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Dynamic Video Adboards for FM 2017

Top 50 European Clubs HD Video adboards for FM17 created by Jeff Roberts.

By Updated on Jun 21, 2017   89530 views   73 comments
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Downloads: 14904 / Size: 515.0 MB / Added: 2017-05-10
FM 2017 Misc Graphics - Dynamic Video Adboards for FM 2017
Change those default video boards for these real life boards superbly created by Jeff Roberts
Dynamic Adboards 1.6 covers the Top 50 European Clubs. Config file included.
Very easy to install, instructions are included and are easy to follow folks.

V 1.6 Boards, config and pack made by Jeff Roberts

These adboards are for Clubs ONLY!

Even though adboards for all Prem teams and other leagues are included some will not have HD Video Boards in the game.
This is due to the fact that certain stadiums are not classed as good enough to have video boards instead the static adboards will show at these grounds (Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Stoke for example).

Update packs will be added when available.

Top 50 club teams from:
Premier League(updated Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool adboards)
Scotland Old Firm (Celtic & Rangers)
Spanish Laliga
as well as top European teams such as Zenit St Petersberg, Anderlecht and more

Use Chrome or Firefox to download.

This will work with the FM16 adboard patch installed.

V1.6 Boards, config and pack made by Jeff Roberts

Adboards FM17 Preview

Download Now
Downloads: 14904 / Size: 515.0 MB / Added: 2017-05-10
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Discussion: Dynamic Video Adboards for FM 2017

73 comments have been posted so far.

  • DAZS8's avatar
    Top 5 leagues first I would have thought
    Premier league (done), Bundesliga (done), La Liga (next), Serie A, Ligue 1
    Just a thought.
  • jeff44's avatar
    spain is being made next i will ask for portugla's LIGA after spain
  • DJuninho312's avatar
    I wonder if you could do for Portugal's LIGA NOS.
  • mike1906's avatar
    Finally it's working for me and I made the same that before, maybe it was because I made this last download and something on the config has changed. Thank you guys :)
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Premier League.
    Scotland Old Firm (Celtic & Rangers)

    DOWNLOAD HERE!H5wFzCab!mc5WTffRT_f9QmCcBgw-yvnJWGA-Skl6HBHa1HrmcAY

    Boards made by Jeff Roberts
    Config file made by Jeff Hayes.
    Pack created by DazS8
  • jorginio's avatar
    Just Perfect.
    Thank you :)
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Man City adboards do work as do all others
    The only reason something will not work for you is if you install it wrong...simples!!
  • jeff44's avatar
    please Note guys you do not need to start a new game at all for these HD Adboards to work they have been tested by myself pottersmad & Dazs8 and they all work as me and daz and pottersmad have said some teams do not have hd adbords due to si not putting them in all the teams man u man city chelsea arsenal liverpool are all working and so should other big clubs in the prem so if the likes of man u don't work then you are doing something wrong just follow dazs8 instructions and it will work simple as ABC
  • ACDSHE45's avatar
    do you need to start a new game theyare not showing up in game for me
  • jeff44's avatar
    JohnnyeSandy Jeff roberts is the best man to ask has he does them hes on sports interactive click on the link he might not reply strait away as he lives in New Zealand
  • JohnnyeSandy's avatar
    Hi mate i would like to know what software do you use to convert the video files to ivf files, I have done some video adboards for the portuguese league in AVI and mp4 format but then I don't find on the internet any video converter to do the ivf file.

    Thanks in advance.
  • pottersmad's avatar
    SMiguel...1 Delete the Sco folder that's already in the game and replace it with the new Scotland one
    2 Yes the new config file will still have the English league in it to work
  • _SMiguel_'s avatar
    Just two doubts.
    1st> Is it necessary to delete the files that are inside the sco folder in the game directory to install these or just put the folders of celtic and the rangers?
    2ª> When replacing the fm config file that is in my documents and that came in the pack of the English league by this the adboards of the English league will continue to work?
  • nick118118's avatar
    how do u make the dynamic adboards any help would b great. thanks in advance
  • jeff44's avatar
    mike1906 its easy go to yea steam steamapps common football manager 17 data sigfix videos hd video_ads and repalce yea eng then replace yea fm config file in my documents sports inter fm17 and you should have a yellow folder called ads if not create one and put yea fm config in there easy as abc its all been tested and all works fine some clubs do not have led boards this is due to si not putting them into the game so it depends what team you are

    there as been a fm config updated by myself so please use that one its been put on here
  • DAZS8's avatar

    1.Updated Config file (ads folder) this adds the ability to use this pack in conjunction with the Adboards pack from!7hQEmTwK!w-jZT8yyLySqRkgvoKl-2e_J9nTpRn6ZxsX87PAQC2U

    2.Old Firm Video Boards (Celtic & Rangers)
  • mike1906's avatar
    Hi, it doesn't working for me after follow the instrutions. When I place the steam folder on C:\Program Files (x86) still show the default adboards in the game. If I take off the default folder, all adboards become black. Any suggestion ? thanks
  • Stam's avatar
    @Bart: Admittedly the initial pack and instructions were not easy to follow. Thankfully the collection is properly repacked now.
  • Bartdude's avatar
    Same silly negative comments without realising it's YOUR fault if it doesn't work !!
  • Mostafa.infj's avatar
    still not work .. can give step how can be work in english football and Euro football
  • Madkour211's avatar
    skin plz
  • DAZS8's avatar
    or download the pack I/we created
  • troy's avatar
    Im getting an parsing error when using the club FM

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