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FM23 Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 + FMTU

The best Football Manager transfer & data update all-around is back! Featuring 191.424 changes until the 10th of October 2023 that FM 23.4 doesn't include!

By Updated on Oct 10, 2023   1141530 views   431 comments
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Downloads: 443300 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2022-11-10
Football Manager 2023 Data Updates - FM23 Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 + FMTU
V Final contains 191.424 changes until the 10th of October 2023 that happened after the 23.4 database lock-down. New packs are released approximately every 10 days (1st, 10th, 20th of every month), around 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST.

Post your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas in the comments below.

Released: 10 October - v Final

What's included in a nutshell

  • Albania leagues & cups enabled,
  • Cyprus leagues & cups enabled,
  • Saudi Arabia leagues & cups enabled,
  • UAE leagues & cups enabled,
  • Current/Potential ability changes,
  • Greek G Ethniki,
  • Indian Super League,
  • Last year's injuries removed,
  • New Staff/Players,
  • Promotions-Relegations & EU correct places,
  • Transfers,
  • Agents,
  • Wonderkids

New Players/Staff
  • New players/staff created who doesn't exist in the current database
Other Changes
  • Changes in general which include second nationalities, affiliations between teams, new stadiums, favourite personal etc
  • With specific attributes & clients adding more realism to the game
  • Newly U21 players with a PA over -75
New Formats, Rules & Leagues
  • Playable Cypriot Leagues & Cups
  • Greek G Ethniki

Summer 2022 Transfers Video Showcase

How to install this data update to FM 2023

  1. Open the file you downloaded with .rar or winzip.

  2. Select all .fmf files and copy-paste/extract/drag & drop them into the editor data folder, to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2023 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  3. Make a new "Career" game. Choose the "23.4.0 Update" database & select all my files.

In case you have more editor data files:
When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.
Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in every file. Many files together from different creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates and other problems. Avoid using files from different creators.

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Donations are greatly appreciated and give a purpose to continue doing my hobby for the next years. PayPal account: [email protected]

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These FM23 Data Packs are created by TheNotoriousPr0 and other contributors on the FM Transfer Update community.
Make sure to visit the website dedicated to Football Manager Data Packs: FMTU.

Download Now
Downloads: 443300 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2022-11-10
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Discussion: FM23 Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 + FMTU

431 comments have been posted so far.

  • krucso84's avatar
    Hi Everybody,

    Could you help for me, I download the latest version if the data update and copy everything on my c:\Users\Public\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data\ folder but i couldn't find the items at advanced setup when I start a new game. What was the problem? My game version from stream and I don't use any other addons just pictures and icons.
  • Gary1991's avatar
    Hi mate can you have a look at Rangers fc the player ratings are way off like todd cantwell fashion sikala and many others the ca/pa needs looked at and we also have new board members
  • jamesedwards17pfc's avatar
    First of all I want to say thank you for your work its great stuff.

    But I have tried updating the transfers inbetween updates however ive noticed I cannot save to your original file, is it locked in some way? I have also created another file of my own for the transfers but as I have to try load both editor files it doesnt work and the ones that I have updated do not seem to work when I create a new game.

    Is there anyway I can save the updates to your transfers file? As I am impatient lol once again thank you for your work
  • GMCG178's avatar
    Be great if you could add 2 potential wonderkids to the next update.

    Bailey Rice (Rangers) - DM/CM - 4th Oct 2006 - Already played for 1st team. Captain of Scotland U18's - Calm, controlled, similar player Michael Carrick/Barry Ferguson

    Jayce John Fitzgerald (Manchester United) - DM/CM - 9th May 2007 - Played for the U18's & impressed. Similar type of player, Declan Rice.

    Thanks again for all your hard work in making the game better.
  • Steven L's avatar

    ''PSG announced in May that Mbappe had signed a three-year contract extension with the club, which would keep him in Paris until June 2025. It later emerged that Mbappe had in fact put pen to a two-year contract until June 2024, with the third year optional and up to him, not the club.''
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @Steven L, actually that's a very strange situation. All reports these days, indicate that his contract runs out in 2024. When he signed the contract it was announced that he is contracted until 2025 (Kylian Mbappé extends contract with Paris saint-Germain until 2025).

    @Ric_Gentleman23, it was updated in the pack that is available to download, above. Already done, it's even a unique file, that can't be missed.

    @ch33s3burg3r, no clue, FMs have different databases.
  • Mauve's avatar
    True, I tried all the other files I used and it was the English pyramid who blocked it from starting, solved!
  • ch33s3burg3r's avatar
    I'm playing fm22 but In the past when I downloaded your fm23 updates it worked fine but it isn't right now. When I download the pack it doesn't let me use a team in England as it says it requires 21 teams for southern premier south and it found only 20. Also it requires 20 teams for Isthmian D1N and it found only 19. Any way to help fix this, if not no problem.
  • Ric_Gentleman23's avatar
    When will the portuguese promotions/relegations be updated?
  • Steven L's avatar
    Mbappe contract is wrong...2025. He has only one more year from now
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @bmmhmf, he is there, make sure you are using the correct (updated) files.
  • bmmhmf's avatar
    Great work, but missing Kokçu in Benfica!
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @Mauve, no it doesn't. In case you are playing the game on an older version then maybe it does, or if you use a file from a different creator (maybe lower leagues?). But if you use only my files with the latest patch everything works correctly.

    @CassChan, will correct him in the next, thanks for the heads up.

    @[email protected], Spain is yet not finished, PRIMERA DIVISIÓN RFEF, the 3rd league has some games. Italy will be updated for the next on the 1st of July.

    @immense-eel, yeah I am aware. Once I find some time, I will pay attention to the matter to see if I can do anything.
  • Mauve's avatar
    Urgent to see the promotion/relegation file, it gives an error.
  • CassChan's avatar
    Mahmoud Dahoud has indicated that a free transfer is imminent.
  •'s avatar
    When will the spain and italy promotions/descendants be updated?
  • immense-eel's avatar
    Great work per usual!

    The work permit rules have changed i all GB nations. Now clubs in the premier league and the championship can sign 4 foreign youngsters from all around the world without work permit, and clubs in league 1 and league 2, are allowed 2 signings without work permits. Any chance you will enable these changes, so new saves will be more realistic?
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    Version 4.2 of my #FM23 update packs is up!

    Transfers included from: FMTransferUpdate

    Changelog: [4.2] Changelog

    - Correct EU places in Champions, Europa & Conference League
    - Promotions/Relegations/Past Winners in Germany/France/Netherlands/Portugal
  • BeWise's avatar
    Could you add Michael Mills as a wonderkid. Newcastle just paid £200k for the 14 year old winger.

    Sam Alabi too. 14 year old Midfielder from Oldham for £100k
  • guntz's avatar
    Hi pr0

    please can you add Mikey Moore as a wonderkid? He's just signed a new deal with tottenham

  • Rigel's avatar
    Hello, if I have FM23 with database 23.0.0 or 23.2.2 won't the files work?

    Very good job you do, use your database with FM20 a lot.
  • Gary1991's avatar
    Hi mate can you have a look at rangers fc as we have new board members we are in a better financial position as we are doing a full summer rebuild and can you look at some players as i believe they need upgraded i.e todd cantwell, fashion sakala and we also have a wonderkid called bailey rice. Keep up the great work
  • TheNotoriousPr0's avatar
    @chenzengng, Yes I just updated Germany yesterday & today I am going to update France (promotions). Spain is ending on the 25 of June (PRIMERA DIVISIÓN RFEF), so you have to wait a bit more.

    @Fez89 + elchapojr, yes, he will be included in the next.

    EU places will also be updated for the next pack on the 20th.

    @patsa, G ethniki is ending on the 23rd of June GAMMA ETHNIKI. Until it's finished I can't do much, so most likely it's going to be updaded on the 1st of July.
  • elchapojr's avatar
    Hi, any chances to include Myles Lewis-Skelly to the Arsenal u18 team? And for the next update is there any chances to put Arsenal playing in the UCL?
  • patsa's avatar
    Good evening, I'm not doing something right and I don't see the Greek championship with promotions/relegations and a champion or is there no past yet? thx

    the best work is always what you make

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