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FM Scope Facepack 2018

Over 109,300 faces of players, staff and refs for all playable leagues on Football Manager 2018 in the classy scope style. An exclusive. Update pack #5 out on October 8th.

By Updated on Oct 08, 2018   363861 views   56 comments
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Downloads: 153122 / Size: 4.6 GB / Added: 2017-11-07
Football Manager 2018 Facepacks - FM Scope Facepack 2018
Our scope style facepack includes over 109,300 faces of players, staff and referees for all playable leagues on Football Manager 2018.
It's a sleek and modern circular portrait style in standard size of 180x180 pixels.

It is intended for use with FM 2018, but it will work with all versions of the game from FM09 onward.

This megapack was made possible in association with the amazing people who produce the DF11 facepacks. THANKS to necjeff for granting his permission to use their top notch collection as base for this megapack.

Scope style is originally created by and its production started in February 2012. The Scope faces 2018 collection has been repacked as one megapack and first became available on November 7th, 2017.

Scope Faces Megapack 2018 base pack contains a total of 95,001 faces and takes up 4,60 GB of space.
With the monthly update packs, the collection extends to 109,393 faces and takes up 5,27 GB of space.

Redistribution Policy

You are welcome to share this pack on other sites.
All we ask is to add link credit to this official page.

Download Options

Currently the "Download Now" big red button points to a mirror. However, they have recently introduced some strange limits with downloads to certain countries, so it might not work well for everyone.

Download The Torrent File

If you're not familiar with torrents, it's best to avoid it.
But if you really want to get this pack via torrent AND help others get it as well, you need a torrent client. I personally recommend qBittorrent.

Please be kind enough to help with seeding once you download the pack, so that more people will be able to download it fast.

How to add the Scope Facepack to FM18

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder "Scope Faces Megapack 2018" to:
    Regular FM:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\faces\
    FM Touch:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager Touch 2018\graphics\faces\
    Create the folders "graphics" and "faces" if they don't exist.

  3. Open Football Manager 2018 (or Touch) and go to Preferences > Interface.
    Click the "Clear Cache" button. Return to the same screen.
    Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".
    Click the "Reload Skin" button.
    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done scope facepack should be working within the game.

Download the Update Packs

Update #1 - February 2018 (471 MB)
The 1st update pack contains almost 10000 faces of players and staff. Most of them are updated pics from the current season of people who already exist in the core megapack. 3 DF11 updates (November + December + January), plus around 60 extras.

Update #2 - March 2018 (155 MB)

The 2nd update pack contains almost 3000 faces of players and staff. Includes DF11 February update plus around 140 extras.

Update #3 - June 2018 (622 MB)

The 3rd update pack contains almost 13000 faces of players and staff. Includes 4x DF11 updates (March, April, May, June) plus around 80 extras.

Update #4 - August 2018 (286 MB)

The 4th update pack contains more than 6000 faces of players and staff. Includes 2x DF11 updates (July, August) plus around 80 extras.

Update #5 - September 2018 (336 MB)

The 5th and final update pack contains more than 7200 faces of players and staff. Includes 2x DF11 updates (September, October) plus around 15 extras.

How to install the update packs

To install February's update, extract the .zip file you downloaded and move all files inside the "Scope Faces - 2018 February Update" folder to your "Scope Faces Megapack 2018" folder. Overwrite the files it's asking you to, including the config.xml file (especially this one).
Then clear cache and reload skin from FM18 preferences as usual.
Repeat this process for all update packs.

How to make requests

I no longer have the luxury of time to be searching and converting pictures myself. So if you have a request, please find the pictures on your own, crop them in square shape of at least 178x178 pixels and name them after their unique IDs in-game. Then send me the files either via email or via private message. The pics that pass my criteria will get included in the next update pack.


Scope style is created by Stam from but this megapack wouldn't be possible without the help from necjeff and his amazing team at DF11 Facepacks. Thank you Jeff!!

Respect to all contributors of DF11 Facepacks!

Download Now
Downloads: 153122 / Size: 4.6 GB / Added: 2017-11-07
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Discussion: FM Scope Facepack 2018

56 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    @Ciberwormsjrjr: Sure. Graphics are interchangeable since FM 2009.
  • Ciberwormsjrjr's avatar
    This works on FM 17?
  • Stam's avatar
    Final update pack (#5) is now available.

    Tomorrow I'll prepare the 2019 megapack which will essentially be 2018 base pack plus all 5 updates.

    @mikeh91: Downloading the updates is obvious. I believe you might want to ask how to install/apply them.
    Grab all update packs. Then install them in order (from 1 to 5).
    1) Each update is a .zip file. Extract that and you'll get a folder. For example, "Scope Faces - 2018 February Update".
    2) Move all files inside that folder to your "Scope Faces Megapack 2018" folder. Overwrite the files it's asking you to, including the config.xml file (especially this one).
    3) Repeat this process for all update packs. Remember you must do it in order.
  • mikeh91's avatar
    how do you download the updates?
  • Stam's avatar
    Good news! Next update pack (#4) will likely arrive tomorrow.

    @LLovely: Sure.
    @xSt3ve92: Don't think I can explain the instructions above in more detail. :/
    @PoPeYe_MaRaBoUt: stam @ (no spaces)
    @JBWolves18: Move the files from each update to the base pack folder and overwrite when asked. You have to do it in order though (start with update #1, then #2 and so on).
  • LLovely's avatar
    can you make on for Dong Ren ( 29193702 ) ? Birmingham City
  • xSt3ve92's avatar
    i have followed all instructions and cant get this facepack to work, any help?
  • PoPeYe_MaRaBoUt's avatar
    Please give me your mail, so as I would be able to send you some pictures for the next update.
  • JBWolves18's avatar
    Hi im trying to get the updates to work but not sure how to join them to the base pack please help
  • Stam's avatar
    @arsenalthebest: No. Each update contains different files. You need to get the base pack first, then apply the updates in order of release.
  • arsenalthebest's avatar
    Hi does the june update contain everything from the previous updates or do i need to download them all seperatly
  • Stam's avatar
    @arsenalthebest: Sure.
  • arsenalthebest's avatar
    hi does the facepack contain Pietro Pellgri he's the only only i haven't got a face for in my current squad(using diffrent facepack)
  • Stam's avatar

    New update pack for Scope Faces 2018 is now available, including almost 13000 new and updated faces of players and staff. Enjoy!
  • Stam's avatar
    Apologies for the lack of Scope update packs. A new one will arrive tomorrow and you can expect it to be quite big as it includes 4 DF11 updates plus extras.
  • gicajordi's avatar
    Hola. ¿Van a salir mas actualizaciones con fotos nuevas de jugadores, incluyendo ligas mas secundarias?
  • arsenalthebest's avatar
    Hi Stam will the March update contain everything from the Feb update or do i need to download both?
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    thanks for the update Stam
  • Stam's avatar

    New update pack for Scope Faces 2018 is now available. Enjoy!
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    new update soon ?
  • downloadkct's avatar
    great pack, thanks.
  • Sebban's avatar
    Im mediaboss for IK Frej Täby in Superettan, Sweden do you want updated pictures from the team?
  • el-chambo's avatar
    Sorry have found the template but can not get it to work is there a video or walkthrough I can follow to how to make this style.
  • el-chambo's avatar
    Hi really like this style.
    Is there anyway to get the template so I can make missing players like I do for the cut out packs.
  • mirkoferrari's avatar
    @Stam Thank you

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