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FM 2021 Download Area

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Indian Super League & i-League for FM2021
1299   114  
Realistic Indian Football Structure for FM21 by RatedRSuperStar. ISL has 11 teams including SC East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan i-League has new teams Kenkre FC and Rajasthan United.
4231 Bologna / FM21 Tiki Taka Tactic
4231 Bologna / FM21 Tiki Taka Tactic
1340   231  
In one of my FM21 saves, Bologna performed really well in Serie A, placing in Europa League zone, therefore I decided to try out that tactic.
Bahamas Fictional League for FM21
1432   49  
Adds a new country to the game, Bahamas, with three leagues. The leagues are formed from teams: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc. Football competitions of the cou
Yousouffa Moukoko
16 year old prodigy Yousouffa Moukoko added to the database at his club Borussia Dortmund
Somali League 2021
1595   108  
Two tiers of Somali Football in FM 21.4
Kenyan Leagues FM 21.4.1
1936   149  
Four Levels of Kenyan Football, including FA Cup, Super Cup and amateurs cup.
Indian Football Structure for FM21 (by RatedRSuperStar)
2031   132  
A semi-realistic approach to Indian football system in India for FM2021
River and Boca in Premier League
2262   68  
This FM21 DB has River and Boca play in the Premier League. Requires the No Borders DB due to the limitations of nationalities and agreements.
F1 Drivers as Footballers
F1 Drivers as Footballers
2544   59  
This mod adds 20 drivers of F1 2022 to FM2021.
Santa Clara Corrected
Santa Clara Corrected
2777   87  
After the revelation by President Rui Cordeiro that Santa Clara has a debt of 5M, I decided to correct this in the game that was left out of the winter update.
Tottenham Hotspur Legends
66 Spurs legends from all different eras, featuring current youth prospects as well as players who graduated from the Tottenham academy. A database for FM21.
Club World Champions Cup for FM 2021 V.1.4
3146   387  
Introducing the latest World Club Continental Edition (version 1.4 released on February 25, 2022) - Welcome to the Club World Champions Cup (CWCC) for FM 2021.
Motor Lublin - Ekstraklasa is waiting for us!
3163   137  
Zbigniew Jakubas has already built the Lublin Football Academy, he has also invested a lot of money for you so that you can lead the Lublin team as soon as poss
PSV Staff Update 2021 by KreWL
3170   279  
Actual PSV youth staff. A database for FM21.
Italian Cup with 2000 teams
3344   168  
Italy National Cup with 2000 teams from first to last tier. Database for FM 2021.
Syrian Leagues & Cups for FM 21
Syrian Leagues & Cups for FM 21
3454   388   1  
This is the Update for the full Syrian Leagues System & Cups structure following the real-life Syrian Leagues this Season 2020/21. This is now Compatible with the latest Winter Update 21.04.0
Ekstraklasa with 12 teams
Ekstraklasa with 12 teams
3460   102  
Reduced League to 12 teams in Polish Premier League. Alternative reform of the Polish League. A database for Football Manager 2021.
Argentina Fictional Pyramid (13 Tiers) for FM21
3490   236   1  
New pyramid for Argentinian football with 1011 eligible clubs and 13 divisions to choose from. A database for FM 2021.
[FM21.1] Visegrad Group V4 (Poland, Czech, Hungary,Slovakia)
[FM21.1] Visegrad Group V4 (Poland, Czech, Hungary,Slovakia)
3536   1  
This is a fantasy mod that creates the Visegrad Group league (V4) (1136 clubs, 7 league levels).
FM21 India Football League Structure down to Division 4
FM21 India Football League Structure down to Division 4
3575   342   1  
This is my attempt at creating a proper football structure for a country that lacks any structure. Indian league structure for Football Manager 2021.
Scottish Fantasy Pyramid System 2021
3598   213   2  
This is my file from last year updated and fixed for 2021. Ladbrokes Premiership down too the Juniors and amateurs Level 16. Can work your way from the bottom to the top.
Ukraine Rework for FM21
3655   362   1  
An expanded Premier League and semi-realistic playable 3rd and 4th tiers.
German Federal MLS FM 21 Database
German Federal MLS FM 21 Database
3673   137   14  
No more Bundesliga, say hello to German Federal MLS!
Argentina Regionalized: 9-tier, 3600 clubs, 24 province cups
Argentina Regionalized: 9-tier, 3600 clubs, 24 province cups
3719   315   1  
A new structure for Argentinian football with 3600 clubs in 9 regionalized divisions with 24 Province Cups. Database for Football Manager 2021.
FM21 Scenario: Rich England
3780   146  
Who wants to sign say Messi to Stockport etc? Well, this file is for you. All English clubs have the same stats, so makes for a great England save.
Philippine Football League + Copa Paulino Alcantara
3819   272  
Realistic Philippine Database that unlocks the domestic Premier League and cup.
Prva Makedonska Fudbalska Liga
Prva Makedonska Fudbalska Liga
3867   373   3  
Wannachup's A-League Contract Fix
Wannachup's A-League Contract Fix
4000   368   3  
Extends every A-League contract ending before the end of the season until 31/7/2021 so clubs won't release players before the end of the finals series.
South of Brazil as New Nation in FM21
4002   108   5  
Fictional nation created for south of Brazil to represent the unique heritage and culture of the region.
M-League (Malaysia) Database for FM 2021
M-League (Malaysia) Database for FM 2021
4026   408   3  
The database expands the existing Malaysia football structure up to 17 tiers. Most of the additional competitions are loosely based on the real structure.

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