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Return Of The Legends for FM20

Be a part of history with 4500 greatest legends of football and lead your team to glory. The largest database with legends for Football Manager so far.

By on Mar 06, 2020   116511 views   37 comments
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Downloads: 21659 / Size: 922.0 MB / Added: 2020-03-06
FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - Return Of The Legends for FM20
Here we go again! 5th edition of the most popular database for FM is released! This year with another expanded version that will include even more legendary clubs and players. With this update you will have an opportunity to play and manage 4500 legends spread all over the world in their respective teams.

All of the major and many minor leagues are filled with clubs which possess their all-time greats and are under the guidance of some the managers , coaches and chairmans who ever graced the game.

Winning anything in this update is a success, as many clubs and national teams have some of the best talent that ever appeared in history of football. Italian, English, German, Spanish and French clubs are strongest competitors. And not just the major ones. There are teams from Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary or from Portugal who have good chances of winning the Champions League as much as the teams who are coming from the stronger leagues. This is like a Football Manager hard mode!

The players who are coming from the oldest eras of football are older than the ones who are appeared later and therefore are closer to their peak and reaching their full potential.

And don’t worry the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo & Mbappe still exist, but are a younger versions of themselves and are relocated to their parent clubs. Because of that your task as a manager is even more challenging as it’s up to you to develop them into world-class players they are today and if you succeed to make them a part of your squad.

This is a thrilling update which can bring any Football Manager fan into an ecstatic state of nostalgia with no doubt that they will enjoy the game even more and find it refreshing and challenging like never before. Also were done and special facepack for all players, which will further give the game interesting.


1. 500 new legends including filled squads of Piacenza, Cesena, Como, Luchese, Pro Vercelli, SK Jugoslavija, Asante Kotoko, Atvidaberg, Pristina, QPR, Sheff Wed, Valladolid, Rosenborg..

Added legends like Friday, Hislop, Schillaci, Ganz, Cuccureddu, Ferri, Salenko, Fresi, Immel, Jose Mari, Nihat, Povlsen, Negrete, Rufai, Lerby...

2. The values and wages of the players have been corrected to a more reasonable level. Maximum wage in top 5 leagues are 120k p/w, and max. value are 70 mil. euros.

3. The participants of european cups have been changed so in the first season there would play clubs that deserve it by tradition and successes through history.

Champions League (Real, Barca, Atletico, Valencia, Juve, Inter, Milan, Torino, Man.Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds, Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Monaco, Bayern, Gladbach, HSV, Dortmund, Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Brugge, Anderlecht, Sparta, Slavia, Ferencvaros, MTK, Steaua, Levski, Hajduk, Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, Grasshoppers, Servette, Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, Legia, Gotteborg, Celtic, Rangers, Slovan......)

Europa League (Antwerp, Mechelen, Standard, Dukla, Vejle, Frem, Reims, Eintracht, Koln, Schalke, Honved, Ujpest, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Gornik, Craiova, Torpedo M, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, OFK Beograd, Vojvodina, La Coruna, Athletic, Sevilla...)

4. Nation club coefficients and world rankings were also corrected in line with historical successes.

The man behind the whole project is David Salapura from Serbia. Also, this year I wanted to thank Andrea Mattaliano and Marcolmo, for helping me to complete facepack and with creating this new legends.

FM20 Legends Preview

FB page for more screenshots

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the contents of the .zip file using the default zip utility of your OS or get a free tool such as 7-zip.

  2. Move the extracted "Return of the legends 2020.fmf" file to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  3. To install the facepack, move the folder "Legends facepack" to your graphics folder:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / graphics / facepacks
    Create the "graphics" and "facepacks" folders if they don't exist.

  4. Go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab. Click on "Clear cache" and then "Reload skin".
    Now you can see pictures of all legends.

  5. Open FM 2020 and start a new save-game with 20.4.0 update and only this database selected, not other databases and transfer updates.

  6. To load shortlist with all legends and managers move the extracted "Legends shortlist.fmf" and "Managers shortlist" files to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / shortlists

When creating a new save-game, you have to be patient because the process of loading game database takes from 1 to 7 hours. The problem is due to the conversion of the database from the previous series and a lot of data, which is not possible to fix it.

Download Now
Downloads: 21659 / Size: 922.0 MB / Added: 2020-03-06
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Discussion: Return Of The Legends for FM20

37 comments have been posted so far.

  • baiding's avatar
    Why not keep updating? This is the best legend database
  • aphill's avatar
    Updating Return of the Legends face but missing Bobby Mitchell Newcastle,
    Malcolm Allison Man City, Bob Kyle Sunderland and Mimis Papaioannou
    Wolverhampton anybody help please
  • Mrttickle777's avatar
    Hi any plans to do this updated for FM21? This is by far my favourite scenario download each year
  • aphill's avatar
    Can the rest of Man Utd pre Munich team be included in Return of the Legends for FM21 ie Mark Jones, Jackie Blanchflower, Jonny Berry, Liam Whelan, Albert Scanlon, David Pegg and Dennis Viollett
  • hones80's avatar
    Hello. It's ok also for FM 21? This work is awesome !!!!
  • JosephBrown's avatar
    Awesome database I really enjoyed it on FM 20!, Please make it for FM 21 ?
  • stoblaz's avatar
    very good database !
  • Majlo's avatar
    Can I use return of the legends pack to play in fantasy draft with my friend?
  • theonlyen's avatar
    Where is Ashley Cole?
  • MATTHlJS's avatar
    Its stop loading always for me
  • callumbrowns's avatar
    One of best mod but how long dose it take to download the database & dose it run smooth after please help ?
  • theonlyen's avatar
    I think you cant have two face packs activated? DF11 and the legend datapack. People with the same problem have done nothing wrong, but the save cant handle two facepacks i think. Because the faces on the legend are all wrong and F***ed up.
  • tiagonlobo's avatar
    I think a good solution, although rather tedious would be to know each legend unique ID and delete it on the DF11 face pack
  • tiagonlobo's avatar
    Hello, i have the same problem as moonshine, with some players like baggio, les ferdinand and platiny apearing as asian players.

    I had before the DF11 facepack. When I had both folders inside the Graphics i would have faces for regular players like pogba, bernardo silva, ettc but also most of the legends pictures, but asian players on the said legends.

    I then tried to copy the pictures from Legends to DF11, replacing that way the asian players, there were about 300 files that needed replacement, i said yes to all.

    Now, even though i have allt the legends faces (i think), i don't have the old faces anymore. Players like bernardo silva and Pogba are now empty, do you know if it is possible to combine both player faces? Everything else seems to be in order!
  • davidczv's avatar
    That type of bugs occured if you dont follow instructions, there is no problem with the database. Just need to follow every step, have latest update and choose only this database.
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Brilliant!! I am in my late forties but you can never be to old for FM!! :) This brings back so many memories of players from years ago for me.
    Thank you for your work put in to create this database.
  • AaronR's avatar
    I found a lot of mistakes in FM19 version, very reluctant to try this one. Lev Yashin is a goalkeeper who was forced to play Central Defence, Several Serbians and other Nationalities were forced to play for England.
  • moonshine's avatar
    loving the database, but im having issues correcting Les Ferdinands picture it hasan asain player instead, i changed the config to the players correct ID but i only get a blank profile, i even tried using FMxml to create a new config.

    any help is appreciated its killing my OCD lol
  • asrulqueresma's avatar
    not sure if it is my connection or something is wrong with the download link. but i download others just fine
  • moonshine's avatar
    great mod, but ive still got the fake german national team, is there a way to resolve this? any help is appreciated
  • davidczv's avatar
    That type of bug occurs if you dont follow instructions

    No, loading save is normal.
  • Navtastic's avatar
    I know that the loading the database takes 1-7 hours, i'm just wondering if this will affect save times when in the game also?
  • TotallyABotanist's avatar
    Just a heads up - Everton has two identical Wayne Rooneys on their roster.
  • davidczv's avatar
    He was one of best LB in the world when playing for Milan, and he was a longer there than in Koln.
  • Cherreck's avatar
    Shouldn't play Karl Heinz Schnellinger for Köln because he started his career in Köln?

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