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FM23 Data Tweaks [v8.0 | v11.0] (updated 12th October 2023)

Tweaks to the FM 2023 database with new 1365 Players (with facepack), Staff and Board members missing. Updated to the 23.5 Patch.

By Updated on Oct 15, 2023   562343 views   453 comments
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Downloads: 167056 / Size: 88.5 MB / Added: 2022-11-09
Football Manager 2023 Data Updates - FM23 Data Tweaks [v8.0 | v11.0] (updated 12th October 2023)

Public version has Monthly releases with older Early Access.
Early Access version has Weekly releases with high-priority requests by users.

Public Version - v8.0 (released at 01st September 2023)
Early Access - v11.0 (released at 12th October 2023)
Both 23.5 Patch Compatible

(FM23 Data Tweaks) New Players-Staff: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
- Created new Players and Wonderkids from several different countries;
- Created Staff and updated Club board members to match real life;
(All Players/Staff include cut-out photos and icons)

(FM23 Data Tweaks) Enhanced Database: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
Tweaked FM default database:
- 3D Models - Hair, Skin Color to match reality. (eg: Reece James, Enzo Fernandez);
- Height, Weight - So they don't come random in some cases as SI did originally;
- Languages - Following player interviews;
- Preferred foot - Tweaks on some players that had it randomly or incorrect;
- Player Achievements - 1st time senior scoring for a club, 1st attendance, etc;
- Nationalities and 2nd Nationalities - Tweaks have been done specially into 2nd Nationalities where most French players have their African Nationality missing, same for some South American players that usually have italian nationality. This is hugely important as they become non-foreigners from leagues like Italy.

(FM23 DataTweaks) Removed Injuries: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
So you can start a new save without Injured Players.

(FM23 DataTweaks) -50% Injuries: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
It's personal preference, some users don't want to be harassed with injuries all the time. Less 50% of Injuries to happen.

(FM23 DataTweaks) Removed Suspensions: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
So you can start a new save without Suspended Players.

(FM23 DataTweaks) Tweaks 2023-2024: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
Accurated Transfer amounts and contracts tweaked to 2023/2024 season so it only shows 2023 Transfers as new. Fixes also not being able to sign Players that signed in 2022 for a new club like Haaland, Antony, Kalajdžić, etc. Since they are not new in the club they can be bought and sold more easily. It's meant to be used with a Transfer file update (not included), use the one you like most.
Included on the .zip file after v8.6.

(FM23 DataTweaks) CA-PA Changes: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
Tweaked Player CA/PA changes following real life.
Included on the .zip file after v9.1.

(FM23 Data Tweaks) Shortlist: (OPTIONAL - SEPARATE FILE)
So you can track all the Players created.
Included on the .zip file after v5.4.

What's this Early Access version?
An Early Access version is a funding model to everyone who supports the project (as this consumes a looot of hours) and also turns out to be a motivation to keep the project alive and regularly updated.
Special mention that the Early Access provides you updated files as soon as they are released.

1) How to get Early Access to Data Tweaks:
If you want to support me and get Early Access it's available via Patreon:

2) Grab the files in Patreon.
Just join the Patreon and grab the latest Early Access versions every time i upload it..
Regular Starter and Key Player tiers also have option to request/download custom files for Football Manager. They are custom scenarios (fantasy or not) to allow some extra fun into a save. All those files are available on Patreon.

- Custom Scenario files (by Request): Fantasy Scenarios like Wrexham injecting 100M€ for Squad Building, Iberian League with Portuguese and Spanish Teams, etc.

- Legends Reborn : The Legends Reborn is a new FM Data Tweaks segment that feature Legendary retired Players brought back as 16yo Players. [ Player List ]

FM Data Tweaks Support/Community:
| |



Except "New Players" or "New Wonderkids" type of files.
In that case they will appear as duplicated or the Player Faces/Icons won't match as the ID will change.

Download Now
Downloads: 167056 / Size: 88.5 MB / Added: 2022-11-09
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Discussion: FM23 Data Tweaks [v8.0 | v11.0] (updated 12th October 2023)

453 comments have been posted so far.

  • Marcek's avatar
    Why not? Mason is great player.
  • vvalfie's avatar
    Why is Mason Greenwood in this?
  • Deeny's avatar
    Hello, sorry for asking but can you try to add Darryl Bakola from Olympique de Marseille please ? It's a young Defensive Midfielder born in 2007 thanks you if you do it !
  • Marcek's avatar
    But I didn't write anything there... maybe you're confusing me with someone else.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    It's 8:37am and i replied you 4min after your message, relax.
  • Marcek's avatar
    I became a patron, I don't see the link or reference? I wrote a message with no response, link please.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    v5.2 Early Access Samples:

  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    All the info is there, but basically
    Backup Player = Early Access
    Star Player = Early Access and Player Requests
    Wonderkid = Early Access, player Requests and possibility of creating some custom files for you related to data tweaks.
  • Marcek's avatar
    Ok, I pay you... I need this package, and I can't wait until May.
    How does this matter for the "star player" option? I get from you a link with the package to download v.5.1 right away? I've never used Patreon, that's why I'm asking.
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    For Regular version in the end of the month.
  • Arsy2501's avatar
    When is v5.0 coming out?
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    only v5.0+ on Early Access is compatible with 23.4 for now.
  • Arsy2501's avatar
    The pictures of L. vuskovic and lamina yamal were replaced with some other players
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    FM23 Data Tweaks [v5.1]:

    Default Database:
    - Player Details tweaked (2nd nationalities, 3D Models, etc);
    - Player Positions tweaked;
    Enhanced Database file:
    - Tweaked some CA/PA to the Created Players;
    - Created a total of 524 new Players/Staff on 23.4 Patch;
    - Created a total of 524 Cut-Out Faces & Icons on 23.4 Patch;
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    V5.1 Early Access Samples:

  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    Dude Early Access is the only version fixed for now.
    Get it or just wait like everyone else to get released in the regular version.
  • Marcek's avatar
    After the new update 24.0 and uploading the name fix. The photos don't match the ID, eg Flick has a photo of Saqhuille Van Persie, Max ibrahimovic has no photo and his face has some noname. Nwaneri has a completely different face. Can you outline or fix it somehow? You're talking about releasing regular version 29.03, it's 31.03, still regular version is old.
  • Marcek's avatar
    20 april? WTF...
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    No, regular version was updated at 20th.
    It's not fair for those who helped with Early Access.

    I'll keep updating as scheduled above.
  • erenstain's avatar
    I know the regular version will be updated in 9 days, but if you do this sooner, it would be great for us.
  • zhiwamzh's avatar
    the link is yet for version 4
    please update it for version 5
  • Marcek's avatar
    regular version link udpate please. link is the same - v4.0
  • SirTAVARES's avatar
    just did 9 days ago
  • erenstain's avatar
    Update Regular Version please.
  • Marcek's avatar
    ok, but up the paige is data 29 march. 29 march is today, and link is old version

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