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Football Manager 2012 New Features we'd like to see

Suggestions from the community on how to improve FM 2011

By Updated on Aug 01, 2011   394717 views   162 comments
News - Football Manager 2012 New Features we'd like to see
UPDATE August 15th:
Football Manager 2012 Key Features Revealed
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Summer is coming and for some of us the urge to play FM2011 is slowly fading. I mean we have had our long runs with a couple of teams and reached a point we don’t feel so attached to the game like a few months ago. I guess it happens every year and it can probably happen to everyone.

This is the point where we start thinking of the next arrangement in the FM series, which is of course Football Manager 2012. And by “thinking” I mean anticipating new features we’d like to see, as well as improvements and fixes to various aspects of FM2011 that have occasionally let us down before...

Normally, we get to see some screenshots of the forthcoming successor in the series around August. I believe the guys over at Sports Interactive do listen to their loyal community and always look out for any interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game. This is the whole point of this article really, to sum up all the interesting suggestions our community has expressed. I intend to keep this article updated with fresh ideas as they come up, so make sure to post your suggestions in the appropriate forums or on our facebook page dedicated to FM2012.

This has been a massive community work and I’m very proud to finally present this list of features here.

Let’s get started!

Updated 1 August 2011 (4th update)


Match Preparation

I think it would be good if the match preparation was expanded, and more options were put in such as keeping the ball, counter attacking, playing aggressively, going down easily, wide play, central play, offside trap and then being able to tick two or three of them to focus on in a game.
~ by Isaac Christopher

I wanna be able to train specific game actions with my team, like attacking moves, off ball running, corner/free kick actions, especially movement in the defence! Because that's the most annoying part of FM.
The defenders often look like they don't know/don't care how to behave in specific situations, like, they just let the opposition attackers do what they want. I wanna be able to tell them exactly how they should behave in specific situations.
And when it comes to attacking moves, I wanna be able to create specific attacking moves, the FM free-role option just doesn't work, even if your players are Messi, Pastore, Müller, etc.
Everyone who knows something about football knows that the space between the defence and the midfield is crucial, and I wanna be able to use it better; FM just doesn't allow you that freedom so much!
~ by Cruz


I would really like more freedom in choosing formation; ability to move a player on the pitch to positions other than preset ones.
~ by redalert

I would love to have far more tactical control in the game and a tactics editor along the lines of the old player manager series of games would be ace! Where you can ask the players to move with or without the ball and ask them to pass the ball into areas you want and not just what the game says.
~ by paul1576

Tactical lines?
We all remember from FM 2005 to 2008 when you had the so called "lines" or arrows.
On your tactics page we had the brilliant system of being able to take a CM and make him an AMC without distorting your overall formation. Obviously you could tactically have a bit more freedom over how you wanted your team to act when they had the ball etc.
I was hoping this system would be back together with the new system. Obviously this time it should be different. Instead of just having these lines like the good old times. Why don’t we make a “defensive positioning screen”, and an “attacking positioning screen”.
In my opinion it’s a big part of the tactical making of a team. How often have you played a match on FM and though if only I could make a simple tactic of where I want my players to be on the pitch when we got the ball and when we don’t?
Most of the times you don’t have much control over these things in FM now a days.
But these “tactical lines” would be a wonderful addition for FM. It’s simple yet it could make a good difference in how well the team does and how well you do as a manager.
I would love this sort of feature on FM 2012, I think it would suite into the game without SI having to redo too much.
~ by RedArmy20

It'd be good to include the graphics for ball boys, rather than the ball magically propelling itself to a player for a set-piece. [new]
~ by Iain Taylor

Let us import our tactics from FM11!!!!!!!
Example: formation settings, training schedules, set pieces, etc.
~ by joannes3000

I would love one of the new features to be "players position when you don't have the ball". For example, the way you set your formation on the tactic's screen well have a similar screen whereby you can drag and drop your players position when not in possession; I would love that.
~ by BenLFC88


Introduce real stadiums to the game.
~ by Raul Balaiban

Stadium packs for different countriies where licenses permit, would be great to see real life stadiums, different back drops and not the same shops in background for smaller teams.
~ by John Wright

I would like to see trophy presentations and the players celebrating when winning a competition.
~ by Mark Chilton

I would like to see badges for all EPL teams. Also to be able to suggest or make your own kit design for your team either in-game or via the official editor.
~ by Paul Debman

Be able to design your stadium as well as your training facilities and then if your board have agreed to it you have to pitch it to them and explain why certain features.
~ by rywilson

I reckon they should introduce a stadium design interface within the game so that when you expand the 'current stadium' then you get to choose which corner of the ground you want to modify, and/or if you’re building a 'new stadium' to have the option to choose the location of the site, i.e. city centre, countryside etc. And maybe taking it from there they could show the cost implications of your decisions and how it will affect/ benefit the club.
~ by nhill84

On FM Live last year I noticed you can name the stands in the grounds I would love this to be able to happen in regular FM; it could add a more personalized touch or customize to tailor to meet your needs.
~ by naff123


A more realistic press conference with artificial intelligence so that we can say our own words rather than choosing one of the options.
~ by Manish Munikar

I think you should get interview requests from a journalist working for a certain company. They ask you questions about anything and it is laid out like a private chat. Also, SI can make FM more realistic by having controversial issues e.g earlier in the season Danny Murphy criticised Stoke's tackling. Journalists can ask your opinions on issues like this.
For example: Jonathon Stevenson from BBC Sport has requested an interview. He will ask you questions on your team's recent poor form, and your opinion about the dubious sacking of Sam Allardyce. [ Accept / Reject ]
~ by MLR

If you’re a successful manager there should be Manager interviews with leading mags which sit down and try to get a deeper feel for the manager, a close up. talking about favorite players, vision for club, commitment to club, and relationship with board etc.
~ by Antony Colby

Have more information readily available when the press asks how you feel about a particular coach. Instead of having to click into the coach’s profile to see how he feels about you, have that information on the interview screen somewhere for quick access.
Example: if asked for a response about Alex Ferguson, tell us how SAF views us as a coach - gets along well/poor opinion/etc - on the screen.
~ by joannes3000

Make it more like the real world, get debates whether the ball crosses the line or not.
~ by Jacob Htfc Rogers

I would like to be able to declare interest in managing national teams, not when the job is vacant but maybe make a comment that one day in your career you would like to manage your home nation, if the opportunity ever arose.
Also the ability to comment on a player’s international form. For example when a player in your team has been in good form for his national team, or maybe comment that you feel one of your players is ready for the step up to international football.
At the moment I just don't feel like there is any collaboration between club and country, It's almost like The Football manager world is a very narrow Club Only or Country only type thing, I think it would be nice to able to comment on a players international career / form / selection / being dropped.
! by SeedyKiwi


Spending the manager’s salary would be really fun.
~ by Rishan Thambinayagam

Using the money you earn as a manager for more inspiring occasions such as being able to cover a high wage for a player yourself. Or to do some educational trips to high profile clubs of other countries and learn some tricks how bigger teams play... more like getting insight on how the match AI works for those teams.
~ by Stam

Should be able to ask the board to sell naming rights to bring in more income.
~ by Thomas Mark Peter Grant

Be able to speak to people from other countries for merchandise e.g. Japan, China, USA etc.
~ by Craig Wfc Blick

The ability to increase STAFF budget.
~ by gert78

If they cannot add the ability to increase staff budget, they should at least have importance levels for staff. I lost an excellent attacking coach because I couldn't offer him more money.
~ by Gurdit

SI should focus more on stabilising finances in the long run, as, after about 10-20 seasons, the clubs that play regular European football have amazing finances, whereas the other clubs (unless they get lucky with good signings) are all in financial trouble.
~ by Zonnegod

Kits sponsors. What is stopping SI from doing this as it used to be in Premier Manager 1995 get offered a selection of Kits sponsors to pick from and maybe every other season be asked by the board to suggest or be asked to pick an change the kits by a reasonable amount!
~ by naff123

Let us allocate leftover transfer funds in different areas at the end of the season.
Example: If we have 60M left over, let us allocate that towards loan repayments, ‘deposits’ towards facility improvements, etc.
~ by joannes3000

It would be good to have insurance for players injured during national team fixture. I lost Torres and Gerrard for 6 Months and the country just didn’t give anything, no compensation.

I would prefer more options for clubs such as construct buildings, handling TV programs, setting up shops, sponsorships for training facilities, etc.
~ by croscout86

It would be nice if you, as a manager, would be able to set the ticket price for matches (and also season ticket price).
~ by ampren7a


Being able to take control of German national team in FM2012.
~ by Mujtaba Amin

Finally add a Japanese league to FM (get the licence for that league), these is a huge market of players there.
~ by croscout86


Should be able to build academies over the world and look for talent in them.
~ by Chris Harvey

If I’m Arsenal or a team of similar stature and I want the best young players in "X" country then I could build an academy there. I know it could work and it won’t make things easier, I'm sure the people who make the game are capable of implementing that without taking the fun away from scouting. Just because you build an academy in a different country doesn't mean you will have all the best young guns from that country. You could have your academy miss out on a couple players forcing you to buy them.
Of course you would have to go through the board first and get there permission for the go ahead to build the academy also.
~ by CHRIS

Change the youth system and the way players develop.
This is how I see it: In real life football there is no such thing as CA or PA.It would be nice if skills would rise depending only on age, ambition, professionalism, talent and work rate, training schedule and positions he plays. Maybe a new skill (talent) quantified not in a number value but a star rating (like in scout reports) that would develop the player's natural rate of improving.
~ by ampren7a

It'd be great if the successes of a country's national team would have an effect on the quality of youngster's being produced in that country.
A national team winning the world cup would surely inspire more youngsters from that nation to take up the sport.
~ by Richard Law

Assistant manager

Have the option to ask your assistant manager to play one half of a match for you, either first half or the second half.
~ by Eelco Anninga

Your assistant should give you a list of best players per position. Now he tells you a player is 5th best for a position but who is 1st, 2nd, 3th, 4th???
~ by gert78

I want the "star system" to be changeable... for example, if I play in League One, I should be able to choose if the star rating should be set for League One standard, Championship standard or EPL; would make it much easier to place players in a bigger perspective.
~ by l3nnart

It would be really cool to be able to employ a youth team manager, just like an assistant. That way he could give you feedback on certain players and give you advice on how to get the most out of your youngsters. [new]
~ by Michael Dunsford

Team morale

How about creating an option to have club to club mileages in the English / Scottish leagues and give managers the option to apply to the board to have hotel stays for longer distance games... and maybe you'd see some difference in the players conditions during that away game and team morale would go up?
~ by Matthew Lond

They should put in 'morale boosters' such as taking the players to dinner, or a party or something.
~ by Joe Hannard

If you are a successful manager and leave your job to get a new one, it should boost the morale of your new team knowing they have a great new manager. Especially if they're down in the dumps due to recent form and you're looking for a new challenge after the success you brought your previous club. Of course this could work both ways if you join a rival club or a club much better than your previous job.
~ by Hadia Yawanis

How about setting player relations e.g. if you have a target man and then another one, click and drag a line or something then click play for flick on.
~ by Alex Cadman


The game has implemented the concept of "direct negotiations" with offering players new contracts. Why not implement this same concept to the transfers?
For instance: my player has a value of 5M and some clubs are interested in acquiring him; I ask for him around 10M, this way the interested clubs either accept or reject the offer, but instead of them rejecting the proposal, why not making a counter-offer, perhaps they can offer up to 8-9M.
This is what happens in real life negotiations, when there is real interest, they try to work it out.
~ by ibox

I would like to see the possibility to set the transfer status of a player to "Available for loan, ONLY if he will get a first team role".
~ by Zonnegod

Another feature I have always thought would be good idea is the option to loan a player back to the selling club as part of the transfer as a bit of a sweetener in the deal especially when it is an exciting prospect who is used to that club and settled and can continue his development before joining your club when you require.
This would allow you to buy the player earlier with a smaller transfer fee and the freedom of calling him back when required.
~ by scatman86

If I find a good player and there are more interested clubs, when I place an offer they will also place an offer even though they already have 4 players in that position and they won't be using the player for their team and will end up selling him in 1-2 years time... ridiculous.
~ by mizie

The ability to stipulate in the future transfer fee terms on loans future transfer % and monthly instalments etc just like a normal transfer. It particularly pisses me off when the computer will refuse to offer 7.5M+ 50% future fee, but will offer 500K for the loan then 7.5M in future. No, I want 7.5M + future transfer %.
~ by godsgifttoearth


When you are giving assignments to your scouts, and you have the possibility to scout the whole world, I would REALLY like to see that HUGE list of available countries divided per continents, because it is very annoying having to scroll through the whole list just to get to Russia or Ukraine.
~ by VeLiKi

Possibility to select whether I want a player to be automatically added to my shortlist just because I sent a scout to fetch me player report card.
~ by VeLiKi

Scout for specific player role (advanced forward, advanced play-maker support, etc)
~ by gert78

Maybe a list of free transfer players/ex scholars could be included in an email sent via the board when you take over a club (e.g. Gloucester City believes you should sign this player, John Smith (18, MC, formerly with Bristol Rovers) as he is local and without a club).
~ by Adam King

Hidden Personality attributes. I'd like to see a personality part of a players profile where over time from managing a player you become more familiar with his personality attributes. For example after one year of managing a player you'll know whether each of his personality attributes are between 1-10 or 11-20, after 2 years 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 or 16-20 and so on until after 5 years managing a player you are fully aware of his personality attributes.
I find it strange that you can know a players technical and mental attributes to an exact number while you never learn his personality attributes without the aid of a scout utility or data editor.
~ by Evo

A staff shortlist would be good too.
~ by Evo

Agents and scouts should send the manager video clips of why they think a particular player is suitable for the club.
~ by Antony Colby


Love the idea of sending players to language classes.
~ by rywilson

For players who come into the EPL or any other league and cannot speak the language, a training option should be to send them to a language school for a month or something for a nominal fee i.e £500 like the price of injections but in turn would make the player unable to play for 1 month or so.
~ by naff123

Ability to tell a player that he impressed you in training. Right now, I can only tell a player that he needs to put in more effort in training.
~ by Gurdit

More interaction with the fans.
~ by VeLiKi

I'd like it if there was some different dialogue in private chats. When I'm constantly negative I get fed up of only getting in response "That's an interesting point of view. Have you got anything else for me?" and when I leave it's always "I think this meeting has run its course." I know it's petty but that annoys me because I feel like I'm being rude.
~ by Wagger

Backroom advice though seems to mainly be bad advice so I ignore most of it. I wanna say to my staff hay guys we ain't looking great and need to pick up points now or we are gonna get relegated so lets get working harder and we can do it - But you can not in the game have these kind of chats which needs to happen.
~ by paul1576

When getting really good "old" players to tutor young ones, why would the young players ever turn down tutoring from a really good old player? I understand if the "old" players had rubbish mental stats but for the ones that have good mental stats I really don’t see why the young player would turn down the tuition. [new]
~ by Liam Heaton

Interaction with referees. Like if something goes against you, you can speak to the ref about it after the game. Maybe even speak to the press about it as well, but you can be suspended for it.
~ by Darryn Walter Smith Hutchison

How about fining players for using twitter and facebook.
~ by Adam Thomas

Can you do anything about altering or adding more options when talking to players because it seems like a lot of things I ask them to do or when I answer one of their questions makes them unhappy. [new]
~ by Tarik Negassi

Manager profile

I wish you could add history to your manager in what teams he played as a player.
~ by macdab55

I would love if you as manager could add personal favourites and see it and maybe more than one team as favourite.
~ by macdab55

I would simply love to add dislikes in my status. e.g. I'd eat my underwear if i could add that I simply hate Dusan Bajevic and Angelos Anastasiadis.
~ by Gith

Contract negotiations

Even if player ain't interested to sign to your team you could still offer him a contract.
~ by macdab55

The possibility to change my contract offer. Sometimes, when one of my players has less than half a year of contract left, I offer them a contract and try to get down the wage as far as possible, but a few hours after I offered it, another (bigger) team offers them a contract as well. So to make sure they don't reject my down-negotiated contract, I want to change my contract offer. But FM only gives me the option to withdraw my previous offer, and when I do this and try to offer my player a new contract, he tells me that he is no longer interested, because I removed the last offer...
~ by Zonnegod

How about pay-as-you-play contracts for players? also would be good for older players and injury prone ones, but make it easier for players to accept this contract if they know they are old or injury prone.
~ by Liam Heaton

Actually, the entire feature of players rejecting to listen to your offer is the worst change I have seen from FM2010 to FM2011. Because after spending lots of time finding a good player who fits your transfer budget and managing to get your offer accepted, it is indescribably frustrating to see that red text-balloon telling you the player doesn't want to talk to you. Especially, because many times, you just know that a player would have accepted your offer if they would have listened. I think that the fact that a player will talk to your team is too much based on the past reputation of your team and not your financial capabilities or the quality of your current team.
~ by Zonnegod

I find it ridicilus that you can only give one contract offer to free transfers, so if another club comes in later and offers a better deal, you can't renew your offer to persuade him, this is not only annoying but unrealistic as well! SI should be ashamed that this is a problem at all since it's the main part of signing free trasfers, FIGHTING for the signings you want, not just give an offer and hope for the best...
~ by l3nnart

I would like to see negotiations going both ways i.e. players will ask for a better deal vs manager will suggest lower contract or transfer list. I have been forced to use the transfer list (not needed by the club) for a number of players because they do not want to accept a lower contract.
~ by bl007

When selling a player with a big wage to another club which cannot afford to pay his wages in full, then he will approach and ask that he'll leave if we pay the deficit. Yet the same isn't true when I am trying to sign a high earner from another club. At least I should have the option of suggesting it to a player which is interested in signing for the club.
~ by bl007

I think that before contract negotiations you should have an interview with the player you are about to sign. This way if you make a good impression, you might be able to negotiate with players that might be a little bit too good for you. Also it would mean that the players could give an explanation of why they picked you, or another club over you and could integrate their personality traits: 'The club seems very ambitious' or 'You are being a bit unrealistic' ect. [new]
~ by Michael Dunsford

Match engine

I only ask for a better match engine. My team may score from 40 yards and I just can't feel that happy. Sometimes I give myself the time to watch the Goal of the Year and I end up saying: What a waste of time!
~ by ruipedro89

In team talks motivate players for milestone games. Eg. Ryan Giggs breaking club record "make this one to remember" it comes up in the Milestone tab pre match but not in team talks... [new]
~ by Owen de Jonge

More possibilities for team talks.
~ by VeLiKi

Be able to make shouts, like whenever a player is with the ball you are able to shout to him to HIT, PASS or CROSS, etc. This would make the matches more interesting and could make it that if you have better relationship with a player he listens to your shouts more. [new]
~ by Plamen Che Sakutov

Yell to complacent players during game to get better or get off.
~ by gert78

Random events / fan animations. For example things which could disrupt play i.e. people running on the pitch streakers etc. If you have a tiny club who beats united or huge clubs in a cup match the fans invade the pitch.
Or even better you can see people using flares in the crowd waving scarfs, you know create more of an atmosphere.
~ by naff123

I'd like to be able to save my opposition instructions so I always close down wingers without having to do it at the beginning of every game.
~ by Wagger

What I think would be interesting to see is a totally new team talk system. It could be like a private chat, but with the team. You can set an overall team talk, and comment on an individual’s performance to them, and see how they take it. You can also ask them questions like 'are you alright with that knock you got earlier?'
~ by naff123

I would like to be able to cancel a sub right up until the sub is made like if your about to sub a striker and he scores you should be able to stop him getting subbed.
~ by Michael O'Donnell

There should be some realistic instructions that you can give to your players. For example some player have 3 yellow cards and you need him in an important match so you should be able to say "get booked so you will be banned in the match before the Derby, I need you in the Derby".
And sometimes if the rival is too strong or one of their players is a wonder and damages your team I would like to order my players "injure him when the referee not looking". I know it’s not something nice but we all know those things happen in Football.
~ by inonu88

The crowd environment is what makes me chill when I see a football match. SI really needs to improve on that point maybe by record some songs of clubs (you'll never walk alone for example) who make football a show like no other.
Premier league, Turkish league, Bundesliga have the best football crowd environment; add that to our gaming experience would be a big improve to the best game in the world.
~ by TFM

Add commentator voice for matches.
by Danny ZhenQuan Chay

What about maybe seeing the odd career ending injury? I mean an injury during a game which ends a career, like Haaland, Casiraghi... [new]
~ by Shaun James

Commentary by Chris Kamara... 'IT'S UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!'
~ by Adam King

Player development

I would really like to see an improvement in the decrease of stats when a player gets older, as some players can last much longer (For example van der Sar who is still an amazing goalie at 41, but also quite a lot of non-goalies). In FM I have never seen a player who started under 30, who was still useful for a top-club at the age of 34.
~ by Zonnegod

I would rather see a complete revamp of the game mechanics, where the manager is only able to see how well a player is CURRENTLY performing in a certain area (for example: how much of his crosses arrive lately, what is his shot on target ratio, how well is the player doing technically in the past X games). This would, in my opinion, greatly increase the realism in the game, as in real life, stats can sometimes be very inconsistent. I know that there is a consistency factor between the hidden attributes, but I think that this applies to all stats at the same time, not to individual stats.
~ by Zonnegod

Improved mentoring system. I tried to create a mentor program manually, but it’s a chore trying to do everything by yourself - finding which senior players are willing to mentor which young players, and then having to do it all again when the mentoring is over. I’d like the ability to establish long-term mentoring where you can link players until one of them leaves the team.
Example: Around the time your assistant gives his preseason report, he gives a report of which players may be good mentoring partners. From that screen you can talk to those players and establish season-long mentoring programs.
~ by joannes3000


When you hire staff they come with there set instructions, such as if you hire a trainer he comes set with all his preferred training routines etc.. Rather than having to set it all up yourself, can be a pain at times!! [new]
~ by David Cooper

I think it would be good if you could have like open training days in like proper football! So then you could get a youngster to join your youth team, and you could accept or decline them.
~ by Walsall_Craig

Training section should be improved. If we could see players training it would help us find more about the players (assuming hidden attributes).
We should have the option to plan weekly training, choose specific exercises, and get help of our staff if we feel too overwhelmed.
Testing some tactics during training would be interesting too.
~ by Drchaos69

Having the option to watch the team play an inside friendly a day before a competitive match, so you should be able to watch which players more likely deserve a starting position going into tomorrow's game.
~ by Stam

As much as I hate to say it, Championship Manager's set piece creator (where you can set up and watch the practice) is better than Football Manager's.
~ by Mark 'Tug' Wilson

When a player becomes natural in a position he keeps it instead of ‘forgetting’ that position once you ask him to learn another. [new]
~ by Gary Alder


A thought - what about a War Child charity team which you could play pre-season if you're a BSP/BSN/BSS club? Celebs visiting your club would help boost your image and raise funds. Or maybe the team could be in a downloadable patch after the game is released, cost £1 to download with War Child getting 100% of the proceeds?
~by Adam King

Club takeovers. My current club has had about 5 seasons of transfer embargo's and takeover speculation, but every single time (there have been about 20-25 possible takeovers) has failed so far. What's going on?
by Zonnegod

I think it would be a good idea if you could name in editor a new created team or new created city or new created competition if different languages like you could do in FM2005 editor because they would be different in other languages.
~ by macdab55

I want the option to disable regens when starting a game, even if I'd have to play only up to 2030.
~ by stam

Regens need to be a bit worse than they are. I always end up with loads of quality regens, that are so much better than the original players!!
~ by Ben Howard

I would like to see attendance be linked to city sizes. Currently, you can take a lower-league club up to a top division and the club's average attendance will increase as your club reputation increases. This makes sense if you are managing a club in a large urban centre. However, if you are in a smaller town with a limited population, there is a natural ceiling on how high your attendance can be. This would create more of a challenge for lower league managers and also be more realistic.
~ by LondonCity

There could be a way to merge the nearby clubs into one team as a requirement to attract increased attendances.
~ by Stam

Should have a staff recruitment option for other staff like groundsmen and the people who look after the state of the facilities etc.
~ by paul1576

In real life, managers have their own key staff members and when they sign with a new club they bring their team staff with them. So it would be a good idea to implement this in the game. I suppose it could be part of the initializing game phase, when you input your personal data we could have a new module where we could choose our key staff, for example, a keeper coach, a fitness coach, an assistant coach, a scout and a physio.
~ by fs1973

Maybe club 'open days' as well as fan interaction like talking to them and signing autographs
- could boost popularity and get more fans in. [new]
~ by Adam King and Scott Connie

More social media engagement. Now twitter just gives you competition status updates. I think it would be more interesting being able to share transfer bids, as it could spur some discussion on what players to sign between social gamers. [new]
~ by Hugo Castro and Stam

There should be a page which highlights the no. of supporters, (similar to the richest clubs page) which shows the most well supported clubs in Europe or World.
~ by Antony Colby

They could split the 'supporters' into 'Local' 'National' and 'Worldwide', with each group less likely to attend games.
~ by Richard Dende Law

They should add woman teams in FM. [new]
~by Ahmad Ridhaudin


To introduce testimonial matches... which means when a club puts on a match in honour of a player for service to the club.
~ by man_u_barmy_army

Maybe a 'charity day' for fans could be added in the same way as some team's have 'fan days' in the game in order to encourage more fans.
~ by Raul Balaiban and Adam King

Allow more flexibility when creating an invitational league. 3 games in 3 days is absurd and we should be able to spread the games out and have a game every 3 days, for example.
by joannes3000

Speaking of invitational leagues, can those gain reputation like other established leagues? Would be neat to be able to create leagues every season and slowly build a history like other domestic and continental cup competitions.
~ by joannes3000

In lower leagues I can make money real fast just by arrange lots of friendlies against the same foreigner club. That's not realistic. For example, if I play one friendly match with my sub-19 team against a foreigner club that pays me 20K for the traveling, I can make lots of money if I keep arrange the same match over and over. In reality this never happen, after some friendlies they don't have more money, but in FM they have infinite money to give us with that method.
~ by Drchaos69

Network games

Will there be an option to play with your current team against your friends? Any time in the game, without starting a whole new competition (like a friendly).
~ by Yicklam Tam

I really hope Football Manager 2012 would provide with an option to have a multi-player game over LAN rather than the one available over the internet through Steam. [new]
~ by Prince Joseph

On the next game should be able to play against friends more and have the online draft game mode what was on the XBOX FM08.
~ by John Grace


That sums up all interesting suggestions people posted in our forums and our facebook pages. I tried to organize everything into categories, but please keep in the mind the order is random and not optimal. If you have an idea on how to sort the content better please advice. The same goes if you spot any errors or you feel a suggestion should be removed from the list.

And of course if you have any fresh suggestions, feel free to comment either on this page or on our FM2012 page on facebook. I’ll be also monitoring everything you write in our FM 2012 forums, so don’t worry nothing is going to be missed.

I hope important people at Sports Interactive will have a look and consider your suggestions and eventually integrate some of them into Football Manager 2012.

A big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to this list, I hope we can join forces for another FM cause soon! 

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Discussion: Football Manager 2012 New Features we'd like to see

162 comments have been posted so far.

  • lewhowarth's avatar
    I think it would be good if it was easier to train your youth players, so that they can generally become players, often they have really poor ratings and even when you play them they don't get much better, i feel that this is side of football is becoming more important as money becomes tighter. Also I think it would be good if the badges for all teams were included, e.g. Barclays Premier League. Whilst the profile pictures for players doesn't currently exist in the top leagues, it would eb good if this could be included into the game.
  • 66hill's avatar
    Be able to save a manager's salary so he can purchase clubs when he finishes managing and become an owner of a football club
  • Amunt's avatar
    1. If you don't want to spend your transfer budget, you should be able to spend the money on loans or just give them "back" to the club. As of now, the money just disappear like a fart in the wind if you don't spend it. Forced to spend money, yeah thats realistic, SI.

    2. I want to be able to suggest/choose feeder clubs manually, because everytime I ask the board they give me shit-teams.

    3. Real stadiums, coloured nets, ball boys(so not the goalkeeper have to go and get the ball every time), coloured fans(club colours with flags and stuff).

    4. If I buy a talented young player and move him down to the reserve team and he play there for a season he shouldnt choose the reserve team as "favourite team", because its the same club. For example if I am a manager in Valencia I dont want my youngsters to have Valencia Mestalla(the reserve team) as favourite team.
  • dthurogood31's avatar
    To be able to design football kits for your team for each new season.
  • arsenal_marcus's avatar
    I think we should be able to create our own player and team and get 100 million to buy transfers for our team and player people online or normally. create our own kit and stadium and be able to get sponsers from Fly Emirates, AON, ECT.PLEASE. Marcus Janz
  • ross-celtic-fm's avatar
    i would like to see and hear the fans make an atmosphere at the games like the green brigade for celtic.
  • seano4884's avatar
    I think having the licences for the J-League and German national side are a must. I know PES has the rights to the Japanese league but it's a completely different game to Football Manager. Plus non Japanese players of PES can't even play the J-League anyway.

    I think that SI should be more open to people creating mods for Football Manager and being able to manipulate the editor more would be fantastic.

    I like the idea of real stadiums in the game (to be able to view them). Press conferences need a do over.

    The national team setup needs work. Assigning of coaches and assistants to a national side is frustrating.

    Also the ability to play friendlies is frustrating too. For instance it's near impossible to play a MLS side during the European off-season as the MLS season clashes with it. Yet for some reason in real life they play friendlies against European sides at will during July, August.

    International friendlies are annoying to setup too, it would be great to have a board or list of available sides to setup friendlies with.
  • Leonidas's avatar
    The ability to tell your players to stick to a certain area of the pitch, say Liverpool, you have Andy Carroll upfront, no matter what sort of striker setting you have, the idiot is very rarley in the box. Believe me, I have tried all sorts. It would be nice to have a pre-match instruction screen for your team, so you can tell your fullbacks, "Hang back in this game" or tell your wingers "Run with the ball" stuff like that. It would go a long way to helping authenticate gameplay. There should also be a sliding bar for how often you want them to do it, so "run into space" rarley, sometimes, often, all the time.

    Being able to develop specific plays would be a nice touch, it would take a very long time (eg 2 seasons) or if you have a good coaching staff (eg half a season) to be able to implement. So I drill my front men to do a one-two pass and shot, it takes ages to get right and I can add it into my pre-match instructions. (ties in with the first)
  • AbiolaAmeen23's avatar
    I think having youth stadiums should be introduced would be exciting. And like in the old LMA games, you can have the option to see both first team and youth team train and presentations for manager of the month/year, player of the month/year etc...

    Secondly show fans walking into the stadiums from a birds eye view and in the actual stadium.
  • AbiolaAmeen23's avatar
    I like how FM 11 has focused on youth players, for example getting the exact youth players in real life and put in the game. But it would be cool if, you could hire a youth manager as well as coaches. Also it would be good if non league teams like Maidstone, Met Police, could have one or two youth players who are seen to have a real good future (talent) ahead.
  • thegoddamthing's avatar
    There are several things I would like to see in Football Manager 2012...

    The first one is that when you are deep into a game say in the 9th or 9th season, you unbeleivably start running out of players... I send scouts all over the world and they come back with nothing, I can only seem to find player of 29 and above, there doesnt seem to be any players coming through, my own youth policy was great but there wasnt the up and coming superstars that you find in real life. I think this issue needs addressing.

    The second one is the make the press conferences and the whole media interface much more interesting and relevant as the way it is set up in 2011 is so dull it almost becomes pointless. In real football the press conferences are such a massive part of football... Rafa Benitez's infamous "facts" conference and Jose Mourinho saying he wants to drink wine with Fergie... classics... I do beleive that this should be expanded so managers can become much more developed characters in the game.
  • servantes's avatar
    i would like to fm have more info about some countries like their fa some countries have problems with match fixing like italy turkey croatia romania more info about clubs their home towns if i have enough money i want to expand or build new stadium i trained mallorca and nothing they wont extend and build new one better match and prematch talk i want to be able to calm down when players is pissed with me because i dont want to sell to talk with i just get response "we got nothing to talk about" wtf contracts and transfers i want to be able to ofer contract if i have enough money and i get red baloon i constantly see players accepting lowers wage than i would offer or they dont accept my bigger offer more about transfers when i want to sell player to another club whos value is 2 m i want 4 they refuse why the f they refuse and they buy player half his worth for 5m ben sahar worth was 1m in espanyol and chelsea bought him for 25m and i want to tell the player that the offer from another club is too litlle for his worth he gets pissed absent from training and i'm forced to sell him for lower look at modric he'l stay in tottenham despite chelsea
  • Tompa001's avatar
    I would like that you can manage u17 national teams and play u17 world and european cup. It will be also nice to manage youth teams of clubs.
  • hyungsup2's avatar
    Not a new feature... but I'm using a mac.
    It's really annoying if you are using windowed mode and you can't resize the window!
    Steam is great since I don't have a cd drive in my macbook air but I can't see the commentary when I'm using the windowed mode.
    This is a huge thing for me since I'm on a 11" screen so if this doesn't change in 2012... then I won't be purchasing it!
    I say it's really easy thing to do!
    It would be great to use the OSX lion's fullscreen mode!
    That would actually solve my problem.
  • Neun78's avatar
    There are many things i waNT TO CHANGE FOR THE NEW FM,first all bugs when top teams loose big against 3/4 divisjon under,second, let us give the players/staff contracts possibillity all the time instead of not have the chance to do nothing,In my 11years time playing this game i have never feelt more frustraited then i have feelt about this years fm
  • Joe_Taylor91's avatar
    I've love to be able to take control of U21 teams and then try and move your way up the international management ladder
  • wellfan24's avatar
    I think that at the start of every football season all clubs should realise new home and away strips with different colours on away strips and different patterns for all home strips. Also new shirt sponsorship every season to generate the club more money income.
  • sdjeffery85's avatar
    Also I think there should be a random selection of young players whose attributes can greatly increase in a short space of time - in the game, how often do you see a player go through, say, the youth system at Everton, being reasonably unknown, or having moderate stats, and end up playing for Manchester United and being one of the best players in the world? It would be good if you could put an average young player in for a league cup game, have him score 3 goals, and then have the media storm that follows, either heightening his reputation really quickly without justification (often happens in real life), or making him believe in himself more and he becomes a world class player from a relatively modest situation.

    Just to clarify, I'm not talking about youth players who you can already tell will be world class via their stats - not every current superstar in football was always seen as 'the next big thing' - sometimes they come out of the woodwork.
  • sdjeffery85's avatar
    I think your manager reputation in the game lags behind your actual achievements - for example, I got Brighton from league one to the prem in two seasons, had a new stadium, good facilities, yet the players i could attract in my first season in the prem was drastically poorer than previous experiences of getting championship clubs to the prem in one year, when 2 promotions in 2 years is a greater achievement than getting a championship club promoted in 1 year. In this situation i think a manager should become 'flavour of the month', i.e. be viewed as a really good manager for most prem clubs looking for a manager - real life example Ian Holloway, or Kevin Keegan back in the day. If the manager then didn't prove successful at a new club his rep could take more of a hit, rather than this cumulative reputation which seems to build up slowly but never diminish.
  • biggsy14's avatar
    Sorry missed one off my last one

    I would like a view on of the stadium where you could add shops, training facilities, and other stalls that would bring in income from the spectators so that you could make more money for your clubs.

    I think it would be good if you could choose what facilities were added to your training and youth facilities as this would give more control over how you want your players to be trained
  • biggsy14's avatar
    I would like to see the following features in FM 2012

    1) You should be able to select your own sponsors or make suggestions from a list of perspective sponsors.

    2) You should be given a choice as to whether you want to change or keep your current kit and be able to design your own kit if you want to change it.

    3) When you want to expand/create your stadium you should be able to design your stands and stadium like you could do in the LMA Manager series.
  • chamill747's avatar
    It would be good if they introduced real sponsors like ETIHAD,AON,CARLSBERG for the kits.
    Also it would be great if the kit sponsors gave you money you could be able to design your own HOME,AWAY and THIRD kits.
  • emetjp's avatar
    I have played football manager since the 2008 edition and absolutely love it. I mainly manage semi-professional teams and try to get promoted a few times. I think it would be great if the under 18 teams of semi-professional teams in the blue square south for example had all of the real players. It is annoying having made up youth team players. I currently play for the u18 side of a team in the blue square south and would love to be on FM 2012 as I have played it for years now!
  • celtic64's avatar
    I would like in the editor the chance to turn off the seedings in international , national, and continental competitions to allow teams other than the big nations and clubs the chance to win european cups etc like what hapapnesed before when notts forrest and malmo etc were in finals.
  • sammy907's avatar
    Commentator in the game would be great,I get bored hearing the fans all the time it always the same noise it would be nice if football manager 2012 get commentators.

    And maybe when a team are in a cup final they should show the trophy before the game start and maybe see the losing team get their medals and definitely see the winning team celebrate their victory instead of just see the player run to the fans when they win on penalty just for 5 seconds.

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