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Football Manager 2016 Features Wishlist

A selection of the best suggestions made for FM16 around the entire FM Scout community. Updated May 19, 2015.

By Updated on May 18, 2015   80962 views   61 comments
News - Football Manager 2016 Features Wishlist
The production cycle for Football Manager 2016 has already begun and we are into a very important year for Sports Interactive. They have just released EastSide Hockey Manager after 8-year hiatus (remember EHM 2007?) while 2016 will also mark the much anticipated launch of Football Manager Online (at least in Asia); a project rising out of the ashes that FM Live left behind.

As usual, FM16 is expected to arrive in Q4 2015, possibly November. During the feature meetings at SI Towers in London last year, Miles Jacobson announced there were more than 3300 voted ideas on the table; enough material to work on, even up to FM18 (his words). Apparently the feature meetings for the forthcoming FM are already over, as Miles reported on Feb 6 (relevant tweet). It would seem that the first week of February is the locking date for these feature meetings.

So with the FM16 feature set complete and locked weeks ago, the ideas included in this article can only be officially considered for FM17. However, it is always interesting to know what the community wants and expects from Football Manager 2016, and to find out how these ideas will match the new features SI decided to introduce in the new game.

Besides, there are still about 7 more months that we need to fill with FM15 while waiting for the next one in the series. So starting the FM16 hype now is not exactly too late, but rather appropriate instead.

A few days ago, I created a dedicated Football Manager 2016 page on Facebook and you are all invited to give it a like to stay tuned with the latest news and discussion as it happens. In fact, all the suggestions presented in this article are taken from comments on our social profiles and forums.

If you have a good idea not mentioned in this article, please share it by posting a comment below and I will do my best to assess all feedback and update this piece from time to time. If you don’t have a member account here and don’t want to bother creating one, you can post on our Facebook pages.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the list of the most intriguing features you want to see.

Suggestions from the FM Scout community

There are naturally lots of repeating feature requests throughout the years. Some of them have been classified as unrealistic by the developers because the game is called Football Manager and not Football Chairman. I personally disagree. Let’s consider reality for a moment.

What does a manager really do? Does he manage the club’s finances? No. Does he negotiate the player contracts? No. Is he the one making transfer bids to other clubs? No. So the boundary is already beyond realism.

At any case, I think Sports Interactive should keep an open mind about community requests, especially when there are lots of people who stand behind these ideas.


  • More realistic transfer fees – it’s unfair having to pay 10x times a star player’s value to get his club to let you negotiate a contract, while clubs will come to get your star players offering exactly their current value
  • More realistic contract AI as players tend to have very high wage demands for no apparent reason, which gets ridiculous at lower leagues
  • A January update that allows you to control the teams from January with all league standings as they were when the window opened (Daniel Tacon)
  • Review the Brazilian match-day schedule as it’s currently unrealistic with games on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (Dilson Monteiro)
  • Improve the medical side of the game by having more information available for clubs with good facilities and good physios (Ryan Owens)
  • Be able to start your career as a real life manager
  • Manage U21 and U19 sides for national teams on FMC (welshboy76)
  • Dynamic rivalries - If a club starts at the bottom and works its way up eventually competing for the top league then surely it should have its competitors for the league as its rival; also rivalries should be increased when a club beats the other to end their league hopes such as Liverpool's when Chelsea beat them (milanLFCserb1999)

Match Engine

  • Reduce the effect of morale – it seems like it doesn’t matter what tactic is used and the team better morale will win every ball; tactics should have more influence in a game than morale (Neo Ren Jie)
  • Inadequate player animations on 3D match viewer; either do something on par with FIFA games of 10 years ago or scrap 3D altogether (Rikki Birkin)
  • Add new camera angle to watch the game from the dugout
  • More variation for player celebrations and trophy celebrations after a cup win
  • Add audio commentary (unofficial patch available for FM15)
  • Refs making more mistakes
  • Games abandoned because of bad weather before or during the match (Athanasios Cordialos)
  • Fix minor match engine issues, such as players scoring at home and running to the away fans to celebrate (Simon James)
  • During the match ask substitute players to warm up before entering (fabry92)
  • For international games have the flags of the country shown while players line up to sing national anthem (lmckimm17)
  • Instant touchline shouts, instead of waiting for the end of a highlight (Jake Stanley)
  • Be able to see all situations in game, so when I'm analyzing the match I can see all clear cut chances which either me or my opponent made; it could also show all of a player's involvement so you can see why the player missed that chance or this pass (a_esbech)


  • Create transitional tactics that account for with and without the ball scenarios (when attacking and when defending)
  • More advanced set-piece editor (Adam Bateman)
  • More advanced closing down instructions – be able to tell the players which part of the pitch they should close down (Koutsoukis Kostas)
  • Game should recognize when you are struggling and give you a nudge in the right direction in the form of genuine tactical advice from the backroom staff (Jake Steppi Stanley)
  • Bring back the Playmaker and Target Man selecting options in tactics creator from previous FM (ImDonkey)


  • Introduce TV or radio shows you could be invited to, such as Match of the Day (John Reynolds)
  • Ability to call a press conference yourself about something (Will Murtagh)
  • Add scandals of sorts, such as discuss diving or shirt pulling during a match (Craig Summers)
  • Option to convince a retired player to join your team for one more opportunity (Fabrizio Somma)
  • Get an email with the fans' top 5-10 signings every year (Kristian Wogtor)
  • Build up relations with other managers and be able to exchange tactical advice (Gerard Downey)
  • Get to know what players the fans want to see joining the team
  • Decrease the frequency of having players complaining about lack of playing time, especially for U21 players and in some cases even injured ones
  • Be able to approach agents and/or players to discuss availability prior to making a formal bid (Craig Summers)
  • Complain about match officials (David Buchanan-Smith)
  • Be able to ask players how they'd like to play; e.g. ask an AMC what role they prefer (WolfTheMan)
  • More respect in the locker room from players after years of winning back to back titles and silverware (worksben)


  • Make training easier to understand with faster results (Gareth Foxall)
  • Have option to view and control training sessions – with added feedback from the coaches
  • New interface for daily training and its schedule (Fabrizio Somma)
  • Focus training sessions to certain scenarios, such as playing with a man down, working on last gasp moments, shutting games down or frustrating opponents (Ijaz I)
  • Train foreign players to speed learn the language of nation they play in
  • Expand the training options for international management (Lance du Plooy)
  • Bring back individual training plans like on FM13 (Lee Timms)

User Interface

  • Fix goalkeeper history to show goals conceded instead of goals scored (Wayne Dixon)
  • Show goals from all competitions in player’s history, not just league goals (Dejan Srdic)
  • Show more detailed stats for players; for example, how many goals scored with a header, with right or left foot, how many hat-tricks, etc (Ibrahim Khan)
  • When winning trophies, make it more of buzz – right now it just feels like another game has passed (Rian Coulson)
  • History of player value with graphs similar to league position history (Leon Welsing)
  • More match day atmosphere with real life famous pundits and ex-footballers alike (Jack Couch)
  • Know how many of your fans come to away games and how many to home ground (Peter Charnley)
  • Add support for dual monitors, so you can have two screens at the same time (e.g. squad on one monitor and training on another); this would be particularly useful in matches where you can have all the stats and information on one screen and the match on another (a_esbech)


  • Improve the youth intake by allowing managers to hire academy scouts who would patrol youth leagues across the world (Ryan Owens)
  • Have the chance to create youth/football academies across the continents (Brett Matthew)
  • New scouting option which looks for good value (Alex Coffey)


  • Introduce player charity games (Stevie Smithdixon)
  • Get your team involved in more charity events, such as visiting hospitals at Christmas (Ross E J Colbert)
  • Certain real life events affecting player performance; for example, Muslim players playing poorly throughout the Ramadan (Dan Hollingworth)
  • More off the field problems for players, such as getting caught for speeding, drinking and driving and other illegal acts (Dougie Chalmers)
  • It should be possible to go via your agent to hear if another club would consider hiring you as a manager before formally applying. This would have less of a detrimental effect to your current position. It could also happen the other way around where a club might ask if you'd be willing to consider moving to their team before offering an interview. This offer could be made before they have even sacked their current manager so they have the backup ready as soon as they sack their current one (as in the case with Poyet - Advocaat at Sunderland) (a_esbech)


  • Have the power of buying the “ghost” newgens who show up in certain matches in order to fill up the roster for the needs of completing call-ups for a match (Julian Evans)
  • Increase chances of your son becoming a footballer (George Clark)

Network games

  • Bring back LAN – Online is too slow and makes no sense to use online mode when playing with a friend beside you (Neo Ren Jie)
  • Co-ownership of online saves when saved in the Steam cloud to allow behind the scenes work without the other player(s) having to wait for ages (Michael O’Donnell)

Manager wage

Manager wage is pointless, unless you can do something with the money earned; for example, you could use this wage to:
  • Improve your coaching badges similar to how your coaching staff do, regardless of the club’s financial position (Jake Steppi Stanley)
  • Invest in a new club (Rikki Martin)
  • Buy add-ons from the Steam store (Umberto Nardella)

Personal touch

  • Add relations to put your family members in the game as coaches or newgen players (George Clark)
  • Add more personal data for the manager (Zaher Safadi)

Controversial requests

  • Less injuries (or at least not so serious ones in high frequency)
  • Convert more one on one clear cut chances
  • Start lower if you want, as assistant manager or youth team manager (Alek Tymula)
  • Have option to start the season at the end of the previous one instead of July (Mark Kemp)

Less realism

  • Start your own team
  • Stadium builder
  • Kit editor
  • Have a say over sponsorship deals and ticket prices (Alec Pendleton)

Regional Pricing and a Loyalty Scheme

Another matter that deserves a mention is the game’s pricing. However, I suspect this is something that interests SEGA the most. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of the so-called regional locks. Essentially this means having different retail editions of the game for different regions. This allows having a different price for each regional edition in an effort to fight piracy by lowering the cost in countries where people cannot afford to buy game for the premium price most European countries pay for it.

One problem is that there are European countries where people cannot afford paying 50 EUR and to be honest not even 30 EUR. Another problem is that buyers in countries where premium price is still evident are not pleased that others could buy the same game for a lower price. Add a proxy and it gets even more complicated. So what could be the solution? I guess it depends on SI and SEGA. Are they willing to set one price for everyone? If they are, it should be one in the middle range or a bit lower. Perhaps with a price around 20 EUR there would be 3x more copies sold, but you can never be sure.

An interesting idea (Johnpaul Breslin) would be to introduce a loyalty scheme for buyers. So if you already own the previous FM, you’d get for example 2 EUR off or it could work accumulatively for up to 5 past FM titles for higher discount. With Steam being a requirement for some years now, such scheme should be easy to do. What do you think?

Fan-made logo and box art

Below you can check out a fan-made pack-shot of FM16 created for fun by Stam.

Don't forget to like our dedicated Football Manager 2016 page on Facebook!

Stam's avatar
About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2016 Features Wishlist

61 comments have been posted so far.

  • joao_santos007's avatar
    I like to see in fm 16 when we create a manager can make our history! :)
  • ARSENAL_ruleZ's avatar
    I've been saying this forever but I would love an exhibition mode. Basically like kick-off mode in FIFA. Just for having a quick relaxed game to test out tactics or something like that.
  • Madrinto's avatar
    Make it for consoles ! :D
  • ddzed's avatar
    Didn't read all, so I'm sorry if I repeat something.
    Firstly it would be nice to have the possibility to take control of a real manager and do something like Pep did at Barca. It would be great if you could have a more detailed background as the manager. Regarding the training I'd like to see a training report before every game showing me which player did good in the previous training session and which did not (let's say a top three).
  • keysi's avatar
    It would be great if in continuous updates could been updated questions and answers for the press conference, which are very boring and stereotypical after a very short time.
  • Diazepamll's avatar
    Red card for manager in match
  • dburnsdundeemad's avatar
    J-League + Licenses, logo's and kits.
    Scottish Highland and Lowland Leagues.


    "Nuckinya - More dynamic player growth
    Not only this, but more variation in how a player grows. I mean, once the game is mostly regens, all you have to do is buy some 17 year old wonderkid, give him a season or two of games and he becomes world class at 20. All the top team will do this, and it is really unrealistic and takes me out of the immersion of the game. Not every player is Messi, Ronaldo or Fabregas. What about the Drogba’s and Luca Toni’s of the world who were late bloomers.
    I would love SI to introduce a hidden stat, with say 5 different growth types like: Early Peak (Michael Owen), Early Sustained Peak (Fabregas, Messi), Standard, Late Peak (Scott Parker), Late Sustained Peak (Drogba). With these growth types, combined with other stats like "professionalism" and "natural fitness" we could see a massive variety in the way players grow and sustain that growth, making the game more challenging and exciting when trying to find new players."

    Just carry that one on from the 2015 wishlist for me :P
  • stephenwhittle's avatar
    become a director of football
    add ways to spend your wages
    maybe start a career as player/manager , or even player/assistant
    even start the job in your club as a coach, and work your way up, i think that would be as hard in its self to do that some time playing and just winning all time like some do
  • gocland's avatar
    Network games:
    It would be fun to play with national teams in online versus mode too.
  • mcgoedhart's avatar
    I would like to speak in pre season to each player seperately about his season goals. Like how many goals/ assists and the grown they sould accomplish. So after a season you can make a good dissicion to offer a new contract or to sell the player
  • mahmoud's avatar
    - THIS ONE IS A SERIOUS MATTER .. I've been playing three edition of FM, as a manager who is watching all the player from the field, I should be able to "Describe" the players !!
    what I mean is graphics should show me in the field if the player short or tall, muscular or thin, he is doing dribbles or just running with the ball !!
    because all I can tell if he is black or white.

    - a BIG issue with engine is when you are playing with a not suitable tactic you would see your team is playing well, having more than 30 easy chances, many shots and no score (even if you have Messi) !!

    and that leads me to think that my Striker or my coaching team is bad, instead of looking at my tactics !!

    look even a bad striker in a bad day with bad formation could score 1-3 goals while having 30 shots ! "change one of them & make it realism"

    - IT'S SAD that you can tell what a whole player career would be by scouting him, I mean players (something happening in their life) would change them completely.
    Example: look at "Sturridge with liverpool after chelsea", and when Arsenal refused "Harry keane" when he was in their academy .. many players has been refused and they became stars such as Bale, Ronaldo. and some became worse like Torres ..

    FM should 100% make this.
  • Vastath's avatar
    I think it would be make a good add on an option to announce your intention to quit to your board for several reasons(etc sign in different club , the team doesnt play aw good as you want) and even after wuiting or joining another club gives you the opportunity to do it on a good terms or on more aggresive...
  • vladoII's avatar
    First of all, thank you about this chance to propose some interesting things.
    1. Scouting system is not good! You don't have time to scout players, because good players take teams in your league without scouting system. You must cheat, find in forum who is good, who is not good player and when start game first thing to do is to sign those good players.
    2. It's interesting when you buy on-line FM 2016 to give us some interesting e-book with tactic, lower league management, FM guide, new positions or some interesting tips and hits for coaches, tactic... for FM2016. And you can add some interesting interviews, tactics with us, like supporters.
    3. ADD German language in FM2016! You can't sell game in EU without some official languages in EU.
    4. Maybe it's time to make min. 5-6 skins.
    5. Please add more regen faces and hair style. All youth players have similar faces.
    6. I think it's not difficult for SI to make all club kits and logos in England from Premier to Lower leagues and all facilities for all clubs in England too. Because I think, more FM players begin with career from England clubs.
    7. It's interesting to hear some presenter and interesting sports commentators like in FIFA from EA.
    8. I think graphic it's ok, because this is not sport game, it's simulation.
    9. Interviews for newspapers are boring. Only same questions for all players! This must be better! (First answer is 90% good :) )
    10. It's interesting to manage some LOAN from Bank or some similar! Think about this! After talks with Board or Chairman.
    11. I think SI must make some more realistic Start of the FM series. it's boring without some interesting video from some good manager, players in the world. All years same--->SI, and supporters! it's ok, but make some interesting video with music from football stadiums, players, managers. Today, all games have good videos from the beginning. You must have some original sound or music like Windows, Samsung, Nokia, EA games.... You must be a brand name in the world!!! You have the best football manager game in the world.

    ... I have many more ideas ;)
  • Diazepamll's avatar
    hints and tips - save the game now!
  • __connor123's avatar
    For the players that cannot speak the language of the country they play in the club should be able to sign language tutors and be given monthly updates as to how the player is progressing. Also to be able to call for a press conference to discuss a special club event. And finally training should be more in depth and specific like instead of just focusing on attacking movement you should be able to focus on shooting, attacking through balls or trying to build a striker partnership.
  • NickYeungChelsea's avatar
    More realistic transfers. On my save chelsea and real madrid and barcelona always sign players who are doing well/in form. After that they either play a few games and get sent to the second team or get sold
  • johnTrou100's avatar
    Commentary during the match and better fans animation pyro and chants
  • idenadesno's avatar
    I would love to see the option to send requests for postponing games, too many times it happened to me that I have to play 3 games in 6 days, it's impossible to deal with that, I've failed many times because of that
  • Evandro996's avatar
    Could have a soundtrack.
  • mawdz's avatar
    For FM to be more realistic i think it needs 2 formations for each tactic
    e.g Formation when defending + Formation when attacking as many teams have alternate ones when in possession to when defending

    Also kinda similar to the above point, have players have instructions for when in and out of possession so that you could have a winger tuck in centrally when defending and playing more narrow but then go wide when in possession
  • bruno_cbmello's avatar
    For a management game, Football manager is a big fail in training aspect. You guys shoud look the system adopted in "Lords of Football", who brings big detailed management in training and personal life of players. Alas, personal life in FM could bring the game to another level.
  • Jensend1450's avatar
    As a national team head coach we should be able to discuss tournaments or players with the youth head coaches at the national level. This would apply with the youth level coaches at he club level. This would be very helpful in the hiring and firing the coaches. I t would be great to see this in a future football manager game.
  • scott_madridista95's avatar
    have career aspirations as a manager i.e. in 'x' amount of time i'd like to be manager of club/nation 'x' or 'y' or 'z'. have 'x'/'y'/'z' amount of trophies etc.
  • scott_madridista95's avatar
    In terms of player development, i'd want to know whether players are successfully performing in matches or not and where they'd need to improve on their game.

    In terms of staff, you could explain what your tactical options i.e. how you'd want to approach the training i.e. pre-season teamwork and work rate etc.

    Create youth schools/academies to help with regens.

    See where you need to improve on merchandise sales by continent and country.

    Ask the fan polls asking what they think of the team, new signings, positions to improve, players to sell, etc.

    Decide whether training would be open or closed to keep security of your tactics and team selection.

    Feel the effects of matches i.e. el clasico loss/win with crowd effects. Also explain about other managers being able to question you or ask questions about the team to the media i.e. twitter/match interviews etc.

    Have a son/daughter become a member of staff/player for a team/your team in game.

    Be able to have stadium packs where you can choose goal types, net types and colour/pattern.

    Be able to rename stands and provide sponsorships and be given chances for charity work with the team i.e. raising money from matches to charities and maybe an overview of the charity.

    Be able to hire a fan spokesperson who'd liaise with you and the fans.

    Be able to talk to journalists more about anything i.e. other teams, praising other managers and players.

    Be able to talk about a club and form a good relationship with them via the press.

    Be able to liaise with FIFA about potential new rules/technology to be implemented into the game.

    Be able to edit the team kit after season one and sign contracts with companies when presented with multiple offers.

    have an attributes guided for staff and players to explain what each one means and how it can relate to other attributes.

    have three different tactic screens within one tactic, i.e. in possession, at kick-off and attacking all as one tactic to allow more variety and formations.

    Be able to create set-pieces using arrows describing runs and the sort of set-pieces you want to change.

    Choose specific players to stand with a set-piece taker i.e. not by position but by ability to take a free-kick.

    More animations with goal celebrations and kick stances as well as cut scenes to do with player entries, substitutes, goal celebrations etc.

    Ask former players to come out of retirement for a while from the club or any players i.e. Juninho, if they're under a certain age.

    Talk to players about potential friendlies.

    Talk to club managers (when international manager) about what you want about potential players i.e. team-work, work-rate, philosophy and playing style.

    Make it easier to create challenges where you can use a database from a particular season i.e. 1953/54 to 1975.

    Have specific challenges set in those years with facilities, pictures, staff, players and teams set in those years.

    Have legends teams for international and club teams.
  • lmckimm17's avatar
    During cup finals, have your players walk out onto the pitch and shake the hands of the other team
    For international games have the flags of the country shown while players line up to sing national anthem

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