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FMF Season Database - FINAL UPDATE

Data update for Football Manager 2019 & Real Results

By Updated on Sep 05, 2019   519352 views   452 comments
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Downloads: 170234 / Size: 61.8 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
Football Manager 2019 Data Updates - FMF Season Database - FINAL UPDATE

Transfers & Other
- Players / Staff / Managers according to Transfermarkt
- Revised player contracts (deadlines, clauses) according to Transfermarkt
- Unlock VAR in many other national/international competition
- FIXED closing date for transfers in Italy
- FIXED Ribery withdrawal
- Added Injury Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
- Added Injury Leonardo Pavoletti (Cagliari)
- Added Injury Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona)
- Added Injury Onel Hernandez (Norwich)
- Added Injury Neymar (PSG)
- Added Injury Alisson Becker (Liverpool)
- Added Injury Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)
- Added Injury Leroy Sanè (Manchester City)
- Added Injury Mohamed Fares (Spal)

Our FMF Japan players not in official DB summer transfers to Europe ... es. Takefusa Kubo) ---> HERE


To get the real results you have to select Bhutan and countries you are interested in having real results. The starting date can be May 27th, 2019 when selecting Bhutan (included in the pack)

Please note that playoff/playout matches and European/National cups are not possible to replicate with the editor.
For same reason is no possible insert goal scores and statisctics in the real results

Note for players contracts on the Italy/France/Spain/Germany/England first Leagues (for the others it depends on the time available):

- Players with contracts expiring 30/6/2019 and already sure of the release are FREE from now
- Players with contracts expiring 30/6/2019 and not sure of the junction have a delayed deadline until 31/07/2019 to avoid the automatic renewal imposed by the one-year game
- Withdrawing players will do so on 30/06/2019
- Players on loan with ransom obligation are transfer immediately

Complete Real results
- Italy ( Serie A )
- France ( Ligue 1 & 2 )
- Germany ( Bundesliga 1 & 2 )
- Spain ( Liga & Liga2)
- England ( Premier League & Championship )

Recommended ours DDT files ---> HERE

How to Install

1) Extract the contents of the downloaded .rar file using a free tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac OS.

2) Move the extracted .fmf files to your editor data folder. By default it can be found at:
/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data
If the last folder doesn't exist, you need to create it.

3) Open FM19 and start a new career game. (don't select USA)
Top right area you'll see "DATABASE" in white and "19.3.0 Update" with a down arrow.
Click on that and make sure the files are ticked, then click the red Confirm button.

How to see real results and start save at May 27th


An exclusive of FMFORUM.
All rights reserved.

Download Now
Downloads: 170234 / Size: 61.8 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
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Discussion: FMF Season Database - FINAL UPDATE

452 comments have been posted so far.

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    moreover, u use the 19.1 version, which has already been said not to be compatible with the 19.3 pack files

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    Is not an update error but of your game. Not depend of our files
  • asdasd123's avatar
    There was an error in this update. The team releases the manager after opening the transfer window
  • asdasd123's avatar
    I chose Berlin and after the transfer window opened, the game replaced the manager
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @pedrofilias not in program sorry

    @asdasd123 ???
  • asdasd123's avatar
    Strat game 27/5 and 01/07 team employs a new manager :(
  • pedrofilias's avatar
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @moveitson FIXED ... thanks so much for the report ;)

    ps. if the qualification to the cups is regulated by the national cup it is not possible to check it
  • moveitson's avatar
    Turkish league need a fix asap. 5 team relegation and relegation zone include 10. 11. 12. table positions.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
  • Siafu's avatar
    Yo Frenkie De Jong is still at Ajax and has no future transfer agreed with Barcelona.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @zerados yes i'm sure , in fact in the post it is said that due to format problems it is incompatible with the pro-Italian league and the d series, it is clear that I speak of our files. If you try to create something different this bug that does not allow it works, it is a problem of Italian leagues already reported to the SI and that today it is not possible to solve, at least I repeat, we have not succeeded and then we report it
  • zerados's avatar
    are you sure? because when i deactivate the italia file i dont have that problem.
  • harunko's avatar
    When is the new update coming out? Good lessons.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @zerados is a bug by SI of italian league no possible to fix it, at least we didn't success.
    Is write in the post too

    @sufle Griezmann go to Barcelona in real date transfer 14.07.19
  • Sufle's avatar
    Hello,i dont see Griezmann in Barca ?
  • zerados's avatar
    hi i have a question. i noticed that with the file for the italian fixtures the "coppa italia lega pro" becomes a normal cup competition where clubs like inter and juve participate. in real life tho, if im not mistaken, its a sort of playoff tournament for serie c clubs to determine promotion. i was wondering if that is also fixed with the update?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @feche for many reasons it is not something we have developed, but it is possible. However, there are a number of factors that must occur, first of all our files were developed with the editor in standard mode and should be transformed into an advanced editor. This would result in the deletion of everything that was entered and consequently should be re-entered from scratch.
    Once the new season is created and the calendar is inserted, it is necessary for the promotions and retrocessions to take place in the correct way to work. Many leagues are regulated by playoffs and playouts that are not replicable with the editor, so you will understand the probable impossibility of obtaining the real version of the single leagues. All this work is long, difficult and does not guarantee the result is the main reason why we have not developed it. You also need to have advanced knowledge of the editor to be able to do it without creating errors, also considering the high quantity of bugs present this year
  • feche's avatar
    It is possible to add real fixtures to this new season? I could do it myself just for me but I wanna know if it can be done.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @linkybaa the only thing that comes to mind, isn't that by chance when you select the countries you accidentally put a check in the "do not use real fixtures?"

  • linkybaa's avatar
    I wiped my editor data folder and tried again.

    Here are the results. Still no luck. The game was only purchased and installed on Steam yesterday and therefore is fully up to date. I downloaded the 19.3 files and the game is on 19.3.

    Thanks for the reply and I appreciate the help thus far :). I know I'm doing something wrong, but I've just no idea what it could be!
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @linkybaa I did a new check with a new game and the file is fully functional, have you updated to the latest patch? Try repeating the entire procedure by deleting everything in the data editor folder and reloading the files

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @dasguerrero Portugal have only first series real results so no is not possible sorry
  • linkybaa's avatar
    I have installed the required editor data files in the editor data folder, I have started a new game on 16.3 and ticked all of the available update league editor files including England. I also load both Bhutan and England (PL only) as playable leagues. I select to start in Bhutan in 25th May 2019. Whenever the game loads, the Premier League does not have the correct league table. Why is this?

    I have attempted to remove all other files in the editor data folder and also selectively ticked the files for the leagues I was loading to see if this was the issue, and yet the results were still not correct. I have fully reinstalled them twice to see if that would help, and still nothing. Any ideas?
  • dasguerrero's avatar
    Can you fix Portuguese promotions and relegations for the real 2019/2020 season?

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