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Discussion: FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

206 comments have been posted so far.

  • kenan's avatar
    Hello, will the application be available in French and on Mac?
  • Jason1302's avatar
    I got my version to work by simply going into general settings-
    - UNTICK both try to load logo/face & use player photo
    then save and it worked straight away, hope this helps
  • Chunky0585's avatar
    Has anyone got a fix for this yet or any update on a way to fix?
  • ben_allen76's avatar

    When is this getting updated for all the features to work with FM22?
  • GodAtum's avatar
    v1.0.0.8 breaks the view import as others have mentioned in fm21
  • GodAtum's avatar
    How do I load a tactic .fml file, its a PITA manually config tactics?
  • CBP's avatar
    It is working on FM22. Working fine for me
  • samikaz's avatar
    Do you think you will get it working with FM22?
  • ocsisajt78's avatar
    to my latest post:
    Re-installed, re-upated, re-imported "view"... Still failed to load...

    Again: Nothing changed, used 100 times before... Dunt understand...
  • ocsisajt78's avatar
    "Failed to load export"

    Is it a bug or what?

    YES, i'm using the (latest updated) view filter since install and nothing changed so far. 2-3 days ago it was worked but today somehow messed up?
    I don't understand why...
  • goodz's avatar
    Hey, Davy, how are you? Unfortunately, I'm not able to install the FM lineup Tool, could you tell me what the problem would be? The file doesn't even open.
  • ClarkFM's avatar
    Is there any way to make the screen full screen?
  • JoseBourinho56's avatar
    How can I use this on FM09, please? Keeps coming up with an error the importing the views but 09 isn't supported.

    Can I bypass this check?
  • Alfral's avatar
    Any news about the transfer helper update?
  • mantorras77's avatar
    Actually its working fine so far in FM22
  • mantorras77's avatar
    @DavyDepuydt You planning on updating this for FM22?
  • zmgalante's avatar
    I am using CrossOver to use this on Mac but it does not let me update it :( any chance the download on this page can have the new version?
  • fn1987's avatar
    @Alfral thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it doesnt work because of my laptops res settings. The creator mentioned fixing that in the near future.
  • Insuranseguy's avatar
    Started up a completely new game. Getting this warning "Issue converting a date", though I've doubble-checked the /-setting of the dates. Truly unsure what to do. Any idea appreciated.
  • Alfral's avatar
    a tip for all users that cannot see the bottom of the tool: let your applications bar auto-hide. In this way you will be able to see all the window of the tool!
  • fn1987's avatar
    Okay, i understand whats wrong now. My little laptop does up to 1366*768 max. Its annoying that i cant use the features below but i still make the best of the app and will wait for the upgrade. Thank you for your work and effort.
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @fn1987 for now it only renders fine in 1920 x 1080 resolutions (or higher)
    I'm going to make a more tiny version that should render fine on the more popular resolution just below (can't remember which one ;) )
  • fn1987's avatar
    how can i get it to fill the screen? i am unable to see the goalie name and anything below that.
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    New version is out... took a bit longer because of ... you know.. life .. :D
    * better score calculation
    * lineup options vs general options (rotation options/hg options...)
    * redesigned lot's of ui elements
    * made a lot of things dummy proof, better pointing out if doing something wrong, stability fixes, ...
  • ocsisajt78's avatar
    DavyDepuydt: Would be super cool!!! ^^

    I feel not only me whoz having a pedantic scouting procedure. (min cons, max injury, dirtiness etc.) And when you put those guys on genies shortlist you can able to save as slf file.

    Thanks again in advance!


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