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FMScout Instant Result FM21 Skins by Wannachup V1.03

Default Football Manager 2021 skin with instant result button added on tactic screen. Dark and Light versions included.

By Updated on Feb 17, 2021   151356 views   193 comments
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Downloads: 52427 / Size: 160.5 kB / Added: 2020-11-12
Football Manager 2021 Skins - FMScout Instant Result FM21 Skins by Wannachup V1.03
Default Football Manager 2021 skin with instant result button added. Plus a dark version of the same FM21 skin with no more purple.

This is ideal if you don't wish to play a match and get straight to the result.

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How to install the Instant Result FM21 Skin

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move ALL extracted folders to your skins folder.:
    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\

  3. The Light skin requires FM21 Light Skin by michaelmurrayuk to be installed. This just adds the instant result button to his skin, the rest of the light skin is his work. DO NOT ADD THESE FILES TO HIS SKIN. Just put each skin in their own folder inside the skins folder.

  4. Run Football Manager 2021 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "FMSCOUT-FM21-Instant-Result”, "FMSCOUT-FM21-Instant-Result-Dark" or "FMSCOUT-FM21-Instant-Result-Light" as an option in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.


Q: The skin doesn't show up in the skin selection menu on Mac
A: Make sure you have installed the skin in the correct location. The install location for Mac has changed. Read this:

Q: I can't select a match plan
A: You need to create a match plan first before you can select one.

Download Now
Downloads: 52427 / Size: 160.5 kB / Added: 2020-11-12
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Discussion: FMScout Instant Result FM21 Skins by Wannachup V1.03

193 comments have been posted so far.

  • GfxJG's avatar
    @avantibram: Don't you it's a bit trashy to want to delete the logo of someone who provided this to you for absolutely free? If you don't like the logo, don't use the skin. If you want to use the skin, well live with the logo. It's that simple.
  • avantibram's avatar
    I tried to remove the logo by removing the titlebar.xml file. However, the result was that the entire top bar disappeared. Can you please let me know how to fix this or just release a version without the logo? I am on MAC btw.
  • Radijze's avatar
    Thanks for the update! After a match I can see the events now, although it seems around minute 60 - 70 the square where the events such as scorers are shown in is too small & not everything is shown. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • tc109's avatar
    Another year, another Wannachup special... thank you!
  • MariusFM's avatar
    Dear Wannachupbrew,

    Thank you! Wish you a fine day.

    Kind regards,

  • mrwickedshot's avatar
    Lightblue background and white text was on media responses, in a dark skin the light blue is abit to shiny and gotta concentrate to read :-p
    remote chat - post-match
  • mrwickedshot's avatar
    A few screens got the light blue background and white text witch is superhard to read. dont remember that exactly but ive encountered a few times.
    The "Transfer Window Top Spenders" news also comes in yellow with white text, making it unreadable.
    Other than that, this is a freaking awesome skin :)
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    You need to delete 'panels\team\team squad tactics panel.xml'
  • MariusFM's avatar
    Dear Wannachupbrew,

    To delete the instant result button I've to delete: match confirmation panel.xml, correct?


  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    You need to update to the new version.
  • DInnGhan's avatar
    Good day,

    I have minor issue with this skin. Usually before the match, I can see a column where it shows my player's match sharpness. But for this skin, there isn't any of that. I tried to look at customizing the selection info, but there is nothing about the match sharpness.

    Maybe you can help?
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    Any FM20 skin that changes the client object browser will 100% cause problems in FM21. Do not use FM20 skins unless you know what you're doing.
  • ROWDYLAD's avatar
    im using FM20 skins wich work with FM21
    im using tangfu skin all you have to do is go into the skin folder click edit on the config file and at the bottom you will see 20.0.0 just chenge it to 21.0.0 and bam! FM20 skins work on FM21
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    It definitely works, I’m using it
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    It IS working. If you can't get it to work then you either have not followed the instructions correctly or you have a problem with your PC.
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    Hello i confirmed, skin dark its not working.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    I haven't had that happen. Maybe try disabling cache in FM settings. Let me know how it goes.
  • whodey17's avatar
    Light skin works fine. Dark skin does not work at all. Moved both skins to the correct folder. Windows 10. Leaving skins in skins folder at startup causes game to not load at all.
  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Always an essential download so thanks for this. Can you now work on replacing the silly emojis for physical condition and match sharpness?? That would be brilliant.
  • OlivierL's avatar
    Not sure if this is a bug from FM or the skin but just want to let u know : i'm getting this error all the time after fixing friendlies, if i want to add one more :
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    I haven't changed any of the club panels.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @jeevan261001 @Camazo
    You need to create a match plan to select one.
  • OlivierL's avatar
    Your skin is working fine, no issues ! Only one question . I can't see the club value on the profile or general page. It this because of my screen resolution or not included in the skin (or original skin ?)
  • Camazo's avatar I get this issue, guess same as jeevan. Any ideas?
  • Stam's avatar
    Hosted the latest version locally again. Dropbox won't be an issue now to whoever had one.

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