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Discussion: FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

206 comments have been posted so far.

  • frky's avatar
    Does anyone have installer for the latest version? This download is for version and some time ago (like a year or so) it autoupdated to for me but I had to install Lineup Tool again on fresh OS lately and it doesn't autoupdate anymore so I'm stuck on older version
  • RoyUlliott's avatar
    only works on older versions
  • lightningflik's avatar
    This is a great tool.

    Does the latest version contain the learnings from the kykyky experiment and the tests in the FM Arena "FM22 Positional Filters" thread?
  • tavares82's avatar
    Ruths0n's lineup tool only loads html file. How did you manage to load another type of file?
  • poirotketchup's avatar
    This was my favorite tool for past versions! Please update for 23.
  • MainBeatZ's avatar
    Pls do a FM 23 update (include Transfer Helper)
  • maguloni_trener's avatar
    Please update it
  • GaimKore's avatar
    I don't think this will be updated
  • NickJatNite's avatar
    I still cannot get this working

    Unhandled exception

    the "th" start tag on line 163 position 3 does not match the end tag of 'tr' on Line 175. position 3
  • DivineGrace's avatar
    @JoseBourinho56 and @ruths0n

    I got this error, any idea? I changed Awaiting treatment to - and "-" but no luck

    System.Xml.XmlException: 'MsoNormalTable' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 1, position 27.
  • bezman's avatar
    When I save the webpage using Ctrl P it only saves my homepage and not the team. Has anyone got any ideas on this at all please.
  • Gimli's avatar
    new error
    Object reference not set to an instance of object.
  • JoseBourinho56's avatar
    Ruths0n's fix works.

    Brilliant. Even quicker than having to edit it each time in Notepad++.
  • kev1912's avatar
    i cant get this to work, keep getting 'input string was not in correct format' can anyone help me please
  • SirBroccolia's avatar
    How do I load my shortlisted player?
  • mholden's avatar
    still not able to get it working for fm23 i have tried everything, so any help would be appreciated?!
  • ruths0n's avatar
    Good Tipp, I changed it a bit.

    I changed the custom view and deleted the Time Out and replaced it with Appearance. Print it, change the point "Apps" into "Time Out" and save that file. Now you can load this file into lineup tool
  • Sotiris's avatar
    Does not work
    It does not load team
  • harrow's avatar

    IT WORKS on FM23. I'm using it now!
  • kev1878's avatar
    doesnt work for fm23 i have tried everything, this tool is brilliant so i really need to get it working any help would be appreciated?!
  • harrow's avatar
    Once you Ctrl P and save it on PC, open it via webpage...look for a column named: Time Out. Then you need to inspect element for that column, most of them will state Awaiting Treatment. Then using the element replace Awaiting Treament with this little dash only - ...All of the column needs to be changed to the dash. Once done save the webpage back to PC. load it with this tool. happy days
  • MainBeatZ's avatar
    Pls update the Lineup Tool
  • ben_allen76's avatar
    Ive used this for FM22 no problem, but when i try and import the team using fm23 i get this :

    Failed to load the export. Make sure you have selected the correct 'FM Lineup Tool view' in Football Manager before exporting as a web page

    Anyone got a fix for this?

  • harrow's avatar
    Woot Woot, I got it working!
  • harrow's avatar
    Hey all, Can someone put up a guide on how to utilise this app with FM23 please. I am having difficulties :(

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