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[FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)

(Update 23.4) Have fun. @Timo@.

By Updated on May 09, 2023   343594 views   234 comments
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Downloads: 73100 / Size: 14.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
Football Manager 2023 League Updates - [FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)
By @Timo@

Each Updates are realized with the real rules (as soon as possible) of the leagues and to the reals calendars (rules of number, registration of team, prim for classification, TV right ...).
All Nation add have prime, Real Cup, reserve / U21 or U19.

Rules for Yellow Cards change to 4, 7, 9, 11,..
D1 = Level 1, D2 = Level 2, D3 = Level 3, D4 = Level 4, ...

All updates are playable at the same time.
updated substitution rules



Algeria (D3)
Angola (D3)
Bénin (D2) NEW
Botswana (D2)
Burkina Faso (D3)
Burundi (D2)
Cameroun (D2) NEW
Cape Verde (D1 Region)
Chad (D1)
Central African Republic (D2)
Comoros (D1)
Congo (D2)
D.R.Congo (D2)
Djibouti (D2)
Egypt (D3)
Equatorial Guinea (D2)
Erythea (D1)
Eswatini (D2)
Ethiopia (D2)
Gabon (D3)
Gambia (D2)
Ghana (D3)
Guinea (D3) & Academia
Guinea-Bissau (D2)
Ivory Coast (D2)
Kenya (D4)
Lesotho (D2)
Liberia (D3)
Libya (D3)
Madagascar (D2)
Malawi (D2)
Mali (D2)
Mauritania (D2)
Mauritius (D3)
Mayotte (D3)
Morocco (D4)
Mozambique (D3)
Namibia (D2)
Niger (D2)
Nigeria (D3) + Academy
Reunion (D2)
Rwanda (D2)
São Tomé e Principe (D2)
Senegal (D4)
Seychelles (D2)
Sierra Leone (D2)
South Sudan(D2)
Tanzania (D2)
Tunisia (D4)
Uganda (D2)
Zambia (D3)
Zanzibar (D2)
Zimbabwe (D2)


Anguilla (D1)
Antigua & Barbuda (D2)
Aruba (D2)
Bahamas (D2)
Bermuda (D2)
Barbados (D3)
Belize (D1)
Bonaire (D1)
British Virgin Islands (D2)
Caymans Islands (D3)
Cuba (D1)
Curaçao (D1).
Dominica (D1)
El Salvador (D3) Apertura & Clausura
French Guiana (D2)
Guadeloupe (D3)
Guatemala (D3)
Grenade (D2)
Guyana (D2)
Haïti (D2)
Honduras (D3)
Martinique (D2)
Montserrat (D1)
Nicaragua (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Panama (D3) Apertura & Clausura
Puerto Rico (D3)
Saint Barthélémy (D1)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (D2)
Saint-Lucia (D2)
Saint Martin (D1)
Sint Maarten (D2)
Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D3)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (D2)
Suriname (D3)
Trinidad & Tobago (D3)
US Virgin Islands (D1)


Bolivia (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Ecuardor (D3)
Peru (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Uruguay (D4)
Venezuela (D3) Apertura y Clausura


Afghanistan (D2)
Bahrain (D2)
Bangladesh (D2)
Bhutan (D3)
Brunei (D3)
Chinese Taipei (D2) + University (D3)
Cambodia (D3)
East Timor (D4)
Guam (D2)
Hong Kong (D4)
Indonesia (D3)
Iran (D4)
Iraq (D2)
Japan (D4) (No players)
Jordan (D2)
Koweit (D2)
Kyrgyzstan (D3)
Laos (D3)
Lebanon (D4)
Macau (D5)
Maldives (D3)
Mongolia (D4)
Myanmar (D2)
Népal (D4)
North Korea (D4)
Northern Mariana Islands (D3)
Oman (D3)
Pakistan (D2)
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Saudi Arabia (D5)
Singapore (D6) With Cosmo League
South Korea (D4)
Sri Lanka (D3)
Turkmenistan (D2)
Uzbekistan (D5)
Vietnam (D4)
Yemen (D3)


Albania (D4) NEW
Andorra (D3)
Armenia (D3)
Azerbaïdjan (D4)
Bosnie (D3)
Bulgaria (D4)
Crimea (D3)
Cyprus (D3)
Czech Republic (D5)
Estonie (D2)
Faroe (D4)
France (Regional 1 - D6)
Georgia (D4)
Greenland (D1)
Iceland (D5)
Italy (D5)
Kazakhstan (D3)
Kosovo (D4)
Latvia (D3)
Lithuania (D3)
Luxembourg (D5)
Malta (D4)
Moldova (D4) NEW
Montenegro (D2)
Netherlands (D7)
North Macedonia (D4)
Northern Ireland (D10)
Portugal (D8)
Scotland (D10)
Spain (D6)
Slovakia (D3)
Slovenia (D3)
Switzerland (D5)
Turkey (D6)


American Samoa (D2)
Cook Islands (D1)
Fiji (D2)
Kiribati (D1)
Micronesia (D2)
New Caledonia (D2)
New Zeland (D4)
Papua New Guinea(D2)
Samoa (D5)
Tahiti (D3)
Tonga (D3)
Tuvalu (D2)
Wallis-et-Futuna (D1)


Oceania Champions League


WAFU Competitions

How to add Megapack By @Timo@ on FM23

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
Move the .fmf files to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2023/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.
Open FM23 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

If you like my creations, buy my a coffee ^^

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 73100 / Size: 14.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
@Timo@'s avatar
About @Timo@

I love Football Manager Update so my only game is FM Editor

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Discussion: [FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)

234 comments have been posted so far.

  • @Timo@'s avatar
    GiorgosAth --> Is compressed folder contain ALL Update (just chose).
    Look my tuto in youtube:
  • GiorgosAth's avatar
    Sorry for insisting. Is there a file that includes all the content (accumulated in one file)?
    Thank you.
  • Marcek's avatar
    Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Paraguay? Please add this league. This is must have.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    So Far Haïti, Guyana and Dominica not working.
    I get a message saying not enough teams!
  • qukaiyantai's avatar
    thank you so much for your epic work! it's one of my favorite fm mod i've ever seen
  • fnk's avatar
    @Timo@ you gonna update paraguay too?
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    Add America (South, North and Caribbean) to 23.3
  • Andrea86's avatar
    @Timo can you create Croatia D4 please?
  • fnk's avatar
    paraguay not existing?
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    EUROPE, AFRICA & OCEANIA are updated
  • markpickers's avatar
    Hi @Timo Is the English lower league included in this pack?
    I appreciate your great work
  • garmigdy79's avatar
    @Timo are you doing a Polish lower div. too??
  • Telutelu43's avatar
    Hi @Timo@ .You have to mark the tab to add players to playable teams?
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Btw.. is your latest Megapack compatible with FM23.2?
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Hi @Timo@. When i unzip your folder there is no America (North & Caribbean), America (South), Asia and Oceania. Just Africa, Europe and Other.
    I downloaded it before and played with it but because of a pc fault it got deleted. How do i get those back?
    Thank you
  • Moore's avatar
    Hi @Timo@. How's Portugal? Are the lower divisions (distritais) dynamic in terms of relegations and promotions?

    Thanks for your work, champ!
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    AFRICA is done. In this they are only updated files (New)
  • GiorgosAth's avatar
    Is there a file that includes all the content (accumulated in one file)?
    Thank you.
  • @Timo@'s avatar
  • pauloaugust0's avatar
    pls verify files on new patch
  • TheFMGaffer's avatar
    After going about 10 years deep in Oceania trying to win the OCL, I finally did it, only to then be unable to apply for club jobs anymore, have had to restart - will be using another database.
  • Rival123's avatar
    Is there still issues with this Leagues Megapack? I really want to start a Hexagon challenge but obviously its not doable with the current DB
  • Maviarab's avatar
    @rizkythe Such as? Aside from Daves Around the Globe, which is incomplete currently, all the others seem broken at the moment.
  • @wpazzurri's avatar
    can you clarify which ones are broken?
  • rizkythe13's avatar
    CAREFUL, there is so many broken leagues with this mod. better use other league megapack until this one gets fixed

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