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Football Manager 2019 Trophies Megapack

More than 1000 real trophies to add in Football Manager 2019 with this pack by DazS8. An fmscout exclusive. Last updated: May 12th, 2019.

By Updated on May 12, 2019   599531 views   95 comments
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Downloads: 208892 / Size: 85.9 MB / Added: 2018-10-25
FM 2019 Misc Graphics - Football Manager 2019 Trophies Megapack
The continuation of my Trophies megapack for Football Manager 2019.
Installing this pack will add Real Trophies to all playable nations in the game.
The megapack contains over 1000 Trophies.

Last Updated: May 2019

The pack has now been resized and also includes Pre Season trophies for use with Zangelmi's Pre Season tournaments add ons
I recommend everyone to re-download the pack as it does include a few new or improved trophies too.

If you want to add to the pack, feel free.
Look for the trophies which are missing and cut them out (if you can) or post the images in the comments.

Thanks everyone for downloading.

FM19 Trophies Preview

How to add Real Trophies in FM19

  1. Download the pack and extract and extracts its contents.
    You shouldn't need a special app for the extraction, but if you're having trouble with that, I recommend using 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.

  2. Place the "trophies" folder here:
    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\
    Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.

  3. Start FM19.


This pack was created by DazS8.

Huge thanks to the following for their contributions to the pack:
Hammer9, Patres10, Nuno Rebelo, Kremmen, Doc-Debril, Qvordrup
Master Frank, Noam1810, EmreGulsu, Wannachupbrew, Dvnrizuki98.

Pre Season Tournaments available here....
Zangelmi Steam

Download Now
Downloads: 208892 / Size: 85.9 MB / Added: 2018-10-25
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Discussion: Football Manager 2019 Trophies Megapack

95 comments have been posted so far.

  • DAZS8's avatar
    I have added you to the contributors list as I forgot to do it...sorry
    In the past Kremmen and I worked together on trophies and I see he has my cuts in his pack too....not a problem for me as you say nice to share knowledge etc
    Thanks for the trophies m8
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    "superpuchar poski" UID= 130937
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    "Effodeildin" UID= 8300358
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    I seem to recognize some of my own cuts from the trophy pack included in the "metallic logo mega pack" from in the recent update ;-). No worries... I follow this thread and have used some of the requests to make cuts of trophies for the trophy pack of the "metallic logo mega pack". Nice to share knowledge :-)
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Mega is the quickest to upload to and download from thats why I use it
  • Bywater77's avatar
    Is this only available to download on mega as i hate using that way can it be changed ??
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Brilliant thanks
    Could I ask people to include the id numbers if possible please in future...thanks
  • dvnrizuki98's avatar
    Here are the trophies for two Indonesian leagues
    Liga 1

    Liga 2
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Thanks for that will add to next update
  • master frank's avatar
    tunisian league trophie

    Enter text for the link here...
  • master frank's avatar
    tunisian league trophie
  • DAZS8's avatar
    UPDATE 1 3/12/18
    SEE OP
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Many thanks
  • noam1810's avatar

    isreali supercup
  • ArthurMorgan2's avatar
    @DAZS8 great
  • DAZS8's avatar

    Brilliant thanks for that.....great cutting too
  • EmreGulsu's avatar
    This is new Turkish Superleague Trophy
  • EmreGulsu's avatar
    Turkish Super League Trophy for ID = 130286

  • DAZS8's avatar
    The pack as now been updated to include a @2x folder of trophies too
    We decided that this size was big enough
    It also includes some pre season trophies for those who use the add ons for these comps
  • DAZS8's avatar
    I have stated I no longer want to contribute to this pack so its up to Stam how he takes it forward Arthur now
  • ArthurMorgan2's avatar
    @DAZS8 it's important if you play with UHD monitor.
    Also, with skin mods it's possible to make these pictures bigger.

    By the way, is there any forum thread for this modpack? I would like to contribute to this modpack. Where could I do this?
  • DAZS8's avatar
    I will be leaving this pack in the very capable hands of Stam from now on
  • DAZS8's avatar
    good point
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    Serbien Superliga Trophy UID=132321
  • Qvordrup's avatar
    you could reduce the size of the pack even further by removing all the trophies for all the international qualifying tournaments (world cup quals, euro cup quals, aisa cup qual ect.) I don't think you get a trophy by winning the european world cup qual :-)

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