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The Future of FM Graphic Packs

By on Nov 09, 2019   79185 views   70 comments
News - The Future of FM Graphic Packs
We feel obliged to our community to announce that due to licensing reasons we had to take down all graphical addons containing official club logos and player faces.

These graphics are trademarked and/or copyrighted material owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Despite not hosting nor having control over the vast majority of such packs shared by community members, we do not want to risk getting into trouble.

We are sincerely sorry for this unfortunate development, but our love for the Football Manager game series is not above the laws of Intellectual Property.

I am sure the community will find a way to produce graphic packs in a lawful way in the near future, and FM Scout shall be a pioneer in doing so.

Until the dust settles, we will prepare the next day in safety.

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Discussion: The Future of FM Graphic Packs

70 comments have been posted so far.

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    @shieldscw: Packs containing copyrighted material continue elsewhere because that's easy to ignore when trouble is not outside your door.

    @REWardle: While we're taking the high road with this because that's the right thing to do, it's not really the end of the road for this type of packs and FM Scout. We'll pursue lawful ways, but that will take time.
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    They still have pcaks available on sortitoutsi
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    Guys...should we collaborate with each other on the chat and have those with original packs send it to others?
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    indirme bağlantısına nasıl ulaşabilirim.
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    RIP FM Scout. 2004 - 2019.
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    where i can download the logo pack ?
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    where i can download the logo pack ?
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    where is the dowload?
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    Fortunately, I downloaded it before this news
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    where is the dowload button?
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    Anyone have links to download the patch?
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    @jordanmillward: That is why we decided to stop packs that contained copyrighted images. I'm not sure exactly how IP laws are with facepacks, if a face picture belongs to the club or only to the player. But until there's a safe path to follow, it's best to disable them too.
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    @Frognastie + @Stam - Unfortunately, not only does "Fair Use" not apply in many countries (the UK for one, there's no fair use exemption to copyright here other than for things like research, studying, etc), but in any case it likely wouldn't apply to the logo packs, as the site not selling the packs doesn't automatically make it fair use, and given the number of logos included in the packs, would likely be seen by (at least a English court) to be too substantial and negatively impact the ability of the businesses to licence their copyrighted logos to an extent that fair use cannot be used as a defence.

    This sucks, hard, because the logos and face packs make a big difference in-game, but such is intellectual property law.
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    can anyone help me and send me a link to the logos??

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