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FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

The beloved Audio Match Commentary Pack returns for 2023! Featuring an array of immersive sound files from diverse sources, including updated stadium ambiance, all expertly revamped and reworked to work seamlessly with Football Manager 2023

By Updated on Oct 28, 2022   227923 views   589 comments
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Downloads: 45931 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
FM 2023 Other Files - FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary
There are 2 versions of this mod available.

Free Version with Commentary: While it offers a taste of my innovation, please note that it has received limited updates since 2019 and is not finely tuned like the premium version. This pack comes with only 1000 sound triggers, it's just a glimpse of the complete version to give you an idea of how this mod works. Available for download on both Windows and MacBook platforms. .

Complete Version With Commentary - Experience the Ultimate Edition and Immerse Yourself in The World Of Football Manager with Live Updates, Featuring a Constant Streams of Fresh Sounds and Triggers, Enhanced Timing for Commentary, Enriched with Crowds, Stadium Effects, and Beyond - Dive into a Treasure Trove of Over 4500 Sound Triggers (Exclusively on My Personal Blog ( PURCHASE BASED )- Available for Windows).

We invite you to explore the Free Version to acquaint yourself with the mod's functionality. Yet, the Full Version stands in a league of its own, boasting an impressive 4000+ additional sounds, a sweeping overhaul in trigger timing, and the elimination of overlapping elements. Trust us when we say, it's a game-changer. But don't just take our word for it — check out the reviews below and witness the transformation for yourself.

Improvements from FM22 to FM23

  • Removal of more dead sound triggers that don't activate any sounds
  • European competition music still in
  • More sounds added for each triggered movement of a player
  • Massive overhaul of balancing the amount and how often triggers activate
  • Additional sound triggers added for new situations
  • Additional sounds added to existing triggers for more variation of commentary
  • More relevant crowd reaction sounds added to situations
  • Crowd chanting and singing added for better crowd atmosphere
  • Added stadium sounds ( announcers, substitution, added time )
  • VAR action
  • Goal Music
  • New Goal Variations - Hattrick - Comeback - Equalizer etc
  • Added pitch sounds
  • More Balancing of all sounds
And Many more.

Each year that passes by this pack becomes more and more improved.


I've created a video of the installation process for clear and precise help. It's pretty straight forward to be fair !


Windows Installation
Program files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

MacBook Installation
Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

All versions are extremely simple to install. Just download the version you want, extract the x2 .fmf files (winzip or winrar) then place the 2 extracted files in the correct above directory.

Done !

When SI update the game it puts your game files back to default and also creates a new version of the game. I then release a new version of the mod Simply just paste your downloaded files back in the data file and your new pack will overwrite the default sounds again. DO NOT PASTE AN OLD VERSION AS IT WILL CRASH YOUR GAME.

Crowd and stadium sounds only versions are also available: ( Non Commentary)
British crowd and stadium pack
German crowd and stadium pack

Free version has now been updated. please redownload an install as older versions will not work.

For the PURCHASE BASED VERSION please check out



Download Now
Downloads: 45931 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
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Discussion: FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

589 comments have been posted so far.

  • Shamir's avatar
    I was very hesitant to download the Audio Match Commentary at first because i thought it won't make much of a difference. Then i downloaded the free version and i went " WOW ", i wanted to support Metz by buying the PAID version because i believe he deserve every penny. The PAID version is "WOWZaaaa"
  • MetzFM's avatar

    All have been updated mate and are accessible via my site.
  • Matty47's avatar
    Is there a new non commentary update available since the latest FM update?
  • NAIM79's avatar
    hello..i need help..since fm23 had an update today.. so it's set default right? i'm using the standard free file in this page... so i exctract the zip file like before and paste it back on the data file..but now all the audio is gone...HELP PLEASE..
  • Shefeld Hammer's avatar
    Unbelievable work yet again. Metz as always is super helpful and his paid sound pack is a must for any FM fan. If you are in any doubt whether to use this, its simple, just do it! you wont regret it!
  • Bob McNab's avatar
    The latest (paid) Soundpack is just awesome as usual. Thanks for the great work Metz.

  • kmc711's avatar
    The developer is quick to consult and friendly. Of course, the sound pack! If you want to feel real, I definitely recommend it. In Korea
  • Phildw's avatar
    Superb service again METZ. Thanks for the super fast update and all your hard work. Would never play FM without your audio commentary, it just makes it perfect. Keep up the great work.
  • MetzFM's avatar
    All versions have now been updated and are available via the download my update on my site.
  • DamienFerriggi's avatar
    WOW what a lad! Quick fix indeed.

    Thank you for everything man, just requested for the password.
  • MetzFM's avatar
  • MetzFM's avatar
    Working on the update to the pack as we speak.
  • MetzFM's avatar

    No worries mate, Glad your enjoying the mod as much as everyone else is, the amount of people who have now said that they cant play the vanilla game without this mod is fantastic. I've played with this mod in my game for 5 years and could never go back to not having it in my game.
  • thema85's avatar
    problem solved thanks to metzFm yesterday you really helped me we spent almost an hour trying to solve the problem, my difficulty was greater because I come from Italy, the package with donation is really worth it because it deserves so much, thanks again metz
  • MetzFM's avatar

    Because you clearly haven't installed it correctly. Follow the instruction video as its so simple to install. The free version is from 3 years ago and is totally different to the paid version. If you still need help installing this then send me a message on the site and I will help you locate on your computer where to place the 2 files.
  • thema85's avatar
    hello I bought the fm sound pack 2.5 but is it the same as the free version?! no music cups no music after goals why?
  • MetzFM's avatar

    Yeah, the free version does not include the ueafa music, but the full version does along with an extra 3500 more sounds and multiple tweaks to timings of the sound triggers
  • TGG's avatar
    Great only issue is UEFA competition music does not play is this because I have the free version?
  • Hsainty's avatar
    Quality patch that makes the game more immersive
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @sesszou it works just fine on 23.2.2 with latest release from @metzfm

    maybe its you?
  • MetzFM's avatar

    Again so I can help...

    Which pack did you install?
    December update...
    Previous version...

    If you've installed a pack from months ago.. The game has been updated since then and so has the pack so if your installing the wrong pack then it won't work...

    And its not happening to alot of people, its happening to the people who needed help installing it and havent added it to either the correct location or added a pack from 3 months ago before the last update.
  • senszou's avatar
    FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

    the pack i installed your pack i followed the yt vid linked then i get the pop up

    fm23 error match unable to initialize properly corrupted or/and missing data

    the same issue alot of people are having u need to get it taken down clearly

    and happens when i load up the game

    if you type the error msg "fm23 error match unable to initialize properly corrupted or/and missing data" it comes up with people having the same issue
  • MetzFM's avatar

    Can you give me some info so I can at least try and help.

    What pack have you Installed?
    When did you install it?
    When does this crash happen?

    No other reports what so ever of crashes form the 12000 plus downloads
  • senszou's avatar

    im also getting this problem I've reinstalled fm and still not working do u have a fix?
  • MetzFM's avatar

    Ive sent you a dm, send me an email mate and I'll help you through.

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