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FM 2018 Standard Logo Pack

Over 42,500 club and competition logos in original state (no effects) for Football Manager 2018. Largest logos megapack for FM18. An exclusive.

By on Oct 31, 2017   Nov 17, 2017   76824 views   42 comments
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Downloads: 4452 / Size: 1.4 GB / Added: 2017-10-31
Football Manager 2018 Logo Packs - FM 2018 Standard Logo Pack
This is my standard logo pack for Football Manager 2018.
Standard means the logos have no effects on them, as this is the way I prefer them.

Standard Logo Pack Contents

Included are now over 42500 logos for clubs and competitions.

Here are some stats:

Africa: 1984 logos
Asia: 4759 logos
Europe: 25893 logos
North America: 2581 logos
Oceania: 339 logos
South America: 3515 logos
Competitions: 3249 logos
Nations: 240 logos

Redistribution Policy

Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself.

Standard Logos Football Manager Preview

How to add standard logos megapack on Football Manager 2018

  1. Download the .rar file and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.

  2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\
    Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.

  3. Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface:
    Hit the Clear Cache button. Return to this screen.
    Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Work In Progress

Hey, I'm right now updating a lot of stuff, and already started working on an update to this file. I want to release an update somewhen in november (depending on how fast I progress and/or how big the demand is). If there is a club or competition logo that is missing or out of date and you absolutely want to have it in the next update, feel free to tell me in the comments. Personally I will focus on mostly europe for the next update, to have everything updated there as soon as possible

Download Links

For those of you that can't download the single file download via MEGA (big red "Download Now" button at the top and bottom), here are the mediafire download links (2 files):

Download Now
Downloads: 4452 / Size: 1.4 GB / Added: 2017-10-31

Discussion: FM 2018 Standard Logo Pack

42 comments have been posted so far.

  • Ntense's avatar
    good pack
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    I've downloaded this last year so i need only the updates. Do i need to download the whole pack again? :/
  • sl1234's avatar
    If I download the hotfix and start a new save do I have to re-insert the files?
  • WangZ1ggy's avatar
    is the update on MegaPack 2 ? or I have to download both packs?
  • Scarecrow's avatar
    @keysi create a free mega account and install megasync. using megasync you will get resumability. But a maximum of (I think) 8gb of download per day (free account)
  • keysi's avatar
    I don't know if it's only me but the download on mega always stop after 5%...
  • Stam's avatar
    Repacked as one file and added "Download Now" link for it, going to like last year.

    @Mojogod: While the Google Drive idea is good in theory, due to the vast amount of pictures, it takes ages until Google manages to zip even the "Competitions" folder. :/
  • Mojogod's avatar
    I uploaded all logos to google drive. If i set it up correctly everybody that follows the link down below should be able to view and download it. If it works like I imagine the best thing is that everyone can just choose what countries to download. Would be nice to have some feedback if this works as intended
  • Mojogod's avatar
    Yes you can use this with basically every FM edition of the...last 10 years or so

    And no the game doesn't slow down at all. The only thing that could potentially take a bit longer is the startup loading screen, but once you're in game it doesn't have any effect on game speed
  • jcp1417's avatar
    Does this slow down the game at all?
  • Ntense's avatar
    Can you please upload second part to other website like For some reason the speed on it so slow that it tells me it will take 8 hours to complete
  • promoss's avatar
    Can i use this on FM17?
  • Mojogod's avatar
    Hi, just as a heads up. first update will be coming on 1st december. Until then I still have some time to do some work on it. I want to include everything that's been posted here, and otherwise I'm now very focused on europe (currently still at the smaller nations though)

    Also a thanks to everyone that posted missing/new logos :)
  • ChadVSO's avatar
    The new Brazilian teams in the database doesn't have their own logos.
  • Girafi's avatar
    Alright, hopefully the last danish club that needs changing:
    Svendborg fB (ID: 557) -
    FC Svendborg went bankrupt earlier this year, hence the logo/club name change.
  • Richiness's avatar
    Will there be another update soon?
    The logos for Sydney FC and Wellington Phoenix have changed this season
  • miguelsilva29's avatar
    Hi, congratulations for your megapack ! I´m about to give you a little help, in Portugal leagues, all the ''B'' teams have the same logo of the ''A'' team. Example. Boavista as the same logo of Boavista B

    hope ive been helpful. thank you ! :p
  • Girafi's avatar
    As well as
    B 1973, Herlev (ID: 27066336) -
  • Girafi's avatar
    Took a closer look at every Danish club, and found the following missing/needed to be changed:
    Flemløse/Haarby Boldklub (ID: 27137315) -
    Helsinge Fodbold (ID: 27143386) -
    Idrætsforeningen Statskundskab (ID: 27141761) -
    Køge Nord FC (ID: 931475) -
    Linde Boldklub (ID: 27141891) -
    Slagelse Boldklub (ID: 555) -
  • Herrjensen's avatar
    Mrnobody you have to scroll down to the two download mirror links (two big shield saying MEGAPACK on them)
  • Mrnobody's avatar
    The download bottem is gone?
  • Girafi's avatar
    Slagelse Boldklub (ID 555) have the wrong logo, should be this

    As always, thanks for a great logopack!
  • PlayStrox01's avatar
    Bayern Munich and PSG Have new Logos :D
  • STeRODeF's avatar
    Many ukrainians clubs changed logos
    Rukh Vinnyki (First League)

    Niva Ternopil (Second League)

    Ingulets ((First League)

    FC Mariupol (Premier League)

    Prykarpatty (Second League)

    SC Dnipro-1 (Second League)

    Metalist 1925 (Second League)

    FC Nikopol
  • poq's avatar
    Thanks. I will use this for FM16 to get the new Juventus logos.

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