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Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

Tato23 skin for Football Manager 2023. Optimized for Full HD screens, with instant result buttons.

By on Nov 13, 2022   411318 views   61 comments
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Downloads: 165752 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-13
Football Manager 2023 Skins - Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

Tato23 skin for Football Manager 2023

  • Based on Tato22 skin
  • Includes instant result buttons (before match and in match)
  • All the main profile panels redesigned with an emphasis on improving usability
  • Comprehensive Home Panel
  • Touchline tablet & information popup between match highlights improved
  • Expanded the competition panel to include important tabs
  • Direct buttons "make sub" and "opp. instructions" on the match screen
Have fun! Woz.

Tato23 Skin Preview // FM23 Screenshots

Club Profile

Player Profile

Manager Home

Match Tablet

How to install the Tato Skin on FM23

Simply move the downloaded Tato23_v1.fmf file to your "skins" folder and select the skin in-game (preferences area).

Download Now
Downloads: 165752 / Size: 8.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-13
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Discussion: Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0

61 comments have been posted so far.

  • jnrironside's avatar
    Great skin... Is it possible to add a clubs favoured personnel to its profile page? Thanks
  • pandacc20's avatar
    hay alguna forma de cambiar las banderas por los escudos de las nacionalidades de los jugadores en su perfil principal?
  • Zestii's avatar
    I love this skin, however my player search tab is acting up. It no longer shows the position graph and just shows numbers, and also shows a GK column in the overview view. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  • diguvejuqome's avatar
    +1 for condition/match sharpness as percentage. Additionally, it would be great if we could reduce the number of information panels on a player screen as I prefer a minimalist interface.
  • Gaffa92's avatar
    Hey, love the skin, is it possible to add Overall Physical Condition/Match Sharpness as a percentage?

  • ichano186's avatar
    fantastic, thank you
  • markc1234's avatar
    hi is there anyway to have club colours on the sidebar etc
  • gregbrooking's avatar
    @wozzie - would like to "tip" you for the skin, but the button only allows me to use the Mail app (Macbook) and not Outlook, which is what I use....
  • theonlyen's avatar
    can you add pictures on the scouting search (players) also on the squad menu?
  • Rapid_IlluZioN's avatar
    Any way of seeing the hidden attributes ?
  • gregbrooking's avatar
    Can anyone help me troubleshoot?
  • JensJeremies's avatar
    Really like this! Good work and well done :)
  • gregbrooking's avatar
    I repeat what @velarskud said...
    Simply having the download file in my skins subfolder prevents the game from launching.
  • celticbg's avatar
    Best so far ! Thanks!
  • RED_HERRiNG's avatar
    Been able to sort the issue I had, so glad as I love your skin's
  • Velarskud's avatar
    Hello, when I use your tato skin, the game will exit directly, and no wrong window will pop up, but everything is normal when I use other skin, could you please solve this problem? I have always been a loyal fan of tato skin, and not being able to use tato skin makes me very painful, thank you, English is not my mother tongue. I used translation software to send out this English comment, please understand if there are some unclear descriptions
  • stuartclark1's avatar
    This is an exceptionally well thought out skin. Massively well done. Switched to this from the Zealand Skin, and thats saying something!
  • dosh's avatar
    Always thanks for your work.

    By the way, could you make the background color of touchline tablet from blue to black/dark gray?

    Blue color on touchline tablet is kind of too conspicuous color considering overall theme/tone.

  • Youngblood91's avatar
    Best Skin on the market :) what would make it even better would be League Tables on the processing panel
  • CallMeKallam's avatar
    What facepack did you use in the screenshots?
  • luckyluke26's avatar
    Do You know how fmxml file should look to put a club background ? because
    <record from="1007" to="graphics/pictures/club/1007/background"/>
    not working.
  • bezman's avatar

    Just wondering if you can sort out the info just under the players name please.

    PS The best skin EVER
  • sunsetsamosa's avatar
    Could you optimise this for 13 inch screens plese
  • gregbrooking's avatar
    Game crashed while loading the skin, and refused to launch until I deleted the file from my FM folder.
  • RED_HERRiNG's avatar
    the download doesnt work can someone help?

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