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Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) - GK

EU National - 21 Years Old

By Anonymous Updated on Nov 17, 2007   26674 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 129 / Added: 2007-11-17
FM 2008 Best Players - Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) - GK
This keeper is one of the best in this game, as the time goes he grows stronger and stronger. Big clubs make searches for types like him, hurry up and you might be able to get one of the worlds best keepers. If you played FM2007, you'll remember him as a nice backup.

[url=result.htm? Akinfeev&sa=Google+Search&sitesearch=&client=pub-1854783892977142&forid=1&channel=6833734449&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&cof=GALT%3A%23008000%3BGL%3A1%3BDIV%3A%23336699%3BVLC%3A663399%3BAH%3Acenter%3BBGC%3Acfd1ce%3BLBGC%3A336699%3BALC%3A0000FF%3BLC%3A0000FF%3BT%3A000000%3BGFNT%3A0000FF%3BGIMP%3A0000FF%3BFORID%3A11&hl=en&x=08CE4E]Search for Igor Akinfeev in Google![/url]

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 129 / Added: 2007-11-17
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Discussion: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) - GK

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • rosscoveney's avatar
    rosscoveney11 years ago
    will try him
  • micah's avatar
    ehmmm ehmmmm ye he is class just a tiny bit overated tho 25 MIL RIP OFF in my opinion
  • rosscoveney's avatar
    Andurilz12 years ago
    ehm? akinfeev is russian aka NON-EU.....
  • rosscoveney's avatar
    ikme12 years ago
    i approach to sign him when his contract runs out in's quite marvelous.
  • Nuno10's avatar
    yeah the problem with Ustari though is he's non-EU same with Ochoa and I'd rather keep that spot open for the likes of Banega.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    he is absolute shit!

    nah just messing, a bit overrated in my opinion. he is good though, dont think he has the potential to be THAT good as the game predicts. but certainly could end up playing for a top flight club.

    Oscar Ustari is another wonder goalkeeper in the game.
  • Nuno10's avatar
    if you declare interest and they reject an offer he gets unhappy. They wanted £31mil and got him for £12.5mil
    not bad :p
  • rosscoveney's avatar
    Andurilz12 years ago
    Hes great, but so freaking expensive..... you'll have to be really lucky if you get him for less then 25 mil (euro)
  • nikepro300's avatar
    is a really a good player.I don't lie
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