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FM21 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU

The best Football Manager 2021 transfer & data update all-around. Featuring 189.021 changes until the 10th of October 2021 that FM 21.4 doesn't include!

By Updated on Oct 10, 2021   774237 views   446 comments
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Downloads: 324757 / Size: 2.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-24
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU
Initial version contains 189.021 changes until the 10th of October 2021 that happened after the 21.4 database lock-down.

Post your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas in the comments below.

Released: 10 October - v Final

What's included in a nutshell

  • American USLC & USL1,
  • Bulgarian New Format 2021-2022,
  • Croatian New Format 2021-2022,
  • Current-Potential Ability Changes,
  • Cypriot New Format 2021-2022,
  • Danish New Format 2021-2022,
  • Emirati Leagues & Cups,
  • English Community Shield 2021-2022,
  • Greek New Format 2021-2022 with B clubs,
  • Indian Super League,
  • New Players,
  • New Staff,
  • Other Changes,
  • Polish New Format 2021-2022,
  • Portuguese New Format 2021-2022,
  • Promotions-Relegations,
  • Qatari Leagues & Cups,
  • Real Life Agents,
  • Russian New Format 2021-2022,
  • Serbian New Format 2021-2022,
  • Spanish New Format 2021-2022,
  • Thai Leagues & Cups,
  • Transfers,
  • Turkish New Format 2021-2022,
  • Ukrainian New Format 2021-2022,
  • Wonderkids

New Players
  • New players created who doesn't exist in the current database
New Staff
  • New staff created who doesn't exist in the current database
Other Changes
  • Changes in general which include second nationalities, affiliations between teams, new stadiums, favourite personal etc
  • Newly created young players, aged U20 with a potential ability over -75, making them the future world class players (wonderkids)
Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes
  • Adjusted attributes, current ability & potential ability numbers
Real Life Agents
  • With specific attributes & clients adding more realism to the game
Unplayable Leagues/Other files
  • Emirati Leagues & Indian Super League
How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?
Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. If you don't want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

Summer 2021 Transfers Video Showcase

How to install this data update to FM 2021

  1. Open the file you downloaded with .rar or winzip.

  2. Select all .fmf files and copy-paste/extract/drag & drop them into the editor data folder, to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2021 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  3. Make a new "Career" game. Choose the "21.4.0 Update" database and select my files.

In case you have more editor data files:
When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.
Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in every file. Many files together from different creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates and other problems. Avoid using files from different creators.

Consider donating

To keep this project alive, with a high level of commitment, precision and detail, it's important to show your support. Donations are greatly appreciated and give a purpose to continue editing. PayPal account: [email protected]


These FM21 Data Packs are created by pr0 and other contributors on the FM Transfer Update community.
Make sure to visit the website dedicated to Football Manager Data Packs: FMTU.

Download Now
Downloads: 324757 / Size: 2.4 MB / Added: 2020-11-24
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Discussion: FM21 Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 + FMTU

446 comments have been posted so far.

  • andy19904's avatar
    Can't seem to get this database to work? Saved it in the correct file location as instructed, but nothing available to select when game loaded and setting up database! Any tips please? I've used Pr0 database for a number of years and never had any issues before, I can't understand why it won't allow me to use it this time
  • edrickb's avatar
    do anyone of you use real fixture for 2021 - 2022, any suggestion because most of it cannot be use with pr0 database, because this database start from 2020, and the real fixture that i use is from 2021, please help :)
  • Krazy-8's avatar
    This update was awesome, you changed Yaremchuk C.A as I commented before and u even added 30+ C.A to André Amaro from Vitoria Guimaraes, he was from my class at school
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    Version 4.9 of my #FM21 update packs is up!

    Info about what's included in each file: Updatesbypr0

    Transfers included from: FMTransferUpdate

    Changelog: [4.9] Changelog

    Next release date: 20 September

    Packs will be released every 10 days until 10 October. So, next pack dates: 20/9, 1/10, 10/10.
  • n_pires's avatar
    it's not working with me , it says that is missing team's on the leagues
  • harunko's avatar
    where is the new update? Today is the November 10th
  • tiagofromcv's avatar
    Pr0 whyyyy sevilha is not in champions league?? In my save they played the european supercup with bayern... but still villareal is in champions league and theyre not can y fix this so Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilha and Villareal can be at champions League like in Real Life?
  • tiagofromcv's avatar
    4ramos maybe u have another tranfers update file because in mine grizou is in atleti and saul in chelsea
  • 4Ramos's avatar
    Hey pr0, in your Transfer Update with the daily repack, Griezmann is still at Barcelona and Saul still at Atletico.
    I want to ask you when you´ll fix this? :)
  • vladym03's avatar
    Just saw in the comment below that you dont add transfer fees.My apologies.But when you have time check a bit Vfb Stuttgart
  • vladym03's avatar
    As well the transfers of Gonzales from Vfb to Fiorentina is 7.5 mil not 23 mil.
  • vladym03's avatar
    Hi there.Vfb Stuttgart has issues.No clause in Mavrapanos for a buy and then the markt values for the players are ridiculous.
  • perkstar's avatar
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @tiagofromcv, I am not adding transfer fees mate.
  • tiagofromcv's avatar
    Hey benfica has issues:

    João Mário transfered to Benfica in free tranfer not 38M Euros like is says in his profile.... plss fix


    yarenchuk transfered for 17M Euros to Benfica but it says that the amount is unknowed
  • spicymeister's avatar
    @pr0 Thanks mate :)
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @gate13 start of the game, like the winter patches.

    @spicymeister it's every 10 days mate. So the next is coming on the 10th.
  • Fahmi Akbar's avatar
    @TJGotVibe & @gunnersheaky, please CMIIW. Here are the steps you might be able to take to fix it:

    1. You need to unhide your file by pressing cmd + shift + [.]
    2. You can follow this path to copy the file:
    Users > [username] > Library > Application Support > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > editor data

    Hope this can help. I apologize for my bad english..
  • gate13's avatar
    hi, are these edited as future transfers or from summer 2020/start of game?
  • August1998's avatar
    Has anyone had the same experience as me?
    The only database i have on is this updated squad and i have now tried two times where my league in the third season won't load. Basically i only have cup competitions. Any suggestions as to why this happens?
  • spicymeister's avatar
    pr0 any updates coming soon?
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @KINGGANG, he is is my wonderkids file in Lazio.

    @Iwanamzan, because you use also other files. If you use ONLY my pack, Slovakia (and EVERY other nation) has no issues at all.
  • bakkis89's avatar
    cant download. when i push the download button it just opens a new window with the same website
  • Iwanamzan's avatar
    Why my slovakia league cant play? It said less one team (59 teams required but 58 teams found)
  • KINGGANG's avatar
    Luka Romero in Mallorca ?not in lazio?

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