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Scope Faces Megapack for FM13

Almost 50K faces of players, staff and refs for most of the playable leagues in Football Manager 2013.

By on Dec 16, 2012   172537 views   33 comments
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Downloads: 55913 / Size: 3.0 GB / Added: 2012-12-16
FM 2013 Facepacks - Scope Faces Megapack for FM13
Our scope style facepack includes almost 50,000 faces of players, staff and referees for most of the playable leagues in Football Manager 2013.
It's a sleek and modern circular portrait style in standard size of 180 x 180 pixels.

Scope style is originally created by and its production started in February 2012. If you enjoy this style and wish to help us grow our pack with more faces, please read this topic.

This megapack was made possible in association with the good people who created DF11 facepacks.
It is intended for use with FM13, but it will work with all versions of the game from FM09 onward.

Released: 16 December 2012 - v1.0

Scope Faces Megapack v1.0 contains a total of 48,718 faces and takes up 2,94 GB of space.
The plan is to try and release updates every 2 weeks to this pack.

Redistribution Policy:
Feel free to redistribute this megapack on any site. All we ask from you is to give credits to the authors by providing links to and Thank you!

How to Download

Scope Faces Megapack is currently available only via Torrent.
Please be kind enough to help with seeding once you download the pack, so that more people will be able to download it fast.

What is Torrent?
Bittorrent networking is the most popular form of P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. Bittorrents (also known as "torrents") work by downloading small bits of files from many different web sources at the same time.

How does it work
You need a Torrent client in order to open a torrent file and start downloading via peer to peer network.
The big red "Download Now" button at the right top side of this page is actually a torrent magnet link, which means you need a torrent client that supports magnet links.
We recommend using µTorrent is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows or Mac with many features.

What's included

This facepack includes faces for all top clubs in the game, but also most second division clubs, and even further down. For real LLM lovers (4th division clubs and below), we still have a good bunch of the faces covered.

You'll find fresh player pics for all Champions League and Europa League clubs for current season 2012-2013 as they appear on and the official club websites.

Below there's a list of some of the most notable leagues this pack has faces for...

Top leagues in Europe
England : Premier league - Championship - League one - League two - Conference division
Germany : 1.Bundesliga - 2.Bundsliga - 3.Bundesliga - regionalliga's
Italy : Serie A - Serie B - Serie C - Serie D
France : Ligue 1 - Ligue 2 - Championnat Nacional
Spain : Primera Division - Liga Adelante

Top 2-3 leagues for smaller European countries
Sweden : Allsvenskan - Superettan - Division 1
Netherlands : Eredivisie - Jupiler league - Topklassen
Belgium : Jupiler Pro league - belgacom league
Poland : Ekstraklassa - I Liga
Switzerland : Raiffeisen Super League - Challenge league

Top leagues in rest of the world
China : Super league - League one
USA : MLS - D2 Pro league
Australia : A league - B league
Brasil : Campeonato Brasileiro
Argentina : Primera Division

Preview Screenshots

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Copy the downloaded folder "Scope Style Megapack" to:
Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\players\
Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\players\
Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\players\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/graphics/players/

Create the folders "graphics" and "players" if they don't exist.

Step 2

Run Football Manager 2013 and go to: Preferences > Interface

Click "Clear Cache" button at the top.
Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".
Click "Confirm" button at the bottom.

There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.


Scope style facepack is created by Stam from but this megapack wouldn't be possible without the help from necjeff, Spurs12345 & Lubo over at Managers United (Dutch Fansite).
Thank you Jeff and co for being so kind to help us with this, you're all awesome! :)

Stam, or.dabool, preto01, necjeff, Spurs12345, Lubo, Bm, FGIbra, Lokypedro, Haas67, Jackioo, Hixxo, El Chambo, Marklf, Thijskeeper, milka, Slashydutchie, ArthurM, Bingbangboem, El Nino, new0rder.
Respect to all of you!

Download Now
Downloads: 55913 / Size: 3.0 GB / Added: 2012-12-16
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About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

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Discussion: Scope Faces Megapack for FM13

33 comments have been posted so far.

  • jzafar's avatar
    Hey, I'm trying to torrent this and I'm not connecting to any seeds? Is that a problem on my end?
  • Couragesand's avatar
    Roy Miller on NYRB Has the wrong picture stam.
  • dvortex45's avatar
    just downloaded this it looks great in the pictures but the player photos have not come up even after following all the stages any solution to this????
  • Stam's avatar
    @onetimepost: I guess I should delete your account now that you made that one post. I suppose you're the same person on Twitter who asked that today. I replied to you there, and since then the seeders count has risen from 35 to 125.

    @Fredje17: The scope pack will get an update during the summer.

    @britpol: This pack doesn't affect your skins in any way, so chances are that either you're using a skin which is hiding the age or you just need to re-size your FM window (assuming you play in windowed mode) and make it bigger in height for the age to show?
  • onetimepost's avatar
    No seeders anymore ? :(
  • Justice's avatar
    Brilliant job guys, I love this pack :)
  • Fredje17's avatar
    the DF11 Face Packs for FM13 yet receiving regular updates. Come for the Scope Faces Megapack for FM13 also update's? Or remains in the version which is now?
  • Glenn T's avatar
    Paul Konchesky has the face of Martin Skrtel, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  • britpol's avatar
    Hi Stam and everyone,

    Not sure if I should post question here but I did it in General questions in the 2013 forum and no response.
    Firstly, I dl this in 12 minutes. Thanks for that.
    Secondly, and importantly, I installed this great pack and it worked fine. Except for one thing, where has the players age gone?
    I can see it in one pic in the examples, not the others. Uninstalled and I still have no age.

    Can someone check my post on general questions if they can help.

  • lanxess's avatar
    Many thanks Stam, your provided link seems to work!
    I will dl the pack tomorrow, and promise to keep it seeding until you bring out your FM2014 pack...

    Thanks again to the creators for making FM2013 even better!!
  • Stam's avatar
    @lanxess: I can't see the image (doesn't work), but at any case there is no other way to download this pack. The only way is via torrent. You can try the torrent magnet link and see if it helps.
  • lanxess's avatar
    @ Stam:

    - the speed I mentioned was the one I read a few posts below, no clue what the actual speed is now...

    - I redownloaded the torrent, but I still get no tracker and availability (see image). I have quite some torrents running but I just can't load a tracker? I suppose there is no alternate link which I could try?
  • Stam's avatar
    @lanxess: Works fine for me and you're actually the first to report such a problem. The torrent has 130+ seeders and ~60 peers as we speak, and with over 10k downloads so far it appears to be running just fine. I suggest you wait for a few minutes after the torrent shows up in uTorrent until it reads all files included in it as they are quite many (~50k).
    By the way, what do you mean about 200kb/s? Download speed should be faster than that with so many seeders by now :)
  • lanxess's avatar
    Hey Stam,

    This looks like a nice surplus for FM2013!
    However, I'm not able to download?
    The torrent pops up in my uTorrent but it just makes it freeze, and no tracker is provided.
    I've got about 90 others running for weeks so I know my client isn't the problem.
    Could you perhaps look into it it you find the time somewhere?
    In return I promise you to keep it seeding and provide you with a boost on your 200kb/s!

    In meanwhile thanks to the creators on this!!
  • Stam's avatar
    @danny2016: From my experience, people will find a reason to complain anyway, no matter if sharing is done via direct download or via torrent. This is a massive pack of 3.0 GB and I reckon distributing it via torrent is the best way (for numerous reasons). Also getting 70% in 2 hours is pretty fast, you'd need half a day or more to get this via direct download split archives on free hosting sites. I'm also guessing you managed to complete the download shortly afterwards.

    @Jamesbarker: There are 2 folders named "Sports Interactive" with "Football Manager 2013" inside of them. Make sure to do step one in the correct folder, which is the one containing a "games" folder within.
  • danny2016's avatar
    Why torrent file? Can you not just add it to an ordinary download file as people with 100% of the download wont upload the file back for others to download i have now been downloading this file for over 2hrs and yet i`m stuck on 70%.

  • Jamesbarker's avatar
    i have done the download and saved it to the files you stated. And i have done step 2. But when i either go onto an existing game or start a new game the pictures havnt worked. any ideas?? do i need to re-install the game??
  • Stam's avatar
    A little update: I have changed "download now" button from a torrent magnet link to a regular torrent file, because some users have reported having trouble getting the magnet link to work. It's possibly a temporary solution, but it should do for the time being.
  • Ramzy's avatar
    Stam, you were right !
    Thanks !!
    It's a problem of browser : the magnet link didn't work with IE, but works withe Firefox
  • Bungle678's avatar
    Awesome facepack, kudos to all involved...
  • Stam's avatar
    @jutess1: I suspect this could be an Internet Explorer (browser) issue, not recognizing the torrent magnet link. Could you please try the download button with a browser like Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox?
  • jutess1's avatar
    sorry for my english,when i click on "download now",I have a message
    "La page Web ne peut pas être affichée" i don't understand why i can't download,i have µtorrent on my PC
  • Stam's avatar
    @jutess1: Why not? What's the problem?

    @russ188: I'm not sure what to suggest. A lot of people are downloading this without problems. It might currently be a bit slow, but that is due to high demand. If you can't get it to start at all, perhaps try a different torrent client. I recommend using uTorrent.

    @Samual5200: I'm glad my suggestion helped solve the issue. About the speed, I think it's doing OK. It's typically the 1st day we promote this and peers are more than seeders (the ratio is like 61/249 as I write this). Average d/l speed should be like 200 kb/s at the moment. Hopefully more people will be seeding this by tomorrow.

    @The FM Rookie: We actually have faces for Veikkausliiga.
  • jutess1's avatar
    i can't download the facepack with µtorrent,help me
  • russ188's avatar
    my torrent freezes

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