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Football Manager 2023 Feature Requests

Suggestions from the community on how to make FM 2023 better than FM22. This is a selection of the most interesting features you have requested.

By Updated on May 21, 2022   20186 views   49 comments
News - Football Manager 2023 Feature Requests
Hello everyone and welcome to the FM23 wishlist article.

Summer is closing in and like every year some of us start thinking of the next iteration of the FM series; in this case it's Football Manager 2023. New features we’d like to see, as well as improvements to various aspects of FM2022 that may have let us down.

While the urge to play FM is usually fading this time of the year, the upcoming World Cup should keep the interest in the game at high levels, and possibly provide the spark for some international management saves too.

Surely FM22 is not perfect, and the improvements it brought on the table seemed a bit underwhelming to a number of fans. But that's the point of this article really; to sum up all the interesting suggestions our community has expressed.

Published: 17 May 2023
Updated: 22 May

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FM23 Facts

The people at Sports Interactive use the official forums to collect feature requests and evaluate them for inclusion on the next FM. The feature meetings usually start during January and are concluded during February.

Having said that, FM23 is already under development as you can understand. But of course the developers are always keen on checking out interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game.

In the past, they had voted for over 3,000 features to work on, and Miles Jacobson stated (more than once, if I remember correctly) that the annual goal is to add 1,000 features in every new version. Now that amount might be a bit exaggerated because even a change of a text string for a press conference is counted as a feature.

As always, we won't be having any official announcements regarding FM 2023 until late August or September. This is pretty standard and goes like that every season.

Release Date

FM23 is expected to arrive during the last quarter of the year, around late October or early November.

What do YOU want to see in FM23?

There are 3 ways for you to make your own feature requests:
We'll be updating this article regularly to include fresh feature requests, so make sure to check back often.

This is a massive community work and I’m very proud to present this wishlist of FM23 features here.

Our FM23 Wishlist

Jake looks at a number of improvements we'd like to see in the next instalment of Football Manager, ranging from small changes to feature overhauls!

Now let's get to the list of features YOU want to see!

Most Interesting Community Feature Requests

Tactics / Match Engine

More realistic portrayal of tactical systems and player roles, especially when trying a simple crossing for header approach. The match engine fails to perform what's expected, while attacking and passing tactics always seem to be overpowered.

More player instructions, as well as positional options in formation and set pieces, so you can set where you want players to be when the ball is in a certain area of the pitch.

Add a dugout camera angle. That was possible using an unofficial mod a few years ago (meaning the option existed in-game) but got disabled since.

Have an out of possession formation and not just instructions for that phase.

The ability to save opposition instructions could prove a time saver.

Be able to remonstrate with officials and interact with the other manager on the sideline.


A wider scope of media questions, and possibly the option to give unique responses on top of preset replies.

Stop players from coming to you to demand more first team action when you only rest them for a game or two because your medical team told you they need a rest.

Fix the poor reactions from players when you praise them for their recent form or international call-up. It makes no sense that doing something positive would backfire at you and cause problems out of the blue.

Get rid of players asking for new contracts every couple of months. That never happens in real life.

More social media stuff with the bigger clubs having social media managers.

User Experience

Speed up the time between matches by streamlining the process more or providing options to turn off pre-match news and other screens, in order to decrease the clicks and the time that passes after pressing continue.

An option to change kits at the beginning of each season. While that's not really something a real manager has a say for, it would increase the sense of control and the overall enjoyment for long-term saves.

When upgrading a stadium, show the stadium building process at all times, so you can graphically see the progress.

When holidaying let us know if important things are coming up (player registration, squad numbers selection, etc) and give the option of returning from holiday when there’s a deadline, or deferring until return.

Games Modes

Provide an option for a more streamlined experience, so you can play the game closer to the way FM Touch was like. That could probably mean automatically setting certain staff responsibilities and a couple of skin changes in show/hide fashion.

Introduce scenario based short simulations / challenges. For example, 10 games left, injury crisis - avoid relegation.

Using data from older CM/FM games, offer retro DLC in the current game. For example, be able to play the 2004/05 season using the FM05 database but on the newest FM version.


More realistic and adaptive sponsorships and tv revenue. If you start in a league outside the top 20 leagues and your club becomes one of the best in the world, while your league rises to the top 6 of leagues, you should get more money from tv rights and sponsors.

Have the option to clear loans and debt off quicker when there's money in the bank.

Bring back the club value option as detail.


More realistic AI transfers, as that remains a massively frustrating aspect of the game after so many years. Not only in terms of the bids involved, but also how club DNA doesn't influence transfers as much as it should.

Better player pricing depending on contract length. If player has 1 year left, team should consider selling for less then player had 2 or 3 or 4 year contract, not to lose for free.

Optimize agent player referrals. If I'm looking for a left-back, there's no point receiving dozens of agent referrals for a 32 year old journeyman striker.


Introduce live training sessions, so you can actually watch your training sessions like you would a game. That should help make training more realistic and the in-game day to last longer.

A set piece creator in the training section, where you can see the set piece created in training before using it in a match. That could change the way players manage set pieces.

To capitalize on the set piece creator feature, introduce set piece coaches as well.


Outsource scouting to a small team if you're low on scouting budget, so you can still find foreign player without sending your pro scouts. The advantage could be finding good foreign players on a budget, while the disadvantage could be the risk of scam (flop or injury prone players).

Match Scheduling

Nail the basics such as the match calendar to avoid fixture congestion when it comes to important games. You shouldn’t have most of your squad missing on international duty for big matches and finals like the Super Cup and Champions League final as that doesn’t happen in real life.

Youth / Newgens

Make youth recruitment more interesting somehow, rather than dumping a bunch of players on a set date.

Make it clear (via staff recommendation) if it's better for a 15 year old with a 5-star potential to go on loan at a third division club rather than stay at your club's youth team with 5-star youth facilities.

You, The Manager

Option to work as a manager for under 20/18/B squad only (not concurrently with the senior squad). While that'd likely be limited in terms of responsibilities, when we are able to climb into managing the senior squad later on, then it is considered an achievement. A recent example would be van Nistelrooy, who got promoted into PSV manager for the senior squad from the B squad.

Ability to enter a backstory; what is your history, your favorite club, if you have international caps, and so on. For example, you could become a club hero who might go back there one day, later on in that same save. That could improve immersion further.

Deeper relationships with your staff would be a nice touch, as that never seems to improve even if you move clubs and take them with you.

Your Feedback

That sums up all interesting suggestions people posted in our community. I tried to organize everything into categories, but please keep in the mind the order is random.

If you spot any errors or you feel a suggestion should be removed from the list, feel free to point that out.

Are you still playing FM22 with passion or has it gotten stale for you by now?
How many long save-games have you had with FM22?
Are you happy with the game?

Leave a comment to let us know, alongside your FM2023 feature requests of course.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2023 Feature Requests

49 comments have been posted so far.

  • Arvid04's avatar
    A fundamental moment of the FM: Perhaps it is possible to program the base game to use major updates in the existing savegame. - It is already frustrating with a successful team after the transfer update actually have to start from zero again. I currently never do this and of course I am at a disadvantage and less realistic!
  • Iwanamzan's avatar
    Give manager real life like fifa manager
  • venkatesh9999's avatar
    would love to play as other manager like klopp or guardiola
  • Harry_'s avatar
    Staff addition:
    Psychologists and dietitians should be included in the game. More interactions with players discussing personal problems.

    Mentality and personal affairs:
    Introduce gossips that might affect player's/manager's happiness.
    Introduce hobbies that could affect team cohesion and player relationships.

    Some of the manager's attributes should get decayed over time. A 60 year old manager probably won't have the same enthousiasm/power for success.

    Manager's salary could be useable:
    1)For improving adaptability/happiness. Like moving to new bigger house near the beachfront, buying cars, etc.
    2)Pay bills
    3)Organize dinners/parties to boost team cohesion etc.
    4)Pay traveling costs during holidays
    5)Donations to clubs
    6)Pay off a player's/manager's dept or provide financial support.
    7)Invest in relations. For example, plan a trip with the president of the club or another manager that have common interests with you (this is based on hobbies).
  • fotisk7's avatar
    To give players more instructions. For example where and WHEN to move during the build up. Only the HB role in the game can move betwwen the two CBs. A good idea would be to be able to dropp in the left or right side of the CB to create a three at the back. Not only the DM role but also the CM.
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    taking over real managers should be an option
  • KerlonKerlon's avatar
    I want to play as a Director of Football. I would like to hire or fire a Manager and just collect players and other staffs. But it isn't Football Manager...
  • bigyin58's avatar
    I think that a 'true' career mode should be an option. By that I mean that you should not be able to choose to manage any of the top ranked teams (most of us guilty of opting for the bigger teams). This way you are building your reputation in order to take on the responsibilities of bigger teams and offers more of a challenge rather than the boring winning league after league after league.....
  • wolfie35p's avatar
    I would love it if you could have a say in what a new stadium might look like if you decide to build one,
  • Lowoctave's avatar
    You should be allowed to get your coaching badges while being employed. Maybe not from the get go, but after a certain time, while earning income.
  • smurdoch19995's avatar
    stop it that when no one wants a player for 18-24 months. I scout him rate him so go to buy him when no one is interested then my offer is submitted and all the big teams now want him. Like either want him before i go for him or dont be interested at all. Its the most infuriating part of this game!!!
  • jonbonesjones23's avatar
    The option to hire a Commercial Director as part of your backroom staff; the higher the attributes / skills means they would increase your commercial revenues through sponsorships etc. A bit like Woodward changed things at Man Utd
  • materdpl32's avatar
    I would love if they did less var checks. I am really angry if there are 2-3 or even more var checks every game. Also if they improve the match engine I will be happy.
  • Sensei Milla's avatar
    I have a list of suggestions, hopefully I stated them clearly and concisely:

    Transfers/User Experience:

    - Either setting new seasons to tick over when the transfer window opens, or setting new transfers to appear in next season's transfer history before next season ticks over.
    I wouldn't want transfers done in June to appear under the already-finished season's transfer history, even if next season starts in July.


    - Introducing training plans/schedules based on when matches are to happen in parallel to the weekly training schedules.
    By that I mean having to set training for "Day Before Match", "Two Days Before Match" "Day After Match", etc. in order to cope with fixture date changes with fewer clicks, and not have to create 50-ish training schedules to deal with each case.

    - Introducing training window and training schedule management to international football (and other competitions, such as the Club World Championship).
    The international management experience has included long-standing issues over the years, such as higher-than-normal fatigue problems and (lack of) tactical familiarity, and there's pretty much nothing a manager can do to deal with such issues.


    - Adding some top African and Middle Eastern leagues.
    Such leagues can be very appealing for various reasons for each (money to spend, potential talent, etc.)
  • Den1s's avatar
    Really I just want better 3D graphics, I get that we want people with weak computers to be able to play but at least make it an option to download better graphics or not if u dont want it, or you can just play 2D.
    Even FIFA 11 graphics thats 12 years old now would make the game skyrocket in sales.

    Another thing is make an option to choose to play as real managers with their own attributes, shouldnt be too hard to do.
  • samzhu333's avatar
    I would really love to have a president mode, which I can play as an owner/CEO of a club. I usually play as an LLM manager for only one club in several tens of seasons, I will be very happy to have the ability to control every aspect of this club, from making big decisions like upgrading new facilities, building new stadium to small decisions such as negotiation with sponsors
  • Renskay's avatar
    I'd like better stadium models (and more stadiums in general) in the game. It genuinely isn't that hard to create these assets now with free tools like Blender even to give us a bit of variety to stadiums that have looked the same for going on 10 years or more.
  • Stam's avatar
    @IvanM80: That could be a nice DLC to get, at least for the official winter update.

    @DarthSonic: That's a big list. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    @unitedarestillthebest: Women's football will be included into FM eventually, as much was officially announced a year ago. If not in FM23, then probably it should happen in FM24.

    @LugoManager: I don't think SI will ever implement a chairman mode, but it's something you can try to do with the help of a real-time editor (as in make edits whenever; from cash injection to season budgets and sponsorships).
    How do you imagine the real manager mode to be like?
  • IvanM80's avatar
    Real results in the matches. (Last real performances of the teams).
  • mabeo5's avatar
    Next day training more relevant for match day squad based on how many minutes they play. Yes I can go through each player 1 by 1 but simplify this for us.
  • DarthSonic's avatar
    - Possibility to manage infrastructure like stadium, youth camps, merchandise, foreign offices... All being able to automate for players not wanting to manage these things.
    - Manager profile should be enhanced. I can marry and have kids, which will pop up in my club's youth team.
    - Much more questions and answers for interviews.
    - Actions that will define my managers character and reputation.
    - Animations or screens where trophies are presented after winning them. Or even screens when loosing/winning big games. Screens where important moments of my career or of a player or my club are presented in a more atmospheric way.
    - Combine the scout emails, so I do not receive multiple emails a week if scouting was finished but only one with all finished scouting since the last time, I opened the inbox.
    - Combine even more mails with the same topics.
    - Possibility to change jerseys colors and layout for new season (optionally).
  • RiloKillie's avatar
    The ability to create a backstory would be amazing. I always start as a Sunday League player so to be able to choose that I had been a youth coach eg at a club for a few years prior to taking over would increase immersion and allow for new press statements etc.
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    i would like the option to manage women teams they have women managers in the game so why not women teams
  • LugoManager's avatar
    and how about real managers and chairman mode

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