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PMS Portrait + Icon Picture Megapack (149.500 Pics -> Update 2.11.1 available in comments)

New style since OCT 2012 - just portrait pictures - weekly an monthly updates

By Updated on Nov 01, 2014   299026 views   22 comments
Download Now
Downloads: 37167 / Size: 4.3 GB / Added: 2013-10-28
FM 2014 Facepacks - PMS Portrait + Icon Picture Megapack (149.500 Pics -> Update 2.11.1 available in comments)

Installation Instructions

Extracting the facepack
Download via Mediafire:
Just extract the .rar file.

Download via MEGA or Gamefront:
Download all parts.
Just extract PART I, all other parts will be extracted automatically.

After extracting the pics put them to following folder:
User/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics/players
The folder "players" has to be created by yourself.

Run Football Manager and go to:
Preferences -> Interface
Click Using caching to decrease page loading times OFF
Click Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences ON

If you want to add new pics, please use fmxml or grahics configurator to overwrite the existing config.xml.

Video Tutorial for creating a config .xml for facepacks by Octavianus

Just refresh the skin and all pics are in-game.

Default pics
Download Default pics
These pics should be put to:
C:/Username/Documents/SportsInteractive/FootballManager20xx/skins/chosen Skin/graphics/pictures

PMS Portrait Icon Megapack 2.0

Installation Instructions

Extract the folder to your graphics-folder within your userfolder (User/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics/players)
Refresh the skin and all pics are ingame.


Any update for the PMS Portrait Megapack will be resized for this pack.


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Download Now
Downloads: 37167 / Size: 4.3 GB / Added: 2013-10-28
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Discussion: PMS Portrait + Icon Picture Megapack (149.500 Pics -> Update 2.11.1 available in comments)

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • P-Jo's avatar
    New thread can be found here: a-pmsc-portrait-facepack-v3.html
  • P-Jo's avatar
    A new Megapack with over 150k pics will be uploaded until the release of the new FM15.
  • Kixa's avatar
    Part 9 in Gamefront/Mega is broken.
  • dellboy84's avatar
    scrap that half ov the pics are blury gna have a play about n see what i can do unless you have any suggestions?
  • dellboy84's avatar
    Done and all working fine, thanks for your help and for a great picture pack.
  • dellboy84's avatar
    having a play wif fm graphics config now because couldnt get the other program to work, will let you know if i have any joy. the config file was there but ive moved it to allow the program to make a new one.....fingers crossed thanks
  • P-Jo's avatar
    Hi dellboy,

    have you checked if there is a config.xml in the folder?
    In any case renew the xml like it's shown in the videotutorial.

    If there are any problems left, don't hesitate to contact me.
  • dellboy84's avatar
    Need some help i have installed all the latest packs and things but when in game only the icons are showing on the menu not the potraits on the player main screen, even thou i deleted the old picture they are still showing, i have cleared cache tryed re booting ect nothings changing
  • P-Jo's avatar
    You should use a dark skin, the pictures look much better.

    I use the OPZ skin since the release.
  • steff_fae_larky's avatar
    What skin would this work nicely with apart from the default skin?

  • P-Jo's avatar
    Thank you for your nice words, pedrofrancab.

    After nearly 2 years and 145k pictures our team is still excited to create new images and is looking forward to get the biggest facepack for the FM in the near future.
  • pedrofrancab's avatar
    a superhuman effort to improve our FM experience. your work is most commendable! congratulations!
  • P-Jo's avatar

    You have to Install the 2.0 MP and after that the updates.
    The size is 7.5GB at all, so I only update the MP once a year if the new FM is coming out.
  • rasky's avatar
  • mr.playa's avatar
    guys first thank u for all the good work on this pack

    secondly i was wondering if u guys can include Syria in your next update and add the photos for the players there i would much appreciate that

    and if u need help for sources i can to help with that

    and thank u again
  • gazz1209's avatar
    Would you be willing to share the template? I would love to make a facepack or two for the missing players in the lower leagues(mainly England).

  • P-Jo's avatar
    New main download available in just 1 file.

    The monthly updates of the Megapack and the Icon Megapack (v.2.3) are also available.
  • jibber10's avatar
    I'm new to patches and downloads, I've downloaded the files for the portrait packs, unzipped them and stored them in the file as per the instructions above. That part was a doddle. I start the game and change the interface options etc but no pictures show up on the profile pages.

    But If i right click on a player once in a game the player will have a tiny picture by his name. I've tried everything but I can't work out how to get the players image to appear on their profiles. The pics are obviously there and saved correctly but they're not appearing where i want them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • gazz1209's avatar
    Just want to say thanks for the continued updates and all your hard work with these facepacks.

    Thank you.
  • A6ncf's avatar
    Cannot get this to work on FM 2014 - help please :)
  • P-Jo's avatar
  • P-Jo's avatar
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