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[FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)

(Update 23.4) Have fun. @Timo@.

By Updated on May 09, 2023   343591 views   234 comments
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Downloads: 73100 / Size: 14.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
Football Manager 2023 League Updates - [FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)
By @Timo@

Each Updates are realized with the real rules (as soon as possible) of the leagues and to the reals calendars (rules of number, registration of team, prim for classification, TV right ...).
All Nation add have prime, Real Cup, reserve / U21 or U19.

Rules for Yellow Cards change to 4, 7, 9, 11,..
D1 = Level 1, D2 = Level 2, D3 = Level 3, D4 = Level 4, ...

All updates are playable at the same time.
updated substitution rules



Algeria (D3)
Angola (D3)
Bénin (D2) NEW
Botswana (D2)
Burkina Faso (D3)
Burundi (D2)
Cameroun (D2) NEW
Cape Verde (D1 Region)
Chad (D1)
Central African Republic (D2)
Comoros (D1)
Congo (D2)
D.R.Congo (D2)
Djibouti (D2)
Egypt (D3)
Equatorial Guinea (D2)
Erythea (D1)
Eswatini (D2)
Ethiopia (D2)
Gabon (D3)
Gambia (D2)
Ghana (D3)
Guinea (D3) & Academia
Guinea-Bissau (D2)
Ivory Coast (D2)
Kenya (D4)
Lesotho (D2)
Liberia (D3)
Libya (D3)
Madagascar (D2)
Malawi (D2)
Mali (D2)
Mauritania (D2)
Mauritius (D3)
Mayotte (D3)
Morocco (D4)
Mozambique (D3)
Namibia (D2)
Niger (D2)
Nigeria (D3) + Academy
Reunion (D2)
Rwanda (D2)
São Tomé e Principe (D2)
Senegal (D4)
Seychelles (D2)
Sierra Leone (D2)
South Sudan(D2)
Tanzania (D2)
Tunisia (D4)
Uganda (D2)
Zambia (D3)
Zanzibar (D2)
Zimbabwe (D2)


Anguilla (D1)
Antigua & Barbuda (D2)
Aruba (D2)
Bahamas (D2)
Bermuda (D2)
Barbados (D3)
Belize (D1)
Bonaire (D1)
British Virgin Islands (D2)
Caymans Islands (D3)
Cuba (D1)
Curaçao (D1).
Dominica (D1)
El Salvador (D3) Apertura & Clausura
French Guiana (D2)
Guadeloupe (D3)
Guatemala (D3)
Grenade (D2)
Guyana (D2)
Haïti (D2)
Honduras (D3)
Martinique (D2)
Montserrat (D1)
Nicaragua (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Panama (D3) Apertura & Clausura
Puerto Rico (D3)
Saint Barthélémy (D1)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (D2)
Saint-Lucia (D2)
Saint Martin (D1)
Sint Maarten (D2)
Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D3)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (D2)
Suriname (D3)
Trinidad & Tobago (D3)
US Virgin Islands (D1)


Bolivia (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Ecuardor (D3)
Peru (D3) Apertura y Clausura
Uruguay (D4)
Venezuela (D3) Apertura y Clausura


Afghanistan (D2)
Bahrain (D2)
Bangladesh (D2)
Bhutan (D3)
Brunei (D3)
Chinese Taipei (D2) + University (D3)
Cambodia (D3)
East Timor (D4)
Guam (D2)
Hong Kong (D4)
Indonesia (D3)
Iran (D4)
Iraq (D2)
Japan (D4) (No players)
Jordan (D2)
Koweit (D2)
Kyrgyzstan (D3)
Laos (D3)
Lebanon (D4)
Macau (D5)
Maldives (D3)
Mongolia (D4)
Myanmar (D2)
Népal (D4)
North Korea (D4)
Northern Mariana Islands (D3)
Oman (D3)
Pakistan (D2)
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Saudi Arabia (D5)
Singapore (D6) With Cosmo League
South Korea (D4)
Sri Lanka (D3)
Turkmenistan (D2)
Uzbekistan (D5)
Vietnam (D4)
Yemen (D3)


Albania (D4) NEW
Andorra (D3)
Armenia (D3)
Azerbaïdjan (D4)
Bosnie (D3)
Bulgaria (D4)
Crimea (D3)
Cyprus (D3)
Czech Republic (D5)
Estonie (D2)
Faroe (D4)
France (Regional 1 - D6)
Georgia (D4)
Greenland (D1)
Iceland (D5)
Italy (D5)
Kazakhstan (D3)
Kosovo (D4)
Latvia (D3)
Lithuania (D3)
Luxembourg (D5)
Malta (D4)
Moldova (D4) NEW
Montenegro (D2)
Netherlands (D7)
North Macedonia (D4)
Northern Ireland (D10)
Portugal (D8)
Scotland (D10)
Spain (D6)
Slovakia (D3)
Slovenia (D3)
Switzerland (D5)
Turkey (D6)


American Samoa (D2)
Cook Islands (D1)
Fiji (D2)
Kiribati (D1)
Micronesia (D2)
New Caledonia (D2)
New Zeland (D4)
Papua New Guinea(D2)
Samoa (D5)
Tahiti (D3)
Tonga (D3)
Tuvalu (D2)
Wallis-et-Futuna (D1)


Oceania Champions League


WAFU Competitions

How to add Megapack By @Timo@ on FM23

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
Move the .fmf files to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2023/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.
Open FM23 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

If you like my creations, buy my a coffee ^^

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 73100 / Size: 14.6 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
@Timo@'s avatar
About @Timo@

I love Football Manager Update so my only game is FM Editor

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Discussion: [FM23] Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@ (181 Nations + 2 Other Competition)

234 comments have been posted so far.

  • mat333's avatar
    Timo, I have been trying for a couple of hours and still have no idea but if you can, can you add Slovenian Lower Leagues (D4).
  • ValLz's avatar
    Hello Timo. I noticed several issues:

    When I launch the advanced configurations to choose the divisions, an error message tells me that 10 minimum clubs are required in Liga de Elite de Macao and only 9 have been found.

    Northern Ireland does not operate as the Munster Championship, Munster Division One and Division Two have no clubs

    British Virgin Islands also does not work as only 9 clubs are found for the National Football League out of 10 and only 5 clubs are found for the National First Division out of 20.
  • forzairons98's avatar
    Timo is an absolute legend. One of the best in the community.

    Waiting on Greek database to start my save, but so happy to see him back making databases for us.
  • ValLz's avatar
    Hi, thank you for this amazing mod. Do you think you can add Australian leagues in the future?
  • Pegason's avatar
    Hey Timo,
    The French Ligue 1 is not relegating 4 teams in the first season as it should (and as in the non-edited version of the game does). Instead it stays with 20 teams forever instead of 18
  • Mcoiso's avatar
    Timo bisogna fare delle modifiche per la serie D italiana (4 livello).
    Nella formazione devono essere presenti un ragazzo di 18 anni, uno di 19, uno di 20 e uno di 21 anni.
    Per quanto riguarda altre modifiche tipo playoff e playout puoi vedere su questo link
  • Shrek666's avatar
    Hi Timo greats work. For Europe missing only Albania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Gibraltar and San Marino - if we add leagues normal be in FM, we have all 1st tier division for all UEFA country. I still waiting for those 5 missing countries and start the game.
  • mat333's avatar
    Could you please add Slovenian lower leagues. Thank you!
  • DRMoreira04's avatar
    Friend, did you put the real rules in all the South American leagues that you put in the patch? I say this due to the fact that the Venezuelan League itself has a limit of three substitutions per game, when in fact there are five.

    Could you check the South American leagues (in terms of rules and championship format, as per reality), please?
  • Sevrinho's avatar
    Will you do Belgium lower leagues also?
    thank you very much for the work, it's a good addition to the game!!
  • nummisto82's avatar
    Hi Timo!
    Can u do lower leagues in Finland?
  • Peep221294's avatar
    Hey! I have a question, Idk if you can help me. I'm trying to play the peruvian league and all the teams that have "Universitario" or "Universidad" in their name, you can only read "Univers" at the main page, where you read the league table. Also, I tried to change the league name -it was called Liga 1 Movistar, but now it is Liga 1 Betsson-, but it doesnt change in a new game
  • Horrgath's avatar
    error in abchazien

    albania is missing
  • Horrgath's avatar
    Error in british virgin islands
  • Horrgath's avatar
    where is paraguay?
  • garmigdy79's avatar
    Great Job Timo i wait for a Polish lower leauge and all Europe countrys.
  • NorthernTrey's avatar
    Thank you for the Estonian league update! (H) Amazing project overall!
  • Husker's avatar
    Hey Timo, its very nice to see you again. I beg you a lot to finish european leauges. Its only thing which stopping me to play FM 23. Have a nice day and i respect you so much! ;)
  • Pepesa's avatar
    ignore this
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    Update Rules for Estonia. Have fun
  • zbladzg's avatar
  • seenthemgiven's avatar
    Timo, thank you so much for these. Hoping to start an Eastern European journey man so patiently waiting for Azerbaijan, Albania and Moldova.

    If I start my career with N.Macedonia and Montenegro loaded, for example, I assume I can't come back and load those leagues above in later as they weren't part of the original data set on the game? Thanks!
  • OlivierL's avatar
    Bonsoir, je sais que vous n'avez pas le temps de répondre à tout mais avez-vous prévu de sortir 'iceland' dans un avenir proche et serait-ce jusqu'au cinquième niveau ou au quatrième ? Je pose cette question parce que j'ai une DB de départ pas très stable avec une équipe de cinquième division, malheureusement il y a beaucoup d'erreurs dedans en termes de coupes et de compétitions de jeunes.
  • MZ17's avatar
    Thanks for Southamerican leagues. Great job.
  • adnan.dizdarevic's avatar
    Hello Timo, great work,but the Bosnian league is not correct, the Premier League has 12 clubs, the First league FBIH 16, and the First league RS 18 clubs

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