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FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

Comprehensive reworked sound files, taken from multiple sound files from multiple sources and also real life action. Re-written to work with FM 2023.

By Updated on Oct 28, 2022   97382 views   406 comments
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Downloads: 18913 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
FM 2023 Other Files - FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary
There are 2 versions of this mod available.
Free version with commentary - Limited updates - not fully optimized and only 1000 sound triggers (download now) WINDOWS and MACKBOOK
Full version with commentary - Live updates - Full to the brim with over 4500 sound triggers ( my personal blog - purchase based ) WINDOWS

Please do try the Free Version to get a feel of how this mod works, however the Full Version is far superior in every way as this has had multiple updates and due to the added amount of work that has been put into it, over 3500 more sounds.

Improvements from FM22 to FM23

  • Removal of more dead sound triggers that don't activate any sounds
  • European competition music still in
  • More sounds added for each triggered movement of a player
  • Massive overhaul of balancing the amount and how often triggers activate
  • Additional sound triggers added for new situations
  • Additional sounds added to existing triggers for more variation of commentary
  • More relevant crowd reaction sounds added to situations
  • Crowd chanting and singing added for better crowd atmosphere
  • Added stadium sounds ( announcers, substitution, added time )
  • VAR action
  • Goal Music
  • New Goal Variations - Hattrick - Comeback - Equalizer etc
  • Added pitch sounds
  • More Balancing of all sounds
And Many more.

Each year that passes by this pack becomes more and more improved.


I've created a video of the installation process for clear and precise help. It's pretty straight forward to be fair !


Windows Installation
Program files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

MacBook Installation
Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

All versions are extremely simple to install. Just download the version you want, extract the x2 .fmf files (winzip or winrar) then place the 2 extracted files in the correct above directory.

Done !

When SI update the game it puts your game files back to default. Simply just paste your downloaded files back in the data file and your pack will overwrite the default sounds again.

For the FULL PAID VERSION you may want to check out

Update: Updated to Version 2.7 ON 02/03/2023 - PLEASE GO TO MY SITE AND GO TO THE UPDATE PAGE

Crowd and stadium sounds only versions are also available: ( Non Commentary)

British crowd and stadium pack
German crowd and stadium pack

Download Now
Downloads: 18913 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
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Discussion: FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

406 comments have been posted so far.

  • zipygo's avatar
    One thing to point out. Do you need FM 22 installed in order to use resource archive from FM 22? (it doesn't open without fm 22 being installed, at least on my end)
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Right so people understand....

    Macbook and gamepass versions are different to Windows. These versions can be created with a click and drop into the file location.

    The resource archiver version is needed so that it ONLY changes YOUR sound files, nothing else.

    If you were to have different files in your game that are different to mine it will cause the game to crash....

    For example...
    You may be playing FM23 V3
    I May have created the mod on FM23 V1

    Therefore YOUR data files will be different to mine

    That's why there are different versions.
  • iRenas's avatar
    I tried but I don't understand why you need archive manager and why it's so overcomplicated compared to gamepass/mac.

    Just tell us how to do it without a video or without the archive manager

    @EDIT I even paid for it, and i'm still looking to retry but there must be a easier way by just replacing original files on the folder
  • Mihai Constantin's avatar
    Hi MetzFM! I've just purchased the full version for Windows and followed your instructions to a t, yet my game crashes when I try to load an old save / start a new game. Can you please help me out?
  • jerome.'s avatar
    salut et merci est ce possible de l avoir en francais ? est ce qu il est possible d avoir que les chants ?
  • carlosh's avatar
    Spanish speakers would support the work with the Spanish translation.
  • MetzFM's avatar
    @Mindfactory I've messaged you for your email address and I will send it over to again manually mate
  • Mindfactory's avatar
    I love this mod. It really enhances the game. Thanks for your work. I bought the mod for the MacBook. Unfortunately, the MEGA link does not work. Did I do something wrong? It says that the file does not exist. Had saved the link because I couldn't download yesterday due to the download limit.
  • MetzFM's avatar
    The free version works on mac but not full version as macbook limits commentary to 1100 lines of text
  • Stevmon's avatar
    Does this work on Mac? Which TV presenters voices are in the game?
  • MetzFM's avatar
    The updated mod now has more balanced sound so the crowd don't just loop sing all game as that's not what happens in real life, crowd chants now activate at relevant events and times during the match.
  • Rivanov's avatar
    Just bought it for the first time. Playing FM for my whole life since Championship Manager but never used this audio mod. WOW it's great

    @MetzFM: I just applied the paid version. But I don't hear any chants during match. Only during commentary I hear some chants.. not between highlights or when there is no commentary. I did exactly the same as with the free version, but with the free version I heard a lot more chants
  • panosp77's avatar
    these great contents NEEDS our supports guys ,nothing to say more everything is great .keep it up man !
  • MetzFM's avatar
    I've manually sent you it mate. Will be in your inbox now. Enjoy
  • fmilln7's avatar
    @MetzFM I paid for the full version but it wouldnt download and asks me for payment again in order to download again, what shall i do? cheers
  • Killerwar's avatar
    Thanks again Metz for your awesome work!
    I have bought the 22 version and now the 23 version.
    I must say I can not play FM vanilla anymore this Audio mod is a must-have to enjoy the game much more cheers!
  • dirkhochheim's avatar
    Thank you for your awesome work and support Metz! The full version is awesome. You are a very important for our community
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @fck2017 follow the video, I even managed to do it, if you keep pausing at each stage it’s very straightforward
  • FCK2017's avatar
    hello will you/or someone help on team viewer to setup audio files up to game.
  • flaviomiguel543's avatar
    good night metz the pack is only sounds or also has the version with report lengths i love your work
  • OnTheBallArgyle's avatar
    Will this be able to be run on Mac?
  • jeff44's avatar
    Just purchased the 23' paid version for the 1st time and i must say its well worth it well done MetzFM you are the master of the sounds for FM
  • llcoolgrey's avatar
    I purchased the 22' version and consider it a must own.

    Just purchased the 23' paid version and it is again...a must own!
  • michaelandrews's avatar
    Thank you so much Metz. Using this marvellous full version :)
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    Tested full pack on 3 matches-SUPERB METZ

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