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Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)

Collection of panels and graphics tweaks by Wannachupbrew. Includes Instant Result button. Default, Dark and Light versions. Skin for Football Manager 2018

By Updated on Mar 27, 2018   153388 views   153 comments
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Downloads: 29972 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2017-11-12
Football Manager 2018 Skins - Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)
Collection of panels and graphics tweaks by Wannachupbrew. Default, Dark and Light versions.
Anything included in this skin can be used in other skins as long as credit is given.

Club Overview

Player Overview

Staff Profile

Manager Profile

Tactics Screen

Boardroom Overview

Instructions for updating the skin

Make sure you delete all three Wannacup FM18 skin folders before updating. Follow the installation instructions below and then start Football Manager and refresh cache in settings.

How to install the Wannacup FM18 Skin

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folders "Wannachup-FM18", "Wannachup-FM18-Dark" and "Wannachup-FM18-Light" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins\


  4. Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Wannachup-FM18”, "Wannachup-FM18-Dark” and "Wannachup-FM18-Light” as options in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 29972 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2017-11-12
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Discussion: Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)

153 comments have been posted so far.

  • flowkjw's avatar
    My favorite skin is this, thanks to you this update..
    but It has some problem that Dark version has Light color.
    Maybe I think problem is same as ↓↓ 'br0L1x' user.
    Please solve that problem. Thank you.
  • br0L1x's avatar
    @wannachupbrew Good work on the skin, it looks great like always

    However, I have issues with it. I selected it in the menu and my screen is black. Some files are missing in the "Dark" version that are there in the normal version.

    edit: The normal version is working fine, the dark and light ones have these issues
  • Teknik Direktör's avatar
    @wannachupbrew E:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins

    i put it in skins folder same as always.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @oksklok: If you want to try it out and send screenshots of anything that's too messed up I can adjust it and send the files to you to test out. It would save me having to test it.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @oksklok: Nope, sorry. I'm working on a skin for smaller resolutions but it's not ready.
  • oksklok's avatar
    I mean actually I play the game on a laptop with a 1080p screen but the font looks too small. So I changed the display scale to 125%, works similiar as 1366x768. The panels of most of the other skins will get compacted together.
  • oksklok's avatar
    Does the skin support 1366x768 resolution?
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @Teknik Direktör: Where did you extract the folders?
  • Teknik Direktör's avatar
    When i setup these folders, game did not work starts to wink and i could not reach the main menu. one time i could reach and tried to setup new skin than all i can see was black screen. When i erase these folders,game starts to work proper again.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    1.2 update is up
  • Herowolf's avatar
    Can't wait for the update later :D
  • Teknik Direktör's avatar
    i changed graphic options to very high and now i cannot see last starting 11. İ changed graphics back to high and tried again and it didnt work. i erased it and setup again still it does not work. Please help. İ love that last 11 graphics :(
  • ri0t's avatar
    @wannachupbrew thanks mate, appreciate all your hard work. Looking forward to it.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @ri0t: It's fixed in the next update. I'm away from home with work right now, so the new update won't be out till Monday.
  • ri0t's avatar
    Anyone else having an issue with last starting 11 - it's blank for me since the FM 18.3 update
  • Shevchenko86's avatar
    Come on wannachup, I am waitting your super skin update! :)
  • lichunter's avatar
    Look great... I'm eager for the new version...

  • lema's avatar
    Use your skin every year,good work.

    Can't wait your update.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Update almost done. Here's what I'm working on.

  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @BDRick35 @AoC92 Thanks guys, working on these issues now.
  • AoC92's avatar
    needs to be updated for 18.3. if you instant result a match in the box of the result you cant see team badges.
  • BDRick35's avatar
    Can´t see the last starting 11 on the Team overview since the winter update
  • TheVisitor03's avatar
    How can I change the opacity of the background in the light version? The background pictures are barely visible :/
  • lijieneo's avatar
    Anyone one notice this: before there are two options in "Instant Result" one was "simulate", other is "use game plan". Why every skins' "Instant Result" left last option which is "leave the game to your staff by using your Game Plan"? Anyone know whats the difference?
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Still working on the next release. Been flat out with work and haven't had much time to work on this. Planning to get a lot more done in the next few weeks.

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