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FM Wizard Editor 17

FM Wizard Editor is a simple real-time editor for Football Manager 2017. Use it to edit player, staff and club data. Works with 17.3.2 patch.

By Updated on Sep 02, 2017   270749 views   81 comments
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Downloads: 107791 / Size: 1.6 MB / Added: 2017-01-03
Football Manager 2017 Tools - FM Wizard Editor 17
FM Wizard Editor is a simple real-time editor for Football Manager 2017 which can be used to edit player and club data in-game.

Update to 17.3.2

I've updated to support the latest version of FM17 (17.3.2). Thank you for your patience. I know it's been a while and I've not had time to update this project. I previously stated that I didn't have time to maintain this project and asked for somebody to take over. I noticed there were a few messages of people using this tool asking for an update which is great! I've therefore updated to support the latest version and hopefully I'll be able to add more features over the next couple of weeks.


  • Updated to support version 17.3.2
  • Updated to support version 17.3.1
  • Updated to support version 17.2.1

Looking for Testers!!!
If you are interested in testing the latest versions of FMWE before release, then drop a DM to craigbrad. If you like using this tool, help make it better and contribute by reporting bugs.

Completely Free

Released free as we believe you shouldn't have to pay for this sort of tool.
As it is free and being developed in spare time, there is limited functionality but it will be updated over time.

Redistribution Policy

Feel free to place on other sites by linking to DO NOT upload to other hosting websites. Please give credit when linking.

Please backup game saves before using this tool as we cannot guarantee it's 100% bug free.


  • Give your team more money and improve players with a few clicks.
  • Edit all technical, mental and physical attributes
  • Edit player current, world and home reputation
  • Edit player current and potential ability
  • Edit player contract dates



  1. Install .NET framework from here
  2. Download from
  3. Unzip and install via setup.exe
  4. Load Football Manager 2017 and open save game
  5. Load FM Wizard Editor
  6. Click on the load button - should now say LOADED - if not click load again
  7. Enter a player or club name into the search box and click search
  8. Double-click on a player from the list
  9. A new window will pop-up and you can edit stats by clicking on the number
  10. Once done editing click on save to make the changes take effect

Suggestions and Requests

If you wish to give feedback or request a feature, please feel free to leave a comment, message or tweet fmwizardeditor craigbrad

Please backup game saves before using this tool as we cannot guarantee it's 100% bug free.

Happy Hacking!

Download Now
Downloads: 107791 / Size: 1.6 MB / Added: 2017-01-03
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Discussion: FM Wizard Editor 17

81 comments have been posted so far.

  • fowara's avatar
    I cant get it to work. Tried installing it in both Sports Interactive folder and in the steam folder, no success. Running W10 64 and steam version
  • jnicholl's avatar
    @zoppi_ Getting the same problem with loading. I can use the workaround mentioned below of loading a new save and switching to my main. However if I do that it messes up all the players to where the editor doesn't do anything.

    Running on Windows 10-64 bit through Steam.
  • zoppi_'s avatar
    Hi guys, When I press the "Load" button, nothing happens, still "not loaded" appearing
    Windows 7-64bits - last version of FM, updated by steam...

    It 's like the button do nothing...
    I've been reading advices for greekhoper but still doesn't work.
  • kowalinho's avatar
    And wage and clauses (minimum fee for example) if possible ;)
  • luisjlm96's avatar
    i can't make it work, and i don't know what i'm doing wrong, can someone tell me the right way to installed it
  • DrGerry's avatar
    Thanks for the update
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @kowalinho Now that you've suggested it, yes!

    @kikas Please remove any old versions and reinstall, feel free to DM with any more information or questions.
  • Kikas's avatar
    Hi, does the steam needs to be online to load a game? If not with recent update i can't load my game.

  • kowalinho's avatar
    GK skills editing will be in future versions?
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @BMNJohn thanks for the info, very helpful. I'll dig into this further. In regards to the 17.2.1 update, hopefully something today. Saturday at the latest depending on schedule.
  • rybo9120's avatar
    Any word on a release date for the updated 17.2.1?
  • BMNJohn's avatar
    "@BMNJohn Was the save you're using created with an earlier version of FM?"

    Actually it's the exact same save I'm currently on but just before I added a manager for the first time. Instead of adding a manager straightaway after the save was created, I saved and then added a manager. So yes, it was created before the 17.2 update. So yeah, both saves (my main one and the one I use to load the Wizard) come from the same origin so to speak.
  • DrGerry's avatar
    Thanks. Just FM was actualized, so I have to wait the update.
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @GreekHoper Good to hear.

    @hecatonchires266 Unfortunately not, as steam doesn't allow for installing old versions. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to access the data I need.

    @BMNJohn Was the save you're using created with an earlier version of FM17?
  • GreekHoper's avatar
    @itsZdan what do u mean by that??By the way great tactics ! Good job!
  • itsZdan's avatar
    @GreekHoper inb4 it doesnt work if you have a resolution above "X" lol
  • GreekHoper's avatar
    Well i installed it on my desktop too and doesnt work it works randomly for me laptop is 64 bit and net frame same as my desk both fm latest patch but in my lap it work fine in my desk wont load..dunno whats wrong
  • BMNJohn's avatar
    It works very randomly for me. The workaround I've found was to load a test save with another club and manager by following strictly the steps posted below (and not any other way), then switching to my main save and loading again. But if I try to load my save straight, it doesn't work. Very weird.
  • hecatonchires266's avatar
    Nice work. If i may ask, can it work with previous version (17.1.2)?
  • GreekHoper's avatar
    @craigbrad ok its fixed :) i didnt know i should be on home screen and in clubs tab.. :0 sry for the mess !!
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @greekhoper - That's strange. Please try following these steps exactly:
    1. Open Football Manager
    2. Load a saved game
    3. At this point you should be on the home screen of your club
    4. Open FM Wizard Editor
    5. Click on the load button
    6. If it's loaded, it should say LOADED
  • GreekHoper's avatar
    @craigbrad im running 64 bit and yeah on steam with latest just shows not loaded :/
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @greekhoper Please provide more info. OS version? 32 bit or 64 bit? How you are attempting to load? FM version? Steam? Screenshots?
  • GreekHoper's avatar
    It's just wont load my game :/ any suggestions??
  • craigbrad's avatar
    @bellidne Thanks for the info, I'll have a look into it and get back to you. In regards to staff not loading, this feature is not currently implemented. The tab is there from FMWE 16. This will be implemented soon.

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