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FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor

FMRTFE is a tiny tool that enables you to become the next richest manager in Football Manager 2013. Compatible with the 13.2.2 patch.

By Updated on Jan 10, 2013   338822 views   97 comments
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Downloads: 86487 / Size: 52.1 kB / Added: 2012-11-29
FM 2013 Tools - FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor
FM Real-Time Financial Editor is a tiny tool that enables you to become the next richest manager in Football Manager 2013.
It has a very straightforward interface and works lightning fast.

This is the first release of FMRTFE. This tool is released for free, as we feel you shouldn't be forced to pay for 3rd party tools of a game.
Exclusively available from

Released: 29 November 2012 - v1.0
Updated: 10 January 2013 - v1.1

FMRTFE has been replaced by FMEL since February 13. FMEL is the evolution of FMRTFE and enables you to edit finances and kits and heal injuries on the fly.
Download button on this page will take you to FMEL download page.

Redistribution Policy:
People who want to put FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!


FMRTFE allows you to search for the club of your choice and edit:
  • Transfer Budget
  • Wage Budget
  • Overall Balance
This is a very simple editor that allows you to quickly adjust financial information of clubs. It should be safe to use it, but at any case make sure to keep a backup of your savegame before using.


.NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 (standalone offline installer) or higher
To find out if you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed, you can use Framework Detector (free tool).

Patch 13.2.2
To use this version of FMRTFE, you must have your game updated with the 13.2.2 Patch.

Please note it won't work with the Russian or Korean versions of the game.

This is FMRTFE for Windows.
We'll be working on a Mac edition and hopefully it will be made available soon.

How to use

  1. Extract the downloaded in a folder of your choice.

  2. Run Football Manager 2013, and load your save game (or start a new one).

  3. Run FMRTFE.exe (ALT+TAB to desktop first if you're running FM full screen).

  4. Click the "Load Game" button.

  5. Enter club's name in the Search input box and hit Enter.

  6. Double-click on the club's row. Edit finances and click Save.


This tool is an and association.
BIG thanks to Stelios for being awesome enough to make this possible!
Logo by Stam.

Download Now
Downloads: 86487 / Size: 52.1 kB / Added: 2012-11-29
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Discussion: FM13 Real-Time Financial Editor

97 comments have been posted so far.

  • irishspurs's avatar
    Come on.... Ye fixed the Genie scout and not this one. This is the best feature about the game. Get it sorted.
  • maxyjunior's avatar
    Please guys, update it! We believe in you!
  • Gora123's avatar
    Please Real-Time Financial Editor update
  • tyler84's avatar
    this aint working with new patch
  • shashank.murthy's avatar
    Hope this will be available to new patch as earlier as possible.
  • irishspurs's avatar
    This wont work with the new update. When will it be fixed??
  • Kraiden's avatar
    Yeah, it doesn't work anymore with the latest version.
  • Gora123's avatar
    Please update 13.2 patch ! ?
  • BaggieMatt's avatar
    After downloading FMRTFE i click on load game but i says game loaded but there are no teams in the list. Please help.
  • kendo88888's avatar
    hi there i am getting error message "no game loaded?" when attempting to load game using Financial editor, any ideas? want this to work pls. I updated to version Any help is much appreciated. By the way, i have the Framework v3.5 as well. Already checked. Thanks
  • jmathieu's avatar
    While I won't be using this program, I am thoroughly impressed by the developments achieved by the people on this site. :) Keep up the good work!
  • manoer's avatar
    I've created some teams on the editor and I can't seem to find then when using this editor.

    Can someone please help me?
  • kookaburra's avatar
    You can get a preview version of FMRTE for OS X 13.1.3 at the minute on their site (google 'FMTRE') - hope this helps someone!

    However, this obviously isn't FMRTFE (focused on financial alone)
  • mendez's avatar
    when does the mac edition comes out ?
  • katalonian's avatar
    Pleasee for Mac OS!!!
  • Stam's avatar
    @mali: We might have a go at it, but don't expect that happening anytime soon.

    @gxt7169: Can't really say how soon, but should be done eventually. Most likely before Xmas.

    @FMJOE: I don't know what could be wrong in your case. We've had no complaints at all so far. Make sure FM13 (not FM12) is running and your savegame loaded. What are your system specs?
  • mali's avatar
    Good job fmscout , I wish to see a full editor with same options as FMRTE.

    Great job

  • gxt7169's avatar
    will this tool be released for mac soon?
  • FMJOE's avatar
    Hi Guys! When I load up my Sunderland save an I attempt to load up FMRTFE It said that my game wern't loaded when it clearly was, Could I be doing anything when which I am sure I ain't
  • joannes3000's avatar
    Only the best programs for the best site!
  • or.dabool's avatar
    That's an awesome tool. Way to go stam!
  • CrazyNinja's avatar
    holy shit that financial thing is awesome, now im stuck with the decision who to make a finacial superpower to face

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