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Football Manager 2014 New Features we'd like to see

Suggestions from the community on how to improve FM 2013. To be updated weekly!

By Updated on Jun 24, 2013   133280 views   99 comments
News - Football Manager 2014 New Features we'd like to see
As kids, all of us have had our favourite toys which we used to play with for days on end. Eventually we did get bored with them though. There was always something wrong with it or something that could have made it much better. Nothing was perfect. It’s been the same case with Football Manager 2013. No matter how frustrated we've felt with the match engine – especially when our goalkeeper scores the silliest own goal we've ever seen - we've all had our good saves and we've all seen the thrilling games where our team scored a stoppage time winner or where we went through a nail-biting penalty shootout in the Champions League final.

In a few months it will be time to say goodbye to FM13 and say hello to FM14. Sports Interactive will probably add a touch here and there, add a couple of new features, but if you think you have a really good idea that will improve the game, how do you make sure that it is heard? The answer is simple – post on our FM 2014 Facebook page! The best suggestions posted will be featured below, and in the likely event that someone from SI has a look, there’s a chance that your suggestion will end up on the next edition of Football Manager!

We'll be updating this article once a week to include fresh feature requests, so make sure to come back for more ;)

Officially confirmed FM14 news and FAQ

Now, let’s get underway with your own feature requests!

Player Interaction

Having control over whether your players dive or not would by a cool addition.
Michael Miller

As manager we should have the possibility for make "team-talk" to the players which is substituted off the field. Ex: You have a yellow card, don't want you to get sent off. ex: You played like crap! ex: need you fit for the next match also.
Håkon Kristiansen

I would like to be able to inform the players that Capital One Cup (as an example) is NOT a priority, so I can play youth or backup players without the main squad’s morale dropping.
Kjetil Thuen Tønnesen

When disciplining a player it would be nice to have more options to explain why they are being disciplined, and also if players are worried about lack of discipline asking them what specific issues they have.
Gary Foster

Would be interesting if two players in a team with different personalities clash with each other and get into a fight and/or have each other in their disliked personnel. Would certainly spice things up.
Jozef Ostrowski

Testimonials for retiring players would be awesome!
Stuart Bennett

During the off-season, we should be allowed to schedule team-building activities, or take the team out(like the Manchester United squad recently went to the horse races). Such activities could make the players happier as well as increase team cohesion.


Bring back the old fashioned training schedules.
Jørgen Fjellstad Arnesen

It would be nice to have the choice between using the old and new training.
Kevin Wilson


Prevent teams from buying the same players on every save. For example, PSG usually sign Schneiderlin, City usually buy Sandro etc.
Sean Lowrey

Would like to be able to be able to offer a certain club a player of mine in exchange of a player of theirs plus money. For example if I have a goalkeeper ‘A’, I could be able to offer it to a club for a player ‘B’ and a sum of 3m. The other club could haggle around with the fee if they are interested in ‘A’ or reject the deal completely.
Arvind Krishna

Have the ability to buy players and loan them back to their clubs like Stoke and Manchester United have done with Jack Butland and Wilfried Zaha respectively.
Tommy Stewart Colquhoun, Muzi 'Rafa' Nadal, Daniel Moore

Would like to have the option of sending a player on loan to a club as a part of a transfer deal of another player.
Alexander Rigby

Be able to have a conversation with a transfer target who has no intention of signing for your club to try and sell the club to the player.
Andy Wilson

Match Engine

When your team wins a trophy, there should be a celebration or a cut-scene showing your team lifting the trophy.
Several People

Concept of drop balls and foul throws implemented in the game.
??????? ???????

Goalkeepers should be booked when time wasting.
Håkon Kristiansen

Would love it if we could have a sort of a manager view from the dugout or touchlines.
Robert McPhee

What about having a commentator during the match, like in FIFA?
Sebastian Dabrowski
More atmosphere in stadiums, I just want to here the fans singing, that'll make the match experience more realistic.
Daan Vd Broek


To be invited to attend shows like MOTD or to be on Sky Sports etc would be cool.
John Reynolds

More types of questions from the media and different answers available depending on the emotion chosen by us.
Several people

I'd like if the press actually noticed when you make a huge leap with a club in the lower divisions. As in if Perugia in Lega Pro manages to get to Serie A in a few seasons. Now the press is more like, "meh... Whatever." even though it's a huge achievement.
Felix Raisma


Ability to get your team to play proper ‘Total Football’. Currently we’re able to swap only two players with each other and set the our team to play a very fluid style, but it would be cool if it was easier to play Total Football.
Arvind Krishna

I’d like to assign players to mark certain opponents during defensive set pieces and not just mark tall/short or man mark/go back.
Lars Madsen

It would be great if we can assign fix tactic's player instruction individually on the player itself that would replace team or position's player instruction. For example, I wouldnt want this specific (A) player to play long shot for his whole life so I set the Long shot bar to Rarely for this guy and whenever I sub him into the game I dont have to worry about changing it again in team tactic.

Shouts to individual players should be added, not just ones to the entire team.
Kevin Raymond Marshall

'Undo last' button when making 'quick substitutions' during a game.

FM Handheld

I would think it would be fantastic if you could improve FM Handheld. Like put in more leagues and so.
Ludvig Karlsson

Regarding the handheld version, please put at least a 2D view on it. It would really entice me to buy an iPad or a Galaxy note just for this game.
Doni Teodorico Capuyan

Your Manager

Have a manager profile of your own and have the ability to increase your own stats.
Mihai Ene

Something needs to be done with the wages we earn over time or else it is just a redundant figure staring back at us. Perhaps the ability to buy shares of a club with the wages we have got?
Leon Tan, several others

I would like to apply for a job and have the club offer me an interview if they consider me for the job.
Mike Reid, Mikey Duckworth

Would like my manager to be able to speak languages other than the ones spoken in the country he hails from.
Freddy Chartier

An option to be real life managers or be able to become a staff member or player in game and turn them into a manager. For example, we could have the option of becoming Brendan Rodgers or becoming Ruud van Nistelrooy and turning him into a manager.
John Reynolds

Being given the option to start off as the manager of a reserve or under-18 side would be cool. We could build up our reputation and move to a club’s senior side or apply for the post of Senior Squad manager of the same club if the job is vacant.
Callum Stewart, Brett Goacher

Past Managing Experience?

It's become a little trendy to start promoting assistant managers up to the big seat once their seniors have moved on, Barcelona being the main reference. I don't think many people (anyone?) knew who Tito Vilanova was until he was appointed manager; it would be nice if some prior history with the club was offered where by the current clubs players see you as Jesus reincarnate but everyone else hasn't even heard your name.

I'm sick and tired of Rooney slagging me off for my lack of playing experience...
Come Clarity


Introduce medical centres in clubs as an independent facility similar to training grounds.
It's OK having 5 star coaching but if your grounds are 2 star you will suffer for it. I propose a similar set up for the medical center, e.g. a star rating on physios, and on the center's: size, and quality. Within reason of course, as however good your physios, a broken bone will still take a set time to heal but in the same way that a specialist takes less time than a physio. A better medical center should equal less healing time and decreased frequency for injuries.
Mike Hackett

A legends mode with all time legends like Maradona, Pele and Cruyff would be totally awesome.
Rune Andersen

I would add a value graph just like the attributes graph but it will show the player's value progress through the years just like the one that is in transfermarkt.
Dimitris Koutsogiannakis

Want to be able to host friendly in different countries at neutral venues. For example: Celtic vs Real Madrid in the USA. Both clubs could split the profits and have a boost in their fan base and merchandise sales.
Paul Kirkpatrick

Being able to change kits every season.
??????? ???????

With the influx of players getting into trouble for biting players, being racist etc it would be good for this to be introduced into the new football manager. I think it would be good if players on the game got a 10 game ban for example for an incident other than just a regular bad tackle.
Kieran Statham

Promises from your chairman to encourage you not to quit and join another club. EG, next seasons transfer budget, ground expansion
Andy Crawley

It's not a major thing but being able to add staff to a shortlist would be useful.
Chris Wild

While searching for staff, we should be able to filter based on scouting knowledge as well. For example, if I want a scout with knowledge about the players in French leagues, the only thing I can do to find one is filter based on nationality or where he is based. But sometimes there could be a Belgian, Dutch or African scout with the desired scouting knowledge as well.

The history of players should show all games, not only league games!

Ability to upgrade medical facilities and not just hire physios( this to have bearing on injury times i.e a pulled muscle takes less time to heal with Arsenal than Watford) Also, please put Youth Coach search back into the Staff Search.

Regens and Youth

A small one - make regens have favorite numbers.
Fancy Gaffot

One thing I would really love to see in the new FM which is regens that are actually related to current football players. It would be unrealistic for everyone to have a kid that plays football, but it would be cool to see a player with the surname Rooney, Messi or Ronaldo once in a while.
Rob Fitzpatrick

We should have the option of using the FMC skin in the regular FM.
Several People

A challenge where we have to follow the footsteps of legendary managers like Sir Alex and win 'x' amount of titles with a club, or stay in one club for a certain number of years would be cool.
Van Persie

Currently we're only able to see appearance, goals, assists stats for a season, but even though it's a small addition I'd like it if in FM14 we view a list of top 10 players of our club sorted by appearances, goals, assists, clean sheets etc.
Herbert Fandel

Tired of seeing clubs get new stadiums with the same names, such as the "Hoddle Arena". Names for them should be different than just legends, perhaps sponsored stadium names or names based on the stadium's location or the club's nickname.

Fan-made logo and pack-shot

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Discussion: Football Manager 2014 New Features we'd like to see

99 comments have been posted so far.

  • bramcarella's avatar
    add 3d match engine for a training session, and add more specific training focus attack crossing, defend crossing, passing training, penalty shoot-out training
  • sTedDarzZ's avatar
  • Bill's avatar
    Two suggestions I could think of right now, apologies if they have been mentioned in previous posts.
    1) Audio commentary during the different highlight modes.
    2) Performance Analysts - a) Opposition scouting (Home and Away), which reports detailed trends of strengths and weaknesses, rather than just info on their formations. For example, what playing styles they adopt at home compared to away + how that changes their overall strategy (Short/Direct Passing + Set Piece analysis + Movement trends)
    Own team analysis - With suggestions from your Coaches of the criterion they believe are important aspects of the game the analyst should be looking for, in order to tailor subsequent training sessions to improve/build on areas of strengths and weaknesses identified.
  • hunterh1's avatar
    I honestly have a few ideas but I doubt they will happen , what about a audio pack , like commentary , or a sound pack , fans chanting there team name and singing or even chanting your name ( the managers ) name ????
  • hunterh1's avatar
    what about having a academy aswell , like from 5 years of age ???? sounds a bit crazy but imagine growing a player from that age all the way till he retires .
  • hunterh1's avatar
    another thing I would love to see is if your club or any other club wins the title of any cup comp , a presentation of your team lifting the trophy would look great with confetti or fireworks etc etc . don't know if that's possible but I think it would make winning a trophy more exciting .
  • hunterh1's avatar
    I would think it would be sensible to be able to load up your old save from fm 13 into fm 14 , because some people have massive careers with there management , think its unfair that when a new fm comes out you have to start a fresh because of a new fm release . be great if that was possible , some people will be well into there 10+ season ...
  • Diazepamll's avatar
    I would like that game button to tick on/off that has no load option after the match is over. You cannot cheat that way if you want.
  • XISTENZ's avatar
    i would like to see a dynamic AI!! what I mean?? I mean that after 2-3 years you know the questions the game will going to ask what i want is that every year i different. in one year might win every silverware but on the next one might not qualify for european cup!! i dont know if you understand what i am trying to say..... but i hope they do!!
  • geek's avatar
    it absolutely irritates me that a potential signing's agent can make ridiculous demands when haggling over a his contract (even more so when the player's 'very interested' in the deal).
    i'd thus love it if we could tell/encourage our potential signings to ditch their greedy agent in those circumstances.
  • skrew's avatar
    Filtering to Unhappy status would be nice too.
  • Adrian510's avatar
    We should be able to tell players on the reserve bench to warm up and encourage not to substitute them immediately into the game. If managers immediately substitute players in without warming up, the risk of the substitute player getting injured will be higher.
  • JayZambo's avatar
    Also, some form of audible commentary during matches would literally make me jump for joy like a little child.
  • JayZambo's avatar
    I've got to echo Wazza's comments and say that some form of 'dynamic' potential would be more interesting to me than the current fixed system we have at the moment.

    It makes more sense to me that players should be able to develop more than up to a fixed point in the game. If I buy a 16 year old with 100 CA / 110PA, but if I give him plenty of play time, in a tactic that he excels in and I have the best facilities in the land, it makes no sense that he'd be stuck at the same level of ability as a Championship player for the rest of his life.

    In reality, while certain Mental and Technical skills are perhaps something that vary from player to player and cannot really be improved, there is nothing to stop lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of practice making Joe Bloggs from the BSN as good on the ball as Leo Messi (with the right training and tutelage of course).

    I also think this would help managers be more willing to vary their purchasing strategies in the game. You only have to look at the Manager Stories to see that the same names pop up in different stories. (Adryan, Carlos Fierro, etc, etc)

    Obviously something would need to be done to stop EVERY youth player becoming as good as Messi, perhaps only have gains for attributes (above the CA) via events in the game or something? (i.e: a player that scores 20 goals in a season gains +1 finishing or something)
  • acidwarrior's avatar
    Less gimmicks, graphics and other stuff for kids/ fifa players. More impetus on how fm / old champman used to be. Make the action bar a little bigger for veterans who don't use the 3d or pitch views. Less tabs on the match screen make it so you can see the player ratings/ score / and match stats on the main screen all the other stuff on a separate tab. Oh and as the guy below says an undo button is needed :)
  • wokingfan96's avatar
    I love the MOTD idea, maybe you could watch highlights from the matches and comment on them, say what you would've done. But that's pretty complex to do I guess.

    Adding an 'undo last' button in quick subs is a must. I like the idea of being able to tell players how you don't prioritise certain competitions, and their morale not dropping, although ive never found morale to be an issue in my games.

    I also want them to actually build that FM 1888 game, even if it's a (paid?) add-on to FM14, that'd be really cool.

    One thing I think they really have to fix is the realism of some results, like for example Scotland sometimes win the 2018 WC in my game, and in 2030 Spain, Brazil, Italy and Portugal are all outside the top 15 in the fifa rankings (Honduras becomes the best team in the world). This is totally stupid and would never happen, and I think that needs to be sorted. Also a lot of the attendances are completely inaccurate, and ive just won the CL with hibs and reputation wise im only the 16th best club in europe, which is stupid.
  • davesexton's avatar
    Sometimes the simplest idea is the best - Tabs, why do we not have tabs? Anyone who's used them in an internet browser will appreciate the difference they could make to game play.
  • skrew's avatar
    1. A view on which we can see ideal role model for players.
    2. A team talk allowing the manager to tell a player that he is selfish and wastes a lot of chances with wayward long and weak shots.
    3. A team talk allowing the manager to tell a player he is risking being dropped or even sold.
  • sniper99's avatar
    I would like to be able to negotiate friendly dates when one of my feeder clubs (or a club that I have bought a player from and added a 'friendly clause') exercises their option of a match.
    It's unrealistic for them to force me to play a match at just a few days notice, especially if I have important league or continental games coming up.
  • Bert's avatar
    I would like to see an improvement in Classic Mode, say for example adding team talks, being able to deselect lower leagues (my computers not the best) and having more board and player interaction. It's very bare bones, maybe even too stripped down, a completely different experience from FM full mode.

    Just making a few more improvements and I'll be very happy with it.

    If not, even just making it FM07 with up to date improvements. That would be cool.
  • shylax's avatar
    I would like to see CPU teams develop youth players better, so loans out are a more attractive deal.

    I second being able to manage youth and reserve sides for bigger teams.
  • Rablador's avatar
    To have interviews with pundits like Gary Neville after matches.
  • wazza_d's avatar
    What I would like to see is the 'dynamic' development of the youth players or players younger than 21/22 for example. When you look at the stats for all players on FMRTE, they have Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA). The PA is maxed out to 200, surely if a youth player who is about 17/18 years old with a PA of 125 and a CA of 124 can further develop their game/stats. So why can't their PA increase when they are still so young. I never heard of a youth/young player reaching their peak at an age of 17/18 in the real world. FIX THIS PLEASE!! It is quite frankly stupid to have a fixed PA.
  • dvscampos's avatar
    Make it so that the points towards the Hall of Fame are kept within a savegame instead of a seperate file per pc.

    The way it is right now, if you win a competition on one pc, carry on with that savegame on another pc, that previously won competition won't be accounted towards the Hall of Fame.
  • Adrian510's avatar
    Better ball physics in matches like banana curl pass, out curl passes, out curl shot and swerving free kicks.

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