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Discussion: FM Lineup Tool - Exclusive Download

206 comments have been posted so far.

  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Another little tease, made the home screen a bit nicer, added "best available" lineup as well, better support for detection of contract expiry (not only within 6 months, but ending at the end of the season)

    I'm wrapping up a "transfer centre" page that will help you identify what targets are best to go for, from a scouted list, and when that is ready I will release the tool
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @nathan, next version will have better error logging to see what is wrong, for now, can you sent me the file that refuses to load to [email protected] so I can check if it's still an issue.

    @ocsisajt78, it's something I'll look into
  • ocsisajt78's avatar
    Dear Editor: Any chance for supporting in future release to import SLF files directly? It would be handy for synergizing between Genie scout and this. :)
    Thanks a lot!
  • Nathan Silva's avatar
    Hey, I'm having an issue since last night. It's saying that index is out of range. Already reinstalled it several times. Great tool though, thanks for sharing it!
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    A sneak preview of next version
    @ScarletSovereign, as requested and promised, you'll be able to better configure league rules for your squad selection

  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Allanur sent me the file you want to open to [email protected]
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Yes it's first thing to do when main features are implemented. I'm almost there ;)
  • zarozero's avatar
    Hey, will you update it to fit in other resolutions too?
    1366x768 doesn't look good.
  • Allanur's avatar
    It gives an error, please help me. I play FM21 did all steps correct. It says an unhandled exception occurred in your application.
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Yes will be included in next version :)
  • ScarletSovereign's avatar
    i love the changes you made :D So i started at a new club and i can´t meet the registration rules for the league with the tool. Any chance some registration feature is on your to do list? :D
  • MRJ2012's avatar
    so its not showing my left and right midfielders positions on some squads
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Ice30, not at the moment sorry.... My russian is non-existing :D so if I add other languages it will first be French, German, Italian, Spanish... ;)
  • Ice30's avatar
    Is the program planned to work in Russian?
  • DexterHovis's avatar
    Hi Davy - Just discovered the Quick Pick and Rotated options - great additions!
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @adkuppens check your installation directory (c:\davydepuydt\fmlineuptool by default) it should have the "views" subfolder)
  • adkuppens's avatar
    I have installed the last update, and I have still have to use the old view file.
    In the new zip file there is no folder with views, how can I get them
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    @lhsmith yes if you want to use it as "quick pick" tool, no if you just want to know your best lineup and get to know your team. Completely up to you how u use it
  • LHSmith's avatar
    Hi do you have to load the tool for every game you play as I guess with injuries and stuff it would make sense
  • Alfral's avatar
    Loving the new update! I have just a suggestion: in the Quick Pick selection, can you just don't select players that are unavaiable because of playing a match for u20 the same day?
  • FieryELLIOTT's avatar
    I wasn't being unfair with the comment buddy i honestly think you have done a brilliant job with tool i just didn't see that you replied to me and i appreciate that it's a free tool to use sorry for the misunderstanding
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    I replied to you earlier today via PM already that I Will take a look at it at latest next week (which is i think a Nice promise for a free tool), that first new features had priority and the tool just renders fine on 80% of most used resolutions nowadays, so I feel your comment is really unfair mate
  • FieryELLIOTT's avatar
    Still no joy with fm lineup tool it's seams to big on my screen it doesn't fit like the pics on yours and there's no way to resize it to fit perfectly iam missing most of the bottom bit any help would be appreciated thanks
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Version (Sept 20 2021)
    * All ingame roles are now available
    * NEW VIEWS TO EXPORT DATA -> needed to support new features of the tool
    * Choose between 3 lineups: Best, Quick Pick or Rotated
    * Condition is now visible and used in features like Quick Pick or Rotated Squad
    * Support for 30-men national preselection instead of 23 selection only
    * Various UI redesigns for both club & international manager mode
    * Various fixes for issues people reported
    * A lot of quality of life (QOL) improvements so it's easier and more comfortable for people to use the tool
    * A lot of behind the scenes optimization of the code and making it easier to extend certain parts in the future
  • DavyDepuydt's avatar
    Another sneak preview

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