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OPZ Elite 2021 v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!


By Updated on Jul 23, 2021   236337 views   230 comments
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Downloads: 73650 / Size: 130.0 MB / Added: 2020-12-08
Football Manager 2021 Skins - OPZ Elite 2021  v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!
Special Thanks

- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- GZskin
- TCS'19
- Heffem
- Teal Twenty
- SSD Gold
- Wozzie Tad & Teal Twenty
- DD2021ST



Blackout version

update pre-match formation

Delete old version befor install new version.

Supported resolutions

I'm not a programmer , I'm a gamer

I can't fix the problem for everyone.

But some problems may be resolved faster. If you include the image in question.


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Thanks to Stam and everyone for supporting me.

Finally, thank you ,Randall Boese / Kitti Ekthanapakdee / Michał Olszak / Willem-Alexander / Heylen Kevin Cornelius / Eike Thellmann / butleriain
for donations.

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Download Now
Downloads: 73650 / Size: 130.0 MB / Added: 2020-12-08
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2021 v.21.3.5 + mini & New BLACKOUT!

230 comments have been posted so far.

  • OPZ's avatar
    sorry i didn't do.
  • JulienEstevesPires's avatar
    *for mini?
  • JulienEstevesPires's avatar
    but do you count doing it for me?
  • OPZ's avatar
    blackout is only original not have mini.
  • JulienEstevesPires's avatar
    at 100% the mini is not too big on a 1366x768 screen?
    does the mini also have blackout?
    thank you and sorry so much question
  • OPZ's avatar

  • JulienEstevesPires's avatar
    yes but with which resolution is it better adapted, 85%, 95% or 100%?
  • OPZ's avatar
    @butleriain thank you for donation

    open match incidents small ibh.xml ( in \panels\match )

    delete code

    <widget class="kit_picture" id="teKP" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="right" >
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="2,2,2,2" />
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Yenz try BLACKOUT ver.

    @lucs28 can't do
  • OPZ's avatar
    @JulienEstevesPires for 1366x768 - 1600x900
  • butleriain's avatar
    OPZ, terrific skin, I just made a little donation to say thanks for your work this year.

    On the in match info screen how do i delete the kit which overlaps the team logo. I would rather just see the team logo. Thanks vm
  • JulienEstevesPires's avatar
    Good Morning. the mini version is made for what size and what resolution?
  • Yenz's avatar
    Where can I change the colours of the "important attributes" on the player profile, when a position is highlighted? The main attributes are easy to see, but secondary attributes are difficult to see.
  • lucs28's avatar
    Hey, is there any way to save the background opacity setting so I don't have to change it every time I open the game? Thanks!
  • OPZ's avatar
    I usually skip this section but i will try to edit.

    I think it's not cool LOL
  • wocolee's avatar
    Then there is no solution in sight.
    What about the other "problems"?
    In the meantime, however, many thanks for your support!!!
  • OPZ's avatar

    my game 1920x1080 window mode , zoom 100%
  • wocolee's avatar
    By the way, i play in window mode and i have tried different zoom levels as well.
  • OPZ's avatar

    what your ressolution?
  • wocolee's avatar

    Here we go. What bothers me is:

    (1) the player name is always white. Regardless of the background. So it is often not readable.Is it possible to handle this the same way as with the scoreboard (primary/secondary color)?
    That's why I thought I'd try to mix the deafult display with your ideas. For example, swap Purple for primary/secondary color....
    (2) What happened to the substitutes bench display?
    (3) And is it possible to add the manager photo?
  • OPZ's avatar
    pls send me a pics of the default skin (before the match)

    mini version for low ressolution
  • wocolee's avatar
    Thumbs up for your fantastic work.
    I would like to know how to get back the graphics of the default skin here and there.
    Especially right before the match (i use 2d) where the lineups and league-tables is displayed.
    Do i have to delete some folder/graphics/panels tp bring them back?

    And what is actually the difference to the mini version of your skin?
  • skoda72's avatar
    fantastic best skin!!!
  • Derick Minhard's avatar
    Thank you opz. Ive been waiting for this moment for such a loooong time. Ive always use your skin because it is simply the best. I waited for the mini version to arrive, and it is here.....Thank youuu
  • mykal's avatar
    No matter, I worked it out eventually

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