version to arrive if I were you; it will arrive this week.

    @Kieran: I think there's a bug with shortlists, Eugene told me he's working on a fix.

    @Braun: Shame on me for allowing Eugene to delay the release of the new public version? Right, okay.

    @nimo11: If you donated for Genie Scout 15g, you should already have a working version for 15.3.1. If you changed or formatted your computer, your unique id will be different which means your key file will no longer work. Please email Eugene including your new unique id and he will provide a new key file.

    @JAXX: No, you won't have to donate for every new version. Donation is valid for an entire FM season (e.g. all FM15 versions).

    @GingaMilla: We've sorted this in private.

    @wickedptgenie: If you're displeased with the way Eugene is making Genie Scout available, feel free to email him at genie AT
  • cloud97's avatar
    Getting mighty sick of the money grabbing by the developer of FM scout. The installer is filled with adware and viruses which could compromise your bank account if you make a mistake and don't decline them on install. He doesn't update the public version of FM Scout to try and force us to donate when he is already making money off us 'Free Users' by asking us to install the viruses of his sponsors during installation and also having us look at adverts inside the actual program.

    The whole thing stinks of money grabbing and if he actually appreciated this community he would realize that a large chunk of the FM community is built by people without money like students, unemployed or whatever. I hope someone makes an alternative to FM scout and puts you out of business.
  • bornnslippy's avatar
    I had to join just to post


    Same happened to me as Kaervek posted earlier It installs Wajam Web Enhancer, nod32 shows as a virus

    Beware this bollocks
  • Braun's avatar
    How much longer will this community be held hostage for donation money? Doen't Eugene make enough on the regular sales of his g-version?

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