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FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

The popular Audio Match Commentary Pack with thousands of downloads over the seasons is here again for FM23, Multiple sound files taken from multiple sources and also real life stadium action. Re-written to work with FM 2023 Series.

By Updated on Oct 28, 2022   103811 views   418 comments
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Downloads: 20576 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
FM 2023 Other Files - FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary
There are 2 versions of this mod available.
Free version with commentary - Limited updates - not fully optimized and only 1000 sound triggers (download now) WINDOWS and MACKBOOK
Full version with commentary - Live updates - Full to the brim with over 4500 sound triggers ( my personal blog - purchase based ) WINDOWS

Please do try the Free Version to get a feel of how this mod works, however the Full Version is far superior in every way as this has had multiple updates and due to the added amount of work that has been put into it, over 4000 more sounds.

Improvements from FM22 to FM23

  • Removal of more dead sound triggers that don't activate any sounds
  • European competition music still in
  • More sounds added for each triggered movement of a player
  • Massive overhaul of balancing the amount and how often triggers activate
  • Additional sound triggers added for new situations
  • Additional sounds added to existing triggers for more variation of commentary
  • More relevant crowd reaction sounds added to situations
  • Crowd chanting and singing added for better crowd atmosphere
  • Added stadium sounds ( announcers, substitution, added time )
  • VAR action
  • Goal Music
  • New Goal Variations - Hattrick - Comeback - Equalizer etc
  • Added pitch sounds
  • More Balancing of all sounds
And Many more.

Each year that passes by this pack becomes more and more improved.


I've created a video of the installation process for clear and precise help. It's pretty straight forward to be fair !


Windows Installation
Program files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

MacBook Installation
Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2023 -> data

All versions are extremely simple to install. Just download the version you want, extract the x2 .fmf files (winzip or winrar) then place the 2 extracted files in the correct above directory.

Done !

When SI update the game it puts your game files back to default. Simply just paste your downloaded files back in the data file and your pack will overwrite the default sounds again.

For the FULL PAID VERSION you may want to check out

Update: Updated to Version 3.0 ON 30/03/2023 - For YOUR UPDATE, PLEASE GO TO MY SITE AND GO TO THE UPDATE PAGE

Crowd and stadium sounds only versions are also available: ( Non Commentary)

British crowd and stadium pack
German crowd and stadium pack

Download Now
Downloads: 20576 / Size: 1.5 GB / Added: 2022-10-23
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Discussion: FM23 Essentials - Audio Match Commentary

418 comments have been posted so far.

  • Manager34's avatar
    Just received the update (great service Metz) and looking very much forward to trying it out later.:-)
  • Bob McNab's avatar
    Thanks Metz A+++++++

  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    New version received today, the best made even better, cheers Metz
  • DivineGrace's avatar
    Bye Frances, don’t let the door hit you on the way. Coward for creating a new account just to troll
  • nachoxuy's avatar
    You should be fucking hired by SI
  • trigger3571's avatar
    Would just like to put my penniesworth in after what seems to be such negative comments over what I believe is a great 'Add-on' by Metz and really enhances the game to a new level - do not listen to negative comments....keep up the great work Metz
  • francesc419's avatar
    What you guys in here know is insults, instead of arguing your case constructively. I won't comment on this again and whatever happens in future u guys will remember my plea. I hope @Metz is not blinded by the lil money he will make on this mod but rather think about the implications.
  • francesc419's avatar
    @a31632 u have every right to sell your skin but to sell something u do not own or have acquired permission to. @stam elaboration on the issue is exactly my point and majority of you guys are being hypocrites in not understanding. If they were to put a stop this mod or take legal actions against @Metz, where y'all be (in your home playing fm) and he would be dealing with it. My only plea is for him to make the mod free with donations as optional, that will save him any trouble in the future and also we will all enjoy the mod in future FMs ahead.
  • Manager34's avatar
    Is the goal music only for certain teams or leagues? So far didnt hear any?
  • DivineGrace's avatar
    Can we ban francesc419 please for trolling?
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    Well Spoken
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @nickrufc-you just follow the video

    it goes into your steam files once you have used the resource archiver
  • nickrufc's avatar
    Where do I download this to
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    @carlosh it’s a game made in England by an English developer

    im sure there is a Spanish Metz out there?
  • Manager34's avatar
    Just saw the new (and so far empty) forum (at least i think its new) on his personal page. Makes me hope that Metz goes on with his file in some way
  • a31632's avatar
    “Expect”?!? For 2 or 3 Euros of “pocket money” spending 50-100 hours to create a version for a requested language? Tomorrow we will have request for French language or German language files. Feel free to create a different language version but don’t expect @metz to start from scratch for a “requested change”. This posting is almost hilarious if it wouldn’t have been so sad really…..
  • carlosh's avatar
    All very well, but Spanish speakers still expect a version of the story and comments in Spanish.
  • a31632's avatar
    @Stam: Couldn’t agree more with this. @Metz: I am fully aware how much work went into this project and fully respect this. Amazing work and I donated for that reason for this great addition.

    For people to push “download” and start complaining they “don’t like paid versions”: please respect the hard work done. It’s easy to
    push “download” and start complaining, demanding changes and showing disrespect to the creator.

    Exactly to avoid these issues I’m no longer releasing my Champions League skins anymore. It’s only by donation, no more disrespectful comments, no more complaints, I have people who support my work and enjoy the skin and work done on it.

    @Metz: keep up the good work, don’t let some people’s ignorance affect your great achievements!
  • Stam's avatar
    First off, the exchange of insults is pointless and doesn't help anyone. Now, I'll raise some points to clarify the site's position and my opinion on the matter.

    1. This pack is free for all to download which makes it OK by the site's rules.
    2. The "paid" version could never make it here because premium packs are against our policy.
    3. Even if our policy allowed premium packs, we'd still avoid selling access to this addon because we don't own the rights to the sound files (assuming they might not be in the public domain).
    4. Having a premium version for supporters is an understandable concept for people who are investing a lot of time creating such addons. However, in this particular case it's a bit of a grey area due to the controversy regarding possible copyright issues.
    5. We normally allow creators to add links to PayPal, Ko-fi, etc for optional donations, even though some use that to offer "supporters only" versions of their work.
    6. FM Scout is not involved in these donations in any way. It's something completely optional for people who wish to directly support these creators.
    7. I don't know if the sound files included in the pack are in the public domain, nor if Metz has secured permission to use them in case they're not.
    8. I might be wrong, but I think the problem with the adboard pack was that SI is selling advertising space to real companies who were annoyed by how the adboard pack would practically cancel the ads they had paid for.
    9. Metz can choose if he wants to have a free version and a paid one, or just 1 of the 2, or none. It's his time and his risk. Either way, we can only have the free version here.
    10. We're the only fansite to completely remove graphic packs containing trademarked material since 2019 due to legal reasons. So I know very well that time invested in creating addons is irrelevant in case of real trouble.

    On a final note, it's pretty obvious from all these comments that people really enjoy this mod and seem happy to support Metz for his amazing work. So, Metz, I hope you can keep doing this.
    Creators make (pocket) money out of this game all the time, and I think it's unfair for Metz to be singled out for trying to justify what he loses in time and money doing that. So @franscesc, if you have more to say about this, please talk to Metz privately or let it go.
  • DazSlater96's avatar
    The full version link I was sent is working perfectly thank you very much, this is easily the best mod for football manager.

    I appreciate the thousands of hours it must have taken to get all the sound files working in game!

    Thanks again :-)
  • DazSlater96's avatar
    Sorry for the frustration below I’ve been stuck at this point for a couple of days, I’ve been emailed a link to download it was in my junk folder. Will try to get it sorted now
  • DazSlater96's avatar
    Can someone help me out I’ve messaged support and emailed Steam but I’m not getting any instructions, the resource archiver tool freezes and says application error when I go to create the graphics archiver to place back in FM files. It then closes the window and does the same thing when I try again, I’ve uninstalled the app verified the files etc but it’s taking the fucking piss
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    All in this thread
    Just drop the discussion
    If Metz charge for full Mod so be it
    If you don't wonna donate then don't
    Simple as that
    And if you are dissatisfied then call this number for customerservice:+89763272342
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    I think we need @stam in here
  • richbell82's avatar
    RIGHT ENOUGH OF THIS STUPID ARGUMENT!! Metz has had enough about hearing this. He does many many MANY hours of hard long hours on this sound file. HE has the RIGHT to do whatever he wants with regards to either asking for a fee or a donation.
    Do you go into a shop for a food item and say erm I'm not paying for this... I will give a donation?!! No, you don't you buy whatever the hell you want. If you want this mod with the much-improved extension, then cough up for it. IF you don't want to pay for it, then please shut the HELL up. IT's getting boring and you are ruining this for soooooo may people who have supported metz over the years. D
    Question.... Did you moan about having to pay for FM23 or did you PAY for something you wanted?? I hope you have given money to all the footballers in the game for using their names and details to enjoy your FM experience...... What is the difference between that and you paying for the sound files! That isn't a question but more something for you to think about.

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