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FM Genie Scout for FM16 is confirmed

Eugene is working on Genie Scout 16. Release date for the public edition is scheduled for sometime during November, but you can get your hands on the beta version of the "g" edition right now.

By Updated on Nov 29, 2015   224697 views   140 comments
News - FM Genie Scout for FM16 is confirmed
I'm happy to announce that Eugene is working on Genie Scout 16, the new version for Football Manager 2016. He has invested a lot of time during the summer in order to improve GS16, which will bring the most impressive progress of the tool after years of development.

FM Genie Scout is the world's favorite scout utility for Football Manager.

We are honored to be exclusively releasing this awesome tool since 2009. We try our best to deliver Genie Scout to the world every year because your support to this project is outstanding.

FM Genie Scout 16g Changes

In-Game Scout
The highlight in Genie Scout 16g is what we like to call IGS. In-Game Scout (IGS) is a brand new feature of Genie Scout 16g that brings GS usability to a whole new level. Clicking the (i) icon next to player's name in-game normally shows up a pop-up box with his attributes and some quick details. With IGS enabled, this pop-up box is enhanced with many added insights, including potential skills and rating. You no longer need to switch to the GS window to check on hidden attributes or potential ability.

Genie Scout 16g - In-Game Scout Box

In order to use IGS you have to switch to either "Windowed" or "Maximized Borderless Windowed" mode from in-game preferences.

Rating System
Complete revamp of rating system according to recent FM tendencies. Based on deep player development history analysis using big data techniques and statistics (collected data from over 15 years of game history on over 100k players and over 54k matches from top-12 leagues), the following changes have been made:
  • re-assessed the influence of one-foot vs both-feet playing ability on overall rating (a player who can use both feet performs better than a player who can only use one foot with the same attributes)
  • skills dependency on current ability has been thoroughly investigated, which makes potential rating assessment much more accurate
  • peak (max possible) potential ability has been investigated (what CA can be reached depending on the current age and position)
  • position skill influence on player performance (inability to play on a specific position doesn't affect performance significantly now if player has high skills required for the position)
  • role ratings improved based on FM16 suggestions
  • positional ratings adjusted based on FM16 suggestions and on the statistical analysis of collected matches history
Probability Of Development
Probability of development statistical model has been updated, and it can now assess more accurately whether a player will reach his potential ability or not.

Progress Rate
Progress Rate statistical model re-developed from scratch; more stars means faster progress will be made withing the coming couple of years.

FM Genie Scout 16 Release Date

Public edition
As usual we won't make any promises on the release date of the public version, but most likely we'll be able to release it during November.
Update 27.11: Eugene informed me we should be able to release it during the weekend or on Monday the latest.

"g" edition
The "g" edition, which is the one for people who donate, is available since 29 October (beta 1). Current version (beta 6) is compatible with the latest 16.1.0 version.
Reminder: The "g" edition is ad-free and has a few extra features compared to the public edition.

You can now donate for GS16 "g" edition.
Do not report bugs in the comments below!

How can I get Genie Scout 16 public edition?

- Update 29 November -
Once the public edition would be available, the initial plan was to email our newsletter subscribers the download link before everyone else. The problem is that we currently have a technical issue with our newsletter service and we'll be unable to send any emails for a few days. As a result, we have taken down the newsletter sign up form.

The public edition of GS16 will be directly added to the moment it is ready. It's expected for release on Monday, 30 November; no specific time has been set though.

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout for FM16 is confirmed

140 comments have been posted so far.

  • matiaq's avatar
    Stam, long time user, first time buyer. Just received the link for "9" version of Genie. Email mentions receiving key to activate Genie "within a few minutes". Been a lot of minutes now and nothing yet. Obviously current version has just gone out of date with FM update - is that why?
  • Stam's avatar
    @carmeloanthony015: Yes, it will change. In that case, you need to email Eugene your new unique ID and explain what happened. He will provide a new key file for you.

    @cagdas: The way I imported a shortlist file to FM16 didn't work for you (from our chat conversation). I'll ask Eugene if it will be possible to save shortlist as .fmf instead of .slf for a future version.
  • carmeloanthony015's avatar
    If I format or change my PC hardware, will Genie Scout Unique ID change? In that case what do I have to do?
  • cagdas's avatar
    how can i import which shortlist i saved via gs16g like example.slf to fm 16? when i try to import it i can't see the list file because fm 16 accept .fmf extend?
  • Stam's avatar
    @cagdas: It's stated just about everywhere that since the public edition of GS16 is not available yet, you need to find your unique ID from an older Genie Scout version such as GS15.
  • cagdas's avatar
    i want to donate to get gs 16 g but i tried to join subscription there is no mail with download link so i cant reach my unique id. what can i do?
  • Andriy's avatar
    Ok, thanks. Was just worried if ratings were a bit offdated.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Andriy: I've already asked from Eugene to add more roles in staff search. He will do it eventually, but he's currently away on business trip. Perhaps we'll have it in the next version.

    About player ratings in FM16, Eugene has adjusted the rating system completely to be in line with the changes in the game, so in theory it's more accurate this year. Imagine that 100% is Messi.
  • Andriy's avatar
    Just here, or the GS' players ratings in FM16 is higher than normal? A lot of youngsters above 85%.

    Stam, do you know if it will be added Director of Footbal, Director of youth and other jobs to staff search?
  • SM001's avatar
    Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for getting the updates done so fast. There's been a half dozen updates in such a short space of time. Keep up the great work for the best scouting tool out there!
  • DLN's avatar
    Will there be a feature that adding staffs into a shortlist like we did for players?
  • Stam's avatar
    New build 606 now available to add support for the latest 16.1.0 patch.
    An option has been added to disable IGS if you don't want that feature.

  • Stam's avatar
    New version for 16.1.0 might take a while because Eugene is currently on a trip abroad until Friday, so I'm not sure if he'll be able to prepare new version until then.

    @monur: That should be enough. Eugene will see your email and sort it out for you.
  • mogospa's avatar
    New update was downloaded for Fm. Now its v 16.1. Genie scout doesn`t recognize it.

  • Pertoluk's avatar
    new version?
  • monur's avatar
    Well,i accidentally donated for genie scout 15 which i've already donated for a year ago.Is there any way to correct the mistake by replacing with 16? I've already sent an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Stam's avatar
    @ScottGlen: It's not tested for network games. Are you the one hosting the game?
  • ScottGlen's avatar
    It does not seem to work with a network game for me. It gets up to loading teams into genie scout and then crashes. Any help would be appreciated :)
  • Stam's avatar
    @janni1hr: On donation page and on the GS16g FAQ topic it says that you can find your unique ID from an older Genie Scout version (e.g. GS15) because the public edition of GS16 is not available yet.

    @denners8: Try hovering the (i) icon of another player, see if that helps. Normally that issue for Windows 10 users must be fixed already.

    @Petroluk: There was a mistake in build 604, so we released a new build 605. Are you still getting that error after installing the latest build?
  • janni1hr's avatar
    i tried to donate to get the fm genie 16 but i cannot complete my order since i don't have the genie scout to provide my unique id ! any help please i would really appreciate
  • denners8's avatar
    I am up to date with both FM16 and Genie Scout however, I cannot get IGS to work. Any advice anyone?
  • Pertoluk's avatar
    gives a error when at loading people : range check error on people, acces violation at adrdress 0090178B in module fmgeniescout.exe write of address 000000044. this is only if you dont load in admin mode.

    You have to start in admin mode to not get the error
  • Stam's avatar
    New build 604 now available to add support for the latest 16.0.3 patch.

    @nicknocknoo: Send an email to Eugene, explain and pass him the proper ID.
    @Soilmate: You don't. I'll ask Eugene if he can add a setting for that.
    @tasos: Genie Scout forum.
  • Richy290's avatar
    GS doesn't work right now because SI released a mini beta patch to bring the game up to version 16.0.3. GS still tries to look for 16.0.2, therefore doesn't recognise FM when it's open.
  • Prejudice182's avatar
    New update out when?

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