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FM Wizard Editor 16

FM Wizard Editor is a real-time editor for Football Manager 2016. Use it to edit player, staff and club data. Works with 16.3.2 patch. Looking for testers.

By Updated on Aug 12, 2016   149575 views   92 comments
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Downloads: 53352 / Size: 746.1 kB / Added: 2016-06-25
FM 2016 Tools - FM Wizard Editor 16
FM Wizard Editor is a real-time editor for Football Manager 2016 which can be used to edit player and club data in-game.

Looking for Testers!!!
If you are interested in testing the latest versions of FMWE before release, then drop a DM to craigbrad. If you like using this tool, help make it better and contribute by reporting bugs.

Completely Free

Released free as we believe you shouldn't have to pay for this sort of tool.
As it is free and been developed in spare time, there is limited functionality but it will be updated over time.

Redistribution Policy

Feel free to place on other sites by linking back here. DO NOT upload to other hosting websites. Please give credit when linking.


  • Give your team more money and improve players with a few clicks.
  • Edit all technical, mental and physical attributes
  • Edit player current, world and home reputation
  • Edit player current and potential ability
  • Edit staff attributes

  • Football Manager v16.3.2 Support
  • Edit Player Contract Dates
  • Fix issue where some players were missing
  • Added helpful error messages
  • Search and Edit Staff!
  • Bug fixes


  1. Install .NET framework from here
  2. Download, unzip and install via setup.exe
  3. Load Football Manager 2016 and open save game
  4. Load FM Wizard Editor
  5. Click on the load button - should now say LOADED - if not click load again
  6. Enter a player or club name into the search box and click search
  7. Double-click on a player from the list
  8. A new window will pop-up and you can edit stats by clicking on the number
  9. Once done editing click on save to make the changes take effect


To update please remove previous version, download new version and install.

Suggestions and Requests

If you wish to give feedback or request a feature, please feel free to leave a comment or message craigbrad

Please backup game saves before using this tool as we cannot guarantee it's 100% bug free.

Happy Hacking!

Download Now
Downloads: 53352 / Size: 746.1 kB / Added: 2016-06-25
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Discussion: FM Wizard Editor 16

92 comments have been posted so far.

  • craigbrad's avatar
    @daredevil Please try the latest version.
  • Daredevil's avatar
    Not pls.
  • Leej9988's avatar
    The setup file won't extract, message appears stating that 'the application is missing required files. Please contact application vendor for assistance.' I've used FM Live Editor 2016 with no issues but have since updated to version 16.3.2. Can anyone help?
  • StefanCP's avatar
    Chervillo, try to use administrator rights and see if it works.
  • chervilo's avatar
    I have the same issue, doesn't load.
    Windows 7 x64
    FM - 16.3.2
    Original winter update of SI.
    FM16 Real Names Fix are applied.
  • Daredevil's avatar
    Base - FM16 Transfers Data Update Pack 2.0 by pr0
  • Daredevil's avatar
    Standard base without patches.
    Windows 7 - x32
    Version FM - 16.3.2
    Help please!
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @daredevil Hi, please DM me the OS, FM version.
  • Daredevil's avatar
    Hello, help solve the problem.
    I have a version of Steam, I did everything according to the instructions.
    I click on the LOAD but nothing happens, help!
  • obituary92's avatar
    I will always support the game itself, but I won't pay for 3rd party software. Someone will crack it eventually.
  • obituary92's avatar
    @craigbrad It's ok, I will just call Mr. Robot ;)
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @obituary92 Hi, I don't condone using pirated/cracked software. I'm trying my hardest to add the most popular features into this tool. If you really want a complete editor, consider purchasing FMRTE and supporting the developers. Thanks for your support.
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @bellidne @josephhrtn Sorry about this guys. We know about this issue and are working towards solving it. Thanks for the support.
  • obituary92's avatar
    I really appreciate this work, but we really need someone to crack FMRTE 16.3.2 (build 37) and we have best live editor.
  • YuranB's avatar
    Guys, that for the Internet connection program wants to do?
  • josephhrtn's avatar
    I have the same problem. Not all players are found
  • bellidne's avatar
    Hi using Steam version, latest update, Sortitoutsi database windows 7. This doesn't seem to work fully for me. Can load teams, and if I wanted to, edit finances, but does not find many players. Especially none from my team. I typed in the name Smith (as I have 2 players called Smith) and only 4 players showed. None from my club. Yes I do know how to use it and I am loading my save.
  • pontyjames's avatar
    does it work on mac?
  • craigbrad's avatar
    16.3.2 update now available.
  • hipohondra's avatar
    when does version 16.3.2 comes out?
  • StefanCP's avatar
    Any news about 16.3.2? And question, can I change my manager stats with this? Thank you
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @StojC Simply stating it doesn't not work is not going to help anybody. Please could you provide more information.

    What version of FM are you using (Steam or Non Steam)?
    Database version?
    Operating system?
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @SneeksHD I don't own a non steam version of this game. Would you be able to confirm if it does work?
  • StojC's avatar
    Doesn't work.
  • SneeksHD's avatar
    Does it work for Non Steam users?

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