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FM24 Data Tweaks [v1.8 | v4.9] (21st June 2024 Release)

Unlock new players, discover wonderkids, and recruit missing staff to revolutionize your FM experience. Delve into a realm of realism with meticulously tweaks to player details, 3D models, and even fantasy custom challenges.

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Downloads: 66704 / Size: 21.3 MB / Added: 2023-11-07
Football Manager 2024 Data Updates - FM24 Data Tweaks [v1.8 | v4.9] (21st June 2024 Release)

Public version has Monthly releases with older Patreon Versions.
Patreon version has Weekly releases with high-priority requests by users.

Public Version: v1.8 (released every 1st of every month)
Patreon Version: v4.7, v4.7, v4.9 (released every week)

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with FM Data Tweaks and some Patreon-exclusive custom files! Unlock new players, discover wonderkids, and recruit missing staff (all with high quality cut-out photos included to provide a more immersive and engaging experience) to revolutionize your Football Manager experience. Delve into a realm of realism with meticulously crafted tweaks to player details, 3D models, and more. But that's not all – embark on epic fantasy challenges like never before. Available files:

(FM24 Data Tweaks) New Players-Staff:
Dive into a vast pool of undiscovered talent, carefully handpicked to breathe new life into your squad. From hidden gems to rising stars, each player brings a unique set of skills, adding a layer of unpredictability to your management strategy. Scout, sign, and witness their journey as they evolve into the backbone of your team;
Created missing Staff (Yes Ajax is included) and updated Board Members to enhance the gaming experience.
All the Players and Staff include a cut-out face and icon. Shortlist is included also.

(FM24 Data Tweaks) Enhanced Database (optional):
3D Models - Fine-tune player aesthetics to mirror real life;
Details - Improved accuracy on Players height, foot preferencies or also on 2nd nationalities impacting their status in certain leagues.

(FM24 DataTweaks) Injuries & Suspensions pack (optional):
- -50% Injuries: Strike a balance between realism and player availability with a 50% reduction in injuries to happen.
- No Injuries when starting a save: Begin your managerial journey with a fully fit squad, eliminating the initial hurdle of player injuries.
- No Suspensions when starting a save: Kick off your season with a clean slate, ensuring that none of your players face suspension from the very start.

(FM24 DataTweaks) CA/PA Changes (optional):
This enhancement ensures that players Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA) evolve following their real life performance.

(FM24 DataTweaks) Removed Loans (optional):
Removes all loans from the Players in the 2023/2024 Season. Started on v4.2 version.

(FM24 DataTweaks) Tweaks 2024-2025 (optional):
A file that will be updated alongside all the summer to fix Transfer Values (use along a Transfer File of your choice) and fixes "Player just signed" issue when IRL the Player joined one/half year ago. Also resets the transfer history. Started on v4.2 version.

What's this Patreon version?
A Patreon Version is a funding model to everyone who supports the project (as this consumes a looot of hours) and also turns out to be a motivation to keep the project alive and regularly updated.
Special mention that the Patreon versions provides you updated files as soon as they are released.

1) How to get the Patreon Version for Data Tweaks:

2) Grab the files in Patreon.
Just join the Patreon and grab the versions every time they are uploaded..
Regular Starter and Key Player/Scout tiers also have option to request/download custom files for Football Manager. They are custom scenarios (fantasy or not) to allow some extra fun or to have a harder challenge. All those files are available on Patreon.

- Custom Scenarios/Challenges files: A whole list available here.
- Legends Reborn: Featuring retired Legends brought back as 15/16 years old.
- Legacy Lineage: Featuring Legendary Player sons to be included in-game.

FM Data Tweaks Support/Community:
| |


All files should be compatible with every other custom files so you can choose the ones you like most! So you can have more custom files from other creators. Except "New Players" or "New Wonderkids" type of files, that will mess with Player faces or duplicate them.

For even more realism use a Transfer update file of your choice.

Download Now
Downloads: 66704 / Size: 21.3 MB / Added: 2023-11-07
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