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MacAssistant RT for FM14 - Exclusive

The one and only fully featured assistant / editor for Football Manager 2014 and Mac. Works with Mac OS X 10.7+ and the latest 14.3.1 patch.

By Updated on Apr 18, 2015   246106 views   367 comments
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Downloads: 51418 / Size: 7.4 MB / Added: 2013-11-06
FM 2014 Tools - MacAssistant RT for FM14 - Exclusive
News 5/12/2014:
The new MacAssistant RT is now ready! Get it from the auto-updater or here! This will update your MacAssistant to the RT14 version which has the same features as the 2015 version (minus the FM2015 support, of course).

MacAssistant RT is a real time scout tool / real time editor for Football Manager 2014. It supports Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 and the latest 14.3.1 Steam version of FM2014.
Exclusively available from

Picking up where MacAssistant RT for FM13 left off, the work continues on MacAssistant RT for FM14.

And for the first time, MacAssistant RT supports editing of club finances and player stats, CA/PA, Reputation and condition! This is an exclusive donator feature, so if you've donated in the past you should have received your license by now! If you haven't and want to edit your finances, a simple donation of any* amount will give you full unrestricted access to this year's MacAssistant RT Supporter features, and you'll receive your license within 24 hours! Scout functionality is still, and will remain free, for as long as I develop MacAssistant RT.

Last Update: 18 April 2015 - v1.0.167
Released: 6 November 2013 - v0.6.1

Redistribution Policy:
People who want to put MacAssistant RT on other sites, you may link back to this very page but you cannot host any files yourselves. Thank you!


Current MacAssistant RT version 1.0.165 supports:
  • 14.3.1
  • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10


  • Exciting new user interface, optimised for OS X Yosemite. Backwards compatible to 10.7+
  • Massively faster engine. Loading a game now takes roughly 3 seconds!
  • Quicksearch! Never again do you have to fiddle around with the filters when all you looking for is something you know its name.

  • View/Edit a player's Age, Nationality, value, weight, height, caps and U21 caps, and presets to Heal, Destroy and Unban players.
  • View/Edit a player's playing and personality stats, fitness, condition, jadedness, CA/PA, Left/Right Foot, and Reputation
  • View/Edit a player's contract wage, start/expiration date, squad status, squad number, transfer status, contract type, bonuses and clauses (value/type)
  • Swap players between clubs!

  • View/Edit a staff member's Age, Nationality, Names and other basic info.
  • View/Edit a staff member's Coaching / Personality / Business etc. stats, CA/PA, and Reputations
  • View/Edit a player's contract wage, start/expiration date, job type, bonuses and clauses (value/type)

  • View/Edit a player/staff 's Age, value, weight, height, caps and U21 caps, and presets to Heal, Destroy and Unban players.
  • View/Edit a player/staff 's playing and personality stats, fitness, condition, jadedness, CA/PA, Left/Right Foot, and Reputation
  • View/Edit a player/staff 's contract wage, start/expiration date, squad status, squad number, transfer status, contract type, bonuses, job type and clauses (value/type)

  • View/Edit Attendances, Year founded, facilities (youth/training), chairman status, morale
  • View/Edit Finances: Balance, Transfer Budgets, Highest Wage Allowed, Season Tickets/Ticket Prices, Transfer Embargos, Wage Budget, Sugar Daddy, Sponsors and Debts
  • View/Edit Club Colours and Kits
  • View Club Teams and view/edit Team Reputation. Heal/Remove Unhappy/Remove Bans/Destroy whole teams!

  • View/Edit Stadium data
  • View/Edit the Stadium Coordinates on a map!

  • Create/Edit/Delete Shortlists
  • Easily drag-and-drop players from the results table to your created shortlists to add them
  • Import and Export shortlists from and to Football Manager

Please note, that you will notice things that are not functional or missing (Shortlist functionality for example). These will be gradually enabled as we near the final stable release at the end of this month. Please do NOT post bug reports about things that are not working, other that what's on the above list.

Support MacAssistant RT

You can support the development of this tool by purchasing a license which unlocks the editing features for the 2014 version. This is an one time upgrade which costs $3.99 / £2.99 / €2.99 (+ VAT for EU Supporters).


Instructions for the First Run

The first time you load the app, it will ask for your password. Please fill it in because it's important that the app will run with root access, otherwise it will quit.

Bug Reports

MacAssistant RT will also need your help! If you encounter any bugs, please report them by sending an email to [email protected]


For support queries regarding licenses, please contact [email protected]. For any other support queries, please contact [email protected]

Feature Requests

You can always request a feature that you want that will make this tool better! Just leave a message in the official MacAssistant RT Forum!
Any doable feature requested will make it in the next release if it's not that time consuming. But if it is, you'll probably have to wait a few releases. It's still gonna be added!


MacAssistant RT is a fully featured assistant tool created by thanoulas.
New app logo by Stam.
With MANY special thanks to everyone who donated! You are the ones who keep this project alive!

Download Now
Downloads: 51418 / Size: 7.4 MB / Added: 2013-11-06
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Discussion: MacAssistant RT for FM14 - Exclusive

367 comments have been posted so far.

  • thanoulas's avatar
    Again, anyone who hasn't received their license should send me a pm with your email address so I can check.

    No injury removal yet, but it's being implemented for the next update. Thank you everyone.
  • Camarly's avatar
    can i remove a player's injury?
  • Camarly's avatar
    I just did myself, only a few hours ago ...just can't wait
  • kristjanhelgi's avatar
    Hi i just donated when will i receive my code ?? :D
  • wind_aeneas's avatar
    Same, i donated yesterday. I guess you will send us a confirmation soon? Thank you.
  • coolwineu's avatar
    Same here, donated on Sat but still no license.

    Please kindly check, thanks!
  • nfx_'s avatar
    Downloaded MacAssistant RT on Friday and have donated, but I have yet to receive my licence. Any idea when I am likely to receive it?

  • thanoulas's avatar
    @chelsea_0000 please check your PMs, I've answered you there, Thanks
  • chelsea_0000's avatar
    First of all i would like to thank you for developing something like Macassistant as there aren't a lot of apps available for the mac edition of football manager, i really appreciate the effort!
    Like a week ago I've made a donation using Paypal and I also got the confirmation (through Paypal tough) and I was wondering when can i expect to have my licence to use all the available functions? I hope to hear from you and thanks in advance!
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @vdub - Hi, stat freezing is not a feature offered (yet) by MacAssistant RT. Stats will naturally degrade with time in FM, you need to adjust the CA and PA values accordingly and a few other stats too, to keep them high for as long as possible.

    @EVERYONE: As stated when you donate, it may take up to 24 Hours to process your donation and receive your license file. Please only contact me IF your license doesn't arrive after 24 hours. Thanks

    @unsteeled101 donating directly to the email is fine. Could you please PM me your email address so I can check why you haven't received your license? Thanks
  • Unsteeled101's avatar
    Its been more than 24h, and i still didnt get my code yet..
  • choodsimon's avatar
    @thanoulas can't wait to receive my code!!!!!! ;)
  • Unsteeled101's avatar
    Hi, i have donated. However i didn't donate it through the donation page. I donated through the email that mentioned on the pay pal. Will i still get the license number? Thank you
  • vdub's avatar

    Got 2 small problems:

    Player Stats: If I adjust a stat say from 1 to 10 and then save the game, the stat will remain at 10 for about 3 - 4 matches and then start to reduce back to the original number. ie: stat is not locked or frozen.

    Adding cash: I adjust the balance of the club up to £100m... Now under the FPS the club has had to pay out 'dividends' and the club is close to administration. What is the best way to add cash to the club and avoid the FPS system? Adding to transfer budget instead?

  • davidx90000's avatar
    just donated when will i get my code for supporters mode?
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @kohulme it can take up to 24 hours to receive the license, but as far as I can see, you should have received it already
  • kohulme's avatar
    Just donated! When will I receive the code/details on how to get supporters mode?

    I NEED to make Leeds rich...
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @jameskim, thanks, you can find more details in your donation messages

    @bigiffius as I've already explained, the asking price is calculated in the fly by Football manager by taking into account a huge amount of factors that are not all available in the memory, but rather buried in the logic of the game. I always try to improve the asking price to bring it as close as possible with the data I have access to, but it will never be 100% accurate. You'll find that all Football Manager tools have the same issue, it is not unique to MacAssistant RT.
  • bigiffius's avatar
    @biggifius I'm sorry but probably never.

    You said it's not 100% accurate 'yet'. Where is the issue here?
  • jameskim's avatar
    how much do we have to donate.. i donated but it got refunded...
  • mban's avatar


    made a donation and received the mail with license, but i can't open it in any way???
    how do i open the file or wich program do i need to use?
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @rdkoucout I am really sorry for that, but for some reason I never received a notification for your donation, so I couldn't process it! I dug through the list in PayPal and I found your donation, and sent you the license straight away. Again, I apologise for that, it was in no way done intentionally. Please check your PMs
  • rdkoucout's avatar
    Well apparently making a "donation" is truly that. Two days later and I have not gotten anything resembling a license for the full functionality of the game, nor have I heard anything from the developer(s) regarding when and how I might be expecting that. Good deal guys, apparently we don't have real money over here in the States.
  • rdkoucout's avatar
    Hi, so I made a donation yesterday and was just curious when I might be getting a license emailed to me so that I can have full functionality of the new macassistant. If you could just let me know that would be awesome. Thanks.
  • thanoulas's avatar
    @biggifius I'm sorry but probably never.

    @spotnick88 sorry but that doesn't make sense. The latest available version for Football Manager is 14.2.2 and the latest MacAssistant RT version is 0.7.3
    Make sure you have the latest MaRT version by going to MacAssistant RT on the menu and clicking "Check for updates". And make sure you are running the latest FM 14.2.2 version.

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