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FM21 Double Broken Tactic

Over 100+ Points in 1 season, 110+ Goals and positions. These tactics have aggression and brutal form with More and More Possession and Goals.

By Updated on Dec 05, 2020   150876 views   74 comments
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Downloads: 38552 / Size: 137.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - FM21 Double Broken Tactic

This is the some SS in the Turkish Super League:

And all the matches to all seasons:

In Match:

This tactics has been tried in more than 250+ matches and the tactics took more than 30 hours to create

To download all the tactics with .rar, the link is in the matter. But if you want to download tactics one by one (.fmf), here it is:

  1. Bjk = Aggressive [The Best One]
  2. Besiktas = Positive, more controller
  3. Besiktas D. = Defensive

  • Real broken tactics is; Bjk
  • Bjk tactics will be customizable for your squads.
  • The "Bjk" does not have individual instructions. So you can create your own player instructions.
  • Try "Besiktas Defend" against big teams and away.
  • Don't forget to remove the switch position Pi for your wingers if they can't play on the other side.
  • You must always using set pieces training. Don't forget to add 6 set pieces trainings every week if you have free rest time in the trainings!
Important: In order to use the tactics correctly, you must prepare the players for the tactic and ensure that they play in appropriate positions.

Download Now
Downloads: 38552 / Size: 137.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
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Discussion: FM21 Double Broken Tactic

74 comments have been posted so far.

  • ret4's avatar
    @DpenguinM96 This tactic can be played with an extremely aggressive attitude. Therefore, there may be some gaps in the defense, the important thing is to drown the opponent in the field by shooting as many shots as possible. And yes, to a certain extent these are normal. However, once the players are fully adapted to the tactics, when you have the necessary set of pieces trainings, and you choose the right players to your tactics, you can be sure that the defense will give much, much less positions.
  • DpenguinM96's avatar
    Hey ret4, i just got off my 1st season using ur tactic in the league one with hull city and won 1st placed with the title. However its pretty interseting to see that in terms of defence and attack, my team is doing the worst. Personally watching the games i also feel as though the attack using shoot on sight causes it to be wasteful and the defence is quite open. Nonetheless still won 1st with a 18 pt gap. I was wondering if this is normal to you as well?
  • ret4's avatar
    @Sw33z We can do it, Yes Sw33z :beer:
  • Sw33z's avatar
    @Ret4 : Do you have any spare time to create the mirror tactic for the attacking version ? so we have bwm on the left mc side and the wingbacks change also .
    The last version of fm i played was fm15 , im not able to create tactics very well yet in fm21 . Please Ret4 :)
  • ret4's avatar
    @ufolud Sure, its just my 1 months training ex. : (Look the red ones, i added)
  • ufolud's avatar
    Can you show how your training looks like?
  • ret4's avatar
    @Sw33z Amazing Job, Sw33z! Mukairu&Bakkali can swap position easily i think. Great comnination :beer: [8/8 GJ!]
  • Sw33z's avatar
    Hi ret4 ;)
    The swap positions for the 2 IW's i dont touch (only end match when they are more tired ), its supperefficient ( i have mukairu & bakkali as wingers , they can switch without problem .
    But ... the swap position between winger a striker in the control version of the tactic costs me some posession as my striker holds up ball nicely , but winger is too small to hold up ball in front . At the moment i'm experimenting the control version without that PI . to be continued :) btw i won last my matches till now ( 1st season anderlecht im in end august now and won 8/8 ! :)
  • ret4's avatar
    @Sw33z Hello! Because of the defenders they follow are surprised and allow us to make more organized attacks. This way the tactic becomes more efficient, Sw33z. But don't forget to my attemption: Remove the switch position Pi for your wingers if they can't play on the other side."

    @The Assassin First of all, It must be admitted that this squad is insufficient. At the same time, As I said on the subject, compliance with tactics is very important. I am sure that in the upcoming seasons, when they become fully compatible with the tactic, they will get much better results! You must make your mark assignments before the game, dude. Maybe the squad is enough for the first seasons, yes. But like you said, just for Turkey leagues. Unfortunately, this squad is not enough in the UEFA and Champions league.
    And, Football manager is such a game, sometimes whatever you do, everything can go wrong, you know :(
    Personal Advices: Focus to only Bjk tactics on your first season. Forget to Besiktas tactics. Your team must to learn Attacking with Bjk tactics :beer:

    @yunusemre1512 In your first seasons, (Idk which team are you playing with) If your squad is sufficient, and if you have the right training and adapted it to the tactics, Bjk is more and more better! Just focus the Bjk tactics BUT! If you're playing Besiktas, S.Lisbon, Sevilla etc. and you're playing against R.Madrid, City, Barca etc. you must stay with more positive play, and your tactics should be Besiktas Defend in away. But in your stadium, you can use Bjk tactics. After 2-3 seasons, you can use almost all the time Bjk tactics, Yunus Emre.
  • yunusemre1512's avatar
    @ret4 Hi bro. Real Madrid, Man City, Atletico Which tactic did you play against these teams?
  • The Assassin's avatar
    @ret4 first, thanks for advices, second i used your bjk tactic in friendly matches, it was good. i won against teams like inter fiorentina with your bjk defending tactic, and played well against bad teams with bjk tactic. but in my first serious match (against AZ Alkmaar in champions league knockouts before group stage, it was 1 match only, in their stadium. i know Besiktas's squad is strong in its own league but in europe it's not very strong against many teams but AZ Alkmaar is not better than me man! so i played with BJK tactic and guess what happened :( 4-0 loss!!! i did like you said, i made set pieces trainings many times every week, i made my players condition excellent. i trained many times for match tactic but BJK tactic become %50 all i can do was it, it can't be much more in this short time. Their striker boadu scores 2 goals and got injured. then they scored 2 more. they got 3 goals just the same way: passing through defence's behind, striker runs because he is fast and didn't get offside and 1-1 with GK and scores. last goal was from corner. so should i continue with your tactic :) what was wrong in my tactic?
    TACTİC: BJK. I didn't change ANYTHİNG (just made winger swap off). Squad was Ersin-Vida,Welinton-Rosier,Souza,Nsakala-Atiba,Oğuzhan-Ghezzal,Nkoudou-Aboubakar (And also Aboubakar became injured in this match, it is 3 weeks :( )
  • Sw33z's avatar
    Hi ret4 , in the control version of the tactic , why does the winger swap position with the pressing forward ?
    Whats your idea behind this ?
    Also ive remarked the leftback has other instructions then the righback , interesting :)
  • ret4's avatar
    @The Assassin Hi! First of all, Beşiktaş's first season budget is too small and insufficient. Therefore, I recommend you to turn to free transfers (Like and free rentals (Like Harry Wilson). Except those, You can buy:
    - Cenk Tosun,
    - Kagawa,
    - Emre Çolak
    - Bilal Basacikoglu
    - Abdulkerim Bardakci (These players are mainly Turkish, as it is necessary for Beşiktaş to have Turkish status, you know :))
    If what I suggest you sell:
    - Aboubakar, (Optional)
    - Boyd,
    - Larin.
    Don't Sell!:
    - Necip (Status)
    - Ajdin Hasic
    - Mensah (Best) (Take Him)
    - Goalkeepers (Ersin-Utku) (Btw Altay is a other good choise if you can buy him)
    - Rıdvan (I'm still playing with Rıdvan. I'm in 2026!)
    - Atiba (Never)
    And finally, If you can get very serious players (I got it for free or very low price):
    - Antonio Valencia,
    - Ibanez
    - Tagir
    - Biro Biro
    - Kenan Karaman
    - Ahmet Kutucu
  • The Assassin's avatar
    Looks nice, i didn't try it yet. i'm a besiktas fan too so i want to try this tactic immediately :) i just started with besiktas, season didn't started yet, i'm arranging the tactics, tranings staffs etc. I disabled the first transfer window (2020 summer) because to make game more realistic.

    ----so which players do you recommend for winter transfer or end of the 1st season?
    i'm asking these because you are in 2025 in game and most of your players are regen. Also which players should i send away in my team in the first season? :)
  • ret4's avatar
    @Sw33z Exactly! You should listen to your assistant. But if he wants to engage in or change the tactic, reject him.

    @xriyias23 Quote:

    (1) Click Tactics, Then (2) players in bar along the top, **(3)**select a position/circle, **(4)**undo swap position at the bottom.
  • xriyias23's avatar
    HOW TO REMOVE the switch position Pi for your wingers for this tactics??
  • Sw33z's avatar
    @ret4 : do you apply your assistant suggestions ( oppostion instructions ) ?
  • ret4's avatar
    @martyr Quote:

    (1) Click Tactics, Then (2) players in bar along the top, **(3)**select a position/circle, **(4)**undo swap position at the bottom.
  • martyr's avatar
    @ret4 How to remove the switch position Pi
  • ret4's avatar
    @Fyzhard Hi! First of all, you have to play lots of matches with the Bjk tactic. Later, you need to train your players in positions that match the tactics so that your players can adapt to this tactic. Within 1-2 seasons, your players will be more adapted and ready for this tactic! :beer:

    @Uzxll Hi! It's OK, no problem. Actually, you don't need any special instructions in this tactic! I use it without any customization! Just important things is: In order to use the tactics correctly, you must prepare the players for the tactic and ensure that they play in appropriate positions. :beer:
  • Uzxll's avatar
    Hi what player instruction's would you recommend for each position for the bjk tactic? Im a bit of a noob at fm lol sorry dont really know what I'm doing
  • Fyzhard's avatar
    Hi ! I've got a problem : I've made several matches already, but my team still doesn't know the tactic. Is this normal ?
  • ret4's avatar
    @dark2355 It's changing match by match. But generally, all the team! Really! Even my defenders! If you want, i can add some photo for you :beer:
  • dark2355's avatar
    Who scores the most goals?
  • ret4's avatar
    @gogheu Because of the defenders they follow are surprised and allow us to make more organized attacks. But don't forget to my attemption: Remove the switch position Pi for your wingers if they can't play on the other side."

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