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TCM18 Logopack by

Update 18.2 Available. Over 25,500 logos by Adopt the brilliant TCM18 Megapack including all playable FM clubs and nations for Football Manager 2018.

By Updated on Apr 02, 2018   338267 views   23 comments
Football Manager 2018 Logo Packs - TCM18 Logopack by

Download the TCM18 Logopack, megapack of more than 25.500 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2018!

This is the 5th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager.
After more than 1,200,000 downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt the brilliant TCM18 Logo megapack for Football Manager 2018 by

25559 Logos : 22159 Clubs + 2817 Competitions + 583 Divers

Africa : 1349 Clubs – 197 Competitions
North America : 1485 Clubs – 231 Compétitions
South America : 2736 Clubs – 208 Compétitions
Asia: 3060 Clubs – 596 Compétitions
Europa : 13220 Clubs – 1318 Compétitions
Oceania : 309 Clubs – 75 Compétitions
+ Confederations, Federations, International Competitions & Flags.
All the details by Nations in the Megapack.

Update 18.1 - 29 Dec 2017
Ajout/Add : 3734 Clubs – 295 Competitions
Update : 396 Clubs – 134 Competitions – 4 Federations

Update 18.2 - 18 Mar 2018
Ajout/Add : 546 Clubs – 83 Competitions
Update : 102 Clubs – 2 Competitions – 1 Federation

If you have logos to make, two possibilities:

– If there are only a few logos, go to page requests:

– If there is a lot of logos or if you want to become a contributor, go to contributor page :

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Bonus: Adboards banners from our partners showing during games are included in this pack :



  • Kinmar : Enhancing the Template, Development, Hosting (TCM14-18).
  • Thomasom : Creating the Template, Development (TCM14/15).
  • Sualg-Bilbao : Development (TCM14/15/16).
  • Zecha : Development (TCM16).
  • RBRND : Development (TCM18).
  • Torbin : Development (TCM18).


TCM18 : Abu-Dun, Alfredo, AndreaLAZIOultras, Atvo, Brendan, Broeren, bdavies26, Chavez, claytonpadula, Cleuber, Diogo Paiva, Domi, Eray1914, Gamma022, Heval, Hrvoje, Julian, Kamil, Loukas, Lucas, Marcos, Mátyás, MZ17, Necjeff (DF11 Faces),nxtfuture, Oriole01, Pappeldrache, Patres10 (FC12 Kits), Patrick, Pierre-Jean, RBRND, Rivanov, Segmann, Spix22, Tapioca, Theodor (@TONlJIMENEZ), Torbin, Vince-Taiwan.

Old TCM : AndreaLAZIOultras, ArturM, Borell, cdmafra, Frimimout, JesperBN, Kostas_Panachaiki, MatheusMux, Paul_13, Rein, Renato, Rivanov, [email protected], Spartacus23, Stathis, Steinbolt, Theodor.


This creation (TCM18) is a property of the site and is in free use for personal use only. The only authorized download links are the official links available on the site to monitor the downloads statistics. If you wish to integrate our creation into a presentation, your own graphics, for any public use, thanks for asking us the permission. is a non profit website and only wishes to help the Football Manager gamers community. However, some recognition isn’t much asking for a time wasting work. Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules.

Additional Information : (Website link)
[email protected] (Website email)
https:/ (Facebook)
https:/ (Twitter) (Steam)

kinmar's avatar
About kinmar

Kinmar Alias ​​Julien is the founder of
His passion for logos expressed after discovering graphics for Football Manager.
Addicted to customizing the game, he created a dedicated website for TCM Logopack.

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Discussion: TCM18 Logopack by

23 comments have been posted so far.

  • kinmar's avatar
    @angloitaliano81 : TCM18 Logopack is available after a small donation. You can free download the last Logopack (TCM19) if you want the biggest Logopack ;)
  • angloitaliano81's avatar
    I've tried to download this at least a dozen times and it keeps going to the telechargement site no other links are showing up?
  • jaysdailydose's avatar
    @Mr Blue Playdoh: For one, 7-Zip is probably the most common file extraction program on the planet.

    For two, the instructions are not difficult, nor is it difficult to find the download link.

    How about you stop insulting creators that provide FREE things to the entire community, just because you apparently don't understand computers at all to know what an extractor is -- and apparently can't read pretty basic instructions.

    Such entitlement towards an amazing free package. Thank you to the creators!
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Mr Blue Playdoh : After more 180.000 DL for this pack and more 1.200.000 for all TCM pack, I have never had feedback on download issues.
    While clicking the red button doesn't launch the download, but redirects to the official page and it's a voluntary choice. But this doesn't prevent you from downloading.
    In addition there are 3 different download links to prevent in case of failure of one of them and because in some countries, hosts don't work. But the three (Mega, Uptobox and Jheberg) are recognized and reliable hosts (although there will still be some banner ads).
    For installation instructions, there is nothing very complicated when you follow the instructions.
    Thank you for those comments and appreciation for the work we do every day to bring you FREE content for you to improve your gaming experience.
  • Mr Blue Playdoh's avatar
    You have to download a program called 7-zip and extract it into a folder then move it to the FM 2018 folder, however my first comment still stands when it comes to finding the correct download link
  • Mr Blue Playdoh's avatar
    AVOID!! you have to navigate through 3 pages of dodgy download links and when you think you found the correct download link it downloads a .rar file which you then paste into the FM2018 folder and follow the instructions and nothing happens.

    I did scan the file first with defender and malewarebytes nothing was found in the scan, but still it dont work or the instructions was written by a 2 year old.
  • kinmar's avatar

    Download the 18.2 Update for logopack, with more than 700 logos of clubs, competitions and federations for more than 30.000 logos in total!

    After more than 120.000 downloads for les and more than 1.350.000 downloads with previous versions, we want to offer more with this last update.

    Mexico, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, Portugal and New Zealand... 42 nations with additions and updates of logos.
  • kinmar's avatar
    Yes ;)
  • mayday's avatar
    has been update Al Ahli Shabab and Al Duhail?
  • kinmar's avatar
    No installer for logopack, just a .rar folder. Take precautions when you download via web hosts (here Mega Uptobox etc.)
  • MrDanios's avatar
    Strongly discourage from downloading. Installed malware on my computer via the installer that allegedly should install the logos, although it failed to deliver.
  • kinmar's avatar

    Download the 18.1 Update for TCM18 Logopack, with more 4.500 logos of clubs, competitions and federations for almost 30000 logos in total !

    After more 65000 downloads for TCM18 and more than 1,275,000 downloads with previous versions, we want to offer more with this update.

    Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland ... 83 Nations with add or update logos.
  • kinmar's avatar
    50000 !

    Here is the number of downloads of the TCM18 reached today, almost 1 months day after the release of FM18.
    A big thank you to all, players, contributors and partners!
  • kinmar's avatar
    [Developers #TCM18]

    Good morning! After Almost 3 weeks and more than 40000 Downloads, I'm coming to you to improve your favorite logopack even more!

    A page dedicated to contributors is available on the website and I thank all participants. On this page is the total list of logos by nations.

    On the other hand, in order to process a maximum of requests and logos provided by contributors, I'm looking for "developers".
    As developers, you have a knowledge of photoshop and you will have to "clean" the logos provided (remove white, bad contours, etc.) and resize them to the right size. I would advise all tips and tricks as well as a script to make it easier for you.

    Don't hesitate to share around you, the more you will be, the more numerous the logos available for the next Christmas update.

    If you are interested, send an email here: [email protected]

    Thank you!
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Josef007 : 47 Clubs, 8 Competitions
    Don't hesitate to contribute here :
  • Josef007's avatar
    u make the israeli ligu logos in this pack?
  • kinmar's avatar
    @CarlosEsDios : Screenshot ?

    @promoss : Yes !
  • promoss's avatar
    Can i use this for FM17?
  • CarlosEsDios's avatar
    Didn't work. Sigh.
  • kinmar's avatar
    Screenshot Folder installation and Setting Interface ?
  • jethers's avatar
    Downloaded, followed instructions but none of the logos appear ingame.
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Karldr204 : Folder "Megapack TCM18" = 1.03 Go ?
  • Karldr204's avatar
    I've downloaded, but when I unpack it does not show graphics and only shows ads in the folder?
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