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Neub Skin FM19 v2 (Now with LowRes version)

A dark skin for Football Manager 2019 with Instant Result.

By Updated on Feb 25, 2019   351489 views   267 comments
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Downloads: 123998 / Size: 29.8 MB / Added: 2018-10-21
Football Manager 2019 Skins - Neub Skin FM19 v2 (Now with LowRes version)
Hey, I'm happy to present to you the FM19 version of my K76 Skin for FM18. That's very similar, I improved some panels and I will update it.

If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord.

I'm back with this v2 of the skin, probably the last for this year :)

Features in Neub Skin

- Instant Result button
- New manager home panel
- New player overview
- New club overview
- New fixture overview
- New match overview
- New staff profile
- New "IR" result panel
- Supported version for low resolutions
- and much more to discover


- v2 : New player overview (with new panels options), new match in between highlights (in match and review), more transparent boxes (like inbox, there is still some black boxes but I didn't find how to modify them), fixed tutorials issue and press conference transparency, many minor tweaks.

Supported resolutions

1920*1080 : Neub Skin v2 - 95% dezoom
1600*900 : Neub Skin v2 - 85% dezoom
1366*768 : Neub Skin v2 LowRes - 95% dezoom

Known issue

When you start a new game, if you enabled the tutorials, turn off my skin until you completed the tutorials (some menus and first match) because the tutorials will not displayed and this will prevent you to click on continue button. This should be fixed now, thanks to OPZ :)

Contact & Donation

- Contact on Discord : Krysler#0067
- PayPal Donation :

Neub Skin Preview

How to install the Neub skin on FM19

  1. Download the .7z archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.
  2. Move the extracted folders "Neub Skin" or "Neub Skin LowRes" to:
  3. \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins
    Create folder "skins" if it doesn't exist already.

  4. Start the game and go to Preferences screen, and then to the Interface tab.
  5. You should see "Neub Skin v2" and "Neub Skin LowRes" as option in the skin drop down of the Overview box, choose the one you want.
    Use the Clear Cache button, then hit the Confirm button.
Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


- TCS by bluestillidie00
- Andromeda skin
- Wannachup skin
- Flut skin
- michaeltmurrayuk and Cyrius50 for the mods
- GzSkin

Download Now
Downloads: 123998 / Size: 29.8 MB / Added: 2018-10-21
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Discussion: Neub Skin FM19 v2 (Now with LowRes version)

267 comments have been posted so far.

  • Luca944's avatar
    @Krysler76 I mean as the second screen, the team's home with the stadium
  • Przemkurius's avatar

    i've got issue with fonts.

    i'm from poland, and in out language we've got a few letters different about rest. and that letters are small. what i can fix this issue?

  • Krysler76's avatar
    @Luca944 : I don't understand what you want ?

    @jedisolo : I answered you on SI forum

    @Enos : Juste delete the "player attribute analyser outfield.xml" & "player attribute analyser goalkeeper.xml" in "[FM19] Neub Skin v1.1\panels\player"
  • Enos's avatar
    This is really great. I wonder if there is a way where I can get the multi-colored "attribute analysis" wheel back. I'd prefer the color to black/white. Anyway I can toggle that? Thanks so much for sharing your work!
  • jedisolo's avatar
    @Krysler76 hi i am using this skin but with transparent look, it is really good but could you help me with sorting out the profile pictures size. the top of the heads are slightly missing. could you make the panel slightly larger so the top of the head is not missing.ty
  • Luca944's avatar
    Guys its possible to insert the stadiums?
  • Jay Park's avatar
    It works! Thanks mate :)
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @zixgames : Go into "[FM19] Neub Skin v1.1\panels\player" and open "player attribute analyser outfield" and "player attribute analyser goalkeeper", you can edit the lines where there are colours.

    @Jay Park : Take the "tcs match formation panel review" in "[FM19] Neub Skin vBETA.5\panels\match\tcs", and replace it in 1.1 version.

    @Firecracker048 : 1) The problem is the same with the default skin so it's the game I think ...
    2) I didn't see that and I don't think I changed anything in that, try to do it with the default skin and tell me if here is the issue too.
  • Firecracker048's avatar
    A few bugs:
    1) During "Instant Result" The final score is not posted. I need to check goals scored in game to get the tally before the social feed.
    2) During match briefings, I cannot make a "scenario"(new feature)
  • Jay Park's avatar
    Hello @Krysler76! I've one question. how can i see AI formation role like beta 0.5?
  • zixgames's avatar
    Can I change attributes analysis to colored one?
  • alexjohn1234's avatar
    Anyone please help me with having club and country logos behind player profile picture rather than red and white line .
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @krojo The faces are fine for me and many other people :)
  • kroja's avatar
    after the update, the players' faces stopped showing up :(
  • DANDY's avatar
    nice skin
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @mienos Yes I know, but when I tried to change it, that fucked up some other things. So for the moment I will not change these.
  • mienos's avatar
    @Krysler76 This is instead the background as I believe it should be. the backgrounds on some pages are completely transparent while on other pages (like this one) they are darker.
  • death-shadow's avatar
    It helped. Thank you. Good skin. :)
  • Krysler76's avatar
    That doesn't explain me why this happens :D Maybe try to redownload and reinstall the skin, I don't know ...
  • death-shadow's avatar
    No. I changed it to version 1.0 now. Here it is normal.
  • death-shadow's avatar
  • Krysler76's avatar
    That's strange, I don't have this issue and the majority doesn't have too ... Did you edit something by yourself ?
  • death-shadow's avatar
    Yes. I did that. In version 1.0 it was normal. In version 1.1, it was red.
  • Krysler76's avatar
    I don't have it, make sure to clear cache.
  • death-shadow's avatar
    The red.

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