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FM24 Manchester United INEOS Takeover v1.2

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s 25% investment in Manchester United could be announced soon. A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN!

By Updated on Nov 30, 2023   8731 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 1291 / Size: 16.6 kB / Added: 2023-11-18
FM 2024 Fantasy Scenarios - FM24 Manchester United INEOS Takeover v1.2
I have created an editor data file for you to implement and start a new save as manager of Manchester United under new INEOS Ownership. Enjoy!


- Jim Ratcliffe as an Owner, replaced Avram Glazer, who will be a Director
- Paul Mitchell as a General Manager, replaced John Murtough
- Dave Brailsford as a Managing Director
- Jean-Claude Blanc as a Chairpearson, replaced Richard Arnold

Updated v1.1:
- Added OGC Nice, FC Lausanne-Sport, Racing Club Abidjan as affiliates
- Increased £245 million in Financial Balance as news reported
- New Objectives
- Fix Ownership selling club issue

Updated v1.2:
- New Objectives
- Sugar Daddy as Background

v1.3 will be released after Sir Jim Ratcliffe officially joins Manchester United. v2.0 will be released after the Football Manager 2024 Winter Update.

How to install the FM24 Manchester United INEOS Takeover

1) Move the downloaded .fmf file to your editor data folder (create that folder if it doesn't exist):
Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\editor data
Mac: Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/editor data

2) Start new game in regular career mode and activate the FM24 Sir Jim Ratcliffe Man Utd database (is compatible with other databases).

NOTE: All changes in this editor data file are based on reality and media reports, not my imagination.

Download Now
Downloads: 1291 / Size: 16.6 kB / Added: 2023-11-18
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Discussion: FM24 Manchester United INEOS Takeover v1.2

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    @MICASYT I SAID SAME STRUCTURE AS MANCHESTER CITY AND TROYES. The owner will take control of both clubs just like Manchester City and Troyes. Salford and Valecia are not affiliated with each other so SI duplicated 2 owner profiles.
  • MICASYT's avatar
    @1213isdabest when i visited the file on the editor, the owner jim ratcliffe was missing since you migrated his profile from nice to man united, you can see that logged on the changes, what sega does is create both profiles for different clubs with same owner, example i gave was peter lim

    i used the file now on the editor and it still the same, when you go to nice they only have a managing director and a director as man united has a owner, managing director and etc...
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    @MICASYT No. Same structure as Manchester City and Troyes. Manchester United and OGC Nice will have the same board. Already did that.
  • MICASYT's avatar
    you know that there are owners that own more than one club, check peter lim, he owns salford and valencia and he has a double page for each club, you can do the same with jim ratcliffe for nice and man united
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    For more transfer budget, you can use my "FM24 Manchester United Qatar Takeover" file.
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    If any reports come in, I will update the file. That's for sure. Please be patient. Thank you!
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    @Zinklo @pandaisland No. FFP issues. As reported, Sir Jim Ratcliffe committed to adding £245 million to the financial balance, so you can ask the board for more transfer budget or you can just sell players. I haven't seen any reports about whether Sir Jim Ratcliffe will increase the winter transfer budget if he comes. Only this.
    "Financial fair play rules mean extra transfer funds are unlikely"
  • Zinklo's avatar
    Love this database @123isdabest

    One question though:
    Will you add more to the transfer budget after reports ETH has 100M to spend in January?
  • pandaisland's avatar
    I think its more realistic to have a increased budget im not asking for 150m but in crease to like 50 or 75m i find quite realistic.
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    @pandaisland I have already told you. "All changes in this editor data file are based on reality and media reports, not my imagination." If you read the news everyday, you will understand why I have changed like that.
  • pandaisland's avatar
    I tried this again the updated file. transfer budget is 6m and the overall balance is positive of 475m also you picked a underwritter which An Underwriter will come in and wipe out any debts at the club, but they won't go crazy with their investment and will likely leave you to fend for yourself, only interjecting if things go downhill.

    They'll make sure your club is doing alright but won't throw any more of their own money at the squad.

    while also there is still 310m in net debt and 215m in transfer debt
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    @sebandreasen I have adjusted a few changes. So yes.
  • sebandreasen's avatar
    Yeah @pandaisland agree.

    I ended up using this, loving the save and then Sir Jim sold the club and i got the sack ha.

    @1213isdabest has the updated link now removed ownership being open to selling club or anything else?
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    Updated: 19/11/2023
    Download now!
  • pandaisland's avatar
    I dont get this I mean yeah you added the potential new owners but
    1. they are open to selling the club
    2. No extra transfer budget at all
    3. the rich benefactor is set to none
  • TheCed's avatar
    I suggest adding Nice and Lausanne-Sport as affiliates, as they're also INEOS owned.
  • 1213isdabest's avatar
    Fixed link.
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    download link doesnt work
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