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World Super League (WSL) XXL - Final 18.3 update

652 clubs; 58 countries; 12 divisions; the WSL includes 168 clubs from England + 484 of the best clubs from around the world playing in England.

By Updated on Sep 05, 2018   59594 views   77 comments
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Downloads: 7221 / Size: 13.0 MB / Added: 2018-01-07
FM 2018 Fantasy Scenarios - World Super League (WSL) XXL - Final 18.3 update

League Structure



Premier League clubs

Championship clubs

League 1 clubs

League 2 clubs

League 3 clubs

League 4 clubs

XXL version improvements:

Compatible with the final FM 18.3 database.
+30,000 database changes (73,727 total changes)
I took the Database updates from the FM18 Transfer & Data Update by pr0 + FMTU. I only used the transfers update, the injury update, added the 45 new wonderkids and included the CA/PA changes.
There are NO league or structure changes from the XL version, only 18.3 compatibility.
If you are already playing an XL version game, there is no reason to start again, unless you want to!
There are NO database conflicts or errors. I've been playing the XL version for 10 full seasons with FC United, and I also simulated 50 years.

XL version improvements:

+17,000 database changes (47,000 total changes)
+80 new clubs (652 total clubs)
Additional graphics
Enhanced gameplay
Improved match scheduling
Improved league rules like U21's can play matches without registration.
Added all the league and cup history (past winners) and records.
Improved TV and prize pool money and distribution.
About 50 hours extra time editing; my entire weekend, and a few evenings.

WSL Highlights

  • 7 weeks work (weekends and nights). I started editing the day the game was launched, I haven't even played the game yet, I've just been working on this scenario and simulating games
  • Over 47,000 Database changes (17,000 added in the XL version)
  • 652 clubs; 12 levels; 58 countries, 24 groups in total; the Premier league has 20 clubs, most other groups have 24 clubs
  • The top 174 clubs by reputation are included (all clubs with 6300+ reputation).
  • All playable clubs from England are included. I also included many old clubs (oldest 3 clubs in England as well as oldest clubs from most countries)
  • 300 awards, 4 Cups
  • Every team has an Under 23 and Under 18 team; this took the longest time editing; because I gave them custom names and reputation; and I had to move all the staff and players from the B teams in other leagues, into their parent club (the Spanish clubs are especially painful). This took me about 3 weeks.
  • Custom graphics; league logos and backgrounds
  • High quality, very well balanced (hundreds of hours of simulations)
  • Very challenging due to the strength of the competition in each league. I've never seen a club win the treble!
  • Re-balanced all other leagues reputations (Formula: Average reputation divided by 40 = new league reputation)
  • Re-balanced all clubs and Nations Youth Ratings, Facilities; Players Wages, Transfer Values etc.
  • All clubs are still `based` in their own native country!
  • Unlike other Super League scenarios, teams are not seeded by their reputation. Originally the teams were seeded by the squad salary values, then through many simulations, the teams went through a series of promotions and relegations (I simulated the 2017/2018 season about 20 times)! I don't use reputation to seed the clubs, because it's very inaccurate when it comes to the actual clubs strength. Every league has their yo-yo teams, which are hard to seed.
  • Includes the standard Transfer windows, 25 player squads, `3 from 7` subs etc.
  • The Champions League has been re-worked to only include clubs from the WSL. The new World Champions League now includes 128 clubs in the group stage from the top 6 divisions! Also, instead of only having 4 teams per group, there are 8 teams per group, so you play 14 matches in the group stage. 16 groups, top 2 teams advance, so 32 teams leave the group stage.
  • The lower divisions (Division 1 ~ 6) have a `Europa League`.
  • The lowest divisions (Division 5 & 6) are essentially just the Vanarama National leagues (lots of semi-pro clubs), with some extra clubs. If you want to start playing from a mid-league or top-league club, you can remove the bottom two leagues, and only play from Division 4 and above.
  • Cup and League schedules have been very carefully balanced so the matches don't overlap; through many hours of simulations. You will have to play 68 league and cup games in the season to make it to the Champions League and FA Cup final. But you should have at least 2 days rest between games.
  • Extensive league and cup history (past winners) and records have been added.
  • Improved TV and prize pool money and distribution.
  • Most other leagues are NOT playable anymore, this is not an issue. You only need England! Most leagues don't have enough professional clubs to function anymore. This will NOT cause a problem, I've simulated the game far into the future without any crashes or instability etc.

Clubs by nation OLD version (there are more in the XL version)



ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
Salford FCDivision 5 A2500LongHardClub owned by Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt
FC United of ManchesterDivision 6 B2400LongVery hard
Leeds UnitedLeague 45800MediumMediumThe `sleeping giant`
Aston VillaLeague 36200MediumMediumFounding member of the FA and Premier League
West Ham UnitedChampionship6900ShortMediumNever won the Premier League
Sheffield FCDivision 6 A2000LongVery hardOldest football club in the world
Hallam FCDivision 6 B2000LongVery hard2nd oldest football club in the world
Cray WanderersDivision 6 A2000LongVery hard3rd oldest football club in the world


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
CelticLeague 26850ShortMedium
RangersDivision 1 A6000MediumMedium
AberdeenDivision 3 C5750Medium-longMedium-hard


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
Paris FCDivision 4 B5100Medium-longMedium-hardSplit from PSG


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
TSV 1860 MünchenDivision 4 A5200Medium-longMedium-hardFounding member and former Bundesliga club
Dresdner SCDivision 6 B2000LongHardOldest football club in Germany
BFC AlemanniaDivision 6 A2000LongHardOldest club in Germany (not oldest football club); founding member of German FA


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
Pro VercelliDivision 4 C5450Medium-longMedium-hardThe club won seven Italian Football Championships from 1908 to 1922


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
Académica de CoimbraDivision 3 C5850LongMedium-hardOldest club in Portugal


ClubDivisionReputationGame LengthDifficultyNotes
Recreativo de HuelvaDivision 4 C4600Medium-longMedium-hardOldest club in Spain

How to Install WSL XXL in FM18

Extract files.

Copy the `World Super League XXL - v18.3.fmf` file to:
C:\Users\[__USERNAME__]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\editor data

Copy the `graphics` folder to:
C:\Users\[__USERNAME__]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics

The custom graphics are compatible with other logo and background packs! Just make sure my pack is under /graphics/WSL/

If the custom graphics don't show, check the file paths again and then go to `Preferences` -> `Interface` -> click `Clear Cache` ... then go BACK into `Preferences` and click `Reload Skin` on the bottom. This can be done anytime during a game!

NOTE: .fmf files must be placed directly in the `editor data` folder without sub-folders in `editor data` folder!

Start new career game, select `World Super League XXL` from the `Database` Drop down box on top right, then click `Advanced Setup` and select England.

NB NB NB: Please disable all other custom leagues and database changes in the `Database` Drop down box!

PS: The Steam Workshop file doesn't include the custom graphics, but allows you to play with friends. Just add the graphics from the download pack!

Remember that on game start, you'll see many disabled leagues, you don't need them! Just play with England! The game is stable and won't crash!

Leave a comment if you enjoyed it! I like seeing feedback, it motivates me for next year!

Good luck and may the football gods be with you on your journey to world domination!

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 7221 / Size: 13.0 MB / Added: 2018-01-07
Darthfurion's avatar
About Darthfurion

C/C++, PHP & C# developer. Currently working at an insurance company as mobile app developer.

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Discussion: World Super League (WSL) XXL - Final 18.3 update

77 comments have been posted so far.

  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    @darthfurion thank you very much for your database i know it will be amazing... please make sure that you place squad numbers rule for all divisions.. that would be amazing
  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    @darthfurion thank you very much for your database i know it will be amazing... please make sure that you place squad numbers rule for all divisions.. that would be amazing
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    UPDATE: I was unable to re-schedule matches myself. I found an option in the Advanced Editor for the Champions League to check for clashes with other matches. I'm assuming you guys are having difficulty with the Champions League matches. I'm guessing that the Leagues are checking for clashes, but not the `cups`, like Champions League. The basic/simple editor (which I use) doesn't have an option for the Champions League group stage to check for clashes.

    I'll have to switch to the Advanced Editor to make the adjustments. I'll do it along with my next update. I'm just busy adding the additional 80 clubs, then I'll switch before I save the file and make the final changes in the Advanced mode. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    Players in 2017 with CA >190 = 4 (195, 195, 190, 190)
    Players in 2039 with CA >190 = 1 (193)

    Players in 2017 with CA >180 = 5
    Players in 2039 with CA >180 = 9

    NOTE: Right click and choose "Open image in new tab" to view full screen!

    CA: 195
    PA: 199

    CA: 190
    PA: 197

    CA: 188
    PA: 191

    CA: 184
    PA: 189

    CA: 181
    PA: 181

    CA: 193
    PA: 197
    The "BEST" player in 2039 by CA/PA rating. The only player that reached >190 CA

    Now compare the best players in 2039, with Messi and Neymar. Look how many 19~20 ratings they have. Then look how shit my best player in 2039 is with 193 CA. He's only valued at 60m at 26 years old. Just because they have high CA/PA doesn't mean they will be GOD players!

    Yes there are more players generated with >190 PA, but 90% of them will NEVER get to >190 CA! Look, only 1 player got 193 CA in more than 10 years simulation. And even when they do get >190 CA, they will NEVER be like Messi, CR7, Neymar or even Bale, even if they have HIGHER CA/PA. The AI doesn't train them properly. The AI spreads the stats too much, they put too many points in useless stats or the wrong stats for the player style. You need like 250~300 PA to get another CR7, Messi or Neymar!

    There are NO GOD players generated like in real life! If I could set the Youth Recruitment value to 300, I would do it!

    I just spent 3 hours calculating the average player value of the top 23 players in every club in the Premier League.

    In 2017 the average value of players in the Premier League, is 32.5m
    In 2039 the average is 38.5m. 6m more, but there are NO GOD players!
  • mememe's avatar
    I think that what you did here is really AMAZING..The best fantasy league i saw all those years

    I still believe that my point is right. I will fix it on my own for my save . I will add rules for loans , some macth rules ..and my fantasy team in D4 and i think im ready to go

    THX again for the fantastic work
  • cristobalite's avatar

    gadammit. You really put in a whole lot of effort into this and your last post was really explicit on how the players will develop. Bravo!!!
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    Hi, welcome to the discussion.

    It is true that I set all teams youth recruitment to 20. However, I did it for many good reasons....

    Even though they have +190 PA, if you simulate the game into the future, it will take at least 6-8 years for them to reach maturity. And they will almost NEVER be like Ronaldo or Messi. Those players ratings have been optimized. Messi and Ronaldos ratings have been fine tuned, like every point was carefully planned and optimized. If you see how the game develops players with 200pa, you will see they are not so well optimized. Also, there are other factors of youth development, like the youth training and youth facilities of lower divisions. They don't have good enough facilities to train their youth, and most times they will not sell the youth player to you, so it takes them longer to develop in lower leagues.

    I play long term games, the system just does not generate good enough players for the future. Just simulate for 10 years and look at all the top transfers. Newgen players will only be in the top transfers in about 6-8 years.

    In WSL, there is so much money for the top leagues, 200m for the premier league winner, but the clubs will NEVER spend more than 120m on a player (unlike real life). Over 50 clubs get more than 100m per year. It is a challenge even to buy some players of the future because there is so much competition from other clubs with money.

    This is not like a real life game, this is a fantasy game.

    Also, if you play a game from the lower divisions, let's say you play for 10 seasons and get into the Premier League. Now the other teams there have very high Youth Recruitment, like >18, and your youth recruitment is like 2 or 4 from the lower leagues. That's not fun for me.

    Also, the game takes the division reputation of the club into account, so lower league teams have a lower chance to generate good players because their division reputation is lower.

    Even if you simulate for 10 years, only about 10 players in the world will be valued at about 100m, and there are 50 clubs that want to buy them.

    In WSL, the Championship clubs get the same money as the real English Premier League clubs, that's 24 clubs compared to 20. And the WSL Premier League clubs get much more. So there is so much more competition and money from other clubs to buy the top players. Unlike real life where only about 5-10 clubs can pay over 100m for a player.

    Another thing, if you play a long game (8 seasons or more) , and the current real life players retire, the game gets too easy the longer you play, because you can just buy all the top players, and you have less competition and less challenge. If I make more top skill players, you cannot buy them all and just have the only team with all the top players in the future. This way, other teams will also have enough chance to get good teams and good players. I'm talking about when you play for 8 seasons or more

    Don't look at the PA only. You must take many things into account. Simulate for 10 years and look at the transfer values, then you will understand more. Also look at the awards for best players, I guarantee you wont see a newgen win ballon d'or for at least 6 to 8 years. Also, simulate and go through all my awards for the WSL Premier League players, you won't see any newgens there for at least 6 years. Usually takes over about 12 to 15 years to see newgens fill the awards.
    It's just more balanced (and more fun) for a lot more teams with money for longer games.

    Also, simulate the game and then compare one of the Newgen players with high PA to Ronaldo and Messi. You will see that they cannot develop properly. Their skills are not very fine tuned, there are not many stats of 19 or 20 like CR7 or Messi. Even though they have high PA. The game doesn't train them properly.

    Anyways, I hope you can understand some of my reasons.
  • mememe's avatar
    very nice try BUT

    all teams have YOUTH RECRUITMENT: EXTENSIVE (20)

    so, the game produce so many god players (yes god players)
    My first save started with 10 regens Ronaldo (190+ PA)
    add atleast 10 more every year
    players with 180+ PA are countless

    sry but its unplayable at this need to return the value (20) of youth recruitment to the original value
  • cristobalite's avatar

    Thanks for that. looking forward to starting a brand new save with Enyimba F.C. Again, thanks for all your efforts to this Database...
  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    @ dartfurion...would you like me providing you with my logo pack ??

    please make sure when updating the file to include squad numbers for all divisions that would be amazing
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    Yes, that is the ONLY logo I have from Nigerian clubs!
    I don't add club logos, I just use a logo pack from FM Scout.
    I already have that logo in my logo pack, so I'll add the club. The logo looks very similar to default logos from FM when it is small, so I didn't see it!
  • cristobalite's avatar


    the above shows the logo of Enyimba F.C. in Nigeria. Can you use this?
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    I added 3 clubs from South African and Al-Ahly from Egypt already in this version. I will add Zamalek to the update!

    Clubs from Nigeria and Ghana do not have logos in my logo pack. I ONLY add clubs that have logos in my logo pack. Some clubs from Tunisia and Cameroon have logos, so I might add some of them.

    I might also add some clubs from Japan, even though they don't have players, I have the logos.
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    Yes, I increased the Nation and Continent transfer activity.
    I also removed many financial restrictions on clubs.
  • cristobalite's avatar
    I hope the new one would be great but it will still be nice if you can add @ least one top club from some major countries in Africa example, Nigeria, Ghana,Tunisia, Egypt, Cameroun, and South Africa. these are big names in the African nations cup.
    Good Work as i appreciate this as its a deviation from the norm. Thumbs up!!!
  • az's avatar
    Hi @Darthfurion

    I just finished simulated one season using this database, and i must say that i was impressed with the result. The title race is so close and i think the transfers by AI managers is pretty good ( did you do some tweak on that ? )

    Anyway for some suggestion, if you can add some of the Asian region clubs ( maybe champion from Singapore,Malaysia,etc.. ) will be much appreciated.

    Looking forward for the next update!
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    TO ALL:
    I will be expanding the bottom two divisions (Division 5 & 6) by 80 clubs. This should probably take a few days, but will have NO effect on the top 6 divisions (From League 4 up to Premier League); they will not be affected (I will not change anything on the top divisions). This expansion is mainly for players starting at the bottom divisions. The total number of clubs will then be 652.

    @Cavenaghi: I will include Zamalek in the expansion.
    Japanese teams don't have any players in them, so I don't add them. It's very hard to choose the teams, there are over 5000 teams that fit into my structure, I cannot add them all. So I have to prioritize teams from more popular/bigger leagues. I didn't include many teams from Africa because there are not many leagues from Africa in the game. PS: I'm also from Africa.

    +80 extra clubs should be enough to give players starting at the bottom a better experience. But there will still be a lot of English clubs there, probably 60% English clubs, 40% other counties.

    I really hope I can finish this expansion before the weekend so I can start playing my own game.
  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    @Darthfurion i appreciate your work definatley however i wanted just to enjoy it more with more teams from all around the world, don't get me wrong but it would be better with teams from teams from africa australia japan & the rest of the globe....i also love to play with my favorite local team ( zamalek ) which i can't find....i would appreciate if you can do an update for this database & include more teams in the lower divisions. Thank you again & i appreciate your database & efforts
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    @Cavenaghi, the other consideration is that the bottom two divisions 5 & 6 are semi-pro divisions. Division 4 is the start of the professional divisions. I didn't want to add too many semi-pro clubs. But I know, if you start in those leagues, maybe it's not so much fun. I think I will consider adding more clubs or making an XL (extra-large) version.
  • Darthfurion's avatar
    @Cavenaghi, I tried to reduce the total number of teams by reducing the size of the bottom two leagues. It's true that they consist mostly of the Vanarama National teams from England. There is a huge difficulty level going from division 5 to division 4. The teams in div 5 and 6 are much weaker than the rest. So I didn't want to add many weak teams for guys that play in the top leagues. It's a difficult balance.

    Once you get out of div 5 and 6, the game will get much better for you. I also play from div 6, so I understand how you feel! The issue I have is the save game file gets to over 200MB in about 4 or 5 years if I add too many clubs. I had to try find a balance. I have also considered doing another bigger Monster version with a lot more clubs. Maybe 200 more clubs? I just worry about processing time and save game file size. What do you guys think?

    Other than that, I hope you are enjoying the game. Things will get much better for you from division 4! I know the bottom leagues are hard! Try look for affiliate clubs from the higher leagues to help you with loan players! Also, the transfer windows on the bottom leagues are much bigger!

    Also, the main issue with putting them together is the money. I don't want to give the bottom teams too much money, it would be way more unrealistic. From div 4, the money increases a lot! Good luck! I respect your choice to start from the bottom, its 100x harder!
  • Cavenaghi's avatar
    you need to place divisions 5 & 6 with other higher clubs as the ones in division 5 & 6 are still the English teams which is not the best experience
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    AFAIK there is NO brexit, because ALL continents are treated as NON-foreign.
    Meaning you don't even need work permits for your players.
  • Darthfurion's avatar

    I just checked Real Madrids fixtures from last year, 63 matches
    It would have been 65 matches if they made it to the Copa Del Rey final
    So this is not far my the WSL fixtures.

    38 matches = Premier League
    14 matches = Champions League group stage
    = 52 matches already
    Then there are Champions League and FA Cup knockout rounds, depending on how far you get.

    Not much more than real life! If you consider other cups like FIFA Club World Cup, Charity shields, League Cups etc.

    The average team in the top 6 leagues will probably play 52~60 matches at most, depending on how far they get.

    Also, you will need very skillful man management, to know when you should rest your players. You will need to prioritize, what's more important? The leagues, cups, relegation, promotion? etc.
  • az's avatar
    Awesome job man! Just one question does this mean there is no brexit in this database?
  • cristobalite's avatar
    Holy Crap. 68 matches in a season????????????? Thats way toooooo much hassle mehn! Good work. Will check this out .

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