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Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin

A simple, clean skin for FM22; ideal for those playing at higher resolutions who don't want to be bombarded with information they rarely (or never) use.

By Updated on Feb 25, 2022   36999 views   53 comments
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Downloads: 6834 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-29
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin
A simple, clean skin, ideal for those playing at higher resolutions who don't want to be bombarded with information they rarely (or never) use.

QHD version for 2560x1440 (up to 110% zoom) and FHD version for 1920x1080 (up to 100% zoom)


"It's different, I'll give you that"
"You sure do like boxes and the colour grey"
"I don't play your stupid football spreadsheet game. Stop asking me for a quote!"

Mustermann Skin - Features

  • Customisable colour scheme, frame style and player layout (instructions in zip file)
  • Attributes shown in Scouting Card
  • Inobtrusive Pros & Cons layout, minimizing unused blank space for non-scouted players.
  • Unique home and player profile panels, including combined Scouting Centre with Reports summary, full Medical Centre & Team injuries panel, Player Training Feedback

Mustermann Skin - Screenshots

Alternative Colors

How to install the Mustermann skin on FM22

1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .rar archive by using a free tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.

2. Move the Mustermann folder of choice (QHD is for wide screens and FHD is for regular screens) to your skins folder, which is located by default at:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022 > skins


- Blues: Dark blue-Grey background, silver text, with blue accents
- Maroon: Slate grey background, beige text, with maroon and light pink accents
- Teal & Orange: Dark brown background, cream text, with teal & orange accents
- Teal & Salmon:Dark blue-grey background, light grey text, with teal & salmon accents

INSTRUCTIONS: Open the folder for the preferred colour scheme and COPY the contents to the main skin folder. This will only replace the necessary files.

Bugs/Future Requests

If you notice any bugs/issues, please do get in touch, and I will see if they can be resolved.
Similarly, if you have any requests for future features, please let me know, although for full transparency I have no intention of adding any information pertaining to hidden information (CA/PA etc...)

Patch Notes

  • Removed customised scout report views
  • Edited visualisation on player overview
  • Adjustments to pre-match tactics page on FHD version to prevent players at bottom of screen being inaccessible
  • Translation fixes
  • Updated layout for FHD version
  • Added Team Colour for FHD version
  • Fixed: "Quit to Start Screen" not available - intro panel removed
  • Added Team Colour skin
  • Fixed: Unable to pin data hub reports from Player -> Reports -> Player Performance
  • Fixed: Deadline Day: text unreadable for selected row on sidebar
  • Added alternative scorecard layouts
  • Added tabbed player overview to allow greater focus on the areas that matter to you
  • Removed alternative player overview folder, with functionality available from selectors on profile
  • Added Instant Result button
  • Updated player pop-up to include preferred foot, personality, attribute analyser and traits
  • Added alternative layouts with both footedness shown
  • Added new frame type ("double border")
  • Fixed: Unable to leave inbox with unread messages when "icons only" on sidebar
  • Fixed: Alternative colour schemes not working on FHD - fix expected on 29/11/21
  • Fixed: Key stats not visible when using alternative role & duty overview on FHD - fix expected on 29/11/21
  • Updated Attribute Analyser to fit colour scheme

Known Issues

  • Club Info not showing for some users (still under investigation)

Future Plans

  • Light version
  • Graphical attribute version (non-numeric attributes)

Usage Rights

This skin is completely free for personal use, but may not be sold or placed behind a paywall.
If you plan on using the skin publicly, or repurposing a unique element for own skin, please provide credit and a link to this post.
If, for whatever reason, you are so enamoured with this skin you want to send me a coffee, feel free to donate via PayPal.


sebastian_starttrbts & Tyburn - whose work on creating non-numeric attribute skins inspired me to learn myself
Michaeltmurrayuk - for his base skins, and assistance in various skinning queries
wkdsoul - for his assistance in various skinning queries
bluestillidie00 - scouring through the xmls for TCS taught me a lot about how half of this stuff works, as well as his assistance in various skinning queries
Wozzie - for fixtures and results panels for club overview
Heffem - for training selectors on player profile

Download Now
Downloads: 6834 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-29
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Discussion: Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin

53 comments have been posted so far.

  • gimn85's avatar
    @juve_man - FHD version has been added now. It required a little bit more work to adjust for resolution.
  • juve_man's avatar
    Nevermind, QHD works great on 1080p too. Thank you so much, looks great
  • juve_man's avatar
    That is fantastic, but is there no team version for FHD? I have 1080p screen unfortunately
  • gimn85's avatar
    @juve_man - Team Colours version is being uploaded now!

    @Pace - alternative player picture layouts available via selector - horizontal works for smaller pictures and has scorecards below picture.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Andersonandhe - it's not likely, as I'm not fan of duplicating information on screens (the role suitability is on the right hand side) - but I'll have a play around and see if I can find an approach I am happy with
  • Andersonandhe's avatar
    Is it possible to add a green circle in tactics?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @mick86 - apologies for the delayed response; been away for the last few days.

    Also, apologies for what might be a stupid question. If you go into Preferences -> Advanced -> Display players' attributes popup on - is this set to "hover" or "click"?
  • mick86's avatar
    @gimn85 yes the issue is when i hower of the 'i' i cant see players info,

    i am currently trying to upload my screenshot but just having difficulties trying.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @mick86 - can you provide a screenshot so I can see the problem, and let me know which skin you are using, and what resolution your screen is?

    Also, to make sure I understand the issue - this is with the pop-up when you hover over the 'i'? Is the pop-up not showing up at all, or is it showing up, but everything is unreadable?
  • mick86's avatar
    suck an amazing skin, really loving this amazing job, i have 1 issue i cant read and of my player details when i hover my mouse instead of clicking on the player, if you can please help me to fix this..... otherwise best skin out there
  • gimn85's avatar
    @cristobalite - unfortunately the red colour from the player pop-up panel is controlled by the primary colour of the team. So in this case, it's Man Utd's primary colour. This is not changeable in this skin at the moment.

    For the pink text, this is defined in the settings.xml as "bg accent". You need to change this to the colour you want.
  • cristobalite's avatar

    Thank you very much for adding the foot differences. I really appreciate. Based on the picture above, I want to change the bright red from the player pop up panel as well as the RED texts (mental, Physical, technical). Which particular parameters affects these please?
  • gimn85's avatar
    For anyone else with same query as juve_man - the yellow/orange circle is controlled by "bg alert", which can be changed in the settings.xml, row 141.

    As for the dark highlight, this is managed in a file which is not currently present in the download. If you have the resource archiver, you can extract the sitoolkit, and the path is: sitoolkit/skins/fm-widgets/graphics/tables/custom/sidebar. You need the "selected" folder, and can change the colours by editing the row.xml.

    I will look to include this directory with the next update.
  • juve_man's avatar
    Thank you for a quick answer, my apologies for not reading the readme sooner.

    I managed to change most of the colours I wanted, but can you help me with this, I will attach a picture.

    how can I change the color of the yellow bubble and how can I change the color of the dark highlight, when I select inbox, squad etc. I would like it to be in color

    thank you
  • gimn85's avatar
    @juve_man - there are plans for a team colours skin, which I hope to have finished by next week, although this will still be a darker background.

    I am also working on a light version, but this is likely to take a big longer.

    There are instructions in the Mustermann Alternatives folder for changing the colour scheme yourself (unfortunately only in English, sorry), but this will only work well with dark background/light text schemes.
  • juve_man's avatar
    Also, what about a full black background?
  • juve_man's avatar
    Thank you so much, was struggling to find a skin I like, and this is great.

    Would it be possible to have a colour scheme where the sidebar changes according to team colors and the background is white? Or sidebar can be blue for example but main background is white, like a light skin?

    Thank you
  • gimn85's avatar
    @cristobalite - there is now an optional layout which shows both footedness; working for both QHD and FHD versions
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Pace super, thank you. I had an initial layout with the scorecards (apps, goals, etc..) underneath the picture. I'll see if I can rescue that and add it as an alternative option; I think that should work with the Cut-Out facepack. Aiming to have next release up around Thursday.
  • Pace's avatar
    @gimn85 180x180
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Pace - can you tell me the dimensions for the Cut-Out images? I can see if I can make some adjustments for this.

    @Frutloopz - sorry, unfortunately that's pretty much the only thing I don't plan to do. I've no interest in purchasing the in-game editor, so would be unable to test.

    @john66stavroulis - I've just updated the link with the newer version. I'd made a very silly error with the original download. Otherwise, there is a folder in the MustermannFHD folder called "alternatives". Delete that.

    @cristobalite - ironically, I'd removed the individual feet indicators before releasing as I wasn't happen with how it looked. I'll see what I can do!
  • cristobalite's avatar
    The skin reminds me of the old layout from old Fm games. Its properly well designed and i like it very much. My request if its possible is to make it optional to view both feet of the players. I always like to see how much of a weak foot my players have. That would be a nice addition for me.
  • john66stavroulis's avatar
    Could you explain step by step how to actually change the skin colours. I cannot do it for some reason
  • frutloopz's avatar
    This is a almost perfect skin for me. I just wish there was a way to see the hidden attributes, that would be the thing that makes this perfect.
  • Pace's avatar
    Hey man incredible skin, im using the FHD one. One Question, Im using Cut-Out facepack and the pictures is to big so the quality drops bigtime.. can i change the resolution by myself on profile screen?

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