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FM Genie Scout 10

v1.11 out on 31 Mar 2010

By on Nov 10, 2009   Jun 11, 2010   1441360 views   259 comments
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Downloads: 346771 / Size: 4.3 MB / Added: 2009-11-10
The popular, one and only savegame compatible scout utility returns for Football Manager 2010. As promised, we have exclusively released the most anticipated utility for FM 2010.

Updated: 31 Mar 2010 v1.11 build 116
Released: 10 Nov 2009 RC 1 build 110

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and FM 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3
Note: Since RC 2 there is support for compressed save games!

Donate to get the "no ads" version
Since v1.0 Genie Scout comes in two versions. One with ads and one with no ads. In order to get the "no ads" one you'll have to donate to Eugene first, using the donation form on Genie homepage here.
Important: FM Scout (the site) is not involved in the donations towards Eugene, neither has any responsibility delivering the ad-free version to you after donation. This is a process handled solely by Eugene himself, so it could take some time until your donation is processed.

How to run:
* Download the zipped archive and extract it anywhere.
* You'll get a folder named "FM Genie Scout 10". Open it.
* Double click on FMGenieScout.exe
* Load your savegame... you don't need to have FM open of course.
That's it! No frameworks required.

If you're using RC1, your savegame needs to be uncompressed to load in Genie.
So, while you are in FM, make sure you un-tick "Compress Save Games" in Preferences page and hit Confirm. After that, save your game again. Now you are ready to load it up on FM Genie Scout 10!

Does it work for Mac?
Mac users check out this article by macooz: Fm Genie Scout for Mac with CrossOver.

Thanks to wizard for letting us know, you can get make your Genie Scout work without the crashing/freezing issues if you update Flash Player, or just do what wizard says.
* Take a look at the Issues with v1.11 topic for more details.

If errors still appear, please take the following actions:
* Upload your save game with the problem somewhere (e.g. FileFront)
* Make a post on this forum section, explaining your problem and giving a link to your save game

If you don't provide your problematic savegame, it's unlikely that Eugene will able to fix the problem.

Languages included:
- Chinese Simple - English - French - Italian - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish - Ukrainian - Turkish (RC 2)

Redistribution Policy: People who want to put this on their sites, be polite and give link back to the official FM Genie Scout page here on

Thanks to Eugene Tarabanovsky for staying around and updating his amazing scout utility for FM 2010.

* v1.11
- Fixed loading errors
- Added 10.3 patch support
- Fixed few insignificant errors
* v1.0
- Added ability to search within shortlist
- Adjusted rating and feet bonus coefficients
- Updated tactical formations list
- Fixed 'Cannot allocate the DIB handle' error and more loading bugs
* RC 2
- Added support of compressed save games
- Rating calculation profile was made from scratch according to the new FM tendencies
- Potential ability calculation algorithm was modified, now it's more complex and more accurate (PA that can reach player depends on his age, position, ambition, professionalism and determination)
- Added progress rate of player that represents how fast player will develop in standard conditions
* RC 1
- The scout is slightly rebranded changed FM Genie Scout 2010 (XE) to just FM Genie Scout 10.
- Staff training rating system was adjusted to a ten-point system.

Download Now
Downloads: 346771 / Size: 4.3 MB / Added: 2009-11-10
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I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

Discussion: FM Genie Scout 10

259 comments have been posted so far.

  • Fraank's avatar
    Sadly, it doesn't seem to work here as well...

    Error Loading Entity Number: 30
    File Position: 12547876
    Database Version: 1404
    Person data seems to be corrupt.
  • dijon's avatar
    i can't even get the scout to load. :zito
  • kenny3's avatar
    error with entity number 12 :/
  • kenny3's avatar
    i got a same error message like those guys said. why why why why :/ i'm crying!! why?
  • kenny3's avatar
    thank Eugene! We love you :D
  • Andreas35's avatar
    stam error kai gw:@:@
  • johnnykou21's avatar
    elpizo na to diorthosei kai min mas afisei etsi!! den xero ti paizei kai pistepse apokleietai na kano format gia auto tora...den nomizo na eimai o mono pou xrisimopoiei to FM scout kai exei vista.den ithela na se enoxliso apo tis diakopes sou apla rotisa giati me tous allous den vgazo matheis kati steile!! euxaristo kai pali
  • Stam's avatar
    ti na sou pw file mou, na valeis xp? sa malakia mou akougetai. i nea ekdosi exei provlimata giati o eugenios mallon variotane na ti testarei arketa, kai ka8omai twra stis diakopes mou n'asxoloumai me to pono tou ka8enos. anamenoume na ti dior8wsei, ti allo na kanoume..
  • johnnykou21's avatar
    for stam!!!

    exo kai ego provlima kai eimai se xeiroteri fasi giati emena den mou ton anoigei katholou.kano diplo klik sto FM scout.exe kai mou vgazei oti ta windows entopisan kapoio provlima kai to stelnoun gia lusi,exo vista kai to anoixa kai san provlima sunexizei!! an mporeis na voithiseis pleaz mias kai ellinas
  • dams83560's avatar
    for me genie scout won't even load!!
  • michel_effeich's avatar
    I am at work and just saw that the new Genie is out... thanks Eugene!!!!!!!! I can finally breath again!!!... will download it at home an try it out to see if i get the same error, but its irrelevant.. Thanks Eugene!! and I am sure he will be fixing it if so many people are having this problem!
  • Furrr's avatar
    Same prob...
  • ruzzo90's avatar
    Same problem here!!!:(
  • ciumak's avatar
  • Church FM's avatar
    "I doubt that everyone gets this error. If 5 people out of 1000 who downloaded by now report error, what does it mean? The rest 995 are bored to report? "

    Yes- same error here too. Seems that rather than a few people having an issue, it's got a bit of buggy code.
  • sumsang's avatar
    same error here:ave:ave:ave
  • aolyn's avatar
    same error here :(
  • dadefive's avatar
    me too :weep
  • mizie's avatar
    I got the same error message...

    :iam crying:
  • gio-buv's avatar
    also i have the same error..
  • Stam's avatar
    I doubt that everyone gets this error. If 5 people out of 1000 who downloaded by now report error, what does it mean? The rest 995 are bored to report? :)
  • snap69's avatar
    about that error with the newest's been already discussed on the forums and currently there's no explanation ...apparently everyone gets this error screen... :cry:cry
  • kjell_olsen's avatar
    Fantastic work again. Many thanks Eugene, and to Stam for keeping us updated
  • neo_cs's avatar
    Help me please !! :chevvoi
  • pakito's avatar
    When I loading a game,this error apear:| :
    Error loading entity number :28
    File position:11900296
    Database version:1404
    Person Data seems to be corrupt.
    Please make sure that you are using the last version of FM Genie Scout and that the file is not corrupt.
    Please help me!

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