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Vitrex17 v2.0 (updated 1/1-2017)

With over 78.000 downloads last year alone on FM Scout, the most popular and downloaded skin from FM16 is back for another year with FM 2017, even better than ever. As always minimalism, clean lines & beautiful visuals are the corner stones of Vitrex!

By Updated on Nov 30, 2017   416811 views   308 comments
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Downloads: 131056 / Size: 120.9 MB / Added: 2016-11-13
Football Manager 2017 Skins - Vitrex17 v2.0 (updated 1/1-2017)



Policy about Using Vitrex elements
All partial use of this skin, into other custom skins made for release, must be authorized by the Vitrex author/owner and credited by the maker.

Screen Resolution
This skin is optimized for high resolutions (minimum of 1920x1080) and might cause errors if you try to use it at a lower resolution.

Logos, kits, player faces, stadium and city packs
All these must be downlaod seperately, and are NOT a part of the skin.
Recommended packs to complete the skin:
Vitrex city pictures (Flut adaption)
Mini Stadium Superpack

Once again, the popular Vitrex skin returns for Football Manager 2017!

Version 2.0 now out - released 1st of January 2017!

A minimalistic inspired dark FM17 skin for managers who believe that the beauty lies in simplicity and details while content is still king. By Emil Debski.

Vitrex17 v2.0 skin in-game preview

Key/signature features of Vitex17

1. The very well-known 3D shadowed sidebar, originally introduced in Vitrex MMXV for FM15 is back, with the possibility to have it icons-only or full width, through your game preference panel.
2. Another year, another beautifully handcrafted 3D news notification icon.
3. 3 stripes behind the logo in the title-bar added again this year.
4. Beautiful new custom made scout card icons.
5. All game buttons revamped to neat looking, shadowed 3D ones.
6. Probably the most known feat. of Vitrex: The shirt behind the face, along with the player signature, introduced by Vitrex MMXV back in 2014.
7. A whole new addition to this year, keeping Vitrex as one of the most innovative FM skins there are. Brand new 3D depth pitch, showing a players preferred positions on their profile - made for Vitrex17, exclusively by Emil Debski.
8. New custom made team squad overview panel, showing much more information about your team.
9. Also introduced by Vitrex last year, the now widely used, kit backs tactic board, in stead of the default boxes. Shirts are fully interactive (role/duty selector) plus the player names are visible on the back.
10. In prolongation to the tactics panel, once again we've introduced the captains armband.
11. Another whole new, innovative addition to this years skin, made exclusively for the Vitrex: The 3D depth pitch showing the clubs last starting 11, on any given teams club overview panel.
12. The great city pics pack originally made by Flut + a lot of people from the community, has been adapted to the Vitrex, making all photos have the same size/form, to match the rest of the club overview.
13. Yet another wonderful, brand new addition to this years skin. With inspiration from the already existing world map locator introduced years ago, we've build a brand new, up to date one, showing a club/countries location on a beautiful world map, a long side the capital city of that country and number of inhabitants. Exclusively made for and by Vitrex and Emil Debski.
14. Last years icon revamp throughout the whole game is back, with even more wonderful logos filling the different screens, giving the skin a fantastic overall look.
15. New competition player and team stats, showing much more relevant info, than the default ones.
16. Once again an feature introduced to skins for the first time in Vitrex16. The BBC internet styled Competition News panel.
17. This year we have taken it one step further, with a brand new Social Feed panel, Twitter style!
18. Wannacupbrews wonderful Instant Result button feature.




- Brand new preview panel
- Brand new match pre match panel
- Brand new match In Between Highlights panel
- Brand new match feed
- Brand new Vitrex signature match scoreboard
- Brand new match post match pabel
- Brand new Human Manager panel
- Brand new manager Home panel
- Added possibility to add your own manager pic back into the game
- Brand new Stadium panel
+ Much more

- Brand new match Vitrex LCD style match header
- Brand new pre-match lineups panel signature 3D pitch Vitrex style
- Brand new In Between Highlights match panels
- TV Logo aded to match screen
- Brand new Match Overview panel
- New Manager Home panel layout
- Complete button/checkbox rewamp to better fit the style of the skin
- New international/players on loan report panels
- Lots of rearrangement of list views: Scout reports, team talks, stat panels and more.
+ more

- Brand new Nation Overview
- Brand new Non-player/Manager Overview
- Brand new Team Report
- Competition News BBC style from Vitrex16 included
- New Social Feed News panel
- New Player Info hover popup panel
- New Instant Result popup panel
- New Player Attributes in boxes option
+ more

- Brand new Club Overview panel overhaul
- Introduction of a whole new World Map locator widget, made especially for Vitrex by Emil Debski
- Instant Result button added.
- DF11 faces mod included.
+ more

- Issues causing the skin to crash game for some users on entering player profile and/or tactics screen fixed
- Brand new trademark addition once again to and by Vitrex: New beautiful 3D player positions pitch on player profile
- Match tactics overview adopted to look like the non-match tactics overview
- New competition stat overviews for both player and team stats
- Additional small changes
+ more

- Brand new player overview
- Complete button overhaul
- Colours and transparency changed for all screens
- Sidebar under header introduced
- Stripes behind team logo in title-bar
- Kits on tactics board in stead of boxes
- New icons throughout the whole game
- Unknown player/staff default picture
- New grass graphics for pitches shown in tactics, player profile and club overview
- New attribute polygon
- New squad picking colours and buttons
- New scout report cards
- New league table colours
+ more

How to install Vitrex17 on FM17


  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder "Vitrex17 2.0" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\

  3. Run Football Manager 2017 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Vitrex17 2.0” as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.


Big props to wannachupbrew, Vic Posher, Rick Ctid Thorne, Flut, DazS8 and all the skinners in general for sparring and inspiration throughout the years.



Download Now
Downloads: 131056 / Size: 120.9 MB / Added: 2016-11-13
EmilDebski's avatar
About EmilDebski

Passionate about design and Football Manager when it comes to computers. Even better when i can mix the two together. Playing since 94, skinning since 14. Follow my work if you are into a much more beautiful FM experience.

Please support my work on Facebook:

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Discussion: Vitrex17 v2.0 (updated 1/1-2017)

308 comments have been posted so far.

  • Infiltrator's avatar
    Wow very nice work! Love it! Is there a way to change the opacity of the background picture EmilDebski?
  • ExT8's avatar
    Can anyone help me out figuring out where you can turn off using the colours of your team with this skin? Or perhaps change them in the configuration files?

    I love the skin but I don't think it works well with San Lorenzo. The red/blue buttons are appaling.
  • Chellelle's avatar
    Decided to uninstall/reinstall ... I suppose I made some overwriting on custom files ...

    Waiting for next release for the improvments you're working on. Nice work, there's passion under what you do.
  • Chellelle's avatar
    Emil, YOU (and the team) DESERVED IT.

    Some topics:
    - cant see the sidebar icons (they are the same as CFM);
    - already downloaded backgrounds but they dont work (i tried putting them under graphics and under vitrex folder but cant see it).

    Is it possibile that it's because of my MacBookPro?

    I'm enjoying the skin, pure silk!
  • PT_ANDRE_PT's avatar
    Hi, love your skin. When will you be adding the 1366 X 768 version?
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    Thanks amigo - really nice comment, as it completely underlines the whole basic concept about my skinning, and confirms i managed to achieve exactly what i wanted for you guys. I also find many skins too clutered without a clear thread throughout, giving me the feeling that i go through 4 different skins, scrolling from team view, to player profile, to inbox, to club overview for example, with al sorts of different kind of buttons, colours, opacity in backgrounds and so on. Which is why i got into skinning in the first place - to get it exactly like i wanted it. Clean, simply and beautiful for the eyes. And like i always said: Beaty lies in the detail :-).

    Again: Greatly appreciated, thanks. Enjoy!
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes the backgrounds pack is seperate, but a rally small download. Grab it here:

  • EmilDebski's avatar

    Thank you very much! Appreciate your time to get back to me, and really happy you enjoy my work!
  • EmilDebski's avatar
    @Dite De Molay

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

    The background selector has been taken out of all skins this year (as far as i know) as it is causing crashes. I didn't even get to put it in, before i heard about the problem. As soon as it get fixed, i will include it yes :-).
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    I have no idea what you are talking about - player avatar, number?
  • tylerrr's avatar
    This is beautiful, Emil.

    I see a lot of skins that try to accomplish too many things and end up being all over the place visually. On the other hand, this skin is well crafted, completely functional and has a clear, consistent theme throughout. We appreciate it. :)
  • Chellelle's avatar
    Hi Emil,

    first of all I have to say this is pure semplicity and that's what I'm looking for. Thanks for the istant result button.

    Right now I cannot see the backgrounds (that's not a major problem): have I got to download Backgrounds megapack?

  • ari2612's avatar
    This is one of the best skin I have used in FM16, thanks a lot for making similar great work in FM17 version too! You're one of the top community hero.
  • Dite De Molay's avatar
    Thank you for your hardwork for this lovely skin Emil !! Been a fans since your first skin for FM :)

    Just one little question, will you add background selector option for next update version?
  • Lockhart's avatar
    Player avatar is wrong in my skin. The flag with the number doesn't show. It just shows the player's avatar in huge size... why?
  • onurx's avatar
    finaly instant result. thnx <3
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    Write me directly in there buddy, it's a little technical to expain on here.
  • michael25's avatar
    Thanks for your reply Emil, and great job on the skin!

    I joined the FB group, but didn't reply yet. Still wondering though, will the trainer advice button be included in a future update?
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    We spoke about this on Facebook already, am i right? :-)
  • EmilDebski's avatar

    Thank you.

    It can be narrowed down, but you will lose the names on the back of the shirt, and would have to live with them in dark container, like almost all other skins have them. Let me know if you need help.
  • anotherfloridaliverpoolfan's avatar
    as always thank you for this.
  • michael25's avatar
    Great job on the Vitrex skin. One thing I would like to see included is the new technical advice button that is in the original skins on the top right. I have gotten so used to it that I can’t play FM without it anymore. Every time a coach has some advice on the training schedule, or if there is some tactical advice, in the original skins the top right button lights up. Will this be added in a future update?
  • fubas23's avatar
    Congratulations for the great skin Emil!

    I've just have a little doubt, I'm not a big fan of the Tactics overview field size. Is is possible to edit it? Can I do it through the xml files?

  • EmilDebski's avatar

    I have answered that question many times before - use 2 minutes to read, and you will find it by yourself.

    Follow my Facebook group, and you will always know whats going on. I check there more often for comments/questions.
  • onurx's avatar
    Why do not you answer about instant result?

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