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[FM20] Mega Pack (216 Nations + 1 continental competition) by @[email protected]

All updates are made with the real rules, calendar and structure. Transfers windows calendar are 100% real.

By Updated on Jan 16, 2020   113556 views   207 comments
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Downloads: 23315 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
Football Manager 2020 League Updates - [FM20] Mega Pack (216 Nations + 1 continental competition) by @Timo@
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Each Updates are realized with the REAL RULES of the championships and to the REAL CALENDARS (rules of number, registration of team, prim for classification, TV right ...).
All Nation add have prime, Real Cup, reserve / U21.
Transfers windows calendar are 100% real.
All updates are playable at the same time.

Rules for Yellow Cards change to 3,6,9,..


Afrique du Sud (D4)
Algérie (D4)
Angola (D1)
Bénin (D2)
Botswana (D2)
Burkina Faso (D3)
Burundi (D2)
Cameroun (D2)
Cap-Vert (D1)
Centrafrique (D2)
Congo (D2)
Comores (D1)
Côte d'Ivoire (D2)
Djibouti (D1)
Egypte (D2)
Erythrée (D1)
Ethiopie (D2)
Gabon (D3)
Gambie (D2)
Ghana (D2)
Guinée (D3)
Guinée Bissau (D2)
Guinée Equatoriale (D2)
Ile Maurice (D3)
Kenya (D4)
Liberia (D3)
Libye (D2)
Lesotho (D2)
Madagascar (D2)
Mali (D2)
Malawi (D2)
Maroc (D4)
Mauritanie (D2)
Mozambique (D2)
Mayotte (D1)
Namibie (D2)
Niger (D2)
Nigeria (D3)
Ouganda (D2)
R.D.Congo (D2)
Réunion (D2)
Rwanda (D2)
São Tomé e Principe (D2)
Sénégal (D2)
Seychelles (D2)
Sierra Leone (D2)
Somalie (D2)
Soudan (D2)
Soudan du Sud (D2)
Swaziland (D2)
Tanzanie (D2)
Tchad (D1)
Togo (D3)
Tunisie (D3)
Zambie (D3)
Zanzibar (D2)
Zimbabwe (D2)


Afghanistan (D1)
Arabie Saoudite (D3)
Bahrain (D2)
Bangladesh (D2)
Bhoutan (D3)
Brunei (D3)
Cambodge (D2)
Chine (D3)
Corée du Nord (D2)
Corée du Sud (D5)
Emirats Arabe Unis
Guam (D2)
Hong Kong (D4)
Indonésie (D3)
Irak (D2)
Iran (D3)
Jordanie (D2)
Kirghizistan (D2)
Koweit (D2)
Laos (D3)
Liban (D4)
Macao (D5)
Malaisie (D3)
Mariannes du Nord (D3)
Mongolia (D3)
Myanmar (D2)
Népal (D4)
Oman (D3)
Ouzbekistan (D5)
Pakistan (D1)
Palestine (D3) and 3 Gaza Levels and cup
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Singapour (D6) With Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup)
Tadjikistan (D4)
Taiwan (D1) + University
Thailande (D5)
Timor (D4)
Turkmenistan (D2)
Vietnam (D4)
Yemen (D3)


Aruba (D1)
Anguilla (D1)
Antigua et Barbuda (D2)
Bahamas (D2)
Barbade (D3)
Belize (D1)
Bermudes (D2)
Bonaire (D1)
Caïmans (D1)
Canada (D3)
Cuba (D1)
Curaçao (D1)
Dominique (D1)
Costa Rica (D3)
Grenade (D2)
Guadeloupe (D3)
Guatemala (D3)
Guyana (D2)
Guyane Française (D2)
Haïti (D2)
Honduras (D3)
Iles Vierges (GB) (D1)
Iles Vierges (US) (D1)
Jamaïque (D3)
Martinique (D2)
Montserrat (D1)
Panama (D3)
Porto Rico (D3)
Republique Dominicaine (D3)
Saint Barthélémy (D1)
Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis (D2)
Saint Martin (D1)
Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D4)
Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines (D2)
Sainte Lucie (D2)
Salvador (D3)
Sint Maarten (D1)
Suriname (D2)
Turks-et-Caïcos (D1)
U.S.A. (D4)


Argentine (D5)
Bolivie (D3)
Brésil (D4)
Chili (D5)
Colombie (D3) fictional Really only 2 levels
Equateur (D3)
Paraguay (D4)
Pérou (D3)
Vénézuela (D3)


Albanie (D3)
Deutschland bis Landesliga (D6) + Regionale Pokale NEW Version
Andorre (D2)
Angleterre (D8)
Arménie (D2)
Autriche (D10)
Azerbaidjan (D4)
Belgique (D5)
Bielorussie (D3)
Bosnie (D3)
Bulgarie (D4)
Chypre (D3)
Crimée (D1)
Croatie (D3)
Danemark (D4)
Ecosse (D6)
Espagne (D5)
Estonie (D2)
Féroé (D4) NEW Version
Finlande (D4)
France (D5)
Géorgie (D5)
Hongrie (D4)
Irlande (D6)
Irlande du Nord (D4)
Islande (D5)
Israël (D5)
Kazakhstan (D3)
Lettonie (D3)
Lituanie (D3)
Luxembourg (D4)
Macédoine (D3)
Malte (D4)
Moldavie (D3)
Monténégro (D2)
Norvège (D5)
Pays-Bas (D7)
Pays de Galles (D4)
Pologne (D4)
Portugal (D4)
Republique Tchèque(D5)
Roumanie (D3)
Russie (D3)
San Marino (D1)
Serbie (D4)
Slovaquie (D3)
Slovénie (D4)
Suède (D5)
Suisse (D5)
Turquie (D5)
Ukraine (D3)


Cook (D1)
Fidji (D2)
Iles Salomon (D2)
Kiribati (D1)
Micronésie (D2)
Nouvelle Calédonie (D1)
New Zeland (D4)
Papouasie Nlle Guinée (D2)
Samoa (D2)
Samoa Américaines (D2)
Tahiti (D3)
Tonga (D3)
Tuvalu (D1)
Vanuatu (D3)
Wallis-et-Futuna (D1)

Continental Competition

Oceania Champions League

How to add Megapack By @[email protected] on FM20

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
Move the .fmf files to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.
Open FM20 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

Download Options

The download button will take you to the complete megapack as one file.
You can also download only specific leagues you want by visiting the link below.


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 23315 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: [FM20] Mega Pack (216 Nations + 1 continental competition) by @[email protected]

207 comments have been posted so far.

  • @Timo@'s avatar
    @Baek ----> okay what is the good flag pls?
    @vlad51777 ----> Are you using any other update that I didn't create? For me it's a conflict between update because everything works ...
  • baek's avatar
    Palestine flag is wrong
  • AdnanDizdarevic's avatar
    Hi Timo, can you please add the Italian serie D. Thanks
  • vlad51777's avatar
    Please fix the Belarus-Druhaja Liha 15 teams, and need to 16. Thailand-Thai league 3,4, there are not enough teams, and K4 league need to 8 teams, and there 10, and USA 1 divison, not 4
  • vlad51777's avatar
    Fix please Belarus, there is a red triangle and the League can not be put.
  • Cheydinhals's avatar
    Hola, alguien podría confirmarme si en esta actualización está actualizada al nuevo formato la Copa del Rey y la Supercopa de España? Y ademas de eso, alguien podría confirmarme si las categorías son:

    Primera División
    Segunda División
    Segunda División B
    Tercera División
    Gracias de antemano!! Espero que alguien pueda resolver mis dudas
  •'s avatar
    can you please add the SuperCopa of the Liga 1 of Peru who are the champions of the Liga 1 and the Bicentennial Cup? and also the League 1 2020 will have 20 teams, down 4 and up 2 teams, one from the second division and the other from the Peru Cup. Which means that by 2021 it will be 18, 2022 it will be 16 and it will be maintained with that amount of equipment. THANKS @[email protected]
  • casillasronaldo's avatar
    And another problem. When the regular season ended, only 3 teams went up from third in the second league, and there should be 4, 1 from each of the four groups. a team that did not go up but was first in his third league move I do not know how in the other third league and became a mess. the first season has 17 teams in the second league because one was removed before the start of the season in the real world and so is the game, but by the next season they must be 18, so 4 fall in the lower groups and four champions take their places. Can this be fixed?
  • casillasronaldo's avatar
    Hi @[email protected] . I love your job. I played in Bulgaria first League but all the games of the season start at the same time. In Spain, for example, everyone is fine (14.00 16:30 19:00 22:00 etc, but here if the match is from 14:30 all of the rounds are from 14:30. How do I fix it?
  • rjferguson90's avatar
    My game crashes if I load up any more than 20 files, is anyone else having this issue?
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    I look that tomorow
  • Jimbalaya's avatar
    hoping for an answer...

    @timo, great job! Just one question: Austrian Bundesliga Play-Off Mode unfortunately is not correct. It should be 50% of Points. Also the lower Leagues have incorrect rules as there is a suspension after every 3rd yellow card. In reality it is after every 5th yellow card. I also recognized that after Season 1 there are 15 instead of 14 teams in some D4 leagues.

    Do I have to start a new save when it’s updated? Thanks a lot!
  • Irish90's avatar
    thanks @timo great job.

    Sorry, but I didn't remember the Champions League final it was 30/5 if you can read the data on June 10 so the parts are all over.

    ps, if you can miss the MALI championship
  • TheNeck's avatar
    Could you add American Samoa league? I want to do the Next Goal Wins challenge.
    Thank you, you're doing a great work!
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    @sonofmalky fixe Saudi Arabia
    @Sirca93 UAE = Emirats Arabes Unis (D2)
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    indian super league with promotion and relegation from indian national division starting from 2021
  • sirca93's avatar
    UAE ?
  • sonofmalky's avatar
    I appreciate your work but could you fix the saudi league foreigners players registration rules. It limited to 7 player instead 8. Thanks.
  • baek's avatar
    Does New Version mean that it has been updated in this recent version?
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    Bulgaria i fixed until 27/12.
  • eraser1090's avatar
    Hi Timo in Bulgaria 3D level there is no promotion to 2d level can you fix it?
  • @Timo@'s avatar
  • @Timo@'s avatar
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    @irish90 use Canada 2020 by SIgame
    @Swimmablerocket my creations start in 2019, so Norway is the 2019 season (like the reality of the game). I will probably do the MAJ 2020 then.
  • Irish90's avatar

    no, I was looking for a championship that started around April 2020 or even later.

    ps is there one in summer 2020?

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